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Posstandard Numberpublication dateLanguageDescription
1BIS IS 6461: PART 5-19721972-01-01EnglishGlossary of terms relating to cement concrete: Part V Formwork for concrete
2BIS IS 5508: PART 6TO13-19721972-01-01EnglishGuide for Fishing Gear : Framed gillnet for inland water
3BIS IS 2720: PART 6-19721972-01-01EnglishMethods of test for soils: Part 6 Determination of shrinkage factors - Includes Amendment 1
4BIS IS 6668-19721972-01-01EnglishMethods for preparing test specimens from fabric samples for physical tests
5BIS IS 6549-19721972-01-01EnglishGlossary of terms used in connection with lifting tackle
6BIS IS 6413-19721972-01-01EnglishClippers, hair, animal, hand-operated
7BIS IS 6727-19721972-01-01EnglishFireclay checker bricks for open hearth furnace
8BIS IS 6715-19721972-01-01EnglishMaster Cartons for Export of Frozen Sea Foods and Frog Legs
9BIS IS 6628-19721972-01-01EnglishSlide Rails for Use in Abattoirs
10BIS IS 6596-19721972-01-01EnglishPumps for Handling Paper Stock
11BIS IS 5878: PART 3-19721972-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Construction of Tunnels Conveying Water - Part III : Underground Excavation in Soft Strata - Includes Amendment 1
12BIS IS 6567-19721972-01-01EnglishRadiation protection for an X-ray tube in a protective tube-housing,operating between 10kV and 400 kV - Includes Amendment 1
13BIS IS 6880-19721972-01-01EnglishMachine, Sewian (Vermicelli)
14BIS IS 6441: PART 2-19721972-01-01EnglishMethods of Test for Autoclaved Cellular Concrete Products - Part II : Determination of Drying Shrinkage
15BIS IS 6857-19721972-01-01EnglishSeparator, Double-Bow, Dental
16BIS IS 2609-19721972-01-01EnglishCoach Bolts - Includes Amendments 1-3
17BIS IS 6542-19721972-01-01EnglishCode for hygienic conditions for fruit and vegetable canning units - Includes Amendment 1
18BIS IS 6693-19721972-01-01EnglishEbonite - Includes Amendment 1
19BIS IS 6692-19721972-01-01EnglishMethod of milk recording of cattle
20BIS IS 6545-19721972-01-01EnglishLeg Band for Poultry
21BIS IS 6461: PART 2-19721972-01-01EnglishGlossary of Terms Relating to Cement Concrete - Part II : Materials (Other than Cement and Aggregate)
22BIS SP 6: PART 6-19721972-01-01EnglishHandbook for Structural Engineers -Part- 6 Application of Plastic Theory In Design of Steel Structures
23BIS IS 6732-19721972-01-01EnglishDouble Point Nails
24BIS IS 6760-19721972-01-01EnglishSlotted Countersunk Head Wood Screws - Includes Amendments 1-2
25BIS IS 5187-19721972-01-01Englishflush bolts - Includes Amendment 1
26BIS IS 6724-19721972-01-01EnglishAircraft Sealing Wire
27BIS IS 4332: PART 6-19721972-01-01EnglishMethods of test for stabilized soils: Part 6 Flexural strength of soil-cement using simple beam with third-point loading - Includes Amendment 1
28BIS IS 483-19721972-01-01EnglishFireclay Refractories for Oil-fired Boiler Furnaces of Naval Ships
29BIS IS 1747-19721972-01-01EnglishNitrogen - Includes Amendments 1-2
30BIS IS 6636-19721972-01-01EnglishHood for Air Pipes of Ships Piping Systems
31BIS IS 6561-19721972-01-01EnglishBuzz - track test film
32BIS IS 6674-19721972-01-01EnglishCotton Webbing for Use in Packing Aero-engines
33BIS IS 6737-19721972-01-01EnglishConventional signs for use on general arrangement and detail plans of ships
34BIS IS 6522-19721972-01-01EnglishCriteria for design of silt vanes for sediment control in offtaking canals
35BIS IS 6665-19721972-01-01EnglishCode of pratice for industrial lighting
36BIS IS 5878: PART 7-19721972-01-01EnglishCode of practice for construction of tunnels conveying water: Part 7 Grouting - Includes Amendments 1-2
37BIS IS 6541-19721972-01-01EnglishCode for hygienic conditions for establishment and maintainance of mid-day school meal programmes
38BIS IS 2626-19721972-01-01EnglishPetri dishes - Includes Amendments 1-2
39BIS IS 6769: PART 1-19721972-01-01EnglishDirect Reading Pointer Indicator Type AC Electronic Millivoltmeter - Part I : Methods of Measurements
40BIS IS 4410: PART 11: SEC 1-19721972-01-01EnglishGlossary of terms relating to river valley projects Part 11 Hydrology Section 1 General terms
41BIS IS 6433-19721972-01-01Englishguniting equipment
42BIS IS 6703-19721972-01-01EnglishGlossary of wooden packaging terms
43BIS IS 6663-19721972-01-01EnglishMethod for Determination of Angle of Repose of Grains
44BIS IS 1885: PART 34-19721972-01-01EnglishElectrotechnical vocabulary: Part 34 Cinematography
45BIS IS 6728-19721972-01-01EnglishRecuperator tubes, tiles and collars for soaking pits in steel plants
46BIS IS 6825-19721972-01-01EnglishForceps, Extraction, Dental, Upper Cuspids and Bicuspids
47BIS IS 6532-19721972-01-01EnglishCode of practice for design, installation, observation and maintenance of uplift pressure pipes for hydraulic structures on permeable foundations
48BIS IS 6559-19721972-01-01EnglishCode of practice for ante-mortem and post-mortem inspection for poultry - Includes Amendment 1
49BIS IS 4224-19721972-01-01EnglishSteel Wire for Staples, Pins and Clips - Includes Amendment 1
50BIS IS 6800-19721972-01-01EnglishDimensions for Aircraft Tow Bar Connections to Tractors
51BIS IS 6441: PART 4-19721972-01-01EnglishMethods of Test for Autoclaved Cellular Concrete Products - Part IV : Corrosion Protection of Steel Reinforcement in Autoclave Cellular Concrete
52BIS IS 430-19721972-01-01EnglishPaint remover, solvent type, non-flammable - Includes Amendment 1
53BIS IS 6609: PART 5-19721972-01-01EnglishMethods of test for commercial blasting explosives and accessories: Part V Safety fuses
54BIS IS 6561 to 6564-19721972-01-01EnglishSpecifications for test films for 35mm motion- picture sound reproducers, photographic type
55BIS IS 6562-19721972-01-01English1000Hz balancing and signal level test film
56BIS IS 1965-19721972-01-01EnglishBleaching Earths of Indian Origin Used for Bleaching Vegetable Oils
57BIS IS 6563-19721972-01-01Englishsound focusing test film
58BIS IS 6721-19721972-01-01EnglishPVC Sandal
59BIS IS 6537-19721972-01-01EnglishGuide to the use of temperature control devices for crystal units
