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Posstandard Numberpublication dateLanguageDescription
1BIS IS 8032-19761976-01-01EnglishGuide for Treatment of Distillery Effluents
2BIS IS 8254: PART 1-19761976-01-01EnglishValve, Non-Rebreathing - Part I : Rubens Pattern
3BIS IS 8261: PART 1-19761976-01-01EnglishPins and Wires, Skeletal, Traction - Part I : Kirschner Wires - Includes Amendment 1
4BIS IS 8141-19761976-01-01EnglishTolerances for screw threads used in aeronautics
5BIS IS 8252: PART 6-19761976-01-01EnglishEnvironmental Tests for Aircraft Equipment - Part VI : Waterproofness
6BIS IS 7967-19761976-01-01EnglishCriteria for controlling pollution of marine coastal areas - Includes Amendment 1
7BIS IS 838-19761976-01-01EnglishTin Rollers for Cotton Ring Spinning Frames
8BIS IS 7976-19761976-01-01EnglishPhorate, Technical - Includes Amendments 1-2
9BIS IS 3340-19761976-01-01EnglishHarness (dobby and jacquard) ( Superseding IS 3341)
10BIS IS 8124-19761976-01-01EnglishCode of Hygienic Conditions for Sale of Sugarcane Juice
11BIS IS 10: PART 5-19761976-01-01EnglishPlywood Tea-Chests: Part 5 Assembly and Packing - 4th Revision
12BIS IS 8033-19761976-01-01EnglishRound Washers with Square Hole for Wood Fastenings - Includes Amendments 1-2
13BIS IS 7688: PART 2-19761976-01-01EnglishCode of practice for labelling of pre-packaged foods: Part 2 Guidelines on claims
14BIS IS 1448: PART 25-19761976-01-01EnglishMethods of Test for Petroleum and its Products - Part 25 : Determination of Kinematic and Dynamic Viscosity
15BIS IS 7996-19761976-01-01EnglishDriving Squares for Power Socket Wrenches - Includes Amendments 1-2
16BIS IS 8106-19761976-01-01EnglishNeedle Holder, Eye, Kalts Pattern
17BIS IS 8247-19761976-01-01EnglishFastener, Paper, Prong Type, with Washer
18BIS IS 8295: PART 2-19761976-01-01Englishbamboo chicks: Part 2 Coarse
19BIS IS 1941: PART 1-19761976-01-01EnglishFunctional requirements for electric motor sirens: Part 1 ac 3 phase 50 hz, 415 volts type
20BIS IS 7943-19761976-01-01EnglishTrichlorfon Dusting Powders - Includes Amendment 1
21BIS IS 1956: PART 8-19761976-01-01EnglishGlossary of Terms Relating to Iron and Steel - Part VIII : Steel Tubes and Pipes
22BIS IS 7326: PART 3-19761976-01-01EnglishPenstock and turbine inlet butterfly valves for hydropower stations and systems: Part 3 Recommendations for operations and maintenance
23BIS IS 5508: PART 17 AND 18-19761976-01-01EnglishGuide for fishing gear - 35 m and 50-m bulged belley trawl net
24BIS IS 8197-19761976-01-01EnglishTerminal markings for electrical measuring instruments and their accessories
25BIS IS 7416: PART 11-19761976-01-01EnglishDimensions for TV ferrite components: Part 11 Balun core
26BIS IS 8214: PART 6-19761976-01-01EnglishGlossary of ships hydrodynamic terms, Part 6 Strength and vibration
27BIS IS 4968: PART 2-19761976-01-01EnglishMethod for subsurface sounding for soils: Part 2 Dynamic method using cone and bentonite slurry - Includes Amendment 1
28BIS IS 1956: PART 6-19761976-01-01EnglishGlossary of Terms Relating to Iron and Steel : Part 6 Forging (including drop forging) - Includes Amendments 1-2
29BIS IS 1889: PART 1-19761976-01-01EnglishMethod for quantitative chemical analysis of binary mixtures of regenerated cellulose fibre and cotton: Part 1 Sodium zincate method
