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Posstandard Numberpublication dateLanguageDescription
1KS M ISO 6588-1-20202020-08-21KoreanPaper, board and pulps - Determination of pH of aqueous Paper, board and pulps - Determination of pH of aqueous
2KS M ISO 6588-2-20202020-08-21KoreanPaper, board and pulps - Determination of pH of aqueous extracts - Part 2: Hot extraction
3KS M ISO 2066-20202020-08-21KoreanResilient floor coverings - Determination of moisture content of agglomerated composition cork
4KS M ISO 2067-20202020-08-21KoreanGranulated cork - Sampling
5KS M ISO 5264-2-20202020-08-21KoreanPulps - Laboratory beating - Part 2: PFI mill method
6KS M ISO 9727-5-20202020-08-21KoreanCylindrical cork stoppers - Physical tests - Part 5: Determination of extraction force
7KS M ISO 9727-4-20202020-08-21KoreanCylindrical cork stoppers - Physical tests - Part 4: Determination of dimensional recovery after compression
8KS M ISO 22754-20202020-08-21KoreanPulp and paper - Determination of the effective residual ink concentration(ERIC number) by infrared reflectance measurement
9KS M ISO 302-20202020-08-21KoreanPulps - Determination of Kappa number
10KS M ISO 9727-7-20202020-08-21KoreanCylindrical cork stoppers - Physical tests - Part 7: Determination of dust content
11KS M ISO 1924-2-20202020-08-21KoreanPaper and board - Determination of tensile properties - Part 2: Constant rate of elongation method(20 mm/min)
12KS F 2221-20202020-08-21KoreanTest method of impact for building boards
13KS M ISO 1974-20202020-08-21KoreanPaper - Determination of tearing resistance - Elmendorf method
14KS M ISO 9727-6-20202020-08-21KoreanCylindrical cork stoppers - Physical tests - Part 6: Determination of liquid tightness
15KS F 2273-20202020-08-21KoreanMethods of performance test for building construction panels
16KS M ISO 2031-20202020-08-21KoreanGranulated cork - Determination of bulk density
17KS M ISO 186-20202020-08-21KoreanPaper and board - Sampling to determine average quality
18KS M ISO 3813-20202020-08-21KoreanResilient floor coverings - Cork floor tiles - Specification
19KS M ISO 22891-20202020-08-21KoreanPaper - Determination of transmittance by diffuse reflectance mesurement
20KS M ISO 12625-11-20202020-08-21KoreanTissue paper and tissue products - Part 11: Determination of wet ball burst strength
21KS M ISO 23714-20202020-08-21KoreanPulps - Determination of water retention value(WRV)
22KS M ISO 9366-20202020-08-21KoreanAgglomerated cork floor tiles - Determination of dimensions and deviation from squareness and from straightness of edges
23KS F 2606-20202020-08-21KoreanTest methods for water resistance of exterior wall boards in building
24KS M ISO 4714-20202020-08-21KoreanComposition cork - Specifications, sampling, packaging and marking
25KS M ISO 534-20202020-08-21KoreanPaper and board - Determination of thickness, density and specific volume
26KS F 2162-20202020-08-21KoreanAdjustment factors for allowable stresses of structural timber and glued laminated timber
27KS B 0117-20202020-08-21KoreanGlossary of terms for wood working machinery
28KS M ISO 536-20202020-08-21KoreanPaper and board - Determination of grammage
29KS F 2203-20202020-08-21KoreanTest method for shrinkage of wood
30KS M ISO 9727-3-20202020-08-21KoreanCylindrical cork stoppers - Physical tests - Part 3: Determination of humidity content
31KS M ISO 9727-2-20202020-08-21KoreanCylindrical cork stoppers - Physical tests - Part 2: Determination of mass and apparent density for agglomerated cork stoppers
33KS M ISO 2385-20202020-08-21KoreanPacked cork - Virgin cork, raw reproduction cork, ramassage, gleanings, burnt cork, boiled reproduction cork and raw corkwaste - Sampling to determine moisture content
34KS M ISO 9727-1-20202020-08-21KoreanCylindrical cork stoppers - Physical tests - Part 1: Determination of dimensions
35KS M ISO 12192-20202020-08-21KoreanPaper and board - Determination of compressive strength Ring crush method
36KS F 2205-20202020-08-21KoreanTest method for hygroscopicity of wood
37KS F 4514-20202020-08-21KoreanFasteners for wood structures
38KS M ISO 7322-20202020-08-21KoreanComposition cork - Test methods
39KS F 2206-20202020-08-21KoreanTest method for compression of wood
40KS M ISO 2219-20202020-08-21KoreanThermal insulation products for buildings - Factory-made products of expanded cork (ICB) - Specification
41KS M ISO 11556-20202020-08-21KoreanPaper and board - Determination of curl using a single vertically suspended test piece
42KS M ISO 2190-20202020-08-21KoreanGranulated cork - Determination of moisture content
43KS M ISO 3869-20202020-08-21KoreanAgglomerated cork - Expansion joint fillers -Specifications, packaging and marking
44KS F 2207-20202020-08-21KoreanMethod of tension test for wood
45KS F 2208-20202020-08-21KoreanMethod of bending test for wood
46KS T 1038-20202020-08-21KoreanAtactic polypropylene coated moisture proof kraft paper
47KS M 7221-20202020-08-21KoreanBase paper for computer machine paper
48KS M ISO 17812-20202020-08-21Koreanpaper, board and pulps - Determination of total magnesium, total calcium, total manganese, total iron and total copper
49KS M ISO 17958-20202020-08-21KoreanPaper and board - Determination of fracture toughness - Constant rate of elongation method(1.7 mm/s)
50KS F 2209-20202020-08-21KoreanMethod of shear test for wood
51KS F 3230-20202020-08-21KoreanWPC(Wood Plastic Composite) deck board
52KS T 1051-20202020-08-21KoreanPaper string
53KS M 7115-20202020-08-21KoreanTrimmed size of duplex board
54KS M ISO 11475-20202020-08-21KoreanPaper and board - Determination of CIE whiteness, D65/10掳(outdoor daylight)
55KS M ISO 4708-20202020-08-21KoreanComposition cork - Gasket material - Test methods
56KS M ISO 5270-20202020-08-21KoreanPulps - Laboratory sheets - Determination of physical properties
57KS M 7502-20202020-08-21KoreanLiner for corrugated fiberboards
58KS M 7076-20202020-08-21KoreanCorrugating medium paper
59KS M ISO 5351-20202020-08-21KoreanPulps - Determination of limiting viscosity number in cupriethylenediamine(CED) solution
60KS M 7127-20202020-08-21KoreanTesting method for water vapor transmission rate of flexible barrier materials
61KS M 7606-20202020-08-21KoreanWaterproof paperboard
62KS T 1054-20202020-08-21KoreanPaper string bands
63KS M ISO 16532-2-20202020-08-21KoreanPaper and board - Determination of grease resistance - Part 2: Surface repellency test
64KS M 7134-20202020-08-21KoreanMethod for determining coefficient of friction of paper and board
65KS T 1064-20202020-08-21KoreanKraft paper sacks
66KS F 2210-20202020-08-21KoreanTest method for tensile cleavage of wood
67KS T 1066-20202020-08-21KoreanExtensible kraft paper sacks
68KS F 1519-20202020-08-21KoreanDimension of sawn lumber
69KS F 2211-20202020-08-21KoreanMethod of impact bending test for wood
70KS M ISO 11093-8-20202020-08-21KoreanPaper and board - Testing of cores - Part 8: Determination of natural frequency and flexural modulus by experimental modal analysis
71KS F 2212-20202020-08-21KoreanTest method for static hardness of wood
72KS M ISO 3867-20202020-08-21KoreanComposition cork - Expansion joint fillers - Test methods
73KS M ISO 10106-20202020-08-21KoreanCork stoppers - Determination of global migration
74KS M ISO 11093-7-20202020-08-21KoreanPaper and board - Testing of cores - Part 7: Determination of flexural modulus by the three-point method
75KS M ISO 12625-8-20202020-08-21KoreanTissue paper and tissue products - Part 8: Water-absorption time and water-absorption capacity, basket-immersion test method
76KS M ISO 11093-5-20202020-08-21KoreanPaper and board - Testing of cores - Part 5: Determination of characteristics of concentric rotation
77KS F 2215-20202020-08-21KoreanMethod of abrasion test for wood
78KS M ISO 1216-20202020-08-21KoreanCorkwood in planks - Grading, classification and packing
79KS F 3110-20202020-08-21KoreanPlywood for concrete form
80KS T 1094-20202020-08-21KoreanKraft paper for light packing
81KS M ISO 12625-1-20202020-08-21KoreanTissue paper and tissue products - Part 1: Vocabulary
82KS M ISO 4710-20202020-08-21KoreanCork - Cylindrical stoppers for sparkling wines and gasified wines - Characteristics
83KS M 7050-20202020-08-21KoreanTesting method for surface strength of paper by wax
84KS F 1557-20202020-08-21KoreanGlossary of wood terms used in engineered wood products
85KS T 1034-20202020-08-21KoreanCorrugated fibreboards for shipping containers
86KS M 7099-20202020-08-21KoreanFacial tissues
87KS B 4064-20202020-08-21KoreanTest code for performance and accuracy of wood working machinery
88KS B 4093-20202020-08-21KoreanGeneral code of safety for wood working machinery
89KS B 4094-20202020-08-21KoreanAccuracy inspection method of band sawing machines
90KS B 4095-20202020-08-21KoreanAccuracy inspection method of band sawing machines
91KS B 4096-20202020-08-21KoreanBand saw stretcher
92KS B 4097-20202020-08-21KoreanWood working band saw sharpeners
93KS B 4103-20202020-08-21KoreanTest method for performance and accuracy of hollow chisel mortising machines
94KS B 4106-20202020-08-21KoreanVeneer lathe knives
95KS M ISO 1215-20202020-08-21KoreanCommercially dry virgin cork, ramassage, gleanings, corkwood refuse and corkwaste - Definitions and packaging
96KS M ISO 10718-20202020-08-21KoreanCork stoppers - Enumeration of colony-forming units of yeasts, moulds and bacteria capable of growth in an alcoholic medium
97KS F 2150-20202020-08-21KoreanMethod of static bending test for full sized structural lumber
98KS B 4912-20202020-08-21KoreanGeneral rules for testing of die cutters
99KS B 4911-20202020-08-21KoreanGeneral rules for testing of paper cutters
100KS F 2151-20202020-08-21KoreanVisual grading for softwood structural lumber
101KS F 2152-20202020-08-21KoreanEstablishing allowable properties of softwood structural lumber
102KS B 4309-20202020-08-21KoreanTest methods for performance and accuracy of band scroll saws
103KS B 4909-20202020-08-21KoreanSafety standards for construction of veneer lathes
104KS M ISO 3035-20202020-08-21KoreanCorrugated fibreboard - Determination of flat crush resistance
105KS M 7704-20202020-08-21KoreanPermanent paper for archives
106KS F 2217-20202020-08-21KoreanTesting methods for bonding strength of ceiling board adhesives
107KS M ISO 9149-20202020-08-21KoreanCork wallcoverings in rolls - Specifications
108KS F 2218-20202020-08-21KoreanTesting methods for bonding strength of wall boards adhesives
109KS M ISO 1762-20202020-08-21KoreanPaper, board and pulp - Determination of residue(ash) on ignition at 525掳C
110KS F 3108-20202020-08-21KoreanWooden frames for doors and windows
111KS B 1500-20202020-08-18KoreanBasic dimensions and tolerances of steel butt-welding pipe fittings
112KS B 1507-20202020-08-18KoreanFlexible grooved joint for steel pipe
113KS M ISO 7263-2-20202020-08-14KoreanCorrugating medium - Determination of the flat crush resistance after laboratory fluting - Part 2: B-flute
114KS M ISO 7263-1-20202020-08-14KoreanCorrugating medium - Determination of the flat crush resistance g medium - Determination of the flat crush resistance
115KS C IEC 62893-2-20202020-08-14KoreanCharging cables for electric vehicles of rated voltages up to and including 0.6/1 kV - Part 2: Test methods
116KS C IEC 62893-3-20202020-08-14KoreanCharging cables for electric vehicles of rated voltages up to and including 0.6/1 kV - Part 3: Cables for AC charging according to modes 1, 2 and 3 of KS R IEC 61851-1 of rated voltages up to and including 450/750 V
117KS C IEC 62893-1-20202020-08-14KoreanCharging cables for electric vehicles of rated voltages up to and including 0.6/1 kV - Part 1: General requirements
118KS B ISO 19881-20202020-08-13KoreanGaseous hydrogen - Land vehicle fuel containers
119KS T ISO 2247-20202020-08-07KoreanPackaging - Complete, filled transport packages and unit loads -Vibration tests at fixed low frequency
120KS T ISO 18613-20202020-08-07KoreanPallets for materials handling - Repair of flat wooden pallets
121KS T 0003-20202020-08-07KoreanDimensions of unit load sizes
122KS T 0201-20202020-08-07KoreanMethods of designating on unit load
123KS T 1008-20202020-08-07KoreanSize for heavy duty polyethylene bags
124KS T ISO 18334-20202020-08-07KoreanPallets for materials handling - Quality of assembly of new wooden pallets
125KS T ISO 18333-20202020-08-07KoreanPallets for materials handling - Quality of new wooden components for flat pallets
126KS T ISO 15867-20202020-08-07KoreanIntermediate bulk containers(IBCs) for non-dangerous goods - Terminology
127KS T ISO 12048-20202020-08-07KoreanPackaging - Complete, filled transport packages -Compression and stacking tests using a compression tester
128KS T ISO 11683-20202020-08-07KoreanPackaging - Tactile warnings of danger - Requirements
129KS T 4002-20202020-08-07KoreanGuideline for standard bar code on pallet
130KS T ISO 8768-20202020-08-07KoreanPackaging - Complete, filled transport packages - Toppling test
131KS T 2043-20202020-08-07KoreanTailgate lift
132KS T 2035-20202020-08-07KoreanGeneral rules on the design of standard pallet system
133KS T ISO 8474-20202020-08-07KoreanPackaging - Complete, filled transport packages -Water immersion test
134KS T ISO 8367-2-20202020-08-07KoreanPackaging - Dimensional tolerances for general purpose sacks - Part 2: Sacks made from thermoplastic flexible film
135KS T ISO 8367-1-20202020-08-07KoreanPackaging - Dimensional tolerances for general purpose sacks - Part 1: Paper sacks
136KS T 2030-20202020-08-07KoreanCold roll containers for delivery
137KS T 2027-20202020-08-07KoreanIndustrial racks
138KS T 2021-20202020-08-07KoreanGlossary of terms for palletizer
139KS T 2014-20202020-08-07KoreanLoad standards of palletized cargo
140KS T 2012-20202020-08-07KoreanPalletizers
141KS T 2009-20202020-08-07KoreanPallet supports
142KS T 1101-20202020-08-07KoreanPackaging - Regenerated cellulose film, flms made of plastics, aluminium foil, flexible multilayer structures and metallized matrials
143KS T ISO 21898-20202020-08-07KoreanPackaging - Flexible intermediate bulk containers(FIBCs) for non-dangerous goods
144KS T 1353-20202020-08-07KoreanReturnable transport packaging - Cleaning and sanitation methods of reusable transport items for distribution purpose
145KS T ISO 8351-2-20202020-08-07KoreanPackaging - Method of specification for sacks - Part 2: Sacks made from thermoplastic flexible film