60BIS IS 6516-19721972-01-01EnglishMethods for chemical analysis of tin and lead in secondary tin
61BIS IS 6867-19721972-01-01EnglishForceps, Extraction, Dental, Upper Root, Medium Beak
62BIS IS 6767: PART 2-19721972-01-01EnglishDirect Reading Pointer Indicator Type ac/dc Electronic Voltmeter - Part 2 : Up to 30 Mhz
63BIS IS 6619-19721972-01-01EnglishSafety Code for Semiconductor Rectifier Equipment
64BIS IS 6461: PART 1-19721972-01-01EnglishGlossary of terms relating to cement concrete: Part I Concrete aggregates
65BIS IS 6647-19721972-01-01EnglishDrill pipes for use in oil or natural gas wells - Includes Amendment 1
66BIS IS 6626-19721972-01-01EnglishBasic Hand Splint, Forearm Piece
67BIS IS 6421-19721972-01-01EnglishPerforators, Paper, Double Hole - Includes Amendment 1
68BIS IS 6828-19721972-01-01EnglishForceps, Extraction, Dental, Upper Molars, Right
69BIS IS 6782-19721972-01-01EnglishHog Gambrels
70BIS IS 1508-19721972-01-01EnglishExtenders for Use in Synthetic Resin Adhesives (Urea-formaldehyde) for Plywood
71BIS IS 6598-19721972-01-01EnglishCellular concrete for thermal insulation - Includes Amendments 1-2
72BIS IS 6580-19721972-01-01EnglishTrain Lighting Belt Fasteners - Includes Amendment 1
73BIS IS 6655-19721972-01-01EnglishMethods of test for sulphur - Includes Amendment 1
74BIS IS 6826-19721972-01-01EnglishForceps, extraction, dental, lower incisors, cuspids and bicuspids, left
75BIS IS 6462-19721972-01-01EnglishFitting Dimensions for Dental Burs and Cutters
76BIS IS 6615-19721972-01-01EnglishGeneral purpose packing/wrapping paper - Includes Amendments 1-3
77BIS IS 6570-19721972-01-01EnglishMethod for Quantitative Chemical Analysis of Binary Mixtures of Jute and Animal Fibres
78BIS IS 6558-19721972-01-01EnglishCode of practice for cold storage of shell eggs
79BIS IS 6479-19721972-01-01EnglishBalls, Punching
80BIS IS 6700-19721972-01-01EnglishRequirements for general purpose cathode-ray oscilloscope
81BIS IS 6707-19721972-01-01Englishwillow logs for artificial limbs
82BIS IS 6414-19721972-01-01EnglishParallel Walking Bars, Adult and Child Sizes, for the Handicapped
83BIS IS 6564-19721972-01-01Englishscanning beam uniformity test film
84BIS SP 6: PART 7-19721972-01-01EnglishISI Handbook for Structural Engineers - Part 7 : Simple Welded Girders - Includes Amendment 1
85BIS IS 6660-19721972-01-01EnglishGuide for illustrations in books - Includes Amendment 1
86BIS IS 6606-19721972-01-01EnglishAlbuminometer (Esbachs) with Stopper, Stand and Case
87BIS IS 1857-19721972-01-01EnglishTarred Hemp Marline, Two-ply
88BIS IS 6745-19721972-01-01EnglishMethod for determination of mass of zinc coating on zinc coated iron and steel articles - Includes Amendments 1-5
89BIS IS 6605-19721972-01-01EnglishPotassium Chromate
90BIS IS 256-19721972-01-01EnglishGlauber salt (sodium sulphate, decahydrate), technical
91BIS IS 6639-19721972-01-01EnglishHexagon Bolts for Steel Structures - Includes Amendments 1-5
92BIS IS 6607-19721972-01-01Englishrebated mortice locks(vertical type)
93BIS IS 1416-19721972-01-01EnglishSafety transformers - Includes Amendments 1-3
94BIS IS 6931-19721972-01-01EnglishMethods of test for printing inks
95BIS IS 6625-19721972-01-01EnglishBasic Hand Splint Component
96BIS IS 6557-19721972-01-01EnglishAlbumen Flakes, Non-Edible Quality - Includes Amendments 1-2
97BIS IS 6525-19721972-01-01EnglishSyringe, Hypodermic, Dental for Interchangeable Needles
98BIS IS 6743-19721972-01-01EnglishSizes and mounting dimensions of aircraft instrument cases (rear mounting type)
99BIS IS 6769: PART 2-19721972-01-01EnglishDirect Reading Pointer Indicator Type AC Electronic Millivoltmeter - Part 2 : With a Frequency Range of 2 Hz to 1 Mhz
100BIS IS 1225-19721972-01-01EnglishLeather Picking Bands for Looms - Includes Amendment 1
101BIS IS 6771-19721972-01-01EnglishAluminium polish, paste for aircraft
102BIS IS 6500-19721972-01-01EnglishThermometers for measurement of sea surface temperatures
103BIS IS 6555-19721972-01-01EnglishDental Laboratory Plaster - Includes Amendment 1
104BIS IS 2809-19721972-01-01EnglishGlossary of terms and symbols relating to soil engineering
105BIS IS 6738-19721972-01-01EnglishPanel pins and lost head nails - Includes Amendment 1
106BIS IS 6638-19721972-01-01EnglishTractor-Mounted Spring-Loaded Cultivators - Includes Amendments 1-4
107BIS IS 6719-19721972-01-01EnglishSolid PVC soles and heels
108BIS IS 1356: PART 1-19721972-01-01EnglishElectrical equipment of machine tools:Part 1 Electrical equipment of machines for general use
109BIS IS 6540-19721972-01-01EnglishCode for hygienic conditions for manufacture and handling of ice for human consumption - Includes Amendment 1
110BIS IS 4410: PART 11: SEC 2-19721972-01-01EnglishGlossary of Terms Relating to River Valley Projects - Part XI : Hydrology - Section 2 : Precipitation and Run off
111BIS IS 2340-19721972-01-01EnglishDimensions for self-release 7/24 tapers for milling arbors and tool shanks - Includes Amendments 1-2
112BIS IS 6473-19721972-01-01EnglishTrial Spectacle Lens Sets
113BIS IS 6815-19721972-01-01EnglishRetainers, Matrix, Dental, No. 1 and 2
114BIS IS 6749-19721972-01-01EnglishGlossary of terms relating to alcohol (ethyl industry and trade)
115BIS IS 2720: PART 34-19721972-01-01EnglishMethods of test for soils: Part 34 Determination of density of soil in-place by rubber-balloon method - Includes Amendment 1
116BIS IS 6524-19721972-01-01EnglishCode of practice for installation and observation of instruments for temperature measurements inside dams; resistance type thermometers
117BIS IS 6634-19721972-01-01EnglishMulti-purpose Closed Chocks
118BIS IS 6599-19721972-01-01EnglishVaulting Boxes
119BIS IS 920-19721972-01-01EnglishCommon Salt and Cattle Licks for Animal Consumption - Includes Amendments 1-2
120BIS IS 3527-19721972-01-01EnglishMica for paints - Includes Amendment 1
121BIS IS 6428-19721972-01-01Englishpile frame
122BIS IS 666: PART 1-19721972-01-01EnglishJig Bushes - Part I : Headed and Headless Jig Bushes - Includes Amendment 1
123BIS IS 6653-19721972-01-01EnglishMethods for determination of staple length of greasy wool
124BIS IS 6734-19721972-01-01EnglishCut Lath and Lath Nails