30BIS IS 548: PART 2-19761976-01-01EnglishMethods of sampling and test for oils and fats: Part II Purity tests - Includes Amendments 1-7
31BIS IS 2492-19761976-01-01EnglishStainless Steel Road Milk Tankers
32BIS IS 8280-19761976-01-01EnglishMethods of calibration of ionization vacuum gauges
33BIS IS 8263-19761976-01-01EnglishMethods for radio interference test on high voltage insulators
34BIS IS 6849: PART 3-19761976-01-01EnglishMethods of measurement of the performance characteristics of positive-displacement vacuum pumps Part 3 Water vapour pumping capacity
35BIS IS 1200: PART 3-19761976-01-01EnglishMethod of Measurement of Building and Civil Engineering Works - Part III : Brickwork
36BIS IS 7925-19761976-01-01EnglishLow alloy types of abrasion resistant iron castings
37BIS IS 8115-19761976-01-01EnglishDouble hessian jute bags for pesticides - Includes Amendments 1-3
38BIS IS 2652-19761976-01-01EnglishSchedule of terminals for leclanche type primary batteries - Includes Amendments 1-2
39BIS IS 7915-19761976-01-01EnglishDimensions for connections for aircraft ground electrical supplies
40BIS IS 1537-19761976-01-01EnglishVertically cast iron pressure pipes for water, gas and sewage - Includes AMD 1: 1977; AMD 2: 1978; AMD 3: 1980; AMD 4: 1983; AMD 5: 1994; AMD 6: 2010
41BIS IS 8245-19761976-01-01EnglishGraphical symbols for vacuum technology
42BIS IS 8066-19761976-01-01EnglishMine Cars - Includes Amendment 1
43BIS IS 4050-19761976-01-01EnglishMethods of tests for horn switches for automobiles - Includes Amendments 1-2
44BIS IS 2720: PART 23-19761976-01-01EnglishMethods of test for soils: Part 23 Determination of calcium carbonate
45BIS IS 8152-19761976-01-01EnglishMethods of measurement of speed fluctuations in sound recording and reproducing equipment - Includes Amendment 1
46BIS IS 8068-19761976-01-01EnglishTab Washers - Includes Amendment 1
47BIS IS 3246-19761976-01-01EnglishCanned Okra (Bhindi) - Includes Amendment 1
48BIS IS 750-19761976-01-01EnglishHandloom Cotton Lungies - Includes Amendments 1-3
49BIS IS 8218: PART 1-19761976-01-01EnglishSafety code for plant railways Part 1 Layout
50BIS IS 417: PART 4-19761976-01-01EnglishFootballs, Volleyballs, Basketballs, Netballs, Throwballs and Water-polo Balls - Part IV : Netballs - Includes Amendment 1
51BIS IS 7930-19761976-01-01EnglishDimensions of toroids made of magnetic oxides or iron powder
52BIS IS 8011-19761976-01-01EnglishMethods for the measurement of frequency and equivalent resistance of unwanted reasonance of filter crystal units
53BIS IS 586-19761976-01-01EnglishLeclanche type dry batteries for telecommunications,signalling and general purposes - Includes Amendment 1-3
54BIS IS 6659-19761976-01-01EnglishElectronic grade ceramic materials
55BIS IS 8294-19761976-01-01EnglishLiquid Amine Salts of MCPA - Includes Amendment 1
56BIS IS 2697-19761976-01-01EnglishAmmonium bicarbonate for food industry - Includes Amendment 1
57BIS IS 8338-19761976-01-01EnglishRecommendations relating to primary elements in the design of school library buildings
58BIS IS 8194-19761976-01-01English3-Nitro Chlorobenzene - Includes Amendment 1
59BIS IS 7981: PART 3-19761976-01-01EnglishInstruments, Tuboplasty - Part III : Guide, Shirodkars Pattern
60BIS IS 8046-19761976-01-01EnglishForceps, Extraction, Dental, Upper Incisors and Canines, Children
61BIS IS 8282: