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Posstandard Numberpublication dateLanguageDescription
1ISO DIS 8804-2-20232023-31-07EnglishRequirements for the training of scientific divers — Part 2: Advanced scientific divers
2ISO FDIS 4189-20232023-31-07EnglishMagnesium and magnesium alloys — Determination of sodium — Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometric method
3ISO FDIS 4631-20232023-31-07EnglishCorrosion of metals and alloys — Measurement of the electrochemical critical localized corrosion potential (E-CLCP) for Ti alloys fabricated via additive manufacturing method in simulated biomedical solutions
4ISO DIS 9621-20232023-31-07EnglishSpace systems — Methods to decide thermal vacuum test cycles of recurring production according to precipitation efficiency and reliability
5ISO ISO/IEC DIS 29110-1-2-20232023-31-07EnglishSystems and software engineering — Lifecycle profiles for Very Small Entities (VSEs) — Part 1-2: Vocabulary
6ISO ISO/IEC FDIS 27033-7-20232023-31-07EnglishInformation technology – Network security — Part 7: Guidelines for network virtualization security
7ISO FDIS 23948-20232023-31-07EnglishPlastics — Intumescence properties of PVC materials and products — Test method for the measurement of expansion with the cone calorimeter
8ISO FDIS 9143-20232023-31-07EnglishHealth informatics — Sex and gender in electronic health records
9ISO ISO/IEC DIS 5212-20232023-31-05EnglishInformation technology — Data usage — Guidance for data usage
10ISO ISO/IEC DIS 5207-20232023-31-05EnglishInformation technology — Data usage — Terminology and use cases
11ISO DIS 18335-20232023-31-05EnglishPetroleum products and related products — Determination of kinematic viscosity by calculation from the measured dynamic viscosity and density – Method by constant pressure viscometer
12ISO DIS 32312-11-20232023-31-03EnglishAircraft ground support equipment — Specific requirements — Part 11: Container/Pallet dollies and loose load trailers
13ISO DIS 20480-5-20232023-31-01EnglishFine bubble technology — General principles for usage and measurement of fine bubbles — Part 5: Shelled fine bubbles
14ISO DIS 9319-20232023-31-01EnglishTraditional Chinese medicine — Poria cocos sclerotium
15ISO FDIS 7101-20232023-30-06EnglishHealthcare organization management — Management systems for quality in healthcare organizations — Requirements
16ISO ISO/IEC DIS 22460-2-20232023-30-06EnglishCards and security devices for personal identification — ISO UAS license and drone/UAS security module — Part 2: Drone/UAS security module
17ISO DIS 12219-11-20232023-30-06EnglishInterior air of road vehicles — Part 11: Thermal desorption analysis of organic emissions for the characterization on non-metallic materials for vehicles
18ISO FDIS 4973-20232023-30-06EnglishCosmetics — Microbiology — Quality control of culture media and diluents used in cosmetics standards
19ISO FDIS 20956-20232023-30-05EnglishRadiological protection — Low dose rate calibration of instruments for environmental and area monitoring
20ISO DIS 14184-3-20232023-30-03EnglishTextiles — Determination of formaldehyde — Part 3: Free and hydrolysed formaldehyde (extraction method) — Determination by high pressure liquid chromatography
21ISO FDIS 4484-2-20232023-29-06EnglishTextiles and textile products — Microplastics from textile sources — Part 2: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of microplastics
22ISO DIS 6397-20232023-29-06EnglishAerospace — Test bolts, hexagonal head, MJ threads, metallic material, coated or uncoated - Product Standard
23ISO DIS 19152-3-20232023-29-05EnglishGeographic information — Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) — Part 3: Marine georegulation
24ISO FDIS 20708-20232023-29-05EnglishRecreational diving services — Requirements for artificial open water sites
25ISO FDIS 6650-20232023-29-05EnglishFertilizers, soil conditioners and beneficial substances — Simultaneous determination of N-(n-Butyl) thiophosphoric triamide and dicyandiamide by high-performance liquid chromatography
26ISO FDIS 24644-1-20232023-29-05EnglishMass customization value chain management — Part 1: Framework
27ISO DIS 24062-20232023-29-03EnglishMeasurement of fluid flow in closed conduits — Clamp-on ultrasonic transit-time meters for liquids and gases
28ISO FDIS 683-7-20232023-28-07EnglishHeat-treatable steels, alloy steels and free-cutting steels — Part 7: Bright products of non-alloy and alloy steels
29ISO FDIS 683-6-20232023-28-07EnglishHeat-treatable steels, alloy steels and free-cutting steels — Part 6: Hot-rolled steels for quenched and tempered springs
30ISO FDIS 6832-20232023-28-06EnglishSpace systems — Development technology of a thermal vacuum chamber
31ISO DIS 4917-4-20232023-28-02EnglishDesign of Nuclear Power Plants against Seismic Events — Part 4: Components
32ISO DIS 4917-6-20232023-28-02EnglishDesign of Nuclear Power Plants against Seismic Events — Part 6: Post-Seismic Measures
33ISO DIS 4917-1-20232023-28-02EnglishDesign of Nuclear Power Plants against Seismic Events — Part 1: Principles
34ISO DIS 4917-3-20232023-28-02EnglishDesign of Nuclear Power Plants against Seismic Events — Part 3: Civil Structures
35ISO DIS 22040-2-20232023-27-07EnglishLife cycle management of concrete structures — Part 2: Structural planning and design stage
36ISO FDIS 24221-20232023-27-07EnglishRailway applications — Braking system — General requirements
37ISO DIS 1151-11-20232023-27-06EnglishFlight dynamics — Vocabulary — Part 11: Control system: classification, terminology, notions and definitions
38ISO FDIS 11462-5-20232023-27-06EnglishGuidelines for implementation of statistical process control (SPC) — Part 5: Quality data exchange format for SPC software
39ISO DIS 16140-7-20232023-27-04EnglishMicrobiology of the food chain — Method validation — Part 7: Protocol for the validation of identification methods of microorganisms
40ISO ISO/ASTM DIS 52938-1-20232023-27-04EnglishAdditive manufacturing of metals — Environment, health and safety — Part 1: Safety requirements for PBF-LB machines
41ISO DIS 4349-20232023-27-04EnglishSolid recovered fuels — Determination of the Recycling Index for co-processing
42ISO DIS 37174-20232023-27-03EnglishSmart community infrastructures — Disaster risk reduction — Guidelines for implementing seismometer systems
43ISO ISO/IEC DIS 7184-20232023-27-03EnglishOffice equipment — Security requirements for hard copy devices (HCD) — Part 1: Definition of the basic requirements
44ISO DIS 5257-20232023-27-02EnglishBamboo Structures – Engineered bamboo products – Test methods for determination of mechanical properties using small size specimens
45ISO ISO/IEC DIS 21794-5-20232023-26-07EnglishInformation technology — Plenoptic image coding system (JPEG Pleno) — Part 5: Holography
46ISO DIS 10896-8-20232023-26-07EnglishRough-terrain trucks — Safety requirements and verification — Part 8: Requirements for trucks designed for towing
47ISO ISO/IEC DIS 23090-31-20232023-26-07EnglishInformation technology — Coded representation of immersive media — Part 31: Haptics coding
48ISO FDIS 11585-20232023-26-06EnglishRoad vehicles — Partial driving automation — Technical characteristics of conditional hands-free driving systems
49ISO FDIS 24585-2-20232023-26-06EnglishGraphic technology — Multispectral imaging measurement and colorimetric computation for graphic arts and industrial application — Part 2: Requirements for decorative surfaces
50ISO FDIS 12770-20232023-26-05EnglishIntelligent transport systems — Mobility integration — ITS data aggregation role and functional model
51ISO FDIS 4773-20232023-26-05EnglishNon-destructive testing — Ultrasonic guided-wave testing using the phased-array technique
52ISO ISO/ASTM DIS 52953-20232023-26-04EnglishAdditive manufacturing for metals — General principles — Registration of geometric data acquired from process-monitoring and for quality control
53ISO DIS 33406-20232023-26-04EnglishGuidance for the production of reference materials with qualitative properties
54ISO DIS 24605-20232023-26-04EnglishRoad vehicles — Dimethyl Ether (DME) refuelling connector with pressure equalization port
55ISO DIS 20937-20232023-26-04EnglishFinancial services — Specification of QR-codes for mobile (instant) credit transfers
56ISO FDIS 13315-3-20232023-25-07EnglishEnvironmental management for concrete and concrete structures — Part 3: Production of concrete constituents and concrete
57ISO DIS 5642-20232023-25-07EnglishTea polyphenol extracts — Definition and basic requirements
58ISO DIS 23742-20232023-25-07EnglishTest method for the evaluation of permeability and filtration efficiency distribution of bag filter medium
59ISO FDIS 4188-20232023-25-07EnglishMagnesium and magnesium alloys — Determination of arsenic — Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometric method
60ISO FDIS 16478-20232023-25-07EnglishThermal insulation products — Vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) — Specification
61ISO FDIS 24382-20232023-25-05EnglishBee pollen — Specifications
62ISO FDIS 23374-2-20232023-25-05EnglishIntelligent transport systems — Automated valet parking systems (AVPS) — Part 2: Security integration for type 3 AVP
63ISO FDIS 18588-20232023-25-05EnglishPetroleum products — Characterization of marine fuels by viscosity gravity constant
64ISO DIS 23138-20232023-25-05EnglishBiological equipment for treating air and other gases — General requirements
65ISO DIS 18623-1-20232023-25-04EnglishAir compressors and compressed air systems — Part 1: Air compressor safety requirements
66ISO DIS 11772-20232023-25-04EnglishHot rolled longitudinally profiled steel plate