125BIS IS 1347-19721972-01-01EnglishInland Packaging of Cotton Cloth and Yarn - Includes AMD 1: 1997
126BIS IS 6751-19721972-01-01EnglishAluminium Alloy Castings and Strips for Bearings
127BIS IS 6536-19721972-01-01EnglishPumps for handling volatile liquids
128BIS IS 6484-19721972-01-01EnglishForceps, Gouge, Orthopaedic Fergussons Pattern
129BIS IS 6797-19721972-01-01EnglishMethyl Ester of Beta-Apo-8-Carotenoic Acid - Includes Amendment 1
130BIS IS 6678-19721972-01-01EnglishAmmonium Thiosulphate Solution, Photographic Grade - Includes Amendment 1
131BIS IS 6640-19721972-01-01EnglishToughened Safety Glasses for Ships Windows
132BIS IS 6426-19721972-01-01Englishpile driving hammer
133BIS IS 6804-19721972-01-01EnglishGlass-electrodes for direct reading pH meters
134BIS IS 6556-19721972-01-01EnglishDental Impression Plaster
135BIS IS 6696-19721972-01-01EnglishEgg Washing Machines
136BIS IS 6622-19721972-01-01EnglishGrease proof paper - Includes Amendment 1
137BIS IS 6470-19721972-01-01EnglishPolitzerization Apparatus (Pritchards pattern)
138BIS IS 6492-19721972-01-01EnglishMethods for sampling of powders for powder metallurgical purposes
139BIS IS 1661-19721972-01-01EnglishCode of practice for application of cement and cement-lime plaster finishes
140BIS IS 723-19721972-01-01EnglishSteel Countersunk Head Wire Nails - Includes Amendments 1-3
141BIS IS 1523-19721972-01-01EnglishBottom pouring refractories for steel plants
142BIS IS 6803-19721972-01-01EnglishSpecial Proofed Canvas and Duck
143BIS IS 6547-19721972-01-01EnglishElectric Chain Hoists - Includes Amendment 1
144BIS IS 6754-19721972-01-01EnglishAluminium Alloy Ingots for Bearings
145BIS IS 6455-19721972-01-01EnglishSingle Row Radial Ball Bearings - Includes Amendment 1
146BIS IS 6824-19721972-01-01EnglishForceps, Extraction, Dental, Lower Wisdom Tooth
147BIS IS 6720-19721972-01-01EnglishReferance tables for plantinum/30 percent rhodium-platinum/6 percent rhodium thermocouples - Includes Amendment 1
148BIS IS 6461: PART 3-19721972-01-01EnglishGlossary of Terms Relating to Cement Concrete - Part III : Concrete Reinforcement
149BIS IS 6584-19721972-01-01EnglishDilators, Uterine, Single Ended, Hegars Pattern
150BIS IS 1013-19721972-01-01EnglishTriple Superphosphate - Includes Amendment 1; May 2012
151BIS IS 6723-19721972-01-01EnglishRecommendations for aircraft instrument dials and pointers
152BIS IS 6441: PART 5-19721972-01-01EnglishMethods of Test for Autoclaved Cellular Concrete Products - Part V : Determination of Compressive Strength
153BIS IS 6741-19721972-01-01EnglishNumerals for Aircraft Instrument Dials and Number Plates
154BIS IS 6486-19721972-01-01EnglishForceps, Gouge, Orthopaedic Lanes Pattern
155BIS IS 6811-19721972-01-01EnglishSyringe, Water, Self-filling, Dental
156BIS IS 6846-19721972-01-01EnglishGeneral requirements for control unit for airturbine, dental
157BIS IS 6722-19721972-01-01EnglishDimensions for aircraft jacking pads
158BIS IS 2789-19721972-01-01EnglishSpecial proofed paulins (tarpaulins) - Includes Amendments 1-2
159BIS IS 6592-19721972-01-01EnglishSoil thermometers
160BIS IS 6629-19721972-01-01EnglishCast iron rolls
161BIS IS 6651-19721972-01-01EnglishAnodized aluminium for automobile use
162BIS IS 1443-19721972-01-01EnglishCode of practice for laying and finishing of cement concrete flooring tiles
163BIS IS 64-19721972-01-01EnglishBarium sulphate pigments for paints - Includes Amendments 1-2
164BIS IS 6461: PART 6-19721972-01-01EnglishGlossary of terms relating to cement concrete: Part VI Equipment, tools and plant
165BIS IS 6684-19721972-01-01EnglishMilk Can Trolleys
166BIS IS 6600-19721972-01-01EnglishGuide for loading of oil immersed transformers
167BIS IS 6263-19721972-01-01EnglishVCI treated paper
168BIS IS 6501-19721972-01-01EnglishForceps, Gouge, Orthopaedic, Stille Luers Pattern
169BIS IS 6673-19721972-01-01EnglishWaxed Cotton Selvedge Tape - Includes AMD 1 and AMD 2
170BIS IS 6670-19721972-01-01EnglishGuide for storage of potatoes
171BIS IS 6729-19721972-01-01Englishwooden paddles
172BIS IS 6521: PART 1-19721972-01-01EnglishCode of practice for design of tower cranes:Part 1 Static and rail mounted
173BIS IS 6614-19721972-01-01EnglishAluminium chloride, anhydrous, technical
174BIS IS 6711-19721972-01-01EnglishCode of practice for maintenance of wood poles for overhead power and telecommunication lines
175BIS IS 5112-19721972-01-01EnglishGeneral requirements and testing of AC cargo winches (for shipboard use)
176BIS IS 6757-19721972-01-01EnglishDimensions for high tension cable terminations for X-ray tubes
177BIS IS 6767: PART 1-19721972-01-01EnglishDirect Reading Pointer Indicator Type Ac/Dc Electronic Voltmeter - Part 1 : Methods of Measurements
178BIS IS 2244-19721972-01-01EnglishGlossary of terms relating to treated fabrics - Includes Amendment 1
179BIS IS 6427-19721972-01-01EnglishGlossary of Terms Relating to Pile Driving Equipment
180BIS IS 6053: PART 5-19721972-01-01EnglishHandtools for footwear industry: Part 5 Straight hacking knife
181BIS IS 6530-19721972-01-01EnglishCode of practice for laying of asbestos cement pressure pipes - Includes Amendment 1
182BIS IS 2823-19721972-01-01EnglishTwin Wire Healds for Jacquard Weaving - Includes Amendments 1-2
183BIS IS 6718-19721972-01-01EnglishPhenoxyacetic Acid
184BIS IS 6675-19721972-01-01EnglishCable Lifters for Windlasses
185BIS IS 6681-19721972-01-01EnglishDimensions for self-release 7/24 tapers for spindle noses for milling machines - Includes Amendments 1-2
186BIS IS 6808-19721972-01-01EnglishGrinder, hand, domestic
187BIS IS 6648-19721972-01-01EnglishCarbon electrodes for dry cells and batteries
188BIS IS 6645-19721972-01-01EnglishService Nameplates for Marine Valves and Fittings
189BIS IS 1129-19721972-01-01EnglishRecommendation of dressing of natural building stones
190BIS IS 6590-19721972-01-01EnglishBraided Nylon Rope for Mountaineering Purposes
191BIS IS 6053: PART 4-19721972-01-01EnglishHandtools for footwear industry: Part 4 Half round knife
192BIS IS 6454-19721972-01-01EnglishSelf-Aligning Roller Bearings - Includes Amendment 1
