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Posstandard Numberpublication dateLanguageDescription
1SAE J2656-20102010-01-01EnglishFastener Part Standard鈥擧exagon Socket, Square Head, and Slotted Headless Set Screws鈥擨nch Dimensioned
2SAE AMS5585G-20102010-01-01EnglishAlloy, Corrosion and Heat Resistant, Welded Tubing 32Fe - 21Cr - 20Ni - 20Co - 3Mo - 2.5W - 1.0Cb (Nb) - 0.15N Solution Heat Treated - UNS R30155
DoD Adopted
3SAE J2878-20102010-01-01EnglishLow Speed Thorax Impact Test Procedure for the HIII5F Dummy
4SAE AIR1706C-20102010-01-01EnglishThe Advanced Environmental Control System (AECS) Computer Program for Steady State Analysis and Preliminary System Sizing
5SAE J551-17-20102010-01-01EnglishVehicle Electromagnetic Immunity鈥擯ower Line Magnetic Fields
6SAE AMS4224C-20102010-01-01EnglishAluminum Alloy Castings, Sand 4.0Cu - 2.1Ni - 2.0Mg - 0.30Cr - 0.30Mn - 0.13T - 0.13V (243.0) Stabilized - UNS A02430
7SAE AS18280E-20102010-01-01EnglishFittings, 24 Degrees Cone Flareless, Fluid Connection, 3000 psi
DoD Adopted
8SAE AS25050A-20102010-01-01English(R) Colors, Aeronautical Lights and Lighting Equipment, General Requirements For
DoD Adopted
9SAE J2275-20102010-01-01EnglishInternal Combustion Engines鈥擯iston Ring-Grooves
10SAE J2261-20102010-01-01English(R) Stop Lamps and Front- and Rear-Turn Signal Lamps for Use on Motor Vehicles 2032 mm or More in Overall Width
11SAE J2597-20102010-01-01EnglishComputer Generated Shot Peening Saturation Curves
12SAE AS50571A-20102010-01-01EnglishLights, Instrument, Individual, General Specification For
DoD Adopted
DoD Adopted
14SAE J2275-20102010-01-01EnglishInternal Combustion Engines - Piston Ring-Grooves
15SAE ISO 9244-20102010-01-01EnglishEarth-moving machinery — Machine safety labels — General principles - Second Edition
16SAE AMS2530-20102010-01-01EnglishTungsten Disulfide Coating, Thin Lubricating Film, Binder-Less Impingement Applied
17SAE AMS2825B-20102010-01-01EnglishMaterial Safety Data Sheets
DoD Adopted
DoD Adopted
19SAE J515-20102010-01-01English(R) Specification for O-Ring Materials Used with Hydraulic Connectors
DoD Adopted
20SAE AMS2630C-20102010-01-01EnglishInspection, Ultrasonic Product Over 0.5 Inch (12.7 mm) Thick
DoD Adopted
21SAE AIR6553-20102010-01-01EnglishMeasurement Uncertainty and Consumer Risk
DoD Adopted
23SAE J2904-20102010-01-01EnglishPower Cylinder Friction: Mechanisms
24SAE J1982-20102010-01-01EnglishNomenclature - Wheels for Passenger Cars, Light Trucks, and Multipurpose Vehicles
25SAE ARP5632-20102010-01-01EnglishRotorcraft: Application of Existing Aircraft Designed Tires, Wheels and Brakes
26SAE ARP5632-20102010-01-01EnglishRotorcraft: Application of Existing Aircraft Designed Tires, Wheels and Brakes
27SAE J2129-20102010-01-01EnglishGuidelines for Requests Received from Outside Sources for the CONAG Council to Originate or Review Technical Reports
28SAE AMS4219F-20102010-01-01EnglishAluminum Alloy Castings 7.0Si - 0.55Mg - 0.12Ti - 0.06Be (A357.0 T6) Solution and Precipitation Heat Treated - UNS A13570
29SAE AIR4069B-20102010-01-01English(R) Sealing of Integral Fuel Tanks
DoD Adopted
30SAE J1538-20102010-01-01English(R) Glossary of Automotive Inflatable Restraint Systems
31SAE J1982-20102010-01-01EnglishNomenclature鈥擶heels for Passenger Cars, Light Trucks, and Multipurpose Vehicles
32SAE J2802-20102010-01-01EnglishBlind Spot Monitoring System (BSMS): Operating Characteristics and User Interface
33SAE AMS4219F-20102010-01-01EnglishAluminum Alloy Castings 7.0Si - 0.55Mg - 0.12Ti - 0.06Be (A357.0 T6) Solution and Precipitation Heat Treated - UNS A13570
34SAE AMS4218J-20102010-01-01EnglishAluminum Alloy Castings 7.0Si - 0.35Mg (A356.0-T6) (Formerly T6P Temper) Solution and Precipitation Heat Treated - UNS A13560
35SAE AMS4871G-20102010-01-01EnglishAluminum Bronze, Centrifugal and Chill Castings 85Cu - 11Al - 3.6Fe Solution Heat Treated and Tempered - UNS C95420
DoD Adopted
37SAE HS-34-20102010-01-01EnglishGROUND VEHICLE LIGHTING STANDARDS MANUAL - ***To Purchase: Contact IHS at 1-800-854-7179 USA/Canada or 303-397-7956 Worldwide***
38SAE ARP5632-20102010-01-01EnglishRotorcraft: Application of Existing Aircraft Designed Tires, Wheels and Brakes
39SAE J2129-20102010-01-01EnglishGuidelines for Requests Received from Outside Sources for the CONAG Council to Originate or Review Technical Reports
40SAE AMS2430R-20102010-01-01EnglishShot Peening, Automatic
DoD Adopted
DoD Adopted
42SAE J2602-3-20102010-01-01EnglishFile Structures for a Node Capability File (NCF)
43SAE J2597-20102010-01-01EnglishComputer Generated Shot Peening Saturation Curves
44SAE J216-20102010-01-01EnglishMotor Vehicle Glazing鈥擡lectrical Circuits
45SAE J649-20102010-01-01EnglishAutomatic Transmission Functions - Terminology
46SAE J1772-20102010-01-01English(R) SAE Electric Vehicle and Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Conductive Charge Coupler
47SAE AIR5717-20092009-12-01(R 2014)EnglishMitigating Wire Insulation Damage During Processing and Handling
48SAE AMS2769B-20092009-12-01(R 2014)EnglishHeat Treatment of Parts in a Vacuum
49SAE ARP1280B-20092009-12-01(R 2014)English(R) Aerospace - Application Guide for Hydraulic Power Transfer Units
50SAE AIR6004-20092009-12-01EnglishOptical Networking Terminology
51SAE ARP5672-20092009-12-01EnglishAircraft Precipitation Static Certification
52SAE ARP4387B-20092009-12-01EnglishAccommodation for Passengers with Ambulatory Disabilities in Transport Category Aircraft Cabins with Seating Capacities Greater than 44
53SAE ARP1554D-20092009-12-01EnglishVehicle Transport Unit Load Device (ULD)
54SAE AIR6005-20092009-12-01EnglishGeneral Requirements for WDM Backbone Networks
55SAE J1368-20092009-12-01EnglishChild Restraint Anchorages and Attachment Hardware
56SAE AS4506B-20092009-12-01EnglishBolts and Screws, Steel, UNS S66286 Tensile Strength 160 ksi, Procurement Specification
57SAE ARP1554D-20092009-12-01EnglishVehicle Transport Unit Load Device (ULD)
58SAE AIR5717-20092009-12-01EnglishMitigating Wire Insulation Damage During Processing and Handling
59SAE J755-20092009-12-01EnglishMarine Propeller-Shaft Ends and Hubs
60SAE J755-20092009-12-01English(R) Marine Propeller-Shaft Ends and Hubs
61SAE AIR6006-20092009-12-01EnglishModeling and Simulation Capabilities for Aerospace WDM LAN Applications
62SAE J2816-20092009-12-01EnglishGuide for Reliability Analysis Using the Physics-of-Failure Process
63SAE AS7460A-20092009-12-01EnglishBolts and Screws, Titanium Alloy 6.0Al 鈥?4.0V Procurement Specification For
DoD Adopted
64SAE HS-3300-20092009-12-01EnglishWHEELS - STANDARDS MANUAL - 2010 Edition
65SAE HS-3000-20092009-12-01EnglishOn-Board Diagnostics for Light and Medium Duty Vehicles Standards Manual - 2010 Edition
66SAE J817-1-20092009-12-01EnglishEngineering Design Serviceability Guidelines鈥擟onstruction and Industrial Machinery鈥擲erviceability Definitions鈥擮ff-Road Work Machines
67SAE J817-2-20092009-12-01EnglishEngineering Design Serviceability Guidelines鈥擟onstruction and Industrial Machinery鈥擬aintainability Index鈥擮ff-Road Work Machines
69SAE AIR4771A-20092009-12-01EnglishRecommended Brace Positions
70SAE/TP 2009-01-3131-20092009-11-10EnglishImproved Titanium Machining: Modeling and Analysis of 5-Axis Tool Paths via Physics-Based Methods
71SAE/TP 2009-01-3284-20092009-11-10EnglishChallenges in Validating Safety-Critical Embedded Systems
72SAE/TP 2009-01-3283-20092009-11-10EnglishExperimental Techniques of Measuring Vibratory Force for Aircraft Wings
73SAE/TP 2009-01-3281-20092009-11-10EnglishAnalytical Methods of Evaluating Aerodynamic Forces of Aircraft Wings
74SAE/TP 2009-01-3280-20092009-11-10EnglishPrecision Robotic Coating Application and Thickness Control Optimization for F-35 Final Finishes
75SAE/TP 2009-01-3279-20092009-11-10EnglishACRES: A Fully Automated, Versatile System for Depainting Off-Airframe Components
76SAE/TP 2009-01-3277-20092009-11-10EnglishSelf-Configuring Hybrid Duct System and Attachment Technologies for Environmental Control Systems
77SAE/TP 2009-01-3276-20092009-11-10EnglishAvionics System Architecture for the NASA Orion Vehicle
78SAE/TP 2009-01-3275-20092009-11-10EnglishCase Study of Using High Performance Commercial Processors in Space
79SAE/TP 2009-01-3274-20092009-11-10EnglishThe Systems Engineering Relationship between Qualification, Environmental Stress Screening and Reliability
80SAE/TP 2009-01-3273-20092009-11-10EnglishBeyond Identification – High Memory RFID in Aviation
81SAE/TP 2009-01-3272-20092009-11-10EnglishDesign of Adaptive Airfoil Control for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles using Smart Materials
82SAE/TP 2009-01-3269-20092009-11-10EnglishA Quick Change System for Portable Fastening Tooling Systems
83SAE/TP 2009-01-3268-20092009-11-10EnglishA New Generation Cordless Electric Tooling
84SAE/TP 2009-01-3267-20092009-11-10EnglishHH54 Rugged and Reliable Handheld EMR
85SAE/TP 2009-01-3266-20092009-11-10EnglishCommercial Aircraft Applications for Laser Sintered Polyamides
86SAE/TP 2009-01-3265-20092009-11-10EnglishImproving Cabin Thermal Comfort by Controlling Equivalent Temperature
87SAE/TP 2009-01-3264-20092009-11-10EnglishAchieving an Improved Understanding of the Factors Affecting an Aircraft Environmental Control System by Coupling a 1D Cabin Air Distribution System Model with a 3D Passenger Cabin Model using Co-Simulation Middleware
88SAE/TP 2009-01-3263-20092009-11-10EnglishArchitecture Driven Development for Cyber Physical Systems
89SAE/TP 2009-01-3262-20092009-11-10EnglishA Multi-Core Platform for Integrated Modular Avionics Derived from a Cross-Domain Embedded System Architecture
90SAE/TP 2009-01-3261-20092009-11-10EnglishUse of Multicore Processors in Avionics and its Potential Impact on Implementation and Certification
91SAE/TP 2009-01-3260-20092009-11-10EnglishA Study on High Temperature Blow Forming of Duplex Stainless Steel
92SAE/TP 2009-01-3259-20092009-11-10EnglishDevelopment of Hollow Cylindrical Tank with Blow Forming of Titanium Sheets
93SAE/TP 2009-01-3257-20092009-11-10EnglishTesting of 300 Series Stainless Steel Tubing for Aerospace Applications
94SAE/TP 2009-01-3256-20092009-11-10EnglishController Parameter Analysis during the Milling of Aerospace Alloys
95SAE/TP 2009-01-3255-20092009-11-10EnglishMechanical Design Limits f or a Wrought Cu-15Ni-8Sn Spinodal Alloy
96SAE/TP 2009-01-3254-20092009-11-10EnglishPolymorphic Computing: Many Faces of VxWorks
97SAE/TP 2009-01-3253-20092009-11-10EnglishA Framework for Modeling Air Traffic Control Systems
98SAE/TP 2009-01-3252-20092009-11-10EnglishModeling of Fastener Kitting Logistics for Boeing Wide Body Airplanes
99SAE/TP 2009-01-3251-20092009-11-10EnglishLEAN Product Development (LPD)
100SAE/TP 2009-01-3250-20092009-11-10EnglishThe Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems, A Set of SAE Interoperability Standards
101SAE/TP 2009-01-3249-20092009-11-10EnglishAcoustic Vector Sensors Increasing UAV’s Situational Awareness
102SAE/TP 2009-01-3246-20092009-11-10EnglishSwaging End Effector
103SAE/TP 2009-01-3245-20092009-11-10EnglishAutomated Positioning of Robot-End-Effectors with an Indoor-GPS System
104SAE/TP 2009-01-3244-20092009-11-10EnglishRobotic Trailing Edge Flap Drilling System
105SAE/TP 2009-01-3243-20092009-11-10EnglishReconfigurable Flexible Tooling for Aerospace Wing Assembly
106SAE/TP 2009-01-3242-20092009-11-10EnglishProperties and Processes of Linear Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) for Continuous Fiber Composites Aerospace Applications
107SAE/TP 2009-01-3241-20092009-11-10EnglishSoftware to Enable Composite and Assembly Development Processes for Modern Airframes
108SAE/TP 2009-01-3240-20092009-11-10EnglishThe Effect of Machining–Induced Micro Texture on Lightning Current Arcing between Fasteners and Composite Structure
109SAE/TP 2009-01-3238-20092009-11-10EnglishLightweight, Portable Power Solutions for Soldiers on Dismounted Missions, Mobile Reliable Power for Manned and Unmanned Vehicles
110SAE/TP 2009-01-3237-20092009-11-10EnglishThe Potential for Fibre Alignment in the Manufacture of Polymer Composites from Recycled Carbon Fibre
111SAE/TP 2009-01-3236-20092009-11-10EnglishFatty Acid Compositions of Solvent Extracted Lipids from Two Microalgae
112SAE/TP 2009-01-3235-20092009-11-10EnglishTechnical and Economic Analysis of Industrial Algal Oil Extraction
113SAE/TP 2009-01-3234-20092009-11-10EnglishModel-Based Engineering for the Development of ARINC653 Architectures
114SAE/TP 2009-01-3232-20092009-11-10EnglishProof-Based Engineering of Real-Time Applications: An RTEdge Case Study
115SAE/TP 2009-01-3230-20092009-11-10EnglishStructural Health Management: Systems Design Approach
116SAE/TP 2009-01-3229-20092009-11-10EnglishSustainable Manufacturing Analysis using an Activity Based Object Oriented Method
117SAE/TP 2009-01-3228-20092009-11-10EnglishEvaluation of Alternatives to Electrodeposited Cadmium for Threaded Fasteners Applications (III)
118SAE/TP 2009-01-3227-20092009-11-10EnglishA New Approach of Failure Warning and Monitoring Control System of Auxiliary Power Unit
119SAE/TP 2009-01-3225-20092009-11-10EnglishThe Potential for Improving Maintainer, Equipment and Flight Safety through Virtual Maintenance Training
120SAE/TP 2009-01-3224-20092009-11-10EnglishExploring Data Mining Representations of Track Data
121SAE/TP 2009-01-3222-20092009-11-10EnglishCharacterization of the Tau Parallel Kinematic Machine for Aerospace Application
122SAE/TP 2009-01-3221-20092009-11-10EnglishA Simulation Environment for Evaluating Image Processing Techniques for UAV Applications
123SAE/TP 2009-01-3220-20092009-11-10EnglishPower and Energy Balance for Model Validation and Reduction (PEMRA) – Frequency Coupling. Application on Aircraft System Models
124SAE/TP 2009-01-3219-20092009-11-10EnglishA Direct Torque-Controlled Induction Machine Bidirectional Power Architecture for More Electric Aircraft
125SAE/TP 2009-01-3217-20092009-11-10EnglishRecent Advances Towards an Integrated and Optimized Design of High Lift Actuation Systems
126SAE/TP 2009-01-3216-20092009-11-10EnglishTool Wear Compensation
127SAE/TP 2009-01-3215-20092009-11-10EnglishAssembly Simulation of Riveting Process
128SAE/TP 2009-01-3214-20092009-11-10EnglishSolution for Automated Drilling and Lockbolt Installation in Carbon Fiber Structures
129SAE/TP 2009-01-3213-20092009-11-10EnglishHighly Flexible Automated Manufacturing of Composite Structures Consisting of Limp Carbon Fibre Textiles
130SAE/TP 2009-01-3211-20092009-11-10EnglishAutomated Draping Processes for CFRP-Parts at Self-heated Preform- and Curing-Toolings
131SAE/TP 2009-01-3210-20092009-11-10EnglishNumerical Analysis of Static Behavior in a Three-point Bending Test of Aluminum Foam Sandwich Beams using the Extended Finite Element Method
132SAE/TP 2009-01-3209-20092009-11-10EnglishModel-Based Design and Automatic Production Code Generation for Safety-Critical Software Development
133SAE/TP 2009-01-3208-20092009-11-10EnglishDevelopment and Implementation of Sol-Gel Coatings for Aerospace Applications
134SAE/TP 2009-01-3206-20092009-11-10EnglishAviation Fuel Derived from Waste Plastics
135SAE/TP 2009-01-3205-20092009-11-10EnglishInterconnect Benefits and Status Quo of System Level Standardization
