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Posstandard Numberpublication dateLanguageDescription
1NISO RP-38-20212021-01-01EnglishContent Platform Migrations
2NISO RP-40-20212021-01-01EnglishJATS4R Software Citations - Version 1.0
3NISO Z39.96-20212021-01-01EnglishJATS: Journal Article Tag Suite - version 1.3
4NISO Z39.4-20212021-01-01EnglishCriteria for Indexes
5NISO RP-39-20212021-01-01EnglishJATS4R Peer Review Materials
6NISO RP-31-20212021-01-01EnglishReproducibility Badging and Definitions
7NISO RP-22-20212021-01-01EnglishAccess & License Indicators
8NISO RP-37-20212021-01-01EnglishJATS4R Funding - Version 1.3
9NISO RP-30-20202020-01-01EnglishManuscript Exchange Common Approach (MECA) Version 2.0
10NISO RP-36-20202020-01-01EnglishJATS4R Data Citations Version 2.0
11NISO RP-19-20202020-01-01EnglishOpen Discovery Initiative: Promoting Transparency in Discovery
12NISO RP-33-20202020-01-01EnglishJATS4R Ethics Statements
13NISO RP-35-20202020-01-01EnglishJATS4R Preprint Citations
14NISO Z39.96-20192019-01-01EnglishJATS: Journal Article Tag Suite, version 1.2
15NISO RP-24-20192019-01-01EnglishTransfer Code of Practice
16NISO RP-32-20192019-01-01EnglishJATS4R Subject & Keyword Guidelines, Version 1.0
17NISO RP-27-20192019-01-01EnglishRecommended Practices for Improved Access to Institutionally-Provided Information Resources
18NISO RP-26-20192019-01-01EnglishKBART Automation: Automated Retrieval of Customer Electronic Holdings
19NISO STRATEGIC DIRECTIONS-20182018-01-01EnglishNISO Strategic Directions
20NISO TR-06-20172017-01-01EnglishIssues in Vocabulary Management
21NISO Z39.102-20172017-01-01EnglishSTS: Standards Tag Suite
22NISO Z39.99-20172017-01-01EnglishResourceSync Framework Specification version 1.1
23NISO RP-25-20162016-01-01EnglishOutputs of the NISO Alternative Assessment Metrics Project
24NISO RP-23-20152015-01-01EnglishProtocol for Exchanging Serial Content (PESC)
25NISO RP-22-20152015-01-01EnglishAccess License and Indicators
26NISO RP-9-20142014-01-01EnglishKnowledge Bases and Related Tools (KBART) Recommended Practice
27NISO Z39.93-20142014-01-01EnglishThe Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative (SUSHI) Protocol
28NISO RP-20-20142014-01-01EnglishDemand Driven Acquisition of Monographs
29NISO RP-21-20132013-01-01EnglishImproving OpenURLs Through Analytics (IOTA): Recommendations for Link Resolver Providers
30NISO RP-15-20132013-01-01EnglishRecommended Practices for Online Supplemental Journal Article Materials
31NISO RP-17-20132013-01-01EnglishInstitutional Identification: Identifying Organizations in the Information Supply Chain
32NISO Z39.7-20132013-01-01EnglishInformation Services and Use: Metrics and Statistics for Libraries and Information Providers – Data Dictionary
33NISO TR-05-20132013-01-01EnglishIOTA Working Group Summary of Activities and Outcomes
34NISO RP-16-20132013-01-01EnglishPIE-J: The Presentation & Identification of E-Journals
35NISO RP-12-20122012-01-01EnglishPhysical Delivery of Library Resources
36NISO Z39.83-2-20122012-01-01EnglishCirculation Interchange Protocol (NCIP) Part 2: Implementation Profile 1
37NISO Z39.98-20122012-01-01EnglishAuthoring and Interchange Framework for Adaptive XML Publishing Specification
38NISO Z39.85-20122012-01-01EnglishThe Dublin Core Metadata Element Set
39NISO RP-6-20122012-01-01EnglishRFID in U.S. Libraries
40NISO RP-14-20122012-01-01EnglishNISO SUSHI Protocol: COUNTER-SUSHI Implementation Profile
41NISO RP-7-20122012-01-01EnglishSERU: A Shared Electronic Resource Understanding
42NISO RP-11-20112011-01-01EnglishESPReSSO: Establishing Suggested Practices Regarding Single Sign-On
43NISO RP-10-20102010-01-01EnglishCost of Resource Exchange (CORE) Protocol
44NISO RP-8-20082008-01-01EnglishJournal Article Versions (JAV): Recommendations of the NISO/ALPSP JAV Technical Working Group
45NISO Z39.83-1-20082008-01-01EnglishCirculation Interchange Part 1: Protocol (NCIP)
46NISO Z39.83-2-20082008-01-01EnglishCirculation Interchange Protocol (NCIP) Part 2: Implementation Profile 1
47NISO Z39.85-20072007-01-01EnglishThe Dublin Core Metadata Element Set
48NISO Z39.93-20072007-01-01EnglishThe Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative (SUSHI) Protocol
49NISO FRAMEWORK-20072007-01-01EnglishA Framework of Guidance for Building Good Digital Collections - 3rd edition
50NISO TR04-20062006-12-01EnglishNetworked Reference Services: Question/Answer Transaction Protocol
51NISO Z39.87-20062006-01-01(R 2011)EnglishData Dictionary – Technical Metadata for Digital Still Images
52NISO Z39.71-20062006-01-01EnglishHoldings Statements for Bibliographic Items
53NISO Z39.87-20062006-01-01EnglishData Dictionary – Technical Metadata for Digital Still Images
54NISO Z39.71-20062006-01-01EnglishHoldings Statements for Bibliographic Items
55NISO Z39.84-20052005-01-01(R 2010)EnglishSyntax for the Digital Object Identifier
56NISO Z39.19-20052005-01-01(R 2010)EnglishGuidelines for the Construction, Format, and Management of Monolingual Controlled Vocabularies
57NISO Z39.29-20052005-01-01(R 2010)EnglishBibliographic References
58NISO Z39.18-20052005-01-01(R 2010)EnglishScientific and Technical Reports Preparation, Presentation, and Preservation
59NISO Z39.86-20052005-01-01EnglishSpecifications for the Digital Talking Book
60NISO Z39.86-20052005-01-01EnglishSpecifications for the Digital Talking Book
61NISO Z39.88-20042004-01-01(R 2010)EnglishThe OpenURL Framework for Context-Sensitive Services
62NISO Z39.7-20042004-01-01EnglishInformation Services and Use: metrics & statistics for libraries and information providers Data Dictionary - Only available online through SDO, so send direct
63NISO Z39.88-20042004-01-01EnglishThe OpenURL Framework for Context-Sensitive Services
64NISO Z39.89-20032003-01-01(R 2009)EnglishThe U.S. National Z39.50 Profile for Library Applications
65NISO Z39.50-20032003-01-01(R 2009)EnglishInformation Retrieval (Z39.50): Application Service Definition and Protocol Specification
66NISO RP-2005-20032003-01-01EnglishMetasearch Initiative - Search and Retrieval Citation Level Data Elements - Version 1.0
67NISO GUIDE Z39.50-20022002-05-01EnglishA Primer on the Protocol (A Guide to Global Z39.50)
68NISO RP-2006-20022002-01-01EnglishMetasearch Initiative - Metasearch XML Gateway Implementers Guide - Version 1.0
69NISO Z39.53-20012001-01-01EnglishCodes for the Representation of Languages for Information Interchange
70NISO Z39.77-20012001-01-01EnglishGuidelines for Information About Preservation Products
71NISO Z39.79-20012001-01-01EnglishEnvironmental Conditions for Exhibiting Library and Archival Materials
72NISO Z39.82-20012001-01-01EnglishTitle Pages for Conference Publications
73NISO Z39.78-20002000-01-01(R 2006)EnglishLibrary Binding
74NISO Z39.62-20002000-01-01EnglishEye-Legible Information on Microfilm Leaders and Trailers and on Containers of Processed Microfilm on Open Reels
75NISO Z39.78-20002000-01-01EnglishLibrary Binding
76NISO TR03-19991999-01-01EnglishGuidelines for Alphabetical Arrangement of Letters and Sorting of Numerals and Other Symbols
77NISO Z39.20-19991999-01-01EnglishCriteria for Price Indexes for Printed Library Materials
78NISO Z39.23-19971997-01-01(R 2002)(R 2009)EnglishStandard Technical Report Number Format and Creation
79NISO Z39.14-19971997-01-01(R 2002)(R 2009)EnglishGuidelines for Abstracts - Revision of ANSI Z39.14-1979
80NISO Z39.41-19971997-01-01(R 2002)(R 2009)EnglishPrinted Information on Spines
81NISO Z39.26-19971997-01-01(R 2002)EnglishMicropublishing Product Information - Revision of ANSI Z39.26-1981
82NISO TR02-19971997-01-01EnglishGuidelines for Indexes and Related Information Retrieval Devices - Replaces NISO Z39.4
83NISO Z39.14-19971997-01-01EnglishGuidelines for Abstracts
84NISO Z39.56-19961996-01-01(R 2002)EnglishSerial Item and Contribution Identifier (SICI) - Version 2
85NISO Z39.76-19961996-01-01(R 2002)EnglishData Elements for Binding Library Materials
86NISO Z39.74-19961996-01-01(R 2002)EnglishGuides to Accompany Microform Sets
87NISO Z39.32-19961996-01-01(R 2002)EnglishInformation on Microfiche Headers - Revision of ANSI Z39.22-1981
88NISO Z39.74-19961996-01-01EnglishGuides to Accompany Microform Sets
89NISO Z39.32-19961996-01-01EnglishInformation on Microfiche Headers
90NISO 12083-19951995-01-01(R 2002)EnglishElectronic Manuscript Preparation and Markup - Revision and Redesignation of ANSI/NISO Z39.59-1988
91NISO TR01-19951995-01-01EnglishEnvironmental Guidelines for the Storage of Paper Records
92NISO Z39.2-19941994-01-01(R 2001)(R 2009)EnglishInformation Interchange Format
93NISO Z39.73-19941994-01-01(R 2001)EnglishSingle-Tier Steel Bracket Library Shelving
94NISO Z39.73-19941994-01-01EnglishSingle-Tier Steel Bracket Library Shelving
95NISO Z39.2-19941994-01-01EnglishInformation Interchange Format
96NISO Z39.43-19931993-01-01(R 2006)(R 2011)EnglishStandard Address Number (SAN) for the Publishing Industry
97NISO Z39.47-19931993-01-01(R 2003)EnglishExtended Latin Alphabet Coded Character Set for Bibliographic Use
98NISO Z39.43-19931993-01-01EnglishStandard Address Number (SAN) for the Publishing Industry
99NISO Z39.9-19921992-01-01(R 2001)EnglishInternational Standard Serial Numbering (ISSN) - ISO 3297
100NISO Z39.48-19921992-01-01(R 1997)(R 2002)(R 2009)EnglishPermanence of Paper for Publications and Documents in Libraries and Archives