67ISO FDIS 4181-20232023-24-07EnglishMagnesium and magnesium alloys — Determination of strontium — Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometric method
68ISO FDIS 4177-20232023-24-07EnglishMagnesium and magnesium alloys — Determination of chromium — Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometric method
69ISO DIS 24660-20232023-24-05EnglishFans — Determination of airflow propelled through an open personnel door by a positive pressure ventilator
70ISO FDIS 32110-20232023-24-05EnglishTransaction assurance in E-commerce — Vocabulary
71ISO FDIS 24364-20232023-24-05EnglishRoyal jelly production
72ISO FDIS 9839-20232023-24-05EnglishRoad vehicles — Application of predictive maintenance to hardware with ISO 26262-5
73ISO DIS 59004-20232023-24-04EnglishCircular Economy – Terminology, Principles and Guidance for Implementation
74ISO DIS 12808-20232023-24-04EnglishHardware for furniture — Strength and durability of extension elements and their components
75ISO DIS 5688-20232023-24-03EnglishTextiles — Synthetic filament yarns — Test method for crimp properties of textured yarns
76ISO DGUIDE 83-20232023-24-03EnglishHarmonized structure for MSS with guidance for use
77ISO DIS 6080-20232023-24-03EnglishTobacco heating systems — Terms and definitions
78ISO DIS 7249-20232023-24-03EnglishTextiles — Fibres — Determination of burning behaviour by oxygen index
79ISO DIS 15360-3-20232023-24-03EnglishRecycled pulps — Estimation of stickies and plastics — Part 3: Determination by applying near-infrared measurement
80ISO FDIS 20077-3-20232023-24-02EnglishRoad vehicles — Extended vehicle (ExVe) methodology — Part 3: Upstream process to develop services
81ISO FDIS 8024-20232023-23-06EnglishConcentrated black mulberry juice — Specifications
82ISO DIS 19885-1-20232023-23-06EnglishGaseous hydrogen — Fuelling protocols for hydrogen-fuelled vehicles — Part 1: Design and development process for fuelling protocols
83ISO ISO/IEC DIS 14888-4-20232023-23-06EnglishInformation security — Digital signatures with appendix — Part 4: Stateful hash-based mechanisms
84ISO FDIS 23597-20232023-23-05EnglishRare earth — Determination of rare earth content in individual rare earth metals and their oxides — Titration method
85ISO FDIS 23596-20232023-23-05EnglishRare earth — Determination of rare earth content in individual rare earth metals and their compounds — Gravimetric method
86ISO FDIS 18674-8-20232023-23-05EnglishGeotechnical investigation and testing — Geotechnical monitoring by field instrumentation — Part 8: Measurement of loads: Load cells
87ISO FDIS 23148-20232023-23-03EnglishAdditional lubricants for male synthetic condoms — Effect on condom strength
88ISO DIS 3506-7-20232023-23-02EnglishFasteners — Mechanical properties of corrosion-resistant stainless-steel fasteners — Part 7: Flat washers with specified grades and property classes
89ISO FDIS 24187-20232023-23-02EnglishPrinciples for the analysis of microplastics present in the environment
90ISO ISO/IEC DIS 27006-1.2-20232023-23-02EnglishInformation technology, cybersecurity and privacy protection — Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of information security management systems — Part 1: General
91ISO FDIS 17785-3-20232023-22-06EnglishTesting methods for pervious concrete — Part 3: Resistance of surface degradation
92ISO DIS 24078-20232023-22-05EnglishHydrogen in energy systems — Vocabulary
93ISO DIS 24384-20232023-22-03EnglishWater quality — Determination of chromium(VI) and chromium(III) in water — Method using liquid chromatography with inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LC-ICP-MS) after chelating pretreatment
94ISO DIS 5501-2-20232023-22-03EnglishTobacco heating systems — Definitions and standard conditions for aerosol generation and collection — Part 2: Aerosol Heated Tobacco Products (aHTPs)
95ISO DIS 9241-115-20232023-22-03EnglishErgonomics of human-system interaction — Part 115: Guidance on conceptual design, user-system interaction design, user interface design, and navigation design
96ISO DIS 5501-3-20232023-22-03EnglishTobacco heating systems — Definitions and standard conditions for aerosol generation and collection — Part 3: Carbon Heated Tobacco Products (cHTPs)
97ISO DIS 23373-20232023-22-03EnglishHeavy commercial vehicles and buses — Vehicle dynamics simulation and validation — Tyre model for lateral estimation of heavy vehicle combinations operated at dry paved road surface
98ISO DIS 6273-20232023-22-02EnglishAssistive products — Accessibility guidelines in the survey of user needs of persons with impaired sensory functions for assistive products and services
99ISO FDIS 7021-20232023-21-07EnglishEarth-moving machinery and machinery for forestry — Operator protective structures — Material performance requirements
100ISO DIS 7763-20232023-21-07EnglishTesting of paper and board — Compressive strength of an in s-shape fixed sample
101ISO DIS 6760-2-20232023-21-07EnglishOptics and photonics — Test method for temperature coefficient of refractive index of optical glasses — Part 2: Interferometric method
102ISO DIS 6760-1-20232023-21-07EnglishOptics and photonics — Test method for temperature coefficient of refractive index of optical glasses — Part 1: Minimum deviation method
103ISO FDIS 7179-20232023-21-07EnglishService excellence — Practices for achieving service excellence
104ISO FDIS 4351-20232023-21-07EnglishGeometrical product specifications (GPS) — Association
105ISO FDIS 7539-12-20232023-21-07EnglishCorrosion of metals and alloys — Stress corrosion testing — Part 12: Requirements for atmospheric stress corrosion cracking testing
106ISO ISO/IEC DIS 5259-3-20232023-21-06EnglishArtificial intelligence — Data quality for analytics and machine learning (ML) — Part 3: Data quality management requirements and guidelines
107ISO ISO/IEC FDIS 22123-2-20232023-21-06EnglishInformation technology — Cloud computing — Part 2: Concepts
108ISO FDIS 32111-20232023-21-06EnglishTransaction assurance in E-commerce — Principles and Framework
109ISO FDIS 14644-18-20232023-21-06EnglishCleanrooms and associated controlled environments — Part 18: Assessment of suitability of consumables
110ISO ISO/IEC DIS 5259-1-20232023-21-06EnglishArtificial intelligence — Data quality for analytics and machine learning (ML) — Part 1: Overview, terminology, and examples
111ISO ISO/IEC DIS 5259-4-20232023-21-06EnglishArtificial intelligence — Data quality for analytics and machine learning (ML) — Part 4: Data quality process framework
112ISO ISO/IEC FDIS 22123-3-20232023-21-06EnglishInformation technology — Cloud computing — Part 3: Reference architecture
113ISO DIS 24620-5-20232023-21-04EnglishLanguage resource management — Controlled human communication (CHC) — Part 5: Lexico-morpho-syntactic principles and methodology for personal data recognition and protection in texts (DataPro)
114ISO DIS 11626-20232023-21-04EnglishNatural gas - Determination of sulfur compounds - Determination of hydrogen sulfide content by UV absorption method
115ISO DIS 13619-20232023-21-03EnglishTraditional Chinese medicine — Gardenia jasminoides fruit
116ISO ISO/IEC DIS 23090-21-20232023-21-03EnglishInformation technology — Coded representation of immersive media — Part 21: Reference Software for G-PCC
117ISO FDIS 16000-42-20232023-21-03EnglishIndoor air — Part 42: Measurement of the particle number concentration by condensation particle counters
118ISO FDIS 23585-20232023-21-03EnglishSafety and environment information for biogas plants, biogas transportation and biogas use
119ISO DIS 7817.2-20232023-20-07EnglishBuilding information modelling — Level of information need — Concepts and principles
120ISO FDIS 5387-20232023-20-07EnglishNanotechnologies — Lung burden mass measurement of nanomaterials for inhalation toxicity tests
121ISO FDIS 23447-20232023-20-07EnglishHealthcare organization management — Hand hygiene performance
122ISO DIS 5365-20232023-20-06EnglishDentistry — Designation system for tooth developmental stages
123ISO DIS 8071-20232023-20-06EnglishTraditional Chinese Medicine — Ligusticum chuanxiong rhizome
124ISO DIS 24021-2-20232023-20-06EnglishLight gauge metal containers — Vocabulary and classification — Part 2: General cans
125ISO DIS 12759-6-20232023-20-04EnglishFans — Efficiency classification for fans — Part 6: Calculation of the fan energy index
126ISO DIS 374-6-20232023-20-04EnglishProtective gloves against dangerous chemicals and microorganisms — Part 6: Protective gloves for hairdressers
127ISO DIS 22476-16-20232023-20-03EnglishGeotechnical investigation and testing — Field testing — Part 16: Borehole shear test
128ISO FDIS 7127-20232023-20-03EnglishLight and lighting — Building information modelling properties for lighting — Lighting systems
129ISO FDIS 34503-20232023-20-03EnglishRoad Vehicles — Test scenarios for automated driving systems — Specification for operational design domain
130ISO DIS 4722-2-20232023-20-03EnglishWater quality — Thorium 232 — Part 2: Test method using ICP/MS
131ISO DIS 23799-20232023-20-02EnglishShips and marine technology — Assessment of onboard cyber safety
132ISO DIS 6763-20232023-20-02EnglishPandemic response — Social distancing and source control
133ISO DIS 34504-20232023-20-02EnglishRoad vehicles — Test scenarios for automated driving systems - Scenario categorization
134ISO FDIS 7250-4-20232023-19-07EnglishBasic human body measurements for technological design — Part 4: Expected performance of skilled anthropometrists
135ISO FDIS 5533-20232023-19-07EnglishTextiles — Quantification of carbon fibre constituent element — Elemental analyser method