146KS T 1350-20202020-08-07KoreanSpecifications for compostable plastic packaging materials
147KS T 1334-20202020-08-07KoreanStandard specification for testings of hazardous materials packagings
148KS T 1333-20202020-08-07KoreanPackaging - Complete, filled transport packages - Test methods for the determination of the center of gravity of a package
149KS T ISO 8351-1-20202020-08-07KoreanPackaging - Method of specification for sacks - Part 1: Paper sacks
150KS T ISO 8318-20202020-08-07KoreanPackaging - Complete, filled transport packages and unit loads - Sinusoidal vibration tests using a variable frequency
151KS T ISO 7965-2-20202020-08-07KoreanSacks - Drop test - Part 2: Sacks made from thermoplastic flexible film
152KS T ISO 7023-20202020-08-07KoreanPackaging - Sacks - Method of sampling empty sacks for testing
153KS T ISO 6780-20202020-08-07KoreanFlat pallets for intercontinental materials handling -Principal dimensions and tolerances
154KS T ISO 6599-1-20202020-08-07KoreanPackaging - Sacks - Conditioning for testing - Part 1: Paper sacks
155KS T ISO 6591-2-20202020-08-07KoreanPackaging - Sacks - Description and method of measurement - Part 2: Empty sacks made from thermoplastic flexible film
156KS T ISO 6590-2-20202020-08-07KoreanPackaging - Sacks - Vocabulary and types - Part 2: Sacks made from thermoplastic flexible film
157KS T ISO 4180-20202020-08-07KoreanPackaging - Complete, filled transport packages - General rules for the compilation of performance test schedules
158KS T ISO 4178-20202020-08-07KoreanComplete, filled transport packages - Distribution trials -Information to be recorded
159KS T ISO 2875-20202020-08-07KoreanPackaging - Complete, filled transport packages and unit loads -Water-spray test
160KS T ISO 2873-20202020-08-07KoreanPackaging - Complete, filled transport packages and unit loads -Low pressure test
161KS T ISO 2248-20202020-08-07KoreanPackaging - Complete, filled transport packages -Vertical impact test by dropping
162KS T ISO 2244-20202020-08-07KoreanPackaging - Complete, filled transport packages and unit loads -Horizontal impact tests
163KS T ISO 2234-20202020-08-07KoreanPackaging - Complete, filled transport packages and unit loads Stacking tests using a static load
164KS T ISO 2206-20202020-08-07KoreanPackaging - Complete, filled transport packages -Identification of parts when testing
165KS C IEC 60356-A-20202020-08-06KoreanDimensions for commutators and slip-rings
166KS C IEC 60136-A-20202020-08-06KoreanDimensions of brushes and brush-holders for electrical machinery
167KS C IEC 60034-18-33-20202020-08-06KoreanRotating electrical machines - Part 18-33: Functional evaluation of insulation systems - Test procedures for form-wound windings -Multifactor evaluation by endurance under simultaneous thermal and electrical stresses
168KS C IEC 60034-18-32-20202020-08-06KoreanRotating electrical machines - Part 18-32: Functional evaluation of insulation systems - Test procedures for form-wound windings -Evaluation by electrical endurance
169KS C IEC 60034-16-2-20202020-08-06KoreanRotating electrical machines - Part 16: Excitation systems for synchronous machines - Chapter 2: Models for power system studies
170KS C IEC 60034-12-20202020-08-06KoreanRotating electrical machines - Part 12: Starting performance of single-speed three-phase cage induction motors
171KS C IEC 60072-1-20202020-08-06KoreanDimensions and output series for rotating electrical machines - Part 1: Frame numbers 56 to 400 and flange numbers 55 to 1080
172KS C IEC 60034-28-20202020-08-06KoreanRotating electrical machines - Part 28: Test methods for determining quantities of equivalent circuit diagrams for three-phase low-voltage cage induction motors
173KS B 6141-20202020-08-04KoreanAir filter units for ventilation
174KS C 61810-3-20202020-08-03KoreanElectromechanical elementary relays - Part 3: Relays with forcibly guided (mechanically linked) contacts
175KS C IEC 60748-11-20202020-07-23KoreanSemiconductor devices - Integrated circuits - Part 11:Sectional specification for semiconductor integrated circuits excluding hybrid circuits
176KS C IEC 60749-22-20202020-07-23KoreanSemiconductor devices - Mechanical and climatic test methods - Part 22: Bond strength
177KS C IEC 60749-12-20202020-07-23KoreanSemiconductor devices - Mechanical and climatic test methods - Part 12: Vibration, variable frequency
178KS C IEC 60749-10-20202020-07-23KoreanSemiconductor devices - Mechanical and climatic test methods - Part 10: Mechanical shock
179KS C IEC 60749-7-20202020-07-23KoreanSemiconductor devices - Mechanical and climatic test methods - Part 7: Internal moisture content measurement and the analysis of other residual gases
180KS C IEC 60749-6-20202020-07-23KoreanSemiconductor devices - Mechanical and climatic test methods - Part 6: Storage at high temperature
181KS C IEC 60749-4-20202020-07-23KoreanSemiconductor devices - Mechanical and climatic test methods - Part 4: Damp heat, steady state,highly accelerated stress test(HAST)
182KS C IEC 60749-2-20202020-07-23KoreanSemiconductor devices - Mechanical and climatic test methods - Part 2: Low air pressure
183KS C IEC 60747-1-20202020-07-23KoreanSemiconductor devices - Part 1: General
184KS R 9159-20202020-07-10KoreanIlluminance for railway rolling stock - Recommended levels and measuring methods
185KS C IEC PAS 62267-20202020-07-10KoreanRailway applications - Automated Urban Guided Transport(AUGT) safety requirements
186KS C IEC 61133-20202020-07-10KoreanElectric traction - Rolling stock - Test methods for electric and thermal/electric rolling stock on completion of construction and before entry into service
187KS C IEC 60310-20202020-07-10KoreanRailway applications - Traction transformers and inductors on board rolling stock
188KS C IEC 60913-20202020-07-10Korean觳犽弰鞖?鞝勱赴靹る箘 - 鞝勱赴瓴澑鞖?臧€瓿?旮夓爠靹犽
189KS R 9196-20202020-07-10KoreanGeneral rules of colour identification and registering means for railway signal relay
190KS R 9195-20202020-07-10KoreanGlued insulated rail - Test methods for insulating materials
191KS C IEC 60850-20202020-07-10KoreanRailway applications - Supply voltages of traction systems
192KS C IEC 60571-20202020-07-10KoreanRailway applications - Electronic equipment used on rolling stock
193KS C IEC 62279-20202020-07-10KoreanRailway applications - Communications, signalling and processing systems - Software for railway control and protection systems
194KS C IEC 62278-20202020-07-10KoreanRailway applications - Specification and demonstration of reliability, availability, maintainability and safety(RAMS)
195KS C 8569-20202020-07-07KoreanFuel cell system
196KS I ISO 10847-20202020-06-30KoreanAcoustics - In-situ determination of insertion loss of outdoor noise barriers of all types
197KS I ISO 16000-8-20202020-06-30KoreanIndoor air - Part 8: Determination of local mean ages of air in buildings for characterizing ventilation conditions
198KS I ISO 16000-11-20202020-06-30KoreanIndoor air - Part 11: Determination of the emission of volatile organic compounds from building products and furnishing -Sampling, storage of samples and preparation of test specimens
199KS I ISO 16000-10-20202020-06-30KoreanIndoor air - Part 10: Determination of the emission of volatile organic compounds from building products and furnishing - Emission test cell method
200KS I ISO 7574-1-20202020-06-30KoreanAcoustics - Statistical methods for determining and verifying stated noise emission values of machinery and equipment - Part 1: General considerations and definitions
201KS I ISO 7574-2-20202020-06-30KoreanAcoustics - Statistical methods for determining and verifying stated noise emission values of machinery and equipment - Part 2: Methods for stated values for individual machines
202KS I ISO 7574-3-20202020-06-30KoreanAcoustics - Statistical methods for determining and verifying stated noise emission values of machinery and equipment - Part 3: Simple (transition) method for stated values for batches of machines
203KS I ISO 11820-20202020-06-30KoreanAcoustics - Measurements on silencers in situ
204KS I ISO 7574-4-20202020-06-30KoreanAcoustics - Statistical methods for determining and verifying stated noise emission values of machinery and equipment - Part 4: Methods for stated values for batches of machines
205KS I ISO 9614-1-20202020-06-30KoreanAcoustics - Determination of sound power levels of noise sources using sound intensity - Part 1: Measurement at discrete points
206KS I ISO 9614-2-20202020-06-30KoreanAcoustics - Determination of sound power levels of noise sources using sound intensity - Part 2: Measurement by scanning
207KS I ISO 16000-7-20202020-06-30KoreanIndoor air - Part 7: Sampling strategy for determination of airborne asbestos fibre concentrations
208KS I ISO 4871-20202020-06-30KoreanAcoustics - Declaration and verification of noise emission values of machinery and equipment
209KS C IEC 61056-1-20202020-06-18KoreanGeneral purpose lead-acid batteries (valve-regulated types) - Part 1: General requirements, functional characteristics - Methods of test
210KS C IEC 60623-20202020-06-18KoreanSecondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes - Vented nickel-cadmium prismatic rechargeable single cells
211KS C IEC TR 62660-4-20202020-06-18KoreanSecondary lithium-ion cells for the propulsion of electric road vehicles - Part 4: Candidate alternative test methods for the internal short circuit test of IEC 62660-3
212KS A ISO TR 27912-20202020-06-18KoreanCarbon dioxide capture -Carbon dioxide capture systems, technologies and processes
213KS C IEC TR 62060-20202020-06-18KoreanSecondary cells and batteries - Monitoring of lead-acid stationary batteries - User guide
214KS C IEC 60050-482-20202020-06-18KoreanInternational electrotechnical vocabulary - Part 482: Primary and secondary cells and batteries
215KS C IEC TR 61431-20202020-06-18KoreanGuide for the use of monitor systems for lead-acid traction batteries
216KS C 8509-20202020-06-18KoreanLead-acid batteries for diesel locomotives
217KS C IEC TR 62188-20202020-06-18KoreanSecondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes - Design and manufacturing recommendations for portable batteries made from sealed secondary cells
218KS C IEC 60335-2-87-20202020-06-17KoreanHousehold and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-87:Particular requirements for electrical animal stunning equipment
219KS C IEC 60335-2-94-20202020-06-17KoreanHousehold and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-94:Particular requirements for scissors type grass shears
220KS C IEC 60811-508-20202020-06-17KoreanElectric and optical fibre cables - Test methods for non-metallic materials - Part 508: Mechanical tests - Pressure test at high temperature for insulation and sheaths
221KS C IEC 60811-501-20202020-06-17KoreanElectric and optical fibre cables - Test methods for non-metallic materials - Part 501: Mechanical tests - Tests for determining the mechanical properties of insulating and sheathing compounds
222KS C IEC 60335-2-102-20202020-06-17KoreanHousehold and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-102: Particular requirements for gas, oil and solid-fuel burning appliances having electrical connections
223KS C IEC 60335-2-103-20202020-06-17KoreanHousehold and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-103: Particular requirements for drives for gates, doors and windows
224KS C IEC 60811-401-20202020-06-17KoreanElectric and optical fibre cables - Test methods for non-metallic materials - Part 401: Miscellaneous tests -Thermal ageing methods - Ageing in an air oven
225KS C IEC 60811-202-20202020-06-17KoreanElectric and optical fibre cables - Test methods for non-metallic materials - Part 202: General tests - Measurement of thickness of non-metallic sheath
226KS C IEC 60738-1-20202020-06-17KoreanThermistors - Directly heated positive temperature coefficient - Part 1: Generic specification
227KS C IEC 60738-1-2-A-20202020-06-17KoreanThermistors - Directly heated positive step-function temperature coefficient - Part 1-2: Blank detail specification -Heating element application - Assessment level EZ
228KS C IEC 60287-1-1-20202020-06-17KoreanElectric cables - Calculation of the current rating - Part 1-1: Current rating equations (100 % load factor) and calculation of losses - General
229KS C 9304-20202020-06-17KoreanVentilating fans
230KS C IEC 60800-20202020-06-17KoreanHeating cables with a rated voltage of 300/500 V for comfort heating and prevention of ice formation
231KS C IEC 60811-201-20202020-06-17KoreanElectric and optical fibre cables - Test methods for non-metallic Electric and optical fibre cables - Test methods for non-metallic insulation thickness
232KS C IEC 62230-20202020-06-17KoreanElectric cables - Spark-test method
233KS C IEC 60695-10-3-20202020-06-17KoreanFire hazard testing - Part 10-3: Abnormal heat -Mould stress relief distortion test
234KS C IEC 60695-9-1-20202020-06-17KoreanFire hazard testing - Part 9-1: Surface spread of flame - General guidance
235KS C IEC 60695-8-1-20202020-06-17KoreanFire hazard testing - Part 8-1: Heat release - General guidance
236KS C IEC 60695-7-1-20202020-06-17KoreanFire hazard testing - Part 7-1: Toxicity of fire effluent -General guidance
237KS C IEC 60730-1-20202020-06-17KoreanAutomatic electrical controls - Part 1: General requirements
238KS C IEC 60228-20202020-06-17KoreanConductors of insulated cables
239KS C IEC 60695-4-20202020-06-17KoreanFire hazard testing - Part 4: Terminology concerning fire tests for electrotechnical products
240KS C IEC 60332-1-1-20202020-06-17KoreanTests on electric and optical fibre cables under fire conditions - Part 1-1: Test for vertical flame propagation for a single insulated wire or cable - Apparatus
241KS C IEC 60332-1-2-20202020-06-17KoreanTests on electric and optical fibre cables under fire conditions - Part 1-2: Test for vertical flame propagation for a single insulated wire or cable - Procedure for 1 kW pre-mixed flame
242KS C IEC 60335-2-37-20202020-06-17KoreanHousehold and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-37: Particular requirements for commer
243KS C IEC 60730-2-15-20202020-06-17KoreanAutomatic electrical controls - Part 2-15: Particular requirements for automatic electrical air flow,water flow and water level sensing controls