136SAE/TP 2009-01-3204-20092009-11-10EnglishDemonstration of a Structural Damage Detection System in Fast Jet Flight Trials
137SAE/TP 2009-01-3203-20092009-11-10EnglishProtection of the C-17 Airplane during Semi Prepared Runway Operations
138SAE/TP 2009-01-3202-20092009-11-10EnglishAgent-Based Modeling and Simulation of Collaborative Air Traffic Flow Management using Brahms
139SAE/TP 2009-01-3201-20092009-11-10EnglishHybrid Deployable Habitat Structures for Orbital and Lunar/Planetary Applications
140SAE/TP 2009-01-3200-20092009-11-10EnglishApplication of Topology Optimization Techniques in Aircraft Design
141SAE/TP 2009-01-3199-20092009-11-10EnglishModeling of Commercial Airplanes Service Request Process Flows
142SAE/TP 2009-01-3197-20092009-11-10EnglishTime and Cost Reduction in Evaluation Processes for New Parameters in Manufacturing Processes
143SAE/TP 2009-01-3196-20092009-11-10EnglishStructural and Manufacturing Considerations for a Research Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
144SAE/TP 2009-01-3184-20092009-11-10EnglishNew Blind, Doweling, Temporary Fastener Design and Testing
145SAE/TP 2009-01-3085-20092009-11-10EnglishSustainable (Green) Aviation: Challenges and Opportunities
146SAE/TP 2009-01-3087-20092009-11-10EnglishMeasurement System to Optimize Automation Processes
147SAE/TP 2009-01-3089-20092009-11-10EnglishNew Jig Mounted Wing Panel Riveters, AERAC 2
148SAE/TP 2009-01-3090-20092009-11-10EnglishProduction Implementation of a Multi Spindle Flexible Drilling System for Circumferential Splice Drilling Applications on the 777 Airplane
149SAE/TP 2009-01-3091-20092009-11-10EnglishMPAC (Multi Panel Assembly Cell)
150SAE/TP 2009-01-3092-20092009-11-10EnglishExechon Parallel Kinematics, Simplified Machining and Assembly
151SAE/TP 2009-01-3093-20092009-11-10EnglishThermoelectric Energy Harvesting from Small Aircraft Engines
152SAE/TP 2009-01-3095-20092009-11-10EnglishStator Side Voltage Regulation of Permanent Magnet Generators
153SAE/TP 2009-01-3097-20092009-11-10EnglishConstrained Control of UAVs Using Adaptive Anti-windup Compensation and Reference Governors
154SAE/TP 2009-01-3098-20092009-11-10EnglishIntelligent Combat Maneuvers for Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles
155SAE/TP 2009-01-3099-20092009-11-10EnglishStandardized Interfaces for the Next Generation of Weapons for Unmanned Systems: Miniature Munition Store Interface vs. Interface for Micro Munitions
156SAE/TP 2009-01-3100-20092009-11-10EnglishA UAV Pilot’s Associate
157SAE/TP 2009-01-3101-20092009-11-10EnglishDetermination of Service Life in a Poorly Designed Composite Blade
158SAE/TP 2009-01-3103-20092009-11-10EnglishVariable Pitch Fan - The Solution to Achieving High Propulsive Efficiency Turbofan Engines
159SAE/TP 2009-01-3105-20092009-11-10EnglishSystem Dependency Analysis as a Common Cause Search Engine for Complex Aircraft Systems
160SAE/TP 2009-01-3106-20092009-11-10EnglishWill the Real Solution Please Stand Up
161SAE/TP 2009-01-3107-20092009-11-10EnglishSystem Dependency Analysis Supporting Common Cause Analyses of Complex Aircraft Systems
162SAE/TP 2009-01-3108-20092009-11-10EnglishImproved Accuracy of Unguided Articulated Robots
163SAE/TP 2009-01-3109-20092009-11-10EnglishHeads-Out Information Solutions for Small Aircraft
164SAE/TP 2009-01-3110-20092009-11-10EnglishDRESS: Distributed and Redundant Electro-mechanical Nose Wheel Steering System
165SAE/TP 2009-01-3112-20092009-11-10EnglishMan Machine Interface Requirement Validation in Military Aircraft Certification
166SAE/TP 2009-01-3119-20092009-11-10EnglishA Framework for the Fusion of Multiple Metrology Sources for Measurement Assisted Assembly
167SAE/TP 2009-01-3120-20092009-11-10EnglishPower Line Communication Techniques for Multi-User and Higher Data Rate Applications in an Aircraft
168SAE/TP 2009-01-3121-20092009-11-10EnglishRole of Power Distribution System Tests in Final Assembly of a Military Derivative Airplane
169SAE/TP 2009-01-3122-20092009-11-10EnglishElectronic Power Distribution System Topologies
170SAE/TP 2009-01-3124-20092009-11-10EnglishHigh Temperature Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
171SAE/TP 2009-01-3125-20092009-11-10EnglishMonitoring the Spread of a Plant Pathogen in the Lower Atmosphere using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and a Buoyancy-Controlled Weather Balloon
172SAE/TP 2009-01-3126-20092009-11-10EnglishControl and Simulation of a Ducted Fan VTOL UAV
173SAE/TP 2009-01-3127-20092009-11-10EnglishA Flexible Wing Unmanned Aerial Research System
174SAE/TP 2009-01-3128-20092009-11-10EnglishStructural and Aerodynamics Analysis on Different Architectures for the Elettra Twin Flyer Prototype
175SAE/TP 2009-01-3129-20092009-11-10EnglishUAV Operation, Crash Analysis, and Measurement of Particle Concentrations above a Forest and Surrounding Farmland
176SAE/TP 2009-01-3130-20092009-11-10EnglishIntegration of Machining and Inspection in Aerospace Manufacturing
177SAE/TP 2009-01-3132-20092009-11-10EnglishCompact Fixturing Based on Magneto-rheological Fluids for Aeronautic Stringers Milling
178SAE/TP 2009-01-3133-20092009-11-10EnglishFlying Test Bed Performance Testing of High-Bypass-Ratio Turbofans
179SAE/TP 2009-01-3134-20092009-11-10EnglishMethod and System for Making a Fuel-tank Inert without an Inert Gas
180SAE/TP 2009-01-3136-20092009-11-10EnglishAircraft Level Steering Runaway Failure Analysis
181SAE/TP 2009-01-3137-20092009-11-10EnglishImproving the Supply Chain by Sharing Intelligent Technical Data Packages
182SAE/TP 2009-01-3138-20092009-11-10EnglishDesign of Experiments for Aerospace Products, Processes and Services
183SAE/TP 2009-01-3139-20092009-11-10EnglishReducing Development Cycle Time by using QFD (Quality Function Deployment)
184SAE/TP 2009-01-3140-20092009-11-10EnglishOptimized Safety-Critical Embedded Display Development with OpenGL SC
185SAE/TP 2009-01-3141-20092009-11-10EnglishApplications of ARINC 818 in Avionics Video Systems
186SAE/TP 2009-01-3142-20092009-11-10EnglishHead Up Display Performance Improvements and Cost Reductions through the Application of Non-conventional Engineering Solutions
187SAE/TP 2009-01-3143-20092009-11-10EnglishPhotometric and Colorimetric Measurement Procedures for Airborne Electronic Flat Panel Displays — SAE ARP 4260
188SAE/TP 2009-01-3144-20092009-11-10EnglishEvaluation of the Use of a Head Worn Display (HWD) for Flight Support in the Commercial Flight Deck
189SAE/TP 2009-01-3147-20092009-11-10EnglishMIL-STD-1553 Physical Layer for Time-Triggered Networks
190SAE/TP 2009-01-3149-20092009-11-10EnglishManaging Aircraft Simulation Requirements with Content-Based Image Retrieval
191SAE/TP 2009-01-3150-20092009-11-10EnglishAeroelastic Design of a Joined-Wing UAV
192SAE/TP 2009-01-3151-20092009-11-10EnglishQuantifying the Fuel Consumption Penalties for an Operational Contrail Avoidance System
193SAE/TP 2009-01-3152-20092009-11-10EnglishN-Dimensional Market Maps
194SAE/TP 2009-01-3153-20092009-11-10EnglishTorino Piemonte Aerospace (TPA) Project - Strategic Planning Model for SMEs
195SAE/TP 2009-01-3155-20092009-11-10EnglishSlug Rivet Machine Installs 16 Rivets Per Minute Drill-Rivet-Shave
196SAE/TP 2009-01-3156-20092009-11-10EnglishPinch Bolt Injector
197SAE/TP 2009-01-3157-20092009-11-10EnglishAutomated Fastening of Aircraft Cargo Door Structures with a Standard Articulating Robot System
198SAE/TP 2009-01-3158-20092009-11-10EnglishROPTALMU - A New Concept of Crawling Portable Robotic System for Wing Spars Drilling
199SAE/TP 2009-01-3159-20092009-11-10EnglishHigh Altitude Platforms for Telecommunications: Design Methodology