193BIS IS 3842: PART 7-19721972-01-01EnglishApplication guide for electrical relays for ac systems: Part 7 Frequency relays
194BIS IS 6441: PART 1-19721972-01-01EnglishMethods of test for autoclaved cellular concrete products: Part I Determination of unit weight or bulk density and moisture content
195BIS IS 6610-19721972-01-01EnglishHeavy Washers for Steel Structures
196BIS IS 5701: PART 5-19721972-01-01EnglishCode for breeding, care, management and housing of laboratory animals: Part 5 Laboratory snakes
197BIS IS 6691-19721972-01-01EnglishCast Closed Roller Fairleads
198BIS IS 6565-19721972-01-01EnglishStethoscope (foetoscope ) for - Foetal Heart Sounds, Pinards Pattern
199BIS IS 6635-19721972-01-01EnglishTractor Operated Disc Harrows - Includes Amendments 1-2
200BIS IS 6491-19721972-01-01EnglishMethods of Sampling Fly Ash - Includes Amendment 1
201BIS IS 6650-19721972-01-01EnglishMethod for determination of residual thiosulphate and tetrathionate in processed photographic papers
202BIS IS 2152-19721972-01-01EnglishMaize Gluten as Livestock Feed Ingredient - Includes Amendment 1
203BIS IS 6609: PART 1-19721972-01-01EnglishMethods of test for commercial blasting explosives and accessories: Part I Gun powder
204BIS IS 6753-19721972-01-01EnglishCode for Identification of Aircraft Pipelines
205BIS IS 6807-19721972-01-01EnglishReinforced (Flexo-metallic) Magills Endotracheal Tube
206BIS IS 666: PART 2-19721972-01-01EnglishJig Bushes - Part 2 : Renewable Drill Bushes - Includes Amendments 1-2
207BIS IS 6730-19721972-01-01EnglishFelt Nails
208BIS IS 6814-19721972-01-01EnglishSyringe, Air and Water, Dental
209BIS IS 6679-19721972-01-01EnglishTest chart for general purpose gear shaping machines (Table diameter up to 1000 mm) - Includes Amendment 1
210BIS IS 6661-19721972-01-01EnglishPotassium Schoenite
211BIS IS 4880: PART 5-19721972-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Design of Tunnels Conveying Water - Part V : Structural Design of Concrete Lining in Soft Strata and Soils - Includes Amendments 1-2
212BIS IS 1278-19721972-01-01EnglishFiller rods and wires for gas welding - Includes Amendments 1-2
213BIS IS 1706-19721972-01-01EnglishMethod for determination of resistance to wear by abrasion of natural building stones
214BIS IS 6739-19721972-01-01EnglishSlotted round head wood screws - Includes Amendments 1-2
215BIS IS 6698-19721972-01-01EnglishOil of Clove
216BIS IS 6506-19721972-01-01EnglishMethods for thermal shock tests on glassware
217BIS IS 2720: PART 22-19721972-01-01EnglishMethods of test for soils: Part 22 Determination of organic matter - Includes Amendment 1
218BIS IS 1527-19721972-01-01EnglishMethods for chemical analysis of high silica refractory materials
219BIS IS 6422-19721972-01-01EnglishPerforator, Paper, Single Hole (Docket Punch)
220BIS IS 6485-19721972-01-01EnglishForceps, Gouge, Angular, Orthopaedic
221BIS IS 230-19721972-01-01EnglishNormal butyl acetate - Includes Amendment 1
222BIS IS 6822-19721972-01-01EnglishCutter, Distal Arch Wire, Dental
223BIS IS 6591-19721972-01-01EnglishRail Milk Tankers
224BIS IS 2032: PART 16-19721972-01-01EnglishGraphical symbols used in electrotechnology: Part 16 Aerials
225BIS IS 1035-19721972-01-01EnglishMethods of sampling and test for bleaching earths - Includes Amendment 1
226BIS IS 6637-19721972-01-01EnglishMethods for determination of moisture in wool - Includes Amendment 1
227BIS IS 6744: PART 1-19721972-01-01EnglishMethods of Chemical Analysis of Ilmenite, Part I
228BIS IS 6457-19721972-01-01EnglishSingle Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings - Includes Amendment 1
229BIS IS 2636-19721972-01-01EnglishWing Nuts
230BIS IS 2487-19721972-01-01EnglishFlat Steel Healds (Excluding Jacquard Leno Weaving Healds) - Includes Amendment 1
231BIS IS 6758-19721972-01-01EnglishDimensions for high tension receptacles for X-ray tubes
232BIS IS 6733-19721972-01-01EnglishWall and Roofing Nails - Includes Amendment 1
233BIS IS 6544-19721972-01-01EnglishWing Band for Poultry
234BIS IS 6126-19711971-01-01EnglishNitrocellulose surfacer
235BIS IS 6328-19711971-01-01EnglishTable, Operation, General Purposes (Non-hydraulic)
236BIS IS 6001-19711971-01-01EnglishFlyer Spindles
237BIS IS 6220-19711971-01-01EnglishGrading of copra for table use and for oil milling
238BIS IS 6231-19711971-01-01EnglishPrismatic Angle Gauges
239BIS IS 6471-19711971-01-01EnglishSpectrometer (Student Type) - Includes Amendment 1
240BIS IS 6061: PART 1-19711971-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Construction of Floor and Roof with Joists and Filler Blocks - Part 1 : With Hollow Concrete Filler Blocks
241BIS IS 6526-19711971-01-01EnglishMethod for evaluation of strength and shade of fast bases by dyeing test
242BIS IS 6000-19711971-01-01EnglishRail Tongs for Railways
243BIS IS 1448: PART 52-19711971-01-01EnglishMethods of test for petroleum and its products: Part 52 Drop Point - Includes Amendment 1
244BIS IS 6084-19711971-01-01EnglishDimensions for 16 mm motion picture film - Includes Amendment 1
245BIS IS 6431-19711971-01-01EnglishTolerances on Dimensions of Plates Cut by Flame
246BIS IS 6276-19711971-01-01EnglishFlexible Shafts Used in Concrete Vibrators
247BIS IS 6386-19711971-01-01EnglishBeta-APO-8- Carotenal, Food Grade - Includes Amendment 1
248BIS IS 6260-19711971-01-01Englishp-Nitroanisole - Includes Amendment 1
249BIS IS 6153-19711971-01-01EnglishProtective Leather Clothing - Includes Amendment 1
250BIS IS 6108-19711971-01-01EnglishEdible Sesame Flour (Solvent Extracted) - Includes Amendments 1-2
251BIS IS 6409-19711971-01-01EnglishCode of practice for oxy-acetylene flame cleaning
252BIS IS 6330-19711971-01-01EnglishRecommendation for liquid flow measurement in open channels by weirs and flumes - end depth method for estimation of flow in rectangular channels with a free overfall (approximate method)
253BIS IS 6274-19711971-01-01EnglishMethod of Calibrating Liquid-in-glass Thermometers
254BIS IS 6268-19711971-01-01EnglishAccessories for Use in Shuttles for Plain Calico Looms
255BIS IS 6450-19711971-01-01EnglishRubbers for the Dairy Industry - Includes Amendment 1