136ISO DIS 37111-20232023-19-07EnglishSustainable cities and communities − Urban districts, towns, counties and neighbourhoods − Guidelines for flexible approaches to phased implementation of ISO 37101
137ISO DIS 8092-7-20232023-19-07EnglishRoad vehicles — Connections for on-board electrical wiring harnesses — Part 7: Electrical connection requirements, test methods and interface definition for miniaturized coaxial connections
138ISO FDIS 21360-6-20232023-19-07EnglishVacuum technology — Standard methods for measuring vacuum-pump performance — Part 6: Cryo vacuum pumps
139ISO DIS 37175-20232023-19-06EnglishSmart community infrastructures — Operation and maintenance of utility tunnels
140ISO DIS 2615-20232023-19-06EnglishAnalysis of natural gas — Biomethane — Determination of the content of compressor oil
141ISO DIS 5405-20232023-19-06EnglishAudit Data Collection Extension: Government Regulated Financial Reports and Payroll
142ISO DIS 24591-2-20232023-19-06EnglishSmart water management — Part 2: Data management guidelines
143ISO DIS 24476-20232023-19-06EnglishSteel – Determination of oxygen – Infrared absorption method after fusion under inert gas (Routine method)
144ISO DIS 24566-2-20232023-19-06EnglishDrinking water, wastewater and storm water systems and services — Adaptation of water services to climate change impacts — Part 2: Stormwater services
145ISO DIS 13373-10-20232023-19-06EnglishCondition monitoring and diagnostics of machines — Vibration condition monitoring — Part 10: Diagnostic techniques for electrical generators with an output over 50 MVA
146ISO FDIS 21360-5-20232023-19-06EnglishVacuum technology — Standard methods for measuring vacuum-pump performance — Part 5: Non-evaporable getter (NEG) vacuum pumps
147ISO DIS 21636-1-20232023-19-05EnglishLanguage coding — A framework for language varieties — Part 1: Terms and definitions
148ISO DIS 21636-3-20232023-19-05EnglishLanguage coding — A framework for language varieties — Part 3: Application of the framework
149ISO ISO/IEC DIS 11179-34-20232023-18-07EnglishInformation technology — Metadata registries (MDR) — Part 34: Metamodel for computable data registration
150ISO DIS 24181-1-20232023-18-07EnglishRare Earth — Determination of non-rare earth impurities in individual rare earth metals and their oxides — ICP-AES — Part 1: Analysis of Al, Ca, Mg, Fe and Si
151ISO DIS 59020-20232023-18-04EnglishCircular economy — Measuring and assessing circularity
152ISO FDIS 7450-20232023-17-07EnglishTraditional Chinese medicine — Pinellia ternata tuber
153ISO FDIS 3630-6-20232023-17-07EnglishDentistry — Endodontic instruments — Part 6: Numeric coding system
154ISO ISO/IEC DIS 27561-20232023-17-07EnglishInformation security, cybersecurity and privacy protection — Privacy operationalisation model and method for engineering (POMME)
155ISO FDIS 5146-20232023-17-07EnglishCoal and coke — Coal preparation plant — Density tracer testing for measuring performances of coal density separators
156ISO DIS 23745-20232023-17-05EnglishShips and marine technology — General specification for shipborne meteorological instruments
157ISO DIS 19012-4-20232023-17-04EnglishMicroscopes — Designation of microscope objectives — Part 4: Polarization characteristics
158ISO ISO/ASTM DIS 52943-2-20232023-17-04EnglishAdditive manufacturing for aerospace — Process characteristics and performance — Part 2: Directed energy deposition using wire and arc
159ISO ISO/IEC DIS 18630-20232023-17-03EnglishInformation technology — Digitally recorded media for information interchange and storage — Quality discrimination method of optical disks and operating method of storage systems for long-term data preservation
160ISO DIS 20688-2-20232023-17-02EnglishBiotechnology — Nucleic acid synthesis — Part 2: General definitions and requirements for the production and quality control of synthesized gene fragments, genes, and genomes
161ISO ISO/IEC DIS 4879-20232023-17-02EnglishInformation technology — Quantum computing — Terminology and vocabulary
162ISO DIS 5309-20232023-17-01EnglishVibration test methods for lightweight and small civil UAS
163ISO DIS 13915-20232023-17-01EnglishFine ceramics (advanced ceramics, advanced technical ceramics) — Test method for optical properties of ceramic phosphors for white light-emitting diodes with reference materials
164ISO DIS 14289-2-20232023-17-01EnglishDocument management applications — Electronic document file format enhancement for accessibility — Part 2: Use of ISO 32000-2 (PDF/UA-2)
165ISO DIS 24489-20232023-17-01EnglishNon-destructive testing — Acoustic emission testing — Detection of corrosion at atmospheric and low-pressure metallic storage tank floors
166ISO DIS 4254-19.2-20232023-16-06EnglishAgricultural machinery — Safety — Part 19: Feed mixing machines
167ISO FDIS 15213-2-20232023-16-06EnglishMicrobiology of the food chain — Horizontal method for the detection and enumeration of Clostridium spp.— Part 2: Enumeration of Clostridium perfringens by colony-count technique
168ISO DIS 13100-20232023-16-03EnglishMethods for zeta potential determination — Streaming potential and streaming current methods for porous materials
169ISO DIS 22928-1-20232023-16-03EnglishRare earth — Analysis by wavelength dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometry (WD-XRFS) — Part 1: Determination of composition of rare earth magnet scraps using standardless XRF commercial packages
170ISO ISO/IEC DIS 15944-17-20232023-16-02EnglishInformation technology — Business operational view — Part 17: Fundamental principles and rules governing Privacy-by-Design (PbD) requirements in an EDI and collaboration space context
171ISO DIS 23555-3-20232023-16-02EnglishGas pressure safety and control devices for use in gas transmission, distribution and installations for inlet pressures up to and including 10 MPa — Part 3: Safety shut-off devices
172ISO DIS 23237.2-20232023-16-01EnglishGlass in building – laminated solar photovoltaic glass for use in buildings – light transmittance measurement method
173ISO DIS 23137-1-20232023-16-01EnglishRequirements for aerosol filters used in nuclear facilities against specified severe conditions — Part 1: General requirements
174ISO FDIS 24806-20232023-15-06EnglishRecreational diving services — Requirements for rebreather diver training — Decompression diving to 60 m
175ISO FDIS 24807-20232023-15-06EnglishRecreational diving services — Requirements for rebreather diver training — Decompression diving to 100 m
176ISO DIS 6640-20232023-15-06EnglishMeasurement of density of water-sediment mixture using radiation transmission method
177ISO DIS 2620-20232023-15-06EnglishAnalysis of natural gas — Biomethane — Determination of VOCs by thermal desorption gas chromatography with flame ionization and/or mass spectrometry detectors
178ISO ISO/IEC FDIS 7052-20232023-15-06EnglishSoftware engineering – Controlling frequently occurring risks during development and maintenance of custom software
179ISO DIS 17174-20232023-15-05EnglishMolecular biomarker analysis — DNA barcoding of fish and fish products using defined mitochondrial cytochrome b and cytochrome c oxidase I gene segments
180ISO DIS 16646-20232023-15-05EnglishNuclear installations — Criteria for the design and operation of confinement and ventilation systems of tritium fusion facilities and fusion fuel handling facilities
181ISO DIS 4702-20232023-15-03EnglishWater quality — Zirconium 93 — Test method using ICP-MS
182ISO ISO/IEC DIS 23090-22-20232023-15-03EnglishInformation technology — Coded representation of immersive media — Part 22: Conformance for G-PCC
183ISO FDIS 13319-2-20232023-15-03EnglishDetermination of particle size distribution — Electrical sensing zone method — Part 2: Tuneable resistive pulse sensing method
184ISO DIS 22872-20232023-15-02EnglishRolling bearings — Geometrical product specifications (GPS) — Terms, definitions and symbols associated with GPS
185ISO DIS 6398-1-20232023-14-07EnglishPetroleum and natural gas industries — Submersible linear motor systems for artificial lift — Part 1: Submersible linear motors
186ISO FDIS 34000-20232023-14-07EnglishDate and time — Vocabulary
187ISO FDIS 24118-1-20232023-14-07EnglishPaper and board — Stylus contact method — Part 1: Determination of surface roughness
188ISO DIS 16502-2-20232023-14-06EnglishFurniture — Assessment of the ignitability of mattresses and upholstered bed bases — Part 2: Ignition source: match flame equivalent
189ISO DIS 6029-1-20232023-14-06EnglishIntelligent transport systems — Seamless positioning for multimodal transportation in ITS stations — Part 1: General information and use case definition
190ISO DIS 56008-20232023-14-02EnglishInnovation management — Tools and methods for innovation operation measurements — Guidance
191ISO DIS 6919-20232023-14-02EnglishMeasurement of refrigerated hydrocarbon and non-petroleum based liquefied gaseous fuels — Dynamic measurement of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as marine fuel — Truck-to-ship (TTS) bunkering
192ISO DIS 24487-20232023-14-02EnglishGraphic technology — Processless lithographic plates — Evaluation methods for characteristics and performance
193ISO FDIS 8181-20232023-13-06EnglishAtomic layer deposition — Vocabulary
194ISO DIS 18692-5-20232023-13-04EnglishFibre ropes for offshore stationkeeping — Part 5: Aramid
195ISO FDIS 6434-20232023-13-03EnglishSpace systems — Design, testing and operation of a large constellation of spacecraft
196ISO FDIS 5354-2-20232023-13-03EnglishMolecular biomarkers — Detection of DNA in textiles derived from cotton — Part 2: Overview of target sequences for use in polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based detection methods for cotton genetically modified (GM) events