200SAE/TP 2009-01-3161-20092009-11-10EnglishApplying Poincaré Plots for Evaluating the Health State of Aircraft Generators
201SAE/TP 2009-01-3162-20092009-11-10EnglishAdvanced Electrical Signature Analysis of Aircraft Electrical Generators
202SAE/TP 2009-01-3163-20092009-11-10EnglishCondition Based Maintenance for Aircraft Electrical Systems
203SAE/TP 2009-01-3164-20092009-11-10EnglishEquipment Condition Monitoring and Prognostic Methods for Single Variable Systems
204SAE/TP 2009-01-3165-20092009-11-10EnglishCapitalizing on the Increased Flexibility that Comes from High Power Density Electrothermal Deicing
205SAE/TP 2009-01-3166-20092009-11-10EnglishDesign and Experimental Investigation of a Small UAV
206SAE/TP 2009-01-3167-20092009-11-10EnglishStability of Highly Flexible Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
207SAE/TP 2009-01-3168-20092009-11-10EnglishModelling of 25m Diameter Air Inflated Flexible Structure
208SAE/TP 2009-01-3169-20092009-11-10EnglishEfficient Assembly Integration and Test (EAIT) Moves Theory to Practice Level to Effect Lean Outcomes on the Shop Floor
209SAE/TP 2009-01-3171-20092009-11-10EnglishIntegrated Safety Management System
210SAE/TP 2009-01-3172-20092009-11-10EnglishEconomical Repair of Damaged and Discrepant Holes in Metals and Composites
211SAE/TP 2009-01-3173-20092009-11-10EnglishInfluence of Technological Parameters on Brazing Aircraft Engine Tubes
212SAE/TP 2009-01-3175-20092009-11-10EnglishRobust Detection of Oscillatory and Transient Aircraft Actuation System Failures Using Analytical Redundancy
213SAE/TP 2009-01-3178-20092009-11-10EnglishAFDX Software-Based End Systems
214SAE/TP 2009-01-3179-20092009-11-10EnglishNext Generation Avionics Networking Based on Fiber Optic Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM)
215SAE/TP 2009-01-3180-20092009-11-10EnglishAnalytical Modeling and Simulation of Water Based Aircraft Using a Time-Domain Sea Keeping Code
216SAE/TP 2009-01-3181-20092009-11-10EnglishEvaluation of Linear and Nonlinear Gap Elements Using Finite Element Method
217SAE/TP 2009-01-3182-20092009-11-10EnglishData Mining and Complex Problems: Case Study in Composite Materials
218SAE/TP 2009-01-3183-20092009-11-10EnglishManaging and Administering Security Infrastructure Controls via Policy
219SAE/TP 2009-01-3185-20092009-11-10EnglishThe Underappreciated Fastener
220SAE/TP 2009-01-3188-20092009-11-10EnglishComparative Test Results of a Brushless DC Starter Generator vs. Traditional Starter Generator with Brushes
221SAE/TP 2009-01-3189-20092009-11-10EnglishImproving Load Regeneration Capability of an Aircraft
222SAE/TP 2009-01-3190-20092009-11-10EnglishIntegrating Electrical Prognostics and Monitoring into an Electronic Power Distribution System
223SAE/TP 2009-01-3191-20092009-11-10EnglishElectrochemical Testing at SAFT to Support Health Prognostication Management for Aviation
224SAE/TP 2009-01-3270-20092009-11-10EnglishNew Concept Hand Powered Riveter for Aircraft Maintenance and Repair - A Preview of the Next Generation Riveters
225SAE/TP 2009-01-3192-20092009-11-10EnglishAn Acoustic-Based Wiring Diagnostic System for Aircraft
226SAE/TP 2009-01-3118-20092009-11-10EnglishFinal Assembly Line
227SAE/TP 2009-01-3115-20092009-11-10EnglishSecuring Wireless eEnabled Airplane Applications at Airports: Challenges & Approaches
228SAE/TP 2009-01-3114-20092009-11-10EnglishConceptual Design and Optimization of Environmentally-Friendly Aircraft
229SAE/TP 2009-01-3113-20092009-11-10EnglishMethod for the Pre-design of a Smart Droop Nose Device using a Simplex Optimization Scheme
230SAE/TP 2009-01-3088-20092009-11-10EnglishLaser Tracker and Digital Photogrammetry’s Merged Process for Large Scale Rapid Scanning
231SAE J1911-20092009-11-01(R 2014)EnglishTest Procedure for Air Reservoir Capacity - Truck and Bus
232SAE AMS5120M-20092009-11-01(R 2013)EnglishSteel Strip 0.68 - 0.80C (SAE 1074) - UNS G10740(DoD Adopted)
233SAE J441-20092009-11-01(R 2013)EnglishCut Wire Shot(DoD Adopted)
234SAE AS9593B-20092009-11-01(R 2012)EnglishBRACKET, ANGLE, 90°, CRES UNS S32100, .190 X .250 BOLT
235SAE J2540-2-20092009-11-01EnglishITIS Phrase Lists (International Traveler Information Systems)
236SAE AIR5992-20092009-11-01EnglishDescriptions of Systems Integration Test Rigs (Iron Birds) For Aerospace Applications
237SAE AS9017-20092009-11-01EnglishControl of Aviation Critical Safety Items
238SAE AIR5992-20092009-11-01EnglishDescriptions of Systems Integration Test Rigs (Iron Birds) for Aerospace Applications
239SAE AIR5504A-20092009-11-01EnglishAircraft Inflight Icing Terminology
240SAE R-378-20092009-10-08EnglishOpposed Piston Engines Evolution, Use, and Future Applications - To Purchase Call 1-800-854-7179 USA/Canada or 303-397-7956 Worldwide
241SAE/TP 2009-01-2925-20092009-10-06EnglishIntegration of Automatic Code Generation in Model-Based Algorithm Development; Prerequisites, Workflow and the Human Factor
242SAE AS42701-20092009-10-01(R 2014)EnglishValidation Methods For MIL-STD-1760D Mission Stores
244SAE AIR4986A-20092009-10-01EnglishEngine Electrostatic Gas Path Monitoring
245SAE J80-20092009-10-01EnglishAutomotive Rubber Mats
246SAE AS13341A-20092009-10-01EnglishProcess for Barrier Coating of Anti-Friction Bearings
DoD Adopted
247SAE J853-20092009-10-01EnglishVehicle Identification Numbers
248SAE HS-806-20092009-10-01EnglishSAE Oil Filter Test Procedure - 2009 Edition
249SAE J187-20092009-10-01EnglishTruck Vehicle Identification Numbers
250SAE J17-20092009-10-01EnglishLatex Foam Rubbers
251SAE AMS5895E-20092009-10-01EnglishSteel, Corrosion and Heat-Resistant, Bars, Wire, Forgings, Tubing, and Rings 15Cr - 25.5Ni - 1.2Mo - 2.1Ti - 0.006B - 0.30V Consumable Electrode Melted, 1750 °F (954 °C) Solution Heat Treated, Welding Grade Precipitation Hardenable - UNS S66286
252SAE J1229-20092009-10-01EnglishTruck Identification Terminology
253SAE J218-20092009-10-01EnglishPassenger Car Identification Terminology
254SAE R-378-20092009-10-01EnglishOpposed Piston Engines Evolution, Use, and Future Applications - 2010 Edition
255SAE J3000-20092009-10-01EnglishThermoplastic Elastomer Classification System
257SAE AMS3151C-20092009-10-01EnglishFluid, Aircraft Compass
DoD Adopted
262SAE AIR4567B-20092009-09-01(R 2014)English(R) Composite Electrical Connectors
266SAE AMS4938A-20092009-09-01(R 2013)EnglishForgings, Titanium Alloys Heat-Treated, Finished-Part Properties: Short-Transverse Tensile, Fracture Toughness, and Longitudinal Time-Dependent-Tension
267SAE HS-4000-20092009-09-01EnglishFastener Standards Manual - ***To Purchase: Contact IHS at 1-800-854-7179 USA/Canada or 303-397-7956 Worldwide***
268SAE AMS3232N-20092009-09-01EnglishAsbestos and Synthetic Rubber Sheet Hot Oil Resistant
DoD Adopted
269SAE AMS7730F-20092009-09-01EnglishDepleted Uranium Castings
DoD Adopted
270SAE AIR5670-20092009-09-01EnglishIssues in Stairway Design Aboard Transport Category Airplanes
271SAE AMS4938A-20092009-09-01EnglishForgings, Titanium Alloys Heat-Treated, Finished-Part Properties: Short-Traverse Tensile, Fracture Toughness, and Longitudinal Time-Dependent-Tension
272SAE J2074-20092009-09-01EnglishThe Air Bag Systems in Your Car "What the Public Needs to Know"
273SAE AIR4567B-20092009-09-01English(R) Composite Electrical Connectors
274SAE AMS5077G-20092009-09-01EnglishSteel Tubing, Welded (0.22 - 0.28C) (SAE 1025) Normalized or Stress Relieved - UNS G10250
DoD Adopted
275SAE AMS5513J-20092009-09-01EnglishSteel, Corrosion-Resistant, Sheet, Strip, and Plate 19Cr – 9.2Ni (SAE 30304) Solution Heat Treated - UNS S30400
276SAE AS7482B-20092009-09-01EnglishStuds, Corrosion and Heat Resistant Steel, UNS S66286 Tensile Strength 130 ksi 1800 °F Solution Heat Treated, Aged Before Roll Threading Procurement Specification
277SAE AMS4304B-20092009-09-01EnglishAluminum Alloy, Discontinuously Reinforced Sheet 2009/SiC/15w (T8P) Solution Heat Treated, Stretched, and Precipitation Heat Treated
DoD Adopted
280SAE J2392-20092009-09-01EnglishCategorization and Properties of SAE Cold Rolled Strip Steels
281SAE AMS5053J-20092009-09-01EnglishSteel Tubing, Welded 0.13 Carbon, Maximum Annealed - UNS G10100
DoD Adopted
282SAE AS21913D-20092009-09-01EnglishPLUG, FLARELESS TUBE
DoD Adopted
283SAE J754-20092009-09-01EnglishLubricant Types鈥擟onstruction and Industrial Machinery
DoD Adopted
286SAE R-384-20092009-08-05EnglishWe Were The Ramchargers Inside Drag Racing’s Legendary Team - To Purchase Call 1-800-854-7179 USA/Canada or 303-397-7956 Worldwide
287SAE ARP1322B-20092009-08-01(R 2014)English(R) Overpressurization Release Devices
288SAE AMS7301H-20092009-08-01EnglishSteel, Highly-Stressed Springs 0.95Cr - 0.20V (0.48 - 0.53C) (SAE 6150) Case Hardened - UNS G61500
DoD Adopted
289SAE AMS-QQ-A-591A-20092009-08-01EnglishAluminum Alloy Die Castings
290SAE J1449-20092009-08-01EnglishSmall Craft - Graphic Symbols
291SAE AMS4130M-20092009-08-01EnglishAluminum Alloy Die Forgings 4.4Cu 鈥?0.85Si 鈥?0.80Mn (2025-T6) Solution and Precipitation Heat Treated - UNS A 92025
DoD Adopted
292SAE AMS4140J-20092009-08-01EnglishAluminum Alloy Die Forgings 4.0Cu 鈥?2.0Ni 鈥?0.68Mg (2018-T61) Solution and Precipitation Heat Treated - UNS A92018
DoD Adopted
293SAE AMS5042M-20092009-08-01EnglishSteel, Sheet and Strip 0.15 Carbon, Maximum Forming Grade
DoD Adopted
294SAE AMS5062H-20092009-08-01EnglishSteel, Low Carbon Bars, Forgings, Tubing, Sheet, Strip, and Plate 0.25 Carbon, Maximum - UNS K02508
DoD Adopted
DoD Adopted
296SAE AMS3002G-20092009-08-01EnglishAlcohol, Denatured Ethyl
297SAE AMS3004G-20092009-08-01EnglishAlcohol, Methyl
298SAE J1261-20092009-08-01EnglishAgricultural Tractor Tire Dynamic Indices
299SAE J551-13-20092009-08-01English(R) Vehicle Electromagnetic Immunity鈥擝ulk Current Injection
300SAE AMS4125K-20092009-08-01EnglishAluminum Alloy Die Forgings, and Rolled or Forged Rings 0.9Si 鈥?0.62Mg 鈥?0.25Cr (6151-T6) Solution and Precipitation Heat Treated - UNS A 96151
DoD Adopted
301SAE J551-12-20092009-08-01EnglishVehicle Electromagnetic Immunity鈥擮n-Board Transmitter Simulation
302SAE J689-20092009-08-01EnglishCurbstone Clearance, Approach, Departure, and Ramp Breakover Angles鈥擯assenger Car and Light Truck
DoD Adopted
303SAE J709-20092009-08-01EnglishAgricultural Tractor Tire Loadings, Torque Factors, and Inflation Pressures
304SAE J711-20092009-08-01EnglishTire Selection Tables for Agricultural Tractors of Future Design
305SAE J884-20092009-08-01EnglishLiquid Ballast Table for Drive Tires of Agricultural Tractors
306SAE/TP 2009-01-2475-20092009-07-12EnglishATCS Operations during Columbus Mission: Flight Data Evaluation and Correlation
307SAE/TP 2009-01-2514-20092009-07-12EnglishModel Confidence Level - A Systematic Metric for Development of a Virtual Space Habitat
308SAE/TP 2009-01-2513-20092009-07-12EnglishOnline Project Information System (OPIS) Description, Annual Reporting Outcomes, and Resulting Improvements
309SAE/TP 2009-01-2512-20092009-07-12EnglishFlammability of Human Hair in Exploration Atmospheres
310SAE/TP 2009-01-2511-20092009-07-12EnglishA Fire Suppression Analysis for the Altair Project
311SAE/TP 2009-01-2509-20092009-07-12EnglishDesign of a UV-A LED Photocatalytic Oxidation Reactor for Testing Spacecraft Potable Water Disinfection Technologies
312SAE/TP 2009-01-2508-20092009-07-12EnglishUltraviolet Light Emitting Diodes for Disinfection of Spacecraft Potable Water Systems
313SAE/TP 2009-01-2507-20092009-07-12EnglishSubscale Air Revitalization System by CO2 Reduction for Small Satellite Demonstration
314SAE/TP 2009-01-2506-20092009-07-12EnglishDesign Status of the Closed-Loop Air Revitalization System ARES for Accommodation on the ISS
315SAE/TP 2009-01-2505-20092009-07-12EnglishInvestigation of Life Support and Habitability Requirements for a Pressurized Lunar Rover
316SAE/TP 2009-01-2503-20092009-07-12EnglishA Sustainable Regolith-Based Water Recovery Concept for the Lunar Outpost
317SAE/TP 2009-01-2495-20092009-07-12EnglishRedundancy Testing and Cost Assessment for Environmental Control and Life Support Systems
318SAE/TP 2009-01-2494-20092009-07-12EnglishTheoretical Analysis for Long-Term Space Life Support Reliability
319SAE/TP 2009-01-2493-20092009-07-12EnglishPlanning Dynamic Simulation of Space Life Support
320SAE/TP 2009-01-2550-20092009-07-12EnglishAnalysis of Convective Heat Transfer in the Orbiter Middeck for the Shuttle Rescue Mission
321SAE/TP 2009-01-2551-20092009-07-12EnglishHardware/Software Complex of Crew’s Service of the Regeneration Life Support System Operation: Formation and Localization of Off-nominal Situations
322SAE/TP 2009-01-2553-20092009-07-12EnglishConstellation Program Pressure Garment Development Activities
323SAE/TP 2009-01-2560-20092009-07-12EnglishCOLUMBUS ATCS AmiA Installation Analysis and Operation
324SAE/TP 2009-01-2561-20092009-07-12EnglishThe Effect of Center of Gravity and Anthropometrics on Human Performance in Simulated Lunar Gravity
325SAE/TP 2009-01-2562-20092009-07-12EnglishAn EVA Mission Planning Tool based on Metabolic Cost Optimization
326SAE/TP 2009-01-2563-20092009-07-12EnglishDesert Research and Technology Studies 2008 Report
327SAE/TP 2009-01-2564-20092009-07-12EnglishAn Optimum Biological Reactor Configuration for Water Recycling in Space
328SAE/TP 2009-01-2565-20092009-07-12EnglishEffects of Red and Blue Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) on the Growth and Development of Lettuce (var. Youmaicai)
329SAE/TP 2009-01-2566-20092009-07-12EnglishStudy on the Growing Characteristics of Lettuce (var. Youmaicai) Cultivated at Elevated CO2 Concentrations in Controlled Environment
330SAE/TP 2009-01-2567-20092009-07-12EnglishThermal Simulation of Asteroid Surface Temperature and Yarkowski Effect
331SAE/TP 2009-01-2568-20092009-07-12EnglishLinearized Matrix Inversion and Eigenvalue Methods for Characterization of Thermal System Performance for Control Applications Using TMG Thermal Simulation and MATLAB
332SAE/TP 2009-01-2569-20092009-07-12EnglishCreating a Lunar EVA Work Envelope
333SAE/TP 2009-01-2570-20092009-07-12EnglishConceptual Analysis of Electrochromic Radiators for Space Suits
334SAE/TP 2009-01-2571-20092009-07-12EnglishNeck-Entry Suitports: A Novel Concept Utilizing Morphing Upper Torso Technology
335SAE/TP 2009-01-2572-20092009-07-12English1-g Suit Port Concept Evaluator 2008 Test Results
336SAE/TP 2009-01-2573-20092009-07-12EnglishThermal Testing of a Heat Switch for European Mars Rover
337SAE/TP 2009-01-2574-20092009-07-12EnglishMulti-layer Coating for Smart Radiation Device with Solar Absorptance 0.13
338SAE/TP 2009-01-2575-20092009-07-12EnglishMultilayer Tuneable Emittance Coatings with Low Solar Absorptance for Improved Smart Thermal Control in Space Applications
339SAE/TP 2009-01-2576-20092009-07-12EnglishResults of Manned Shelter Testing in Underground Mines
340SAE/TP 2009-01-2577-20092009-07-12EnglishCO2 Removal in Distressed Submarines: The Validation of the CFD Reaction Model Created to Represent a Chemical Based Passive Removal System for Royal Navy Submarines
341SAE/TP 2009-01-2578-20092009-07-12EnglishAn Investigation into the Carbon Dioxide Removal Performance of a Novel Hydrophobic Adsorbent
342SAE/TP 2009-01-2579-20092009-07-12EnglishTheoretical Analysis of Stability for Hybrid Life Support Systems with Catalytic Incineration of Deadlock Products (Experiences with Russian BIOS-3 Project)