256BIS IS 6125-19711971-01-01EnglishEnamel, synthetic, stoving, for automobiles - Includes Amendment 1
257BIS IS 6261-19711971-01-01EnglishMethods of analysis for detection of insect and rodent contamination in grains and milled products
258BIS IS 2784-19711971-01-01EnglishShuttle for Automatic Cop-Changing Jute Looms - Includes Amendment 1
259BIS IS 1186-19711971-01-01EnglishShuttles for Hessian and Sacking Looms
260BIS IS 5995-19711971-01-01EnglishPipe Grip Pliers - Includes Amendment 1
261BIS IS 6064-19711971-01-01Englishsounding and suspension equipment
262BIS IS 6063-19711971-01-01EnglishMethod of measuarement of flow of water in open channels using standing wave flume
263BIS IS 6213: PART 3-19711971-01-01EnglishMethods of Test for Pulp - Part III : Determination of Alpha, Beta and Gamma Cellulose in Pulp
264BIS IS 1885: PART 30-19711971-01-01EnglishElectrotechnical vocabulary: Part 30 Overhead transmission and distribution of electrical energy
265BIS IS 6202-19711971-01-01EnglishFlat Glass Oil Level Gauges for Oil Storage Tanks
266BIS IS 6176-19711971-01-01EnglishSteel Ladders for Ships Use
267BIS IS 6318-19711971-01-01Englishplastic window stays and fasteners - Includes Amendment 1
268BIS IS 1885: PART 29-19711971-01-01EnglishElectrotechnical vocabulary: Part 29 Mining terms
269BIS IS 6074-19711971-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Functional Requirements of hotels, restaurants and other food service establishmentsDaylighting of Factory Buildings - Includes Amendments 1-2
270BIS IS 6151: PART 2-19711971-01-01EnglishStorage Management Code - Part II : General Care in Handling and Storage of Agricultural Produce and Inputs
271BIS IS 6281-19711971-01-01EnglishAwl, Bone
272BIS IS 6179-19711971-01-01EnglishSpecification and safety requirements for rigid sided playpens - Includes Amendments 1-3
273BIS IS 6412-19711971-01-01EnglishBenzoyl Chloride, Technical
274BIS IS 6143-19711971-01-01EnglishSheaves Used with Ships Blocks
275BIS IS 40-19711971-01-01EnglishCarbon black for paints - Includes Amendment 1
276BIS IS 6405-19711971-01-01EnglishCanthaxanthine, Food Grade - Includes Amendment 1
277BIS IS 6346-19711971-01-01EnglishMethod of tests for timber props for mines
278BIS IS 6148-19711971-01-01EnglishHead Fittings and Round Nuts Used with Ships Blocks
279BIS IS 6109-19711971-01-01EnglishEdible Sesame Flour (Expeller Pressed) - Includes Amendment 1
280BIS IS 6213: PART 5-19711971-01-01EnglishMethods of test for pulp: Part 5 Solubility of pulp in one percent caustic soda solution
281BIS IS 6237-19711971-01-01EnglishHandloom Cotton Cloth for Plaster of Paris Bandages and Cut Bandages
282BIS IS 6238-19711971-01-01EnglishSpring Collets - Includes Amendments 1-2
283BIS IS 6187-19711971-01-01EnglishSaw, Wire (Gigli pattern)
284BIS IS 6286-19711971-01-01EnglishSeamless and welded steel pipes for sub-zero temperature service - Includes Amendment 1
285BIS IS 6103-19711971-01-01EnglishMethod of test for specific resistance (resistivity) of electrical insulating liquids - Includes Amendment 1
286BIS IS 6123-19711971-01-01EnglishSeer Fish (scomberomorus spp.), Fresh
287BIS IS 1982-19711971-01-01EnglishCode of practice for ante-mortem and post-mortem inspection of meat animals - Includes Amendment 1
288BIS IS 6279-19711971-01-01Englishequipment for grit removal devices
289BIS IS 4880: PART 4-19711971-01-01EnglishCode of practice for design of tunnels conveying water: Part 4 Structural design of concrete lining in rock - Includes Amendments 1-2
290BIS IS 6214-19711971-01-01EnglishPhosphors for Cathode Ray Tubes
291BIS IS 899-19711971-01-01EnglishTapioca Sago (Saboodana) - Includes Amendment 1
292BIS IS 5944-19711971-01-01EnglishAccessories for Use in Shuttles for Jute Looms
293BIS IS 6335-19711971-01-01EnglishKnurled Thumb Nuts (Fixtures) - Includes Amendment 1
294BIS IS 2685-19711971-01-01EnglishCode of practice for selection, installation and maintenance of sluice valves - Includes Amendments 1-2
295BIS IS 6369-19711971-01-01EnglishFleshing knife for leather industry
296BIS IS 5878: PART 4-19711971-01-01EnglishCode of practice for construction of tunnels conveying water: Part 4 Tunnel supports - Includes Amendments 1-2
297BIS IS 6366-19711971-01-01EnglishSprue plugs for use in foundries
298BIS IS 6259-19711971-01-01EnglishAnthraquinone, Technical - Includes Amendment 1
299BIS IS 741-19711971-01-01EnglishCode for Inland Packaging of Woollen and Worsted Yarn and Cloth
300BIS IS 6196-19711971-01-01EnglishDimensions for fitted half-couplings - Includes Amendment 1
301BIS IS 1885: PART 31-19711971-01-01EnglishElectrotechnical vocabulary: Part 31 Magnetism
302BIS IS 6050-19711971-01-01Englishtemporary corrosion preventives, strippable, hot dipping type - Includes Amendments 1-2
303BIS IS 2597: PART 5-19711971-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for the use of Electron Tubes - Part 5 : Rectifiers and Thyratrons - Includes Amendment 1
304BIS IS 6324-19711971-01-01EnglishSingle Angle Milling Cutters
305BIS IS 1675-19711971-01-01EnglishStearic Acid, Technical - Includes Amendment 1
306BIS IS 5878: PART 2: SEC 3-19711971-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Construction of Tunnels Conveying Water - Part II : Underground Excavation in Rock - Section 3 : Tunneling Method for Steeply Inclined Tunnels, Shafts and Underground Power Houses - Includes AMD 1 and AMD 2
307BIS IS 6368-19711971-01-01EnglishMethod for sampling of rubber and rubber combination footwear
308BIS IS 1637-19711971-01-01EnglishCycle saddle leather
309BIS IS 6299-19711971-01-01EnglishGuide for handling, testing and storage of monochrome photographic prints - Includes Amendments 1-2
310BIS IS 6367-19711971-01-01EnglishDextrin for Adhesive Industry
311BIS IS 2720: PART 33-19711971-01-01EnglishMethods of test for soils: Part 33 Determination of the density in-place by the ring and water replacement method - Includes Amendment 1
312BIS IS 6213: PART 6-19711971-01-01EnglishMethods of test for pulp: Part 6 Copper number of pulp
313BIS IS 6277-19711971-01-01Englishcast mud box
314BIS IS 6136-19711971-01-01EnglishBasic requirements for cathode-ray tubes