197ISO DIS 23402-3-20232023-13-03EnglishDentistry — Portable dental equipment for use in non‐permanent healthcare environment — Part 3: Portable suction equipment
198ISO ISO/ASTM DIS 52933-20232023-13-03EnglishAdditive manufacturing — Environment, health and safety — Test method for the hazardous substances emitted from material extrusion type 3D printers in the non-industrial places
199ISO DIS 23217.2-20232023-13-03EnglishInjection systems for self-administration by paediatric patients — Guidelines for design
200ISO DIS 10009-20232023-13-02EnglishQuality management — Guidance for quality tools and their application
201ISO DIS 2612-20232023-13-02EnglishAnalysis of natural gas — Biomethane — Determination of ammonia content by Tuneable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
202ISO DIS 2613-2-20232023-13-02EnglishAnalysis of natural gas — Biomethane — Part 2: Determination of siloxane content by gas chromatography ion mobility spectrometry
203ISO DIS 7431-1-20232023-13-02EnglishThiourea for industrial use — Part 1: Test methods
204ISO DIS 7431-2-20232023-13-02EnglishThiourea for industrial use — Part 2: Specifications
205ISO DIS 22733-2-20232023-13-01EnglishRoad vehicles — Test method to evaluate the performance of autonomous emergency braking systems — Part 2: Car to pedestrian
206ISO FDIS 21622-3-20232023-12-07EnglishIrrigation techniques — Remote monitoring and control for irrigation — Part 3: Interoperability
207ISO FDIS 37173-20232023-12-07EnglishSmart community infrastructure — Guidance for the development of smart building information systems
208ISO DIS 15914-2-20232023-12-06EnglishAnimal feeding stuffs — Enzymatic determination of starch — Part 2: Method by enzymatic determination with a hexokinase system and potassium hydroxide dispersion
209ISO DIS 24322-20232023-12-04EnglishTimber structures — Methods of test for evaluation of long-term performance — Part 1: wood-based products in bending
210ISO DIS 4678-20232023-12-01EnglishShips and marine technology — Noise measurement method for HVAC system in accommodation spaces
211ISO DIS 9557-20232023-12-01EnglishShips and marine technology — Wire rope lifting platform for inspection
212ISO DIS 24231-20232023-12-01EnglishProtective clothing — Protection against rain — Test method for ready-made garments against high-energy droplets from above
213ISO DIS 24232-20232023-12-01EnglishProtective clothing — Protection against rain
214ISO DIS 19045-2-20232023-12-01EnglishOphthalmic optics - Contact lens care products — Part 2: Method for evaluating disinfecting efficacy by contact lens care products using trophozoites of Acanthamoeba species as the challenge organisms
215ISO FDIS 13703-2-20232023-11-07EnglishOil and gas industries including lower carbon energy — Piping systems on offshore platforms and onshore plants — Part 2: Materials
216ISO DIS 24212-20232023-11-04EnglishRemediation techniques applied at contaminated sites
217ISO DIS 22014-20232023-11-04EnglishLibrary objects for architecture, engineering, construction, and use
218ISO DIS 16422-2-20232023-11-01EnglishPipes and joints made of oriented unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-O) for the conveyance of water under pressure — Part 2: Pipes
219ISO DIS 8959-20232023-11-01EnglishTraditional Chinese Medicin — Eucommia ulmoides stem bark
220ISO DIS 22359-20232023-10-07EnglishSecurity and resilience — Guidelines for hardened protective shelters
221ISO ISO/IEC FDIS 6114-20232023-10-07EnglishCybersecurity – Security considerations throughout the product life cycle
222ISO DIS 22340-20232023-10-07EnglishSecurity and resilience — Protective security — Guidelines for an enterprise protective security architecture and framework
223ISO DIS 17097-20232023-10-07English3-D human body scan data — Part 1: Terminologies and methodologies for processing of human scan data
224ISO DIS 37124-20232023-10-05EnglishSustainable cities and communities — Guidance on the use of ISO 37120 series of standards for cities — ISO 37120, ISO 37122 and ISO 37123
225ISO DIS 24323-20232023-10-04EnglishTimber structures — Design method for vibrational serviceability of timber floors
226ISO DIS 33405-20232023-10-04EnglishReference materials — Guidance for characterization and assessment of homogeneity and stability
227ISO DIS 7448-20232023-10-03EnglishMachinery for forestry — Machine-fed woody biomass reduction chippers, grinders and shredders — Identification terminology, classification, and component nomenclature
228ISO DIS 22185-2-20232023-10-03EnglishDiagnosing moisture damage in buildings and implementing countermeasures — Part 2: Condition assessment
229ISO DIS 23016-4-20232023-10-02EnglishFine bubble technology — Agricultural applications — Part 4: Test method for evaluating the number concentration of ultrafine bubbles achieving the promotion of barley seed germination
230ISO DIS 5477-20232023-10-01EnglishHealth informatics — Interoperability of public health emergency preparedness and response information systems – Business rules, terminology and data vocabulary
231ISO DIS 16422-5-20232023-10-01EnglishPipes and joints made of oriented unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-O) for the conveyance of water under pressure — Part 5: Fitness for purpose of the system
232ISO ISO/IEC DIS 27402-20232023-10-01EnglishCybersecurity — IoT security and privacy — Device baseline requirements
233ISO DIS 16422-1-20232023-10-01EnglishPipes and joints made of oriented unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-O) for the conveyance of water under pressure — Part 1: General
234ISO DIS 33403-20232023-10-01EnglishGuidance for the use of reference materials
235ISO DIS 19880-2-20232023-09-05EnglishGaseous hydrogen — Fuelling stations — Part 2: Dispensers and dispensing systems
236ISO DIS 6017-20232023-09-03EnglishSmall craft — Automatic watertight ventilation shutdown system
237ISO DIS 45004-20232023-09-02EnglishOccupational health and safety management — Guidelines on performance evaluation
238ISO FDIS 18400-301-20232023-08-06EnglishSoil quality — Sampling — Part 301: Sampling and on site semi-quantitative determinations of volatile organic compounds in field investigations
239ISO DIS 5401-20232023-08-06EnglishAudit data collection — Customs and indirect taxes extension
240ISO FDIS 22822-20232023-08-06EnglishLarge yachts — Quality assessment and acceptance criteria — Dynamic positioning on large yachts
241ISO FDIS 24652-20232023-08-06EnglishSpherical plain bearings — Spherical plain bearings rod ends for hydraulic fluid power cylinders
242ISO DIS 2611-1-20232023-08-06EnglishAnalysis of natural gas — Biomethane — Determination of halogenated compounds — Part 1: HCl and HF content by ion chromatography
243ISO DIS 12604-2.2-20232023-08-05EnglishAircraft ground handling — Checked baggage — Part 2: Handling requirements and guidelines
244ISO DIS 4891-20232023-08-03EnglishShips and marine technology — Interoperability of smart applications for ships
245ISO ISO/IEC DIS 5339-20232023-08-03EnglishInformation technology — Artificial intelligence — Guidance for AI applications
246ISO ISO/IEC DIS 20237-20232023-08-02EnglishInformation Technology — OASIS MQTT based interoperability specification for the industrial internet of things (IIoT) — Sparkplug version 3.0
247ISO 17573-3-20232023-08-01EnglishElectronic fee collection — System architecture for vehicle-related tolling — Part 3: Data dictionary - First Edition
248ISO 20947-3-20232023-08-01EnglishPerformance evaluation protocol for digital fitting systems — Part 3: Digital fitting performance - Gap - First Edition
249ISO 22804-20232023-08-01EnglishMarine technology — General technical requirement of marine conductivity-temperature-depth (CTD) measuring instrument - First Edition
250ISO 14066-20232023-08-01EnglishEnvironmental information — Competence requirements for teams validating and verifying environmental information - Second Edition
251ISO 16000-41-20232023-08-01EnglishIndoor air — Part 41: Assessment and classification - First Edition
252ISO ISO/IEC 24029-2-20232023-08-01EnglishArtificial intelligence (AI) — Assessment of the robustness of neural networks — Part 2: Methodology for the use of formal methods - First Edition
253ISO TS 10818-20232023-08-01EnglishNanotechnologies — Textiles containing nanomaterials and nanostructures — Superhydrophobic characteristics and durability assessment - First Edition
254ISO 8124-12-20232023-08-01EnglishSafety of toys — Part 12: Microbiological safety - First Edition
255ISO TR 16203-20232023-08-01EnglishOverview of methods available for particle-free erosion corrosion testing in flowing liquids - Second Edition
256ISO 23139-20232023-08-01EnglishBiological equipment for treating air and other gases — Requirements and application guidance for deodorization in wastewater treatment plants - First Edition
257ISO 27026-20232023-08-01EnglishSpace systems — Programme management — Breakdown of project management structures - Second Edition
258ISO 24354-20232023-08-01EnglishGeneral requirements for the payload interface of civil unmanned aircraft systems - First Edition
259ISO 23537-2-20232023-08-01EnglishRequirements for sleeping bags — Part 2: Fabric and material properties - Second Edition
260ISO 8124-6-20232023-08-01EnglishSafety of toys — Part 6: Certain phthalate esters - Third Edition
261ISO ISO/ASTM 52924-20232023-08-01EnglishAdditive manufacturing of polymers — Qualification principles — Classification of part properties - First Edition
262ISO 9182-1-20232023-08-01EnglishTools for pressing — Guide pillars — Part 1: Types - Third Edition
263ISO 6781-1-20232023-08-01EnglishPerformance of buildings — Detection of heat, air and moisture irregularities in buildings by infrared methods — Part 1: General procedures - First Edition
264ISO 5103-20232023-08-01EnglishTourism and related services — Dry stack boat storage — Minimum requirements for operations and service provision - First Edition
265ISO ISO/IEC DIS 4932-20232023-07-07EnglishInformation technology — Learning, education and training — Access For All Metadata: Accessibility Core Terms (AfA-core-terms)
266ISO FDIS 6737-20232023-07-07EnglishVacuum technology — Vacuum gauges — Characteristics for a stable ionisation vacuum gauge
267ISO FDIS 4904-20232023-07-07EnglishTraditional Chinese medicine — Inner pack of decoction pieces
268ISO ISO/IEC DIS 23264-2-20232023-07-07EnglishInformation security — Redaction of authentic data — Part 2: Redactable signature schemes based on asymmetric mechanisms
269ISO DIS 22760-9-20232023-07-07EnglishRoad vehicles — Dimethyl Ether (DME) fuel system components — Part 9: Pressure relief device (PRD)
270ISO DIS 22760-3-20232023-07-07EnglishRoad vehicles — Dimethyl Ether (DME) fuel system components — Part 3: 85% stop valve
271ISO DIS 22760-6-20232023-07-07EnglishRoad vehicles — Dimethyl Ether (DME) fuel system components — Part 6: Pressure relief valve (PRV)
272ISO DIS 19164-20232023-07-07EnglishGeographic information — Indoor feature model
273ISO DIS 32543-1-20232023-07-07EnglishNon-destructive testing — Characteristics of focal spots in industrial X-ray systems — Part 1: Pinhole camera radiographic method
274ISO DIS 22760-4-20232023-07-07EnglishRoad vehicles — Dimethyl Ether (DME) fuel system components — Part 4: Level indicator
275ISO FDIS 8092-2-20232023-07-06EnglishRoad vehicles — Connections for on-board electrical wiring harnesses — Part 2: Terminology, test methods and general performance requirements
276ISO DIS 5216-20232023-07-06EnglishCommercial road vehicles — Ball races — Interchangeability
277ISO TR 24679-5-20232023-07-01EnglishFire safety engineering — Performance of structures in fire — Part 5: Example of a timber building in Canada - First Edition
278ISO 1089-20232023-07-01EnglishResistance welding equipment — Electrode taper fits for spot welding equipment — Dimensions - Second Edition
279ISO 7177-20232023-07-01EnglishTraditional Chinese medicine — Coptis chinensis and Coptis japonica rhizome - First Edition
280ISO 11424-20232023-07-01EnglishRubber hoses and tubing for air and vacuum systems for internal-combustion engines — Specification - Third Edition
281ISO 5091-2-20232023-07-01EnglishStructural intervention of existing concrete structures using cementitious materials — Part 2: Top‐surface overlaying - First Edition
282ISO 5091-3-20232023-07-01EnglishStructural intervention of existing concrete structures using cementitious materials — Part 3: Bottom-surface (soffit) underlaying - First Edition
283ISO 4768-20232023-07-01EnglishMeasurement method of anti-biofilm activity on plastic and other non-porous surfaces - First edition
284ISO 5091-1-20232023-07-01EnglishStructural intervention of existing concrete structures using cementitious materials — Part 1: General principles - First Edition
285ISO 11235-20232023-07-01EnglishRubber compounding ingredients — Sulfenamide accelerators — Test methods - Third Edition
286ISO ISO/IEC 27071-20232023-07-01EnglishCybersecurity — Security recommendations for establishing trusted connections between devices and services - First Edition
287ISO TS 4549-20232023-07-01EnglishOrthotics — Method for testing the reliability of microprocessor-controlled ankle moment units of ankle-foot orthoses - First Edition
288ISO TS 9241-620-20232023-07-01EnglishErgonomics of human-system interaction — Part 620: The role of sound for users of interactive systems - First Edition
289ISO ISO/IEC 24714-20232023-07-01EnglishBiometrics — Cross-jurisdictional and societal aspects of biometrics — General guidance - First Edition
290ISO 11936-20232023-07-01EnglishLeather — Determination of total content of certain bisphenols - First Edition
291ISO 2889-20232023-07-01EnglishSampling airborne radioactive materials from the stacks and ducts of nuclear facilities - Fourth Edition
292ISO 13164-4-20232023-07-01EnglishWater quality — Radon-222 — Part 4: Test method using two-phase liquid scintillation counting - Second Edition
293ISO ISO/ IEC/IEEE 24748-6-20232023-07-01EnglishSystems and software engineering — Life cycle management — Part 6: System and software integration - First Edition
294ISO 19810-20232023-07-01EnglishFine ceramics (advanced ceramics, advanced technical ceramics) — Test method for self-cleaning performance of semiconducting photocatalytic materials under indoor lighting environment — Measurement of water contact angle - Second Edition
295ISO 16750-4-20232023-07-01EnglishRoad vehicles — Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment — Part 4: Climatic loads - Fourth Edition
296ISO ISO/IEC/IEEE 23026-20232023-07-01EnglishSystems and software engineering — Engineering and management of websites for systems, software and services information - Second Edition
297ISO 8424-20232023-07-01EnglishRaw optical glass — Resistance to attack by aqueous acidic solutions — Test method and classification - Third Edition
298ISO 8714-20232023-07-01EnglishElectric road vehicles — Reference energy consumption and range — Test procedures for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles - Second Edition
299ISO 7933-20232023-07-01EnglishErgonomics of the thermal environment — Analytical determination and interpretation of heat stress using calculation of the predicted heat strain - Third Edition
300ISO 80004-1-20232023-07-01EnglishNanotechnologies – Vocabulary — Part 1: Core vocabulary - First Edition
301ISO 407-20232023-07-01EnglishSmall medical gas cylinders — Pin-index yoke-type valve connections - Fifth Edition
302ISO 3262-18-20232023-07-01EnglishExtenders — Specifications and methods of test — Part 18: Precipitated sodium aluminium silicate - Second Edition
303ISO TR 3151-1-20232023-07-01EnglishVisualization elements of PLM-MES interface — Part 1: Overview - First Edition
304ISO 5668-20232023-07-01EnglishCorrosion of metals and alloys — Guidelines and requirements for corrosion testing in simulated environment of deep-sea water - First Edition
305ISO 5228-20232023-07-01EnglishTraditional Chinese medicine — Rheum palmatum, Rheum tanguticum and Rheum officinale root and rhizome - First Edition
306ISO 22926-20232023-07-01EnglishImplants for surgery — Specification and verification of synthetic anatomical bone models for testing - First Edition
307ISO 1726-3-20232023-07-01EnglishRoad vehicles — Mechanical couplings between tractors and semi-trailers — Part 3: Requirements for semi-trailer contact area to fifth wheel - Second Edition
308ISO 30435-20232023-07-01EnglishHuman resource management — Workforce data quality - First Edition
309ISO 204-20232023-07-01EnglishMetallic materials — Uniaxial creep testing in tension — Method of test - Fourth Edition
310ISO ISO/IEC 8183-20232023-07-01EnglishInformation technology — Artificial intelligence — Data life cycle framework - First Edition
311ISO 4626-20232023-07-01EnglishVolatile organic liquids — Determination of boiling range of organic solvents used as raw materials - Second Edition
312ISO ISO/IEC 19763-10-20232023-07-01EnglishInformation technology — Metamodel framework for interoperability (MFI) — Part 10: Core model and basic mapping - Second Edition
313ISO TR 27925-20232023-07-01EnglishCarbon dioxide capture, transportation and geological storage — Cross cutting issues — Flow assurance - First Edition
314ISO ISO/IEC 5021-1-20232023-07-01EnglishTelecommunications and information exchange between systems — Wireless LAN access control — Part 1: Networking architecture - First Edition
315ISO TR 22707-20232023-07-01EnglishSludge recovery, recycling, treatment and disposal — Information on the processes and technologies for inorganic substance and nutrient recovery - First Edition
316ISO 22721-20232023-07-01EnglishConveyor belts — Specification for rubber- or plastics-covered conveyor belts of textile construction for underground mining - Second Edition
317ISO 5154-20232023-07-01EnglishDecorative metallic coatings for radio wave transmissive application products — Designation and characterization method - Second Edition
318ISO ISO/IEC 19763-1-20232023-07-01EnglishInformation technology — Metamodel framework for interoperability (MFI) — Part 1: Framework - Third Edition
319ISO 5694-20232023-07-01EnglishShips and marine technology — Deck covering - First Edition
320ISO 39003-20232023-07-01EnglishRoad traffic safety (RTS) — Guidance on ethical considerations relating to safety for autonomous vehicles - First Edition
321ISO 5775-1-20232023-07-01EnglishBicycle tyres and rims — Part 1: Tyre designations and dimensions - Seventh Edition
322ISO TS 4985-20232023-07-01EnglishMilk and milk products — Determination of alkaline phosphatase activity — Fluorimetric microplate method - First Edition
323ISO TS 11796-20232023-07-01EnglishBiological evaluation of medical devices — Requirements for interlaboratory studies to demonstrate the applicability of validated in vitro methods to assess the skin sensitization of medical devices - First Edition
324ISO 13145-20232023-07-01EnglishRubber — Determination of viscosity and stress relaxation using a rotorless sealed shear rheometer - Second Edition
325ISO 10468-20232023-07-01EnglishGlass-reinforced thermosetting plastics (GRP) pipes — Determination of the ring creep properties under wet or dry conditions - Third Edition
326ISO ISO/IEC 4922-1-20232023-07-01EnglishInformation security — Secure multiparty computation — Part 1: General - First Edition
327ISO ISO/IEC 24392-20232023-07-01EnglishCybersecurity — Security reference model for industrial internet platform (SRM-IIP) - First Edition
328ISO 23484-20232023-07-01EnglishDetermination of particle concentration by small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) - First Edition
329ISO TS 20458-20232023-07-01EnglishRoad vehicles — Design and performance specifications for advanced Pedestrian Legform Impactor (aPLI) - First Edition
330ISO TS 20917-20232023-07-01EnglishFertilizers, soil conditioners and beneficial substances — Determination of ammonium citrate, disodium-EDTA soluble phosphorus and potassium by ICP-OES in inorganic fertilizers - First Edition
331ISO 14172-20232023-07-01EnglishWelding consumables — Covered electrodes for manual metal arc welding of nickel and nickel alloys — Classification - Fourth Edition
332ISO TS 23690-20232023-07-01EnglishNanotechnologies — Multiwall carbon nanotubes — Determination of carbon impurity content by thermogravimetric analysis - First Edition
333ISO 18589-3-20232023-07-01EnglishMeasurement of radioactivity in the environment — Soil — Part 3: Test method of gamma-emitting radionuclides using gamma-ray spectrometry - Third Edition
334ISO TS 21957-20232023-07-01EnglishRoad vehicles — Visibility — Specifications and test procedures for head-up displays (HUD) - First Edition
335ISO TS 37008-20232023-07-01EnglishInternal investigations of organizations — Guidance - First Edition
336ISO 16750-3-20232023-07-01EnglishRoad vehicles — Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment — Part 3: Mechanical loads - Fourth Edition
337ISO 22163-20232023-07-01EnglishRailway applications — Railway quality management system — ISO 9001:2015 and specific requirements for application in the railway sector - First Edition
338ISO 22554-20232023-07-01EnglishShips and marine technology — Propeller shaft revolution indicators — Electric type and electronic type - Third Edition
339ISO 22975-4-20232023-07-01EnglishSolar energy — Collector components and materials — Part 4: Glazing material durability and performance - First Edition
340ISO 22477-2-20232023-07-01EnglishGeotechnical investigation and testing — Testing of geotechnical structures — Part 2: Testing of piles: Static tension load testing - First Edition
341ISO 5091-4-20232023-07-01EnglishStructural intervention of existing concrete structures using cementitious materials — Part 4: Jacketing - First Edition
342ISO 5725-1-20232023-07-01EnglishAccuracy (trueness and precision) of measurement methods and results — Part 1: General principles and definitions - Second Edition
343ISO 8513-20232023-07-01EnglishPlastics piping systems — Glass-reinforced thermosetting plastics (GRP) pipes — Test methods for the determination of the initial longitudinal tensile strength - Fourth Edition
344ISO 8583-20232023-07-01EnglishFinancial-transaction-card-originated messages — Interchange message specifications - Third Edition
345ISO 20431-20232023-07-01EnglishHeat treatment — Control of quality - First Edition
346ISO ISO/IEC TS 5147-20232023-07-01EnglishInformation technology — Computer graphics, image processing and environmental data representation — Guidelines for representation and visualization of smart cities - First Edition
347ISO 19682-20232023-07-01EnglishFurniture — Tables — Test methods for the determination of stability, strength and durability - First Edition
348ISO 22974-20232023-07-01EnglishPetroleum and natural gas industry — Pipeline transportation systems — Pipeline integrity assessment specification - First Edition
349ISO 17751-1-20232023-07-01EnglishTextiles — Quantitative analysis of cashmere, wool, other specialty animal fibres and their blends — Part 1: Light microscopy method - Second Edition
350ISO 23374-1-20232023-07-01EnglishIntelligent transport systems — Automated valet parking systems (AVPS) — Part 1: System framework, requirements for automated driving and for communications interface - First Edition
351ISO 16750-5-20232023-07-01EnglishRoad vehicles — Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment — Part 5: Chemical loads - Third Edition
352ISO 16750-2-20232023-07-01EnglishRoad vehicles — Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment — Part 2: Electrical loads - Fifth Edition
353ISO 27427-20232023-07-01EnglishAnaesthetic and respiratory equipment — Nebulizing systems and components - Fourth Edition
354ISO ISO/IEC 15938-18-20232023-07-01EnglishInformation technology — Multimedia content description interface — Part 18: Conformance and reference software for compression of neural networks - First Edition
355ISO 24585-1-20232023-07-01EnglishGraphic technology — Multispectral imaging measurement and colorimetric computation for graphic arts and industrial application — Part 1: Parameters and measurement methods - First Edition
356ISO 3262-9-20232023-07-01EnglishExtenders — Specifications and methods of test — Part 9: Calcined clay - Second Edition
357ISO 3262-14-20232023-07-01EnglishExtenders — Specifications and methods of test — Part 14: Cristobalite - Second Edition
358ISO 11623-20232023-07-01EnglishGas cylinders — Composite cylinders and tubes — Periodic inspection and testing - Third Edition
359ISO 11119-3 AMD 1-20232023-07-01EnglishGas cylinders — Design, construction and testing of refillable composite gas cylinders and tubes — Part 3: Fully wrapped fibre reinforced composite gas cylinders and tubes up to 450 l with non-load-sharing metallic or non-metallic liners or without liners AMENDMENT 1 - Third edition
360ISO 3262-7-20232023-07-01EnglishExtenders — Specifications and methods of test — Part 7: Dolomite - Second Edition
361ISO 3180-20232023-07-01EnglishFine ceramics (advanced ceramics, advanced technical ceramics) — Methods for chemical analysis of calcium-phosphate-based powders for non-biomedical applications - First edition
362ISO 8112-20232023-07-01EnglishCaprolactam for industrial use — Determination of colour of 50 % aqueous caprolactam solution, expressed in Hazen units (platinum-cobalt scale) — Spectrometric method - Second Edition
363ISO 8066-4-20232023-07-01EnglishRubber and plastics hoses and hose assemblies for automotive air conditioning — Specification — Part 4: Low vibration transmission type for Refrigerant 1234yf - First Edition
364ISO 7240-7-20232023-07-01EnglishFire detection and alarm systems — Part 7: Point-type smoke detectors using scattered light, transmitted light or ionization - Fourth Edition
365ISO 6186-20232023-07-01EnglishPlastics — Determination of pourability - Third Edition
366ISO ISO/IEC 24773-4-20232023-07-01EnglishSoftware and systems engineering — Certification of software and systems engineering professionals — Part 4: Software engineering - First Edition
367ISO 7059-20232023-07-01EnglishCaprolactam for industrial use — Determination of absorbance at a wavelength of 290 nm - Second Edition
368ISO TS 16486-7-20232023-07-01EnglishPlastics piping systems for the supply of gaseous fuels — Unplasticized polyamide (PA-U) piping systems with fusion jointing and mechanical jointing — Part 7: Assessment of conformity - First Edition
369ISO TS 11371-20232023-07-01EnglishPulps — Guidelines for using laboratory refiners to simulate industrial low consistency refining - First Edition
370ISO TS 32005-20232023-07-01EnglishDocument management — Portable Document Format — PDF 1.7 and 2.0 structure namespace inclusion in ISO 32000-2 - First Edition
371ISO 5537-20232023-07-01EnglishDried milk and dried milk products — Determination of moisture content (reference method) - Second Edition
372ISO 5295-20232023-07-01EnglishSynchronous belts — Calculation of power rating and drive centre distance - Fourth Edition
373ISO 532-3-20232023-07-01EnglishAcoustics — Methods for calculating loudness — Part 3: Moore-Glasberg-Schlittenlacher method - First Edition
374ISO 5367-20232023-07-01EnglishAnaesthetic and respiratory equipment — Breathing sets and connectors - Sixth Edition
375ISO 4974-20232023-07-01EnglishSoil quality — Guidance on soil temperature measurement - First Edition
376ISO 5109-20232023-07-01EnglishEvaluation method for the resonance frequency of the multi-copter UA (unmanned aircraft) by measurement of rotor and body frequencies - First Edition
377ISO TR 16340-20232023-07-01EnglishApplication of blockchain-based traceability platform for cold chain food - First Edition
378ISO TR 7470-20232023-07-01EnglishGas cylinders — List of provisions - Third Edition
379ISO 24421-20232023-07-01EnglishBiotechnology — Minimum requirements for optical signal measurements in photometric methods for biological samples - First Edition
380ISO 22787-20232023-07-01EnglishMarine environmental impact assessment (MEIA) — Technical specifications for marine biotic surveys in the international seabed area — General principles - First Edition
381ISO 4561-20232023-07-01EnglishWood raw parquets elements — Classification - First Edition
382ISO 14635-3-20232023-07-01EnglishGears — FZG test procedures — Part 3: FZG test method A/2,8/50 for relative scuffing load-carrying capacity and wear characteristics of semifluid gear greases - Second Edition
383ISO 3990-20232023-07-01EnglishDentistry — Evaluation of antibacterial activity of dental restorative materials, luting materials, fissure sealants and orthodontic bonding or luting materials - First Edition
384ISO 4556-20232023-07-01EnglishWood raw parquet elements — General characteristics - First Edition