244KS C IEC 60738-1-1-A-20202020-06-17KoreanThermistors - Directly heated positive step-function temperature coefficient - Part 1-1: Blank detail specification -Current limiting application - Assessment level EZ
245KS C IEC 60695-2-11-20202020-06-17KoreanFire hazard testing - Part 2-11: Glowing/hot-wire based test methods - Glow-wire flammability test method for end-products (GWEPT)
246KS C IEC 60730-2-5-20202020-06-17KoreanAutomatic electrical controls - Part 2-5: Particular requirements for automatic electrical burner control systems
247KS C IEC 60730-2-8-20202020-06-17KoreanAutomatic electrical controls - Part 2-8: Particular requirements for electrically operated water valves, including mechanical requirements
248KS C IEC 60335-2-69-20202020-06-17KoreanHousehold and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-69: Particular requirements for wet and dry vacuum cleaners, including power brush, for commercial use
249KS C IEC 62271-200-20202020-06-17KoreanHigh-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 200: AC metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgear for rated voltages above 1 kV and up to and including 52 kV
250KS C IEC 60738-1-4-A-20202020-06-17KoreanThermistors - Directly heated positive step-function temperature coefficient - Part 1-4: Blank detail specification - Sensing application - Assessment level EZ
251KS C IEC 60738-1-3-A-20202020-06-17KoreanThermistors - Directly heated positive step-function temperature coefficient - Part 1-3: Blank detail specification -Inrush current application - Assessment level EZ
252KS C IEC 60335-2-71-20202020-06-17KoreanHousehold and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-71: Particular requirements for electrical heating appliances for breeding and rearing animals
253KS C IEC 60335-2-79-20202020-06-17KoreanHousehold and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-79: Particular requirements for high pressure cleaners and steam cleaners
254KS C 8560-20202020-06-15KoreanPhotovoltaic microinverter(grid-tied type, stand-alone type)
255KS C 8565-20202020-06-15KoreanMedium and large size photovoltaic inverter (grid-tied type, stand-alone type)
256KS C 8564-20202020-06-15KoreanSmall scale photovoltaic inverter(grid-tied type, stand-alone type)
257KS F 2613-20202020-06-11KoreanStandard test methods for non-bearing lightweight wall for building construction
258KS F 2640-20202020-06-11KoreanRevolving doors
259KS C IEC 60931-1-20202020-06-08KoreanShunt power capacitors of the non-self-healing type for a.c.systems having a rated voltage up to and including 1000 V - Part 1: General - Performance, testing and rating - Safety requirements - Guide for installation and operation
260KS C IEC 60252-1-20202020-06-08KoreanAC motor capacitors - Part 1: General -Performance, testing and rating - Safety requirements -Guide for installation and operation
261KS C IEC 60143-1-20202020-06-08KoreanSeries capacitors for power systems - Part 1: General -Performance, testing and rating - Safety requirements -Guide for installation
262KS C IEC 60871-1-20202020-06-08KoreanShunt capacitors for a.c. power systems having a rated voltage above 1000 V - Part 1: General performance, testing and rating -Safety requirements - Guide for installation and operation
263KS C IEC 60831-2-20202020-06-08KoreanShunt power capacitors of the self-healing type for a.c. systems having a rated voltage up to and including 1000 V - Part 2: Ageing test, self-healing test and destruction test
264KS C IEC 60831-1-20202020-06-08KoreanShunt power capacitors of the self-healing type for a.c. systems having a rated voltage up to and including 1000 V - Part 1: General - Performance, testing and rating -Safety requirements - Guide for installation and operation
265KS C 4801-20202020-06-08KoreanLow-voltage power capacitor
266KS C 4802-20202020-06-08KoreanHigh voltage power capacitor
267KS C IEC 60720-20202020-06-08KoreanCharacteristics of line post insulators
268KS C IEC 60273-20202020-06-08KoreanCharacteristics of indoor and outdoor post insulators for systems with nominal voltages greater than 1000 V
269KS B ISO 16001-20202020-06-01KoreanEarth-moving machinery - Hazard detection systems and visual aids - Performance requirements and tests
270KS B ISO 6405-1-20202020-06-01KoreanEarth-moving machinery - Symbols for operator controls and other displays - Part 1: Common symbols
271KS B ISO 8643-20202020-06-01KoreanEarth-moving machinery - Hydraulic excavator and backhoe loader lowering control device - Requirements and tests
272KS I 9100-20202020-05-22KoreanToxic gas and greenhouse gas scrubber
273KS D 7081-20202020-05-12KoreanColour metal for ceiling in building
274KS D 3862-20202020-05-12KoreanPrepainted hot-dip 55 % aluminium-zinc alloy-coated steel sheets and coils
275KS D 3631-20202020-05-12KoreanCarbon steel pipes for fuel gas piping
276KS D 2101-20202020-05-12KoreanClassification standard for iron and steel scraps
277KS D 3520-20202020-05-12KoreanPrepainted hot-dip zinc-coated steel sheets and coils
278KS S ISO 7010-20202020-05-07KoreanGraphical symbols - Safety colours and safety signs -Registered safety signs
279KS B ISO TS 8100-21-20202020-05-04KoreanLifts for the transport of persons and goods - Part 21: Global safety parameters(GSPs) meeting the global essential safety requirements (GESRs)
280KS Q ISO 28597-20202020-05-04KoreanAcceptance sampling procedures by attributes -Specified quality levels in nonconforming items per million
281KS Q ISO 39511-20202020-05-04KoreanSequential sampling plans for inspection by variables for percent nonconforming(known standard deviation)
282KS B ISO TS 25740-1-20202020-05-04KoreanSafety requirements for escalators and moving walks - Part 1: Global essential safety requirements(GESRs)
283KS B ISO TS 8103-6-20202020-05-04KoreanEscalators and moving walks - Part 6: Safety parameters meeting the GESRs
284KS B ISO 16090-1-20202020-04-14KoreanMachine tools safety - Machining centres, Milling machines, Transfer machines - Part 1: Safety requirements
285KS X IEC 62443-4-2-20202020-04-08KoreanSecurity for industrial automation and control systems - Part 4-2: Technical security requirements for IACS components
286KS C IEC 62541-6-20202020-04-08KoreanOPC unified architecture - Part 6: Mappings
287KS X 9001-4-20202020-04-08KoreanSmart Factory - Part 4: Smart manufacturing deployment guideline for small and medium enterprise
288KS C IEC 62541-10-20202020-04-08KoreanOPC Unified Architecture - Part 10: Programs
289KS C IEC 62541-3-20202020-04-08KoreanOPC unified architecture - Part 3: Address space model
290KS C IEC TR 62541-2-20202020-04-08KoreanOPC Unified architecture - Part 2: Security model
291KS C IEC TR 62541-1-20202020-04-08KoreanOPC unified architecture - Part 1: Overview and concepts
292KS X IEC TS 62443-1-1-20202020-04-08KoreanIndustrial communication networks - Network and system security - Part 1-1: Terminology, concepts and models
293KS C IEC TS 62872-20202020-04-08KoreanIndustrial-process measurement, control and automation system interface between industrial facilities and the smart grid
294KS A 9243-20202020-04-08KoreanA design method for the font size of a label on a control panel for legibility
295KS X IEC 62443-2-1-20202020-04-08KoreanIndustrial communication networks - Network and system security - Part 2-1: Establishing an industrial automation and control system security program
296KS A 9242-20202020-03-31KoreanAn evaluation method of physical workload based on natural motion in product-use
297KS C IEC 62595-2-1-20202020-03-30KoreanDisplay lighting unit - Part 2-1 : Electro-optical measuring methods of LED backlight unit
298KS C IEC 62660-2-20202020-03-20KoreanSecondary lithium-ion cells for the propulsion of electric road vehicles - Part 2: Reliability and abuse testing
299KS C IEC 62281-20202020-03-20KoreanSafety of primary and secondary lithium cells and batteries during transport
300KS C IEC 62660-1-20202020-03-20KoreanSecondary lithium-ion cells for the propulsion of electric road vehicles - Part 1: Performance testing
301KS D ISO 20915-20202020-03-20KoreanLife cycle inventory calculation methodology for steel products
302KS C IEC 60695-1-20-20202020-03-19KoreanFire hazard testing - Part 1-20: Guidance for assessing the fire hazard of electrotechnical products - Ignitability - General guidance
303KS C 60255-121-20202020-03-19KoreanMeasuring relays and protection equipment - Part 121: Functional requirements for distance protection
304KS C IEC 60695-1-21-20202020-03-19KoreanFire hazard testing - Part 1-21: Guidance for assessing the fire hazard of electrotechnical products - Ignitability - Summary and relevance of test methods
305KS C IEC 60695-1-14-20202020-03-19KoreanFire hazard testing - Part 1-14: Guidance on the different levels of power and energy related to the probability of ignition and fire in low voltage electrotechnical products
306KS C IEC 60695-1-12-20202020-03-19KoreanFire hazard testing - Part 1-12: Guidance for assessing the fire hazard of electrotechnical products - Fire safety engineering
307KS C IEC 60695-1-10-20202020-03-19KoreanFire hazard testing - Part 1-10: Guidance for assessing the fire hazard of electrotechnical products - General guidelines
308KS C IEC 60695-1-11-20202020-03-19KoreanFire hazard testing - Part 1-11: Guidance for assessing the fire hazard of electrotechnical products - Fire hazard assessment
309KS C 3380-20202020-03-13KoreanMeasurement procedures of magnetic field levels generated by electronic and electrical equipment in the electric vehicle with respect to human exposure
310KS M ISO 22762-1-20202020-03-11KoreanElastomeric seismic-protection isolators - Part 1: Test methods
311KS M ISO 289-3-20202020-03-11KoreanRubber, unvulcanized - Determinations using a shearing-disc viscometer - Part 3: Determination of the Delta Mooney value for non-pigmented, oil-extended, emulsion-polymerized SBR
312KS M ISO 4661-2-20202020-03-11KoreanRubber, vulcanized - Preparation of samples and test pieces - Part 2: Chemical tests
313KS M ISO 4662-20202020-03-11KoreanRubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of rebound resilience
314KS M ISO 4666-4-20202020-03-11KoreanRubber, vulcanized - Determination of temperature rise and resistance to fatigue in flexometer testing - Part 4: Constant-stress flexometer
315KS M ISO 34-1-20202020-03-11KoreanRubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of tear strength - Part 1: Trouser, angle and crescent test pieces
316KS M ISO 2302-20202020-03-11KoreanIsobutene-isoprene rubber(IIR) - Evaluation procedures
317KS M ISO 8789-20202020-03-11KoreanRubber hoses and hose assemblies for liquefied petroleum gas in motor vehicles - Specification
318KS M ISO 8331-20202020-03-11KoreanRubber and plastics hoses and hose assemblies -Guidelines for selection, storage, use and maintenance
319KS M 6534-20202020-03-11KoreanConveyor rubber belts
320KS M ISO 124-20202020-03-11KoreanLatex, rubber - Determination of total solids content
321KS C IEC 60127-7-20202020-03-10KoreanMiniature fuses - Part 7: Miniature fuse-links for special applications
322KS C IEC 60127-8-20202020-03-10KoreanMiniature fuses - Part 8: Fuse resistors with particular overcurrent protection
323KS V ISO 21157-20202020-03-09KoreanShips and marine technology - Ball valves for use in low temperature applications - Design and testing requirements
324KS V ISO 21159-20202020-03-09KoreanButterfly valves for use in low temperature applications -Design and testing requirements
325KS C 2103-20202020-03-09KoreanSilicone insulating sleeving by non-extrusion molding
326KS C IEC 62631-2-1-20202020-03-09KoreanDielectric and resistive properties of solid insulating materials - Part 2-1: Relative permittivity and dissipation factor - Technical frequencies (0.1 Hz ~ 10 MHz) - AC methods
327KS T 5011-20202020-02-26KoreanPackaging-Complete, filled transport packages -Test methods for transport packaging of medical devices
328KS B ISO 18646-2-20202020-02-26KoreanRobotics - Performance criteria and related test methods for service robots - Part 2: Navigation
329KS T 5012-20202020-02-26KoreanPackaging - Complete, filled transport packages -Requirements of passive type packaging for temperature controlled transport of pharmaceuticals
330KS B 8545-20202020-02-26KoreanTest method for stability of intrincically-stable person carrier robot
331KS B ISO TR 20218-2-20202020-02-26KoreanRobotics - Safety design for industrial robot systems - Part 2: Manual load/unload stations
332KS B ISO TR 20218-1-20202020-02-26KoreanRobotics - Safety design for industrial robot systems - Part 1: End-effectors
333KS T 5055-20202020-02-26KoreanPackaging-Complete, filled transport packages -Test methods for parcel delivery packaging
334KS B 8252-20202020-02-26KoreanTest methods for the protective stop of indoor mobile robots
335KS M 7111-20202020-02-19KoreanManila board
336KS F 8980-20202020-02-19KoreanWater permeable cork paving materials
337KS B 1528-20202020-02-13KoreanSeismic safety test method for pipe connecting parts
338KS B ISO 13920-20202020-02-13KoreanWelding - General tolerances for welded constructions -Dimensions for lengths and angles - Shape and position
339KS B ISO 544-20202020-02-13KoreanWelding consumables - Technical delivery conditions for filler materials and fluxes - Type of product, dimensions, tolerances and markings
340KS D 3625-20202020-02-13KoreanMetallic flexible hoses for gas
341KS I ISO 19926-1-20202020-02-11KoreanMeteorology - Weather radar -Part 1: System performance and operation
342KS I ISO 17713-1-20202020-02-11KoreanMeteorology - Wind measurements - Part 1: Wind tunnel test methods for rotating anemometer performance
343KS I ISO 17714-20202020-02-11KoreanMeteorology - Air temperature measurements -Test methods for comparing the performance of thermometer shields/screens and defining important characteristics
344KS B ISO 9060-20202020-02-11KoreanSolar energy - Specification and classification of instruments for measuring hemispherical solar and direct solar radiation
345KS H 1101-20202020-02-10KoreanGeneral standard of labelling for processed foods
346KS H 3104-20202020-02-10KoreanSausage
347KS H 2520-20202020-02-10KoreanCorn products for popcorn
348KS H ISO 5548-20202020-02-10KoreanCaseins and caseinates - Determination of lactose content - Photometric method