343SAE/TP 2009-01-2580-20092009-07-12EnglishOutline of Material Circulation – Closed Habitation Experiments Conducted in 2005 – 2007 Using Closed Ecology Experiment Facilities
344SAE/TP 2009-01-2581-20092009-07-12EnglishMultidisciplinary Preliminary Sizing of Advanced Life Support Systems for Space
345SAE/TP 2009-01-2582-20092009-07-12EnglishA Rack-like Facility Prototype for Ground Demonstration of a LSS Based on Plants
346SAE/TP 2009-01-2583-20092009-07-12EnglishControl Stability Analysis Applied to Columbus ATCS
347SAE/TP 2009-01-2584-20092009-07-12EnglishNonlinear Variable-Diffusivity Moisture Transport in Zero Gravity Porous Media Space Applications
348SAE/TP 2009-01-2585-20092009-07-12EnglishProposed Androgynous Docking Airlock/Utility Module
349SAE/TP 2009-01-2586-20092009-07-12EnglishPreliminary Development of a Suit Port for Planetary Surface EVA – Design Studies
350SAE/TP 2009-01-2587-20092009-07-12EnglishExperimental Investigation and Modeling of Stagnation and Recovery of Dissimilar Length Tubes on a Facesheet
351SAE/TP 2009-01-2588-20092009-07-12EnglishIntegration of Thermal Control Electronics and Monitoring Functions in a Multifunctional Structure
352SAE/TP 2009-01-2590-20092009-07-12EnglishAn Indicative Evaluation to Determine if Selected Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals can be Detected and Warrant Further Investigation in Royal Navy Submarines
353SAE/TP 2009-01-2591-20092009-07-12EnglishA History of Space Toxicology Mishaps: Lessons Learned and Risk Management
354SAE/TP 2009-01-2592-20092009-07-12EnglishA Design Basis for Spacecraft Cabin Trace Contaminant Control
355SAE/TP 2009-01-2484-20092009-07-12EnglishPrototype BLSS Lunar Greenhouse
356SAE/TP 2009-01-2483-20092009-07-12EnglishDevelopment of Life Support System Technologies for Human Lunar Missions
357SAE/TP 2009-01-2336-20092009-07-12EnglishDevelopment of a Lunar Dust Simulant
358SAE/TP 2009-01-2589-20092009-07-12EnglishPhase Change Material Heat Exchanger Life Test
359SAE/TP 2009-01-2461-20092009-07-12EnglishThermal Design for Moon-NEXT Polar Rover
360SAE/TP 2009-01-2482-20092009-07-12EnglishLunar Base Life Support Failure Analysis and Simulation
361SAE/TP 2009-01-2481-20092009-07-12EnglishChallenges with Deploying and Integrating Environmental Control and Life Support Functions in a Lunar Architecture with High Degrees of Mobility
362SAE/TP 2009-01-2480-20092009-07-12EnglishInvestigation of Transient Sublimator Performance
363SAE/TP 2009-01-2344-20092009-07-12EnglishResults and Analysis from Reduced Gravity Experiments of the Flexible Membrane Commode Apparatus
364SAE/TP 2009-01-2345-20092009-07-12EnglishFlexible Packaging Concept for a Space Suit Portable Life Support Subsystem
365SAE/TP 2009-01-2429-20092009-07-12EnglishAMS-02 Radiators Thermal Model Correlation Using in Air Test
366SAE/TP 2009-01-2428-20092009-07-12EnglishThe AMS02 TVTB Test Design and Predictions
367SAE/TP 2009-01-2427-20092009-07-12EnglishTesting of Commercial Hollow Fiber Membranes for Spacesuit Water Membrane Evaporator
368SAE/TP 2009-01-2479-20092009-07-12EnglishTesting and Model Correlation of Sublimator Driven Coldplate Coupons and EDU
369SAE/TP 2009-01-2426-20092009-07-12EnglishModeling Mission Operations Trade Spaces and Lunar C3I Capabilities
370SAE/TP 2009-01-2346-20092009-07-12EnglishDevelopment Testing of a High Differential Pressure (HDP) Water Electrolysis Cell Stack for the High Pressure Oxygen Generating Assembly (HPOGA)
371SAE/TP 2009-01-2469-20092009-07-12EnglishMiniaturized Sensor Systems for Early Fire Detection in Spacecraft
372SAE/TP 2009-01-2348-20092009-07-12EnglishHerschel Heaters Control Modeling and Correlation
373SAE/TP 2009-01-2425-20092009-07-12EnglishAssessment of Cognitive Abilities in Simulated Space Ascent Environments
374SAE/TP 2009-01-2424-20092009-07-12EnglishEffects of Prolonged (60 Days) Simulated Microgravity Condition on Cognitive and Emotional Functions
375SAE/TP 2009-01-2350-20092009-07-12EnglishDevelopment of a Mechanically Pumped Fluid Loop for 3 to 6 kW Payload Cooling
376SAE/TP 2009-01-2423-20092009-07-12EnglishBehavioral Systems Management of Confined Microsocieties: An Agenda for Research and Applications
377SAE/TP 2009-01-2478-20092009-07-12EnglishThe Application of Simulation Tools to Ultra-deep Water Development Programs and its Relevance to Space Exploration
378SAE/TP 2009-01-2421-20092009-07-12EnglishCharacterization of Microbial Contamination in Pretreated Urine Collected from the ISS Urine Processing Assembly during Ground Testing
379SAE/TP 2009-01-2420-20092009-07-12EnglishEffect of Illumination Angle on the Performance of Dusted Thermal Control Surfaces in a Simulated Lunar Environment
380SAE/TP 2009-01-2419-20092009-07-12EnglishDesign Description and Initial Characterization Testing of an Active Heat Rejection Radiator with Digital Turn-Down Capability
381SAE/TP 2009-01-2477-20092009-07-12EnglishAltair Lander Life Support: Design Analysis Cycles 1, 2, and 3
382SAE/TP 2009-01-2402-20092009-07-12EnglishErsatz Formulas for Lunar Outpost Wastewater and Brine
383SAE/TP 2009-01-2401-20092009-07-12EnglishCascade Distillation Subsystem Development: Progress Toward a Distillation Comparison Test
384SAE/TP 2009-01-2400-20092009-07-12EnglishDevelopment of an In-line Urine Monitoring System for the International Space Station
385SAE/TP 2009-01-2367-20092009-07-12EnglishInternational Space Station United States Operational Segment Crew Quarters On-orbit vs. Design Performance Comparison
386SAE/TP 2009-01-2470-20092009-07-12EnglishDevelopment of a Test Protocol for Spacecraft Post-Fire Atmospheric Cleanup and Monitoring
387SAE/TP 2009-01-2471-20092009-07-12EnglishAnthropometric and Blood Flow Characteristics Leading to EVA Hand Injury
388SAE/TP 2009-01-2474-20092009-07-12EnglishATV THERMAL CONTROL: Architecture and Jules Verne First Flight Results
389SAE/TP 2009-01-2472-20092009-07-12EnglishIncorporating Advanced Controls, Displays and other Smart Elements into Space Suit Design
390SAE/TP 2009-01-2473-20092009-07-12EnglishAbrasion of Candidate Spacesuit Fabrics by Simulated Lunar Dust
391SAE/TP 2009-01-2368-20092009-07-12EnglishLife Support System and Habitability Concepts for the ECLIPSE (European Cis-Lunar Interplanetary Port for Space Exploration) Orbiting Station
392SAE/TP 2009-01-2369-20092009-07-12EnglishMinimum Functionality Lunar Habitat Element Design: Requirements and Definition of an Initial Human Establishment on the Moon
393SAE/TP 2009-01-2370-20092009-07-12EnglishResults of the Trace Contaminant Control Trade Study for Space Suit Life Support Development
394SAE/TP 2009-01-2371-20092009-07-12EnglishHollow Fiber Space Suit Water Membrane Evaporator Development for Lunar Missions
395SAE/TP 2009-01-2372-20092009-07-12EnglishEvaluation of Carbon Dioxide Sensors for the Constellation Space Suit Life Support System for Surface Exploration
396SAE/TP 2009-01-2373-20092009-07-12EnglishResults of the Particulate Contamination Control Trade Study for Space Suit Life Support Development
397SAE/TP 2009-01-2374-20092009-07-12EnglishThermal Design of the MIXS Micro-Optics for X-Raying Mercury
398SAE/TP 2009-01-2388-20092009-07-12EnglishPLSS Scale Demonstration of MTSA Temperature Swing Adsorption Bed Concept for CO2 Removal/Rejection
399SAE/TP 2009-01-2398-20092009-07-12EnglishIdentification of Microflora on Wicks and Biofilm Associated with Wastewater
400SAE/TP 2009-01-2397-20092009-07-12EnglishThe CHEMCAM Instrument on Mars Science Laboratory (MSL 11): First Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Instrument in Space!
401SAE/TP 2009-01-2396-20092009-07-12EnglishSolar Cycle and Seasonal Variability of the Martian Thermosphere-Ionosphere and Associated Impacts upon Atmospheric Escape
402SAE/TP 2009-01-2389-20092009-07-12EnglishThermal Test Verification of Emission Control through Directional Baffles for the James Webb Space Telescope
403SAE/TP 2009-01-2390-20092009-07-12EnglishOn-Orbit Performance of the Moon Mineralogy Mapper Instrument
404SAE/TP 2009-01-2391-20092009-07-12EnglishThermal Considerations for Meeting 20ºC and Stringent Temperature Gradient Requirements of IXO SXT Mirror Modules
405SAE/TP 2009-01-2392-20092009-07-12EnglishEffective Solar Absorptance of Multilayer Insulation
406SAE/TP 2009-01-2394-20092009-07-12EnglishSearch for Life on Mars and ExoMars Planetary Protection Approach
407SAE/TP 2009-01-2485-20092009-07-12EnglishWater Recovery and Urine Collection in the Russian Orbital Segment of the International Space Station (Mission 1 Through Mission 17)
408SAE/TP 2009-01-2393-20092009-07-12EnglishDevelopment of the Second Generation International Space Station (ISS) Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOCA)
409SAE/TP 2009-01-2559-20092009-07-12EnglishColumbus ECLSS and TCS Joint Operations Support - Lessons Learned
410SAE/TP 2009-01-2486-20092009-07-12EnglishDevelopment of an Enhanced Brine Dewatering System
411SAE/TP 2009-01-2558-20092009-07-12EnglishThermal - Power - Software Development and Validation on ATV Vehicle
412SAE/TP 2009-01-2556-20092009-07-12EnglishATV Thermal Operations for Jules Verne First Flight
413SAE/TP 2009-01-2555-20092009-07-12EnglishColumbus Thermal Hydraulic Operations with US Payloads
414SAE/TP 2009-01-2552-20092009-07-12EnglishOn the Establishment of the Analysis and Verification Methods Regarding the Air Ventilation with Very Low Velocity in JEM (KIBO) as the First Manned Space Development in Japan
415SAE/TP 2009-01-2487-20092009-07-12EnglishHeat Transfer Characteristics of the Concentric Disk inside the WFRD Evaporator for the VPCAR Water Recovery System
416SAE/TP 2009-01-2531-20092009-07-12EnglishEngineering Support for Columbus: a Hydraulic Model of the Air Loop
417SAE/TP 2009-01-2530-20092009-07-12EnglishProposed Standards and Tools for Risk Analysis and Allocation of Robotic to Enhance Crew Safety during Planetary Surface Exploration
418SAE/TP 2009-01-2529-20092009-07-12EnglishRole Definition and Task Allocation for a Cooperative EVA and Robotic Team
419SAE/TP 2009-01-2528-20092009-07-12EnglishIn Situ Planetary Resource Exploration using Miniature Robotic Subsurface Sample Analysis
420SAE/TP 2009-01-2527-20092009-07-12EnglishHuman-rating Automated and Robotic Systems – How HAL Can Work Safely with Astronauts
421SAE/TP 2009-01-2526-20092009-07-12EnglishSubscale Testbed for Characterizing Regenerable Adsorbents used in Air Revitalization of Spacecraft Atmospheres
422SAE/TP 2009-01-2525-20092009-07-12EnglishMultifunctional System for Trace Gas Contaminants Removal
423SAE/TP 2009-01-2524-20092009-07-12EnglishCounter-Flow Silica-Titania Reactor for the Simultaneous Treatment of Air and Water Contaminated with VOCs
424SAE/TP 2009-01-2523-20092009-07-12EnglishAdvanced ISS Air Monitoring – The ANITA and ANITA2 Missions
425SAE/TP 2009-01-2522-20092009-07-12EnglishOperation of Third Generation JPL Electronic Nose on the International Space Station
426SAE/TP 2009-01-2521-20092009-07-12EnglishThe Orion Air Monitor Performance Model; Dynamic Simulations and Accuracy Assessments in the CEV Atmospheric Revitalization Unit Application
427SAE/TP 2009-01-2520-20092009-07-12EnglishEvaluation of ANITA Air Monitoring on the International Space Station
428SAE/TP 2009-01-2519-20092009-07-12EnglishAdvanced Design of a “Low-cost” Loop Heat Pipe
429SAE/TP 2009-01-2518-20092009-07-12EnglishCharacteristics of Reservoir Embedded Loop Heat Pipe in an Orbital Environment in the First Year
430SAE/TP 2009-01-2517-20092009-07-12EnglishThe Advanced Design of a Liquid Cooling Garment Through Long-Term Research: Implications of the Test Results on Three Different Garments
431SAE/TP 2009-01-2516-20092009-07-12EnglishSubjective Perception of Thermal and Physical Comfort in Three Liquid Cooling Garments
432SAE/TP 2009-01-2515-20092009-07-12EnglishLaundry Study for a Lunar Outpost
433SAE/TP 2009-01-2492-20092009-07-12EnglishModeling Flame Spread and Extinction of Solids in Space Exploration Atmospheres
434SAE/TP 2009-01-2488-20092009-07-12EnglishEvaluation Of A Passive Water Treatment Device for Contingency Liquid Recovery from Urine for Spacecraft Applications
435SAE/TP 2009-01-2491-20092009-07-12EnglishIgnition Delay of Combustible Materials in Normoxic Equivalent Environments
436SAE/TP 2009-01-2490-20092009-07-12EnglishPressure Effects on the Self-Extinguishment Limits of Aerospace Materials
437SAE/TP 2009-01-2489-20092009-07-12EnglishMicrogravity Flame Spread over Non-Charring Materials in Exploration Atmospheres: Pressure, Oxygen, and Velocity Effects on Concurrent Flame Spread
438SAE/TP 2009-01-2335-20092009-07-12EnglishReview of Methods for Characterization of Microsize Dust Particles
439SAE/TP 2009-01-2337-20092009-07-12EnglishRegolith Activation on the Lunar Surface and its Ground Test Simulation
440SAE/TP 2009-01-2338-20092009-07-12EnglishAnalyses of Several Space Radiation-Mitigating Materials: Computational and Experimental Results
441SAE/TP 2009-01-2339-20092009-07-12EnglishDisturbance of Electronics in Low-Earth Orbits by High Energy Electron Plasmas
442SAE/TP 2009-01-2340-20092009-07-12EnglishStatus of Developing a Near Real-Time Capability for Estimating Space Radiation Exposure Using EMMREM
443SAE/TP 2009-01-2341-20092009-07-12EnglishInvestigations into Water Recovery from Solid Wastes using a Microwave Solid Waste Stabilization and Water Recovery System
444SAE/TP 2009-01-2342-20092009-07-12EnglishWater Recovery from Wastes in Space Habitats - a Comparative Evaluation of SBIR Prototypes
445SAE/TP 2009-01-2343-20092009-07-12EnglishFecal Simulant Delivery Systems for Parabolic Flight Testing of the Flexible Membrane Commode
446SAE/TP 2009-01-2349-20092009-07-12EnglishThermal Design of the Mercury Transfer Module
447SAE/TP 2009-01-2351-20092009-07-12EnglishSentinel-1 SAR Antenna Thermal Design and Verification Approach
448SAE/TP 2009-01-2352-20092009-07-12EnglishStatus of the Regenerative ECLSS Water Recovery System
449SAE/TP 2009-01-2353-20092009-07-12EnglishStatus of the International Space Station (ISS) Trace Contaminant Control System