385ISO 21622-2-20232023-07-01EnglishIrrigation techniques — Remote monitoring and control for irrigation — Part 2: Tests - First Edition
386ISO 20043-2-20232023-07-01EnglishMeasurement of radioactivity in the environment — Guidelines for effective dose assessment using environmental monitoring data — Part 2: Emergency exposure situation - First Edition
387ISO 3900-20232023-07-01EnglishRubber — Nitrile latex — Determination of bound acrylonitrile content - Third Edition
388ISO 10110-16-20232023-07-01EnglishOptics and photonics — Preparation of drawings for optical elements and systems — Part 16: Diffractive surfaces - First Edition
389ISO 13167-20232023-07-01EnglishWater quality — Plutonium, americium, curium and neptunium — Test method using alpha spectrometry - Second Edition
390ISO TS 23877-1-20232023-07-01EnglishPetroleum and related products from natural or synthetic sources — Determination of pour point — Part 1: Automated step-wise cooling method - First Edition
391ISO 9342-1-20232023-07-01EnglishOptics and optical instruments — Test lenses for calibration of focimeters — Part 1: Reference lenses for focimeters used for measuring spectacle lenses - Second Edition
392ISO TS 28560-4-20232023-07-01EnglishInformation and documentation — RFID in libraries — Part 4: Encoding of data elements based on rules from ISO/IEC 15962 in an RFID tag with partitioned memory - Second Edition
393ISO TS 7013-20232023-07-01EnglishWater quality — Guidance and requirements for designing an interlaboratory trial for validation of analytical methods - First Edition
394ISO 7241-20232023-07-01EnglishHydraulic fluid power - Dimensions and requirements of quick-action couplings - Second Edition
395ISO 6128-20232023-07-01EnglishLaminated products made of bamboo strips for indoor furniture purposes — Requirements and test methods - First Edition
396ISO 4562-20232023-07-01EnglishWood parquet strips — Classification - First Edition
397ISO TS 23357-20232023-07-01EnglishGenomics informatics — Clinical genomics data sharing specification for next-generation sequencing - First Edition
398ISO TS 24217-1-20232023-07-01EnglishFine bubble technology — Guideline for indicating benefits — Part 1: Requirements for systematic classification of effective functions of fine bubbles - First Edition
399ISO ISO/IEC 23200-2-20232023-07-01EnglishInformation technology — Radio frequency identification for item management — Part 2: Interference rejection performance test method between an Interrogator as defined in ISO/IEC 18000-63 and a heterogeneous wireless system - First Edition
400ISO ISO/IEC 23859-20232023-07-01EnglishInformation technology — User interfaces — Requirements and recommendations on making written text easy to read and understand - First Edition
401ISO 21535-20232023-07-01EnglishNon-active surgical implants — Joint replacement implants — Specific requirements for hip-joint replacement implants - Third Edition
402ISO 21536-20232023-07-01EnglishNon-active surgical implants — Joint replacement implants — Specific requirements for knee-joint replacement implants - Third Edition
403ISO 3725-20232023-07-01EnglishShips and marine technology — Aquatic nuisance species — Methods for evaluating the performance of compliance monitoring devices for ballast water discharges - First Edition
404ISO 4266-4-20232023-07-01EnglishPetroleum and liquid petroleum products — Measurement of level and temperature in storage tanks by automatic methods — Part 4: Measurement of temperature in atmospheric tanks - Second Edition
405ISO 24448-20232023-07-01EnglishFine ceramics (advanced ceramics, advanced technical ceramics) — LED light source for testing semiconducting photocatalytic materials used under indoor lighting environment - First Edition
406ISO 3657-20232023-07-01EnglishAnimal and vegetable fats and oils — Determination of saponification value - Sixth Edition
407ISO 5120-20232023-07-01EnglishSoil quality — Determination of perchlorate in soil using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/ MS) - First Edition
408ISO 7382-20232023-07-01EnglishEthylene for industrial use — Sampling in the liquid and the gaseous phase - Second Edition
409ISO 4410-20232023-07-01EnglishTest methods for the experimental characterization of in-plane permeability of fibrous reinforcements for liquid composite moulding - First Edition
410ISO 25745-1-20232023-07-01EnglishEnergy performance of lifts, escalators and moving walks — Part 1: Energy measurement and verification - Second Edition
411ISO FDIS 24566-1-20232023-06-07EnglishDrinking water, wastewater and storm water systems and services — Adaptation of water services to climate change impacts — Part 1: Assessment principles
412ISO DIS 24671-20232023-06-07EnglishRoad vehicles — Qualification and Certification of Technical Personnel dealing with Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs)
413ISO FDIS 12736-3-20232023-06-07EnglishOil and gas industries including lower carbon energy — Wet thermal insulation systems for pipelines and subsea equipment — Part 3: Interfaces between systems, field joint system, field repairs and prefabricated insulation
414ISO FDIS 12736-1-20232023-06-07EnglishOil and gas industries including lower carbon energy — Wet thermal insulation systems for pipelines and subsea equipment — Part 1: Validation of materials and insulation systems
415ISO FDIS 12736-2-20232023-06-07EnglishOil and gas industries including lower carbon energy — Wet thermal insulation systems for pipelines and subsea equipment — Part 2: Qualification processes for production and application procedures
416ISO FDIS 2614-20232023-06-06EnglishAnalysis of natural gas — Biomethane — Determination of terpenes' content by micro gas chromatography
417ISO DIS 7836-20232023-06-06EnglishNatural rubber — Identification of β-sitosterol
418ISO DIS 7681-20232023-06-06EnglishNatural rubber field latex — Determination of dry rubber content
419ISO FDIS 12614-20-20232023-06-06EnglishRoad vehicles — Liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel system components — Part 20: Flexible fuel or vent lines
420ISO FDIS 15500-23-20232023-06-06EnglishRoad vehicles — Compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system components — Part 23: Gas temperature sensor
421ISO DIS 5665-20232023-06-03EnglishConsumer incident investigation — Requirements and guidance
422ISO DIS 21771-1-20232023-06-03EnglishGears — Cylindrical involute gears and gear pairs — Part 1: Concepts and geometry
423ISO DIS 7383-20232023-06-03EnglishFine bubble technology — Evaluation method for determining oxygen content in fine bubble dispersions in water
424ISO FDIS 5474-5-20232023-06-03EnglishElectrically propelled road vehicles — Functional requirements and safety requirements for power transfer — Part 5: Automated conductivepower transfer
425ISO DIS 17651-1-20232023-06-02EnglishSimultaneous interpreting — Interpreter’s working environment — Part 1: Requirements and recommendations for permanent booths
426ISO ISO/IEC DIS 4944-20232023-06-02EnglishInformation technology — User interfaces — Evaluating usability of natural user interfaces
427ISO DIS 9109-20232023-06-02EnglishTraditional Chinese medicine — Rehmannia glutinosa root
428ISO 20567-2-20232023-06-01EnglishPaints and varnishes — Determination of stone-chip resistance of coatings — Part 2: Single-impact test with a guided impact body - Third Edition
429ISO DIS 5724-20232023-06-01EnglishJewellery and precious metals — Determination of very high purity gold — Difference method using ICP-MS
430ISO DIS 26101-2-20232023-06-01EnglishAcoustics — Test methods for the qualification of the acoustic environment — Part 2: Determination of the environmental correction
431ISO 8563-20232023-06-01EnglishPropylene and butadiene for industrial use — Sampling in the liquid phase - Second Edition
432ISO TS 22726-1-20232023-06-01EnglishIntelligent transport systems — Dynamic data and map database specification for connected and automated driving system applications — Part 1: Architecture and logical data model for harmonization of static map data - First Edition
433ISO TS 16422-3-20232023-06-01EnglishPipes and joints made of oriented unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-O) for the conveyance of water under pressure — Part 3: Fittings - First Edition
434ISO ISO/IEC 27032-20232023-06-01EnglishCybersecurity — Guidelines for Internet security - Second Edition
435ISO ISO/IEC 19566-5-20232023-06-01EnglishInformation technologies — JPEG systems — Part 5: JPEG universal metadata box format (JUMBF) - Second Edition
436ISO ISO/IEC 25059-20232023-06-01EnglishSoftware engineering — Systems and software Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE) — Quality model for AI systems - First Edition
437ISO 24013-20232023-06-01EnglishOptics and photonics — Lasers and laser-related equipment — Measurement of phase retardation of optical components for polarized laser radiation - Second Edition
438ISO 22587-20232023-06-01EnglishTraditional Chinese medicine — Acupoint magnetotherapy plasters for single use - First Edition
439ISO 20749-20232023-06-01EnglishDentistry — Pre-capsulated dental amalgam - Second Edition
440ISO 19150-6-20232023-06-01EnglishGeographic information — Ontology — Part 6: Service ontology register - First Edition
441ISO 41064-20232023-06-01EnglishHealth informatics — Standard communication protocol — Computer-assisted electrocardiograpy - First Edition
442ISO 24678-4-20232023-06-01EnglishFire safety engineering — Requirements governing algebraic formulae — Part 4: Smoke layers - First Edition