349KS H 2517-20202020-02-10KoreanSeasoned and boiled agricultural products -Jorim
350KS H 2164-20202020-02-10KoreanDanmooji
351KS H 2162-20202020-02-10KoreanCorn oil
352KS H 2118-20202020-02-10KoreanSoy sauce
353KS H 2103-20202020-02-10KoreanRapeseed oil
354KS H 2102-20202020-02-10KoreanSoybean oil
355KS H 2003-20202020-02-10KoreanSugar
356KS J ISO TS 10272-2-20202020-02-10KoreanMicrobiology of the food chain - Horizontal method for detection and enumeration of Campylobacter spp. Part 2: Colony-count technique
357KS J ISO 10272-1-20202020-02-10KoreanMicrobiology of the food chain - Horizontal method for detection and enumeration of Campylobacter spp. - Part 1: Detection method1: Detection method
358KS C IEC 60695-1-40-20202020-02-10KoreanFire hazard testing - Part 1-40: Guidance for assessing the fire hazard of electrotechnical products - Insulating liquids
359KS C IEC 61232-20202020-02-10KoreanAluminium-clad steel wires for electrical purposes
360KS C IEC 62568-20202020-02-10KoreanOverhead lines - Method for fatigue testing of conductors
361KS H 4004-20202020-02-10KoreanFrozen pork cutlet
362KS H 3120-20202020-02-10KoreanGomtang
363KS H 2189-20202020-02-10KoreanFruit and/or vegetable beverage
364KS H 2188-20202020-02-10KoreanFruit and/or vegetable juice
365KS D 3600-20202020-02-05KoreanTapered steel lighting pole
366KS C 8561-20202020-01-28KoreanCrystalline silicone photovoltaic(PV) module(performance)
367KS V 7749-20202020-01-23KoreanOn-board test procedure for ventilation fan for marine use
368KS V 7751-20202020-01-23KoreanSunken eyes for pilot transfer arrangements
369KS V 7752-20202020-01-23KoreanShelter for marine use
370KS V 7750-20202020-01-23KoreanProcedure of refrigerant leakage detection test for air conditioning,cooling and heating equipment in accommodation
371KS M 3808-20202020-01-21KoreanCellular polystyrene(PS) for thermal insulation
372KS M 3809-20202020-01-21KoreanRigid polyurethane foam for thermal insulation
373KS F ISO 16979-20202020-01-08KoreanWood-based panels - Determination of moisture content
374KS F 3129-20202020-01-08KoreanWooden wall plank
375KS F 2605-20202020-01-08KoreanTest methods for moisture resistance of board for interior system of building
376KS C IEC 60748-1-20192019-12-31KoreanSemiconductor devices - Integrated circuits - Part 1: General
377KS F ISO 13638-20192019-12-31KoreanDetermination of resistance to prolonged exposure to water for sealing and glazing in building
378KS B ISO 10579-20192019-12-31KoreanGeometrical product specifications(GPS) - Dimensioning and tolerancing - Non-rigid parts
379KS R ISO 13400-4-20192019-12-31KoreanRoad vehicles - Diagnostic communication over Internet Protocol (DoIP) - Part 4: Ethernet-based high-speed data link connector
380KS F 1004-20192019-12-31KoreanStandard terminology for concrete
381KS X ISO/IEC 27018-20192019-12-31KoreanInformation technology - Security techniques - Code of practice for protection of personally identifiable information(PII) in public clouds acting as PII processors
382KS X ISO/IEC 27017-20192019-12-31KoreanInformation technology - Security techniques -Code of practice for information security controls based on ISO/IEC 27002 for cloud services
383KS M ISO 10928-20192019-12-31KoreanPlastics piping systems - Glass-reinforced thermosetting plastics(GRP) pipes and fittings - Methods for regression analysis and their use
384KS X ISO TS 19129-20192019-12-31KoreanGeographic information - Imagery, gridded and coverage data framework
386KS L 5207-20192019-12-31KoreanPhysical testing method of aluminous cement for refractories
387KS R ISO TR 12204-20192019-12-31KoreanRoad vehicles - Ergonomic aspects of transport information and control systems - Introduction to integrating safety critical and time critical warning signals
388KS A ISO 15226-20192019-12-31KoreanTechnical product documentation - Life cycle model and allocation of documents
389KS L 5211-20192019-12-31KoreanPortland fly-ash cement
390KS X ISO TS 19163-1-20192019-12-31KoreanGeographic information - Content components and encoding rules for imagery and gridded data -Part 1: Content model
391KS C IEC 60747-8-20192019-12-31KoreanDiscrete devices - Part 8: Field - effect transistors
392KS M ISO 10471-20192019-12-31KoreanGlass-reinforced thermosetting plastics(GRP) pipes - Determination of the long-term ultimate bending strain and the long-term ultimate relative ring deflection under wet conditions
393KS M ISO 10468-20192019-12-31KoreanGlass-reinforced thermosetting plastics(GRP) pipes - Determination of the ring creep properties under wet or dry conditions
394KS C IEC 60747-14-1-20192019-12-31KoreanSemiconductor devices - Part 14-1: Semiconductor sensors - Generic specification for sensors
395KS C IEC 60748-2-20-20192019-12-31KoreanSemiconductor devices - Integrated circuits - Part 2 - 20: Digital integrated circuits - Family specification - Low voltage integrated circuits
396KS A ISO 12756-20192019-12-31KoreanDrawing and writing instruments -Ball point pens and roller ball pens - Vocabulary
397KS X ISO/IEC 25051-20192019-12-31KoreanSoftware engineering - Systems and software Quality Requirements and Evaluation(SQuaRE) - Requirements for quality of Ready to Use Software Product(RUSP) and instructions for testing
398KS X ISO/IEC 25023-20192019-12-31KoreanSystems and software engineering - Systems and software Quality Requirements and Evaluation(SQuaRE) - Measurement of system and software product quality
399KS C IEC 60748-5-20192019-12-31KoreanSemiconductor devices - Integrated circuits - Part 5: Semicustom integrated circuits
400KS B ISO 10975-20192019-12-31KoreanTractors and machinery for agriculture - Auto-guidance systems for operator-controlled tractors and self-propelled machines -Safety requirements
401KS B ISO 10987-2-20192019-12-31KoreanEarth-moving machinery - Sustainability -Part 2: Remanufacturing
402KS B ISO 10987-3-20192019-12-31KoreanEarth-moving machinery - Sustainability -Part 3: Used machines
403KS M ISO 10466-20192019-12-31KoreanPlastics piping systems - Glass-reinforced thermosetting plastics(GRP) pipes - Test method to prove the resistance to initial ring deflection
404KS L 5219-20192019-12-31KoreanMasonry cement
405KS M ISO 10146-20192019-12-31KoreanCrosslinked polyethylene(PE-X) pipes - Effect of time and temperature on the expected strength
406KS X ISO 9735-10-20192019-12-31KoreanElectronic data interchange for administration, commerce and transport(EDIFACT) - Application level syntax rules(Syntax version number: 4, Syntax release number: 2) - Part 10: Syntax service directories
407KS A ISO 128-50-20192019-12-31KoreanTechnical drawings - General principles of presentation - Part 50: Basic conventions for representing areas on cuts and sections
408KS C IEC 60748-20-20192019-12-31KoreanSemiconductor devices - Integrated circuits - Part 20: Generic specification for film integrated circuits and hybrid film intergrated circuits
409KS C IEC 60749-3-20192019-12-31KoreanDiscrete semiconductor devices - Mechanical and climatic test methods - Part 3: External visual examination
410KS X ISO 10962-20192019-12-31KoreanSecurities and related financial instruments - Classification of Financial Instruments(CFI code)
411KS C IEC 60749-9-20192019-12-31KoreanSemiconductor devices - Mechanical and climatic test methods - Part 9: Permanence of marking
412KS A ISO 18315-20192019-12-31KoreanNuclear energy - Guidance to the evaluation of measurement uncertainties of impurity in uranium solution by linear regression analysis
413KS B ISO 7963-20192019-12-31KoreanNon-destructive testing - Ultrasonic testing - Specification for calibration block No. 2
414KS F 2257-1-20192019-12-31KoreanMethods of fire resistance test for elements of building construction - General requirements
415KS F 2271-20192019-12-31KoreanTesting method for gas toxicity of finish materials of buildings
416KS M ISO TR 4191-20192019-12-31KoreanPlastics piping systems for water supply - Unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride)(PVC-U) and oriented PVC-U(PVC-O) - Guidance for installation
417KS F 2292-20192019-12-31KoreanThe method of air tightness for windows and doors
418KS F 2296-20192019-12-31KoreanWindows and doorsets - Wind resistance test
419KS X ISO/IEC 20000-2-20192019-12-31KoreanInformation technology - Service management - Part 2:Guidance on the application of service management systems
420KS X ISO 19145-20192019-12-31KoreanGeographic information - Registry of representations of geographic point location
421KS X ISO/IEC 20000-1-20192019-12-31KoreanInformation technology - Service management - Part 1: Service management system requirements
422KS F 2297-20192019-12-31KoreanGeneral rule for test method of windows and doors
423KS X ISO/IEC 19944-20192019-12-31KoreanInformation technology - Cloud computing - Cloud services and devices: Data flow data categories and data use
424KS F 2309-20192019-12-31KoreanStandard test method for determining the amount of material finer than No.200 sieve of soils by washing
425KS F 2323-20192019-12-31KoreanStandard methods for calibration of mechanical soil compactors
426KS F 2340-20192019-12-31KoreanStandard test method for sand equivalent value of granular soils and fine aggregates
427KS F 2345-20192019-12-31KoreanStandard test method for relative density of cohesionless soils
428KS C IEC 62477-1-20192019-12-31KoreanSafety requirements for power electronic converter systems and equipment - Part 1: General
429KS C IEC 60754-1-20192019-12-31KoreanTest on gases evolved during combustion of materials from cables - Part 1: Determination of the halogen acid gas content
430KS C IEC 62637-2-20192019-12-31KoreanBattery charging interface for small handheld multimedia devices -Part 2:2 mm barrel type interface conformance testing
431KS F 2389-20192019-12-31KoreanPerformance grade for asphalt binder
432KS X ISO/IEC 19763-1-20192019-12-31KoreanInformation technology - Metamodel framework for interoperability(MFI) - Part 1: Framework
433KS X ISO/IEC 19086-1-20192019-12-31KoreanInformation technology - Cloud computing -Service level agreement(SLA) framework -Part 1: Overview and concepts
434KS X ISO/IEC 18367-20192019-12-31KoreanInformation technology - Security techniques - Cryptographic algorithms and security mechanisms conformance testing
435KS F 2390-20192019-12-31KoreanStandard test method for flexural creep stiffness of asphalt binder using bending beam rheometer
436KS X 2901-20192019-12-31KoreanUNIX - Hangeul environment
437KS C IEC 60754-2-20192019-12-31KoreanTest on gases evolved during combustion of materials from cables - Part 2: Determination of acidity(by pH measurement) and conductivity
438KS A ISO 3098-3-20192019-12-31KoreanTechnical product documentation - Lettering - Part 3: Greek alphabet
439KS B ISO 12188-1-20192019-12-31KoreanTractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry - Test procedures for positioning and guidance systems in agriculture - Part 1: Dynamic testing of satellite-based positioning devices
440KS B ISO 12188-2-20192019-12-31KoreanTractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry -Test procedures for positioning and guidance systems in agriculture - Part 2: Testing of satellite-based auto-guidance systems during straight and level travel
441KS A ISO 3098-4-20192019-12-31KoreanTechnical product documentation - Lettering - Part 4: Diacritical and particular marks for the Latin alphabet
442KS X ISO/IEC 18033-1-20192019-12-31KoreanInformation technology - Security techniques - Encryption algorithms - Part 1: General
443KS F 2391-20192019-12-31KoreanStandard test method for accelerated aging of asphalt binder using a pressurized aging vessel
444KS A ISO 11442-20192019-12-31KoreanTechnical product documentation - Document management
445KS C IEC 62040-1-20192019-12-31KoreanUninterruptible power systems(UPS) -Part 1: Safety requirements
446KS A ISO 9962-2-20192019-12-31KoreanManually operated draughting machines - Part 2: Characteristics, performance, inspection and marking
447KS B ISO 6413-20192019-12-31KoreanTechnical product documentation - Representation of splines and serrations
448KS F 2392-20192019-12-31KoreanStandard test method for viscosity determination of asphalt binder using rotational viscometer
449KS F 2393-20192019-12-31KoreanStandard test method for rheological properties of asphalt binder using dynamic shear rheometer
450KS F 2394-20192019-12-31KoreanStandard test method for permeability of porous pavement
451KS F 2403-20192019-12-31KoreanStandard test method for making concrete specimens
452KS X ISO/IEC 17789-20192019-12-31KoreanInformation technology - Cloud computing -Reference architecture
453KS X ISO/IEC 17788-20192019-12-31KoreanInformation technology - Cloud computing -Overview and vocabulary
454KS X ISO/IEC 15946-1-20192019-12-31KoreanInformation technology - Security techniques - Cryptographic techniques based on elliptic curves - Part 1: General
455KS F 2432-20192019-12-31KoreanStandard test method for consistency of grouting mortar
456KS X ISO/IEC 11770-3-20192019-12-31KoreanInformation technology - Security techniques - Key management - Part 3: Mechanisms using asymmetric techniques
457KS F 2437-20192019-12-31KoreanStandard test method for dynamic modulus of elasticity, dynamic modulus of rigidity and dynamic Poissons ratio of concrete specimens by forced resonance apparatus
458KS F 2444-20192019-12-31KoreanStandard test method for plate bearing test on shallow foundation
459KS C IEC 60598-2-17-20192019-12-31KoreanLuminaires - Part 2-17: Particular requirements -Luminaires for stage lighting, television and film studios(outdoor and indoor)
460KS C IEC 60598-2-13-20192019-12-31KoreanLuminaires - Part 2-13: Particular requirements -Ground recessed luminaires
461KS F 2451-20192019-12-31KoreanStandard test method for waterproofing agent of cement mortar in building construction
462KS A ISO 3098-5-20192019-12-31KoreanTechnical product documentation - Lettering - Part 5: CAD lettering of the Latin alphabet, numerals and marks
463KS F 2453-20192019-12-31KoreanStandard test method for creep of concrete in compression
464KS C IEC 60598-2-4-20192019-12-31KoreanLuminaires - Part 2-4: Particular requirements -Portable general purpose luminaires
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