315BIS IS 6358-19711971-01-01EnglishPotassium and sodium cyanides for electroplating - Includes Amendment 1
316BIS IS 6298-19711971-01-01EnglishGuide for selection of type and page layout in textbooks
317BIS IS 6107-19711971-01-01EnglishDried Silk Worm Pupae as Livestock Feed - Includes Amendments 1-2
318BIS IS 6166-19711971-01-01EnglishThin Taper Keys and Keyways - Includes Amendment 1
319BIS IS 6096-19711971-01-01EnglishDimensions for sprockets for 35 mm motion picture projectors
320BIS IS 6404-19711971-01-01EnglishTweezers, Dental, No. 1, 2 and 3
321BIS IS 6124-19711971-01-01EnglishMethod for Determination of Crimp in Wool
322BIS IS 6119-19711971-01-01EnglishCarbon Arc Lamps for Motion Picture Projection
323BIS IS 6435-19711971-01-01EnglishStrippers, Tendon
324BIS IS 6425-19711971-01-01EnglishDioptometer (Lensometer) - Includes Amendments 1-2
325BIS IS 6319-19711971-01-01EnglishClamp, Bone, Lowman Type
326BIS IS 6373-19711971-01-01EnglishSucker, Mucus
327BIS IS 2168-19711971-01-01EnglishPomfret Canned in Oil
328BIS IS 6097-19711971-01-01EnglishDimensions for cores for motion picture magnetic film
329BIS IS 6154-19711971-01-01EnglishPerforated plates for desiccators
330BIS IS 6265-19711971-01-01EnglishQuinizarine, Technical
331BIS IS 1477: PART 2-19711971-01-01EnglishCode of practice for painting of ferrous metals in buildings: Part 2 Painting
332BIS IS 3400: PART 12-19711971-01-01EnglishMethods of test for vulcanized rubbers: Part 012 Tear strength-crescent test piece
333BIS IS 1529-19711971-01-01EnglishBlast furnace refractories for steel plants - Includes Amendment 1
334BIS IS 6384: PART 3-19711971-01-01EnglishCode for care, management and housing of laboratory animals: Part 3 Laboratory cats
335BIS IS 4400: PART 7-19711971-01-01EnglishMethods of measurements on semiconductor devices: Part 7 Reverse blocking triode thyristors
336BIS IS 6339-19711971-01-01EnglishMethods of analysis of concentration, particle size distribution and specific gravity of sediment in streams and canals
337BIS IS 1794-19711971-01-01EnglishShuttles for Plain Calico Looms - Includes Amendments 1-2
338BIS IS 6060-19711971-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Daylighting of Factory Buildings
339BIS IS 4417-19711971-01-01EnglishWeft Pirns for Shuttles for Pirn-Changing Automatic Cotton, Woollen and Worsted Looms - Includes Amendment 1
340BIS IS 6193-19711971-01-01EnglishMethods of tests for monoaxially oriented high density polyethylene Polypropylene Tapes - Includes Amendments 1-2
341BIS IS 6225-19711971-01-01EnglishShips Oval Eye Plates - Includes Amendment 1
342BIS IS 6519-19711971-01-01EnglishCode of practice for selection, care and repair of safety footwear
343BIS IS 788-19711971-01-01EnglishInk, Drawing, Waterproof, Coloured
344BIS IS 6127-19711971-01-01EnglishVarnish, Spar and Fungicidal
345BIS IS 32-19711971-01-01EnglishCode for seaworthy packaging of woollen and worsted yarn and cloth
346BIS IS 6120-19711971-01-01EnglishMethod of Test for Total Dye Content in Food Colour Preparations - Includes Amendments 1-2
347BIS IS 6208-19711971-01-01EnglishSpoons, Plastics, Measuring, Medicine
348BIS IS 3455-19711971-01-01EnglishGauging practice for plain work pieces - Includes Amendments 1-4
349BIS IS 4518: PART 2-19711971-01-01EnglishMethods of test for styrene-butadiene rubbers: Part II Determination of solvent extract and oil content
350BIS IS 6194-19711971-01-01EnglishIntermittent Positive Pressure Respirator, Bag Type, Manually Operated
351BIS IS 6140-19711971-01-01EnglishShips Snatch Blocks
352BIS IS 6069-19711971-01-01EnglishSliding Seat Exerciser
353BIS IS 5350: PART 3-19711971-01-01EnglishDimensions of Indoor and Outdoor Porcelain Post Insulators and Post Insulator Units for Systems with Nominal Voltages Greater Than 1000 V - Part III : Outdoor Pedestal Post Insulators - Includes Amendments 1-3
354BIS IS 6348-19711971-01-01EnglishBasic terms for hanging of netting
355BIS IS 6302-19711971-01-01EnglishWhirlpool Bath - Includes Amendment 1
356BIS IS 6053: PART 3-19711971-01-01EnglishHandtools for footwear industry: Part 3 Designers knife
357BIS IS 6241-19711971-01-01EnglishMethod of Test for Determination of Stripping Value of Road Aggregates
358BIS IS 6190-19711971-01-01EnglishAnaesthetic Face Masks
359BIS IS 2554-19711971-01-01EnglishCast Iron Angle Plates - Includes Amendment 1
360BIS IS 7140-19711971-01-01EnglishSymbols and notations for correction of illustrations and illustration proofs
361BIS IS 731-19711971-01-01EnglishPorcelain insulators for overhead power lines with a nominal voltage greater than 1000 V - Includes Amendments 1-7
362BIS IS 6185-19711971-01-01EnglishSpecification and safety requirements for high chairs
363BIS IS 6289-19711971-01-01EnglishStaple, Epiphyseal, Orthopedic
364BIS IS 6310-19711971-01-01EnglishDimensions for interchangeability of milling cutters and milling arbors with tenon drive - Includes Amendment 1
365BIS IS 6481-19711971-01-01EnglishGuide for principal uses and styles of fibreboard containers
366BIS IS 1448: PART 24-19711971-01-01EnglishMethods of Test for Petroleum and its Products - Part 24 : Kauri-Butanol Value
367BIS IS 6252-19711971-01-01EnglishScissors Bandage, Listers Pattern
368BIS IS 2032: PART 13-19711971-01-01EnglishGraphical symbols used in electrotechnology: Part 13 Microwave tubes
369BIS IS 6164-19711971-01-01EnglishCode of safety for hydrochloric acid
370BIS IS 6213: PART 2-19711971-01-01EnglishMethods of test for pulp: Part 2 Determination of freeness of pulp
371BIS IS 6162: PART 2-19711971-01-01EnglishPaper Covered Aluminium Conductors - Part II : Rectangular Conductors - Includes Amendments 1-5
372BIS IS 6170-19711971-01-01EnglishPlatinum crucible and lid
373BIS IS 6534-19711971-01-01EnglishGuiding principles for grading and inspection of timber
374BIS IS 6106-19711971-01-01EnglishTables, Operation, Hydraulic, Minor - Includes Amendments 1-3
375BIS IS 1448: PART 1-19711971-01-01EnglishNeutralization Number by Potentiometric Titration - Part I
376BIS IS 6062-19711971-01-01EnglishMethod of Measurement of Flow of Water in Open Channels Using Standing Wave Flume-fall
377BIS IS 6105-19711971-01-01EnglishFeed Fingers
378BIS IS 3400: PART 15-19711971-01-01EnglishMethods of test for vulcanized rubbers: Part 15 Volume resistivity of electrically conducting and antistatic rubbers
379BIS IS 6434-19711971-01-01EnglishBow, Hare Lip Traction (Denis Brownes pattern)
380BIS IS 6156-19711971-01-01EnglishCode of safety for chlorosulphonic acid - Includes Amendment 1
381BIS IS 1477: PART 1-19711971-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Painting of Ferrous Metals in Buildings - Part 1 : Pretreatment
382BIS IS 1200: PART 25-19711971-01-01EnglishMethod of measurement of building and civil engineering works: Part 25 tunneling - Includes AMD 1; AMD 2; AMD 3: 1981; AMD 4: 1996
383BIS IS 789-19711971-01-01EnglishInk, drawing, waterproof, black - Includes Amendment 1
384BIS IS 6553-19711971-01-01EnglishEnvironmental requirements for semiconductor devices and integrated circuits
385BIS IS 6270-19711971-01-01EnglishCode of safety for phenol
386BIS IS 6141-19711971-01-01EnglishShips Single Sheave Blocks Without Becket
387BIS IS 6325-19711971-01-01EnglishDouble Angle Milling Cutters
388BIS IS 6285-19711971-01-01EnglishDimensions for interchangeability of milling cutters and milling arbors with key drive - Includes Amendment 1
389BIS IS 5815: PART 1-19711971-01-01EnglishMethods of test for fishing gear materials Part 1 Determination of thickness
390BIS IS 1331-19711971-01-01Englishcut sizes of timber
391BIS IS 6203-19711971-01-01EnglishShips Round Eye Plates - Includes Amendment 1
392BIS IS 5878: PART 2: SEC 2-19711971-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Construction of Tunnels - Part II : Underground Excavation in Rock - Section 2 Ventilation, Lighting, Mucking and Dewatering - Includes Amendment 1
393BIS IS 1377-19711971-01-01EnglishMethods for determination of mean fibre length of wool
394BIS IS 6129-19711971-01-01EnglishSquare Box Wrenches (Spanners)
395BIS IS 6371-19711971-01-01EnglishForceps, Bone Holding, Lanes, Lane-fagges and Fergussons Patterns
396BIS IS 5976-19711971-01-01EnglishShips Punkah-louvres
397BIS IS 6482-19711971-01-01EnglishTempers and rammers for use in foundries
398BIS IS 6365-19711971-01-01EnglishLaboratory electric ovens - Includes Amendments 1-5
399BIS IS 6104-19711971-01-01EnglishMethod of test for interfacial tension of oil against water by the ring method - Includes Amendment 1
400BIS IS 6275-19711971-01-01EnglishLower Extremity Full Length Brace with Joints with Locks
401BIS IS 6341-19711971-01-01EnglishMethod of laboratory test for efficacy of wood preservatives against soft rot
402BIS IS 6089: PART 1-19711971-01-01EnglishSensitive Switches - Part I : General Requirements and Tests
403BIS IS 2032: PART 14-19711971-01-01EnglishGraphical Symbols Used in Electrotechnology - Part XIV : Microwave Technology
404BIS IS 6072-19711971-01-01Englishautoclaved reinforced cellular concrete wall slabs - Includes Amendments 1-2
405BIS IS 6374-19711971-01-01EnglishHexagonal box wrenches (spanners)
406BIS IS 6228-19711971-01-01EnglishPoultry Egg Fertility Tester - Includes Amendment 1
407BIS IS 6181-19711971-01-01EnglishVarnish Bonded Glass-Fibre Braided Rectangular Copper Conductors - Includes Amendment 1
408BIS IS 6273: PART 1-19711971-01-01EnglishGuide for Sensory Evaluation of Foods - Part 1 : Optimum Requirements
409BIS IS 6361-19711971-01-01EnglishMethods of colorimetric determination of phosphorus
410BIS IS 6321-19711971-01-01EnglishNeedles, Hand Sewing - Includes Amendment 1
411BIS IS 6150-19711971-01-01EnglishISO Metric Screw Thread Measuring Prisms - Includes Amendment 1
412BIS IS 5991-19711971-01-01EnglishBallast Rakes - Includes Amendment 1
413BIS IS 5963-19711971-01-01EnglishKnee Joint without Lock for Steel Orthopaedic Calipers
414BIS IS 6498-19711971-01-01EnglishGlossary of terms used in connection with pulley blocks
415BIS IS 6502-19711971-01-01EnglishSize stick for footwear industry
416BIS IS 4880: PART 6-19711971-01-01EnglishCode of practice for design of tunnels conveying water: Part 6 Tunnel support
417BIS IS 2239-19711971-01-01EnglishWheat Bran - Includes Amendment 1
418BIS IS 6351-19711971-01-01EnglishUnhairing and scudding knife for leather industry
419BIS IS 6278-19711971-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Whitewashing and Colour-washing
420BIS IS 6288-19711971-01-01EnglishTest Code for Mouldboard Ploughs
421BIS IS 6262-19711971-01-01EnglishMethod of Test for Power Factor and Dielectric Constant of Electrical Insulating Liquids
422BIS IS 6142-19711971-01-01EnglishShips single sheaves blocks with becket
423BIS IS 6167-19711971-01-01EnglishThin Parallel Keys and Keyways - Includes Amendment 1
424BIS IS 6297: PART 1-19711971-01-01EnglishSpecifcation for Transformers and Inductors (Power, Audio, Pulse and Switching) for Electronic Equipment - Part I : General Requirements and Tests - Includes Amendments 1-4
425BIS IS 6377-19711971-01-01EnglishMellets for use in foundries
426BIS IS 6184-19711971-01-01EnglishDimensions for furniture mirrors
427BIS IS 6267-19711971-01-01EnglishSilver Cyanide and Silver Potassium Cyanide for Electroplating - Includes Amendment 1
428BIS IS 6197-19711971-01-01EnglishTest chart for vertical boring and turning mills with table diameter up to 1600 mm - Includes Amendment 1
429BIS IS 6095-19711971-01-01EnglishCans for 35 mm Motion Picture Films
430BIS IS 5878: PART 1-19711971-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Construction of Tunnels - Part I : Precision Survey and Setting Out - Includes AMD 1 and AMD 2
431BIS IS 6280-19711971-01-01Englishsewage screens
432BIS IS 6133: PART 1-19711971-01-01EnglishPiezo-electric Filters for Use in Telecommunication and Measuring Equipment - Part I : General Requirements and Tests - Includes Amendments 1-2
433BIS IS 3949-19711971-01-01EnglishDimensions and Screw Thread for Lamp Used in Laryngoscopes
434BIS IS 2910-19711971-01-01EnglishShuttles for Jute Broad Looms
435BIS IS 6418-19711971-01-01EnglishCast iron and malleable cast iron flanges for general engineering purposes
436BIS IS 6499-19711971-01-01EnglishCurette, Uterine, Double-ended, Sharp, Sims Pattern - Includes Amendment 1