450SAE/TP 2009-01-2354-20092009-07-12EnglishInternational Space Station Environmental Control and Life Support System Acceptance Testing for Node 1 Atmosphere Control and Supply Subsystem
451SAE/TP 2009-01-2355-20092009-07-12EnglishSurvey of Software Problems with Impacts to “Campout” Protocol Extravehicular Activity Prebreathe
452SAE/TP 2009-01-2356-20092009-07-12EnglishA Survey of Terrestrial Approaches to the Challenge of Lunar Dust Containment
453SAE/TP 2009-01-2357-20092009-07-12EnglishLunar Dust Cloud Characterization in a Gravitational Settling Chamber Experiencing Zero, Lunar, Earth and 1.8-g Levels
454SAE/TP 2009-01-2358-20092009-07-12EnglishDevelopment and Testing of a New NASA Lunar Dust Filtration Testing Facility
455SAE/TP 2009-01-2359-20092009-07-12EnglishA Novel Testing Protocol for Evaluating Particle Behavior in Fluid Flow Under Simulated Reduced Gravity Conditions
456SAE/TP 2009-01-2360-20092009-07-12EnglishProviding Optimal Root-Zone Fluid Fluxes: Effects of Hysteresis on Capillary-Dominated Water Distributions in Reduced Gravity
457SAE/TP 2009-01-2361-20092009-07-12EnglishPorous Plant Growth Media Design Considerations for Lunar and Martian Habitats
458SAE/TP 2009-01-2363-20092009-07-12EnglishTesting of a Plastic Melt Waste Compactor Designed for Human Space Exploration Missions
459SAE/TP 2009-01-2364-20092009-07-12EnglishWater Reclamation Using Spray Drying
460SAE/TP 2009-01-2365-20092009-07-12EnglishA Pilot Scale System for Low Temperature Solid Waste Oxidation and Recovery of Water
461SAE/TP 2009-01-2366-20092009-07-12EnglishComparative Configurations for Lunar Lander Habitation Volumes: 2005-2008
462SAE/TP 2009-01-2375-20092009-07-12EnglishDOMEX-2 Thermal Design, Testing and Commissioning in Support to the SMOS Mission
463SAE/TP 2009-01-2376-20092009-07-12EnglishThermal Control of CM and SM Panels for Turkish Satellite
464SAE/TP 2009-01-2377-20092009-07-12EnglishDeveloping Abrasion Test Standards for Evaluating Lunar Construction Materials
465SAE/TP 2009-01-2378-20092009-07-12EnglishEnvironmental Testing for the Reliability Effects of Lunar Dust
466SAE/TP 2009-01-2379-20092009-07-12EnglishPulmonary Toxicity of Lunar Highland Dust
467SAE/TP 2009-01-2380-20092009-07-12EnglishUse of Tinted Reflectors to Eliminate False Positives in Adaptive Lighting Control Systems
468SAE/TP 2009-01-2381-20092009-07-12EnglishSustained Salad Crop Production Requirements for Lunar Surface
469SAE/TP 2009-01-2382-20092009-07-12EnglishA Deployable Salad Crop Production System for Lunar Habitats
470SAE/TP 2009-01-2383-20092009-07-12EnglishResults of Multifunctional Condensing Heat Exchanger for Water Recovery Applications
471SAE/TP 2009-01-2384-20092009-07-12EnglishMethodology for Identification and Classification of Biomass Pyrolysis Behavior
472SAE/TP 2009-01-2385-20092009-07-12EnglishMars Base 10 – A Permanent Settlement on Mars for 10 Astronauts
473SAE/TP 2009-01-2386-20092009-07-12EnglishHeat Exchanger/Humidifier Trade Study and Conceptual Design for the Constellation Spacesuit Portable Life Support System Ventilation Subsystem
474SAE/TP 2009-01-2387-20092009-07-12EnglishInvestigation of Condensing Ice Heat Exchangers for MTSA Technology Development
475SAE/TP 2009-01-2395-20092009-07-12EnglishThe Mars Climate Database (version 4.3)
476SAE/TP 2009-01-2403-20092009-07-12EnglishTAS-I Virtual Reality Tool for COLUMBUS MSP/PEI Stage Analysis Verification: Case Studies and Lesson Learned
477SAE/TP 2009-01-2404-20092009-07-12EnglishTechnology Transfer Challenges: A Case Study of User-Centered Design in NASA’s Systems Engineering Culture
478SAE/TP 2009-01-2406-20092009-07-12EnglishAdvanced Design Heat Pump/Radiator for EVA Suits
479SAE/TP 2009-01-2407-20092009-07-12EnglishRadiator Heat Pump Subsystem for the Space Suit Portable Life Support
480SAE/TP 2009-01-2408-20092009-07-12EnglishLunar Portable Life Support System Heat Rejection Study
481SAE/TP 2009-01-2409-20092009-07-12EnglishInvestigation of Thermal Test Effectiveness for Spacecraft Electronic Units Using Precipitation Efficiencies of MIL-HDBK-344
482SAE/TP 2009-01-2410-20092009-07-12EnglishCryogenic Thermal Testing of the Verification Model Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI) Optics Module
483SAE/TP 2009-01-2411-20092009-07-12EnglishESTEC Calorimeter: Numerical Interpretation of Measurements
484SAE/TP 2009-01-2412-20092009-07-12EnglishESTEC Calorimeter: Thirty-five Years of Measurements
485SAE/TP 2009-01-2413-20092009-07-12EnglishNitrogen Oxygen Recharge System (NORS) for the International Space Station
486SAE/TP 2009-01-2414-20092009-07-12EnglishThe Columbus ECLSS First Year of Operations
487SAE/TP 2009-01-2415-20092009-07-12EnglishInternational Space Station Environmental Control and Life Support System Status: 2008 - 2009
488SAE/TP 2009-01-2416-20092009-07-12EnglishModification of the USOS to Support Installation and Activation of the Node 3 Element
489SAE/TP 2009-01-2417-20092009-07-12EnglishSub-Critical Liquid Oxygen (Lox) Storage for Exploration Life Support Systems
490SAE/TP 2009-01-2418-20092009-07-12EnglishSpacesuit Cooling on the Moon and Mars
491SAE/TP 2009-01-2430-20092009-07-12EnglishThermal Verification and Testing of Earth Observation and Navigation Platforms: Thales Alenia Space Italia Experience
492SAE/TP 2009-01-2431-20092009-07-12EnglishCarbon Dioxide Removal Assembly Performance Comparison
493SAE/TP 2009-01-2432-20092009-07-12EnglishImproving the Measurement Accuracy of Water Partial Pressure Using the Major Constituent Analyzer
494SAE/TP 2009-01-2433-20092009-07-12EnglishRoot Cause Assessment of Pressure Drop Rise of a Packed Bed of Lithium Hydroxide in the International Space Station Trace Contaminant Control System
495SAE/TP 2009-01-2435-20092009-07-12EnglishThermal Design for Mars_NEXT
496SAE/TP 2009-01-2436-20092009-07-12EnglishOverview of NASA’s Thermal Control System Development for Exploration Project
497SAE/TP 2009-01-2437-20092009-07-12EnglishMars Science Laboratory Mechanically Pumped Fluid Loop for Thermal Control – Design, Implementation, and Testing
498SAE/TP 2009-01-2438-20092009-07-12EnglishThermal Strategy for the Phoenix Robotic Arm Deployment
499SAE/TP 2009-01-2440-20092009-07-12EnglishDesign of a Stand-alone Solid Oxide Electrolysis Stack with Embedded Sabatier Reactors for 100% Oxygen Regeneration
500SAE/TP 2009-01-2441-20092009-07-12EnglishDevelopment Status of the Carbon Dioxide and Moisture Removal Amine Swing-Bed System (CAMRAS)