443ISO 24678-5-20232023-06-01EnglishFire safety engineering — Requirements governing algebraic formulae — Part 5: Vent flows - First Edition
444ISO 24072-20232023-06-01EnglishAerosol bacterial retention test method for air-inlet filter on administration devices - First Edition
445ISO 80601-2-72-20232023-06-01EnglishMedical electrical equipment — Part 2-72: Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of home healthcare environment ventilators for ventilator-dependent patients - Second Edition
446ISO ISO/ASTM 52920-20232023-06-01EnglishAdditive manufacturing — Qualification principles — Requirements for industrial additive manufacturing processes and production sites - First Edition
447ISO 5725-3-20232023-06-01EnglishAccuracy (trueness and precision) of measurement methods and results — Part 3: Intermediate precision and alternative designs for collaborative studies - Second Edition
448ISO 4982-20232023-06-01EnglishPlastics piping systems for non-pressure underground conveyance and storage of non-potable water — Arch-shaped, corrugated wall chambers made of PE or PP used for retention, detention, transportation and storage systems — Product specifications and performance criteria - First Edition
449ISO 8529-3-20232023-06-01EnglishNeutron reference radiation fields — Part 3: Calibration of area and personal dosemeters and determination of their response as a function of neutron energy and angle of incidence - Second Edition
450ISO 9854-1-20232023-06-01EnglishThermoplastics pipes for the transport of fluids — Determination of Charpy impact properties — Part 1: General test method - Second Edition
451ISO 4979-20232023-06-01EnglishWater quality — Aquatic toxicity test based on root re-growth in Lemna minor - First Edition
452ISO 4981-20232023-06-01EnglishPlastics piping systems for non-pressure underground conveyance and storage of non-potable water — Boxes used for retention, detention, storage and transportation systems — Specifications for storm water boxes made of PE, PP and PVC-U - First Edition
453ISO 3483-20232023-06-01EnglishCopper and zinc sulfide concentrates — Determination of thallium — Acid digestion and inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry - First Edition
454ISO 3262-22-20232023-06-01EnglishExtenders — Specifications and methods of test — Part 22: Flux-calcined kieselguhr - Second Edition
455ISO 3262-12-20232023-06-01EnglishExtenders — Specifications and methods of test — Part 12: Muscovite-type mica - Second Edition
456ISO 3262-3-20232023-06-01EnglishExtenders — Specifications and methods of test — Part 3: Blanc fixe - Second Edition
457ISO TS 4971-20232023-06-01EnglishNanotechnologies — Performance evaluation of nanosuspensions containing clay nanoplates for quorum quenching - First Edition
458ISO ISO/ASTM TR 52952-20232023-06-01EnglishAdditive manufacturing of metals — Feedstock materials — Correlating of rotating drum measurement with powder spreadability in PBF-LB machines - First Edition
459ISO 3262-2-20232023-06-01EnglishExtenders — Specifications and methods of test — Part 2: Baryte (natural barium sulfate) - Second Edition
460ISO 11737-3-20232023-06-01EnglishSterilization of health care products — Microbiological methods — Part 3: Bacterial endotoxin testing - First Edition
461ISO 19123-3-20232023-06-01EnglishGeographic information — Schema for coverage geometry and functions — Part 3: Processing fundamentals - First Edition
462ISO 14897-20232023-06-01EnglishPlastics — Polyols for use in the production of polyurethanes — Determination of water content - Third Edition
463ISO 10563-20232023-06-01EnglishBuilding and civil engineering sealants — Determination of change in mass and volume - Fourth Edition
464ISO 28560-2-20232023-06-01EnglishInformation and documentation — RFID in libraries — Part 2: Encoding of RFID data elements based on rules from ISO/IEC 15962 - Fourth Edition
465ISO TS 30437-20232023-06-01EnglishHuman resource management — Learning and development metrics - First Edition
466ISO 24617-14-20232023-06-01EnglishLanguage resource management — Semantic annotation framework (SemAF) — Part 14: Spatial semantics - First Edition
467ISO TS 5044-20232023-06-01EnglishHealth informatics — Information model for quality control of traditional Chinese medicinal products - First Edition
468ISO 6519-20232023-06-01EnglishDiesel engines — Fuel injection pumps — Tapers for shaft ends and hubs - Fifth Edition
469ISO 19123-1-20232023-06-01EnglishGeographic information — Schema for coverage geometry and functions — Part 1: Fundamentals - First Edition
470ISO 4864-20232023-06-01EnglishShips and marine technology — Jacking system appliances on self-elevating unit — General requirements - First Edition
471ISO 18937-2-20232023-06-01EnglishImaging materials — Methods for measuring indoor light stability of photographic prints — Part 2: Xenon‐arc lamp exposure - First Edition
472ISO 19407-20232023-06-01EnglishFootwear — Sizing — Conversion of sizing systems - First Edition
473ISO 5117-20232023-06-01EnglishAutomatic steam traps — Production and performance characteristic tests - First Edition
474ISO 18937-1-20232023-06-01EnglishImaging materials — Methods for measuring indoor light stability of photographic prints — Part 1: General guidance and requirements - First Edition
475ISO 12167-1-20232023-06-01EnglishPlain bearings — Hydrostatic plain journal bearings with drainage grooves under steady-state conditions — Part 1: Calculation of oil-lubricated plain journal bearings with drainage grooves - Third Edition
476ISO 13997-20232023-06-01EnglishProtective clothing — Mechanical properties — Determination of resistance to cutting by sharp objects - Second Edition
477ISO 22097-20232023-06-01EnglishThermal insulation for buildings — Reflective insulation products — Determination of thermal performance - First edition
478ISO 11346-20232023-06-01EnglishRubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic — Estimation of life-time and maximum temperature of use - Fourth Edition
479ISO 20785-3-20232023-06-01EnglishDosimetry for exposures to cosmic radiation in civilian aircraft — Part 3: Measurements at aviation altitudes - Second Edition
480ISO 17710-20232023-06-01EnglishPlastics — Polyols for use in the production of polyurethanes — Determination of degree of unsaturation by microtitration - Second Edition
481ISO 18115-1-20232023-06-01EnglishSurface chemical analysis — Vocabulary — Part 1: General terms and terms used in spectroscopy - Third Edition
482ISO 3262-4-20232023-06-01EnglishExtenders — Specifications and methods of test — Part 4: Whiting - Second Edition
483ISO 29585-20232023-06-01EnglishHealth informatics — Framework for healthcare and related data reporting - First Edition
484ISO 27971-20232023-06-01EnglishCereals and cereal products — Common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) — Determination of Alveograph properties of dough at constant hydration from commercial or test flours and test milling methodology - Third Edition
485ISO 24245-20232023-06-01EnglishSpace systems — Global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver class codes - First Edition
486ISO 24495-1-20232023-06-01EnglishPlain language — Part 1: Governing principles and guidelines - First Edition
487ISO 23702-1-20232023-06-01EnglishLeather — Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances — Part 1: Determination of non-volatile compounds by extraction method using liquid chromatography - Second Edition
488ISO 22640-20232023-06-01EnglishRubber — Framework for physical and chemical characterization of tyre and road wear particles (TRWP) - First Edition
489ISO TS 22028-5-20232023-06-01EnglishPhotography and graphic technology — Extended colour encodings for digital image storage, manipulation and interchange — Part 5: High dynamic range and wide colour gamut encoding for still images (HDR/ WCG) - First Edition
490ISO TS 9491-1-20232023-06-01EnglishBiotechnology — Predictive computational models in personalized medicine research — Part 1: Constructing, verifying and validating models - First Edition
491ISO TR 9968-20232023-06-01EnglishRoad vehicles — Functional safety — Application to generic rechargeable energy storage systems for new energy vehicle - First Edition
492ISO 4679-20232023-06-01EnglishShips and marine technology — Hydraulic performance tests for waterjet propulsion system - First Edition
493ISO 4504-20232023-06-01EnglishPlastics — Polyethylene (PE) — Determination of co-monomer content by solution state 13C-NMR spectrometry - First Edition
494ISO 3547-2-20232023-06-01EnglishPlain bearings — Wrapped bushes — Part 2: Test data for outside and inside diameters - Fourth Edition
495ISO 3262-5-20232023-06-01EnglishExtenders — Specifications and methods of test — Part 5: Natural crystalline calcium carbonate - Second Edition
496ISO 5676-20232023-06-01EnglishTractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry — Hydraulic coupling — Braking circuit - Second Edition
497ISO 9467-20232023-06-01EnglishExhaust system for multi position small engine machines — Test procedures and performance requirements for spark arrestors - Second Edition
498ISO 8355-20232023-06-01EnglishStarch acetates — Specifications and test methods - First Edition
499ISO TR 5262-20232023-06-01EnglishMotorcycles — Guideline for verification of total running resistance force during mode running on a chassis dynamometer - First Edition
500ISO ISO/IEC 15944-16-20232023-06-01EnglishInformation technology — Business operational view — Part 16: Consolidated set of the rules and guidelines identified in ISO/IEC 15944 Business Operational View standards and their IT-enablement - First Edition