437BIS IS 2243-19711971-01-01EnglishDrill Chucks - Includes Amendments 1-3
438BIS IS 6191-19711971-01-01EnglishMethods of Micro-Biological Colour Fastness and Microscopical Tests for Leather - Includes Amendment 1
439BIS IS 6236-19711971-01-01EnglishDirect recording electrical measuring instruments
440BIS IS 6213: PART 4-19711971-01-01EnglishMethods of Test for Pulp - Part IV : Determination of Viscosity of Pulp
441BIS IS 6213: PART 7-19711971-01-01EnglishMethods of Test for Pulp - Part VII : Ash Content in Pulp
442BIS IS 3715: PART 4-19711971-01-01EnglishLetter symbols for semiconductor devices: Part 4 Thyristors
443BIS IS 6254-19711971-01-01EnglishSide Weft Forks and Grates for Non-automatic Looms
444BIS IS 6087-19711971-01-01EnglishMetal Cutting Shears
445BIS IS 6490-19711971-01-01EnglishMethod for Determination of Stiffness of Fabrics - Cantilever Test
446BIS IS 6053: PART 2-19711971-01-01EnglishHandtools for footwear industry: Part 2 Bottom cutting knife (RAMPI)
447BIS IS 6213: PART 1-19711971-01-01EnglishMethods of Test for Pulp - Part I : Water Solubility of Pulp
448BIS IS 6291-19711971-01-01EnglishKnife, Clasp - Includes Amendments 1-3
449BIS IS 6392-19711971-01-01EnglishSteel pipe flanges - Includes Amendment 1
450BIS IS 6306-19711971-01-01EnglishMethods of test for reclaimed rubber - Includes Amendments 1-2
451BIS IS 6204-19711971-01-01EnglishCast Open Roller Fairleads
452BIS IS 6359-19711971-01-01EnglishMethod for conditioning of textiles
453BIS IS 6049-19711971-01-01EnglishCode of practice for application of temporary corrosion preventives - Includes Amendment 1
454BIS IS 5807: PART 3-19711971-01-01EnglishMethods of test for clear finishes for wooden furniture: Part 3 Resistance to marking by oils and fats
455BIS IS 5877-19711971-01-01EnglishBarium sulphide, technical (black ash)
456BIS IS 6151: PART 1-19711971-01-01EnglishStorage management code: Part 1 Terminology
457BIS IS 6017-19711971-01-01EnglishThermometer for whirling psychrometers - Includes Amendment 1
458BIS IS 6128-19711971-01-01EnglishDesiccators - Includes Amendment 1
459BIS IS 6207-19711971-01-01EnglishTrolleys for Oxygen Cylinders
460BIS IS 6582-19711971-01-01EnglishBio-assay methods for evaluating acute toxicity of industrial effluents and wastewaters
461BIS IS 6384: PART 2-19711971-01-01EnglishCode for care, management and housing of laboratory animals: Part 2 Laboratory dogs
462BIS IS 6273: PART 2-19711971-01-01EnglishGuide for Sensory Evaluation of Foods - Part II : Methods and Evaluation Cards
463BIS IS 5964-19711971-01-01EnglishRound Spur for Orthopaedic Calipers
464BIS IS 6399-19711971-01-01EnglishCode of practice for construction of coffee seed storage structures
465BIS IS 6233-19711971-01-01EnglishForceps, Bone Cutting (stille liston pattern)
466BIS IS 2669-19711971-01-01EnglishWoodruff Keyslot Milling Cutters with Parallel Shank - Includes Amendment 1
467BIS IS 757-19711971-01-01EnglishHandloom Cotton Lint, Absorbent, Bleached - Includes Amendment 1
468BIS IS 6007-19711971-01-01EnglishPipe Vices (Hinged Type)
469BIS IS 6443-19711971-01-01EnglishLifters and cleaners for use in foundries
470BIS IS 6360-19711971-01-01EnglishLacto Bonbon - Includes Amendments 1-2
471BIS IS 5477: PART 4-19711971-01-01EnglishMethods for fixing the capacities of reservoirs: Part 4 Flood storage
472BIS IS 6162: PART 1-19711971-01-01EnglishPaper-Covered Aluminium Conductors - Part I : Round Conductors - Includes Amendments 1-4
473BIS IS 6195-19711971-01-01EnglishCast open chocks
474BIS IS 5837-19701970-01-01EnglishCode for hygienic conditions for soft drink manufacturing units - Includes Amendment 1
475BIS IS 5752-19701970-01-01EnglishYara Yara
476BIS IS 5673-19701970-01-01EnglishMethods of tests for still projectors
477BIS IS 5903-19701970-01-01EnglishRecommendations for safety devices for gas cylinders
478BIS IS 5819-19701970-01-01EnglishRecommended Short-circuit Ratings of High Voltage PVC Cables
479BIS IS 698-19701970-01-01EnglishPicking Sticks (Arms) for Overpick Jute Looms
480BIS IS 5720-19701970-01-01EnglishRetractor, Mastold, Self-Retaining (Mollisons pattern)
481BIS IS 5575: PART 1-19701970-01-01EnglishTemperature Control Devices for Quartz Crystal Units (Heating Type) - Part I : General Requirements and Tests - Includes Amendments 1-2
482BIS IS 6013-19701970-01-01EnglishTrowels for use in foundries
483BIS IS 5657-19701970-01-01EnglishJim Crows - Includes Amendment 1
484BIS IS 5838-19701970-01-01EnglishMethods for estimation of Vitamin C in foodstuffs
485BIS IS 5806-19701970-01-01Englishnon-coniferous timber in converted form for ammunition/explosives boxes - Includes Amendments 1-2
486BIS IS 5778-19701970-01-01EnglishStill projectors
487BIS IS 5182: PART 3-19701970-01-01EnglishMethods for measurement of air pollution : Part 3 Radioactivity (particulate in air)
488BIS IS 5793-19701970-01-01EnglishAneroid Barometers - Includes Amendment 1
489BIS IS 5925-19701970-01-01EnglishRecommended practice for silver plating for general engineering purposes
490BIS IS 55-19701970-01-01EnglishUltramarine blue for paints - Includes Amendments 1-2
491BIS IS 5663-19701970-01-01EnglishBrick and Masons Chisels
492BIS IS 5926-19701970-01-01EnglishShell Reamers - Includes Amendments 1-2
493BIS IS 5988-19701970-01-01EnglishSpring dowel sleeves (light and heavy patterns) for use in foundries
494BIS IS 5734-19701970-01-01EnglishSardine Oil - Includes Amendment 1
495BIS IS 5799-19701970-01-01EnglishWindvane
496BIS IS 5711-19701970-01-01EnglishVulcanized fibre rods and tubes for electrical purposes
497BIS IS 5785: PART 3-19701970-01-01EnglishMethods for performance tests for surface active agents: Part 3 Foaming power - Includes Amendment 1
498BIS IS 6056-19701970-01-01Englishjointed wood poles for overhead power and telecommunication lines - Includes Amendment 1
499BIS IS 5878: PART 2: SEC 1-19701970-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Construction of Tunnels - Part II : Underground Excavation in Rock - Section 1 : Drilling and Blasting - Includes Amendment 1
500BIS IS 6113-19701970-01-01EnglishAluminium Fasteners for Building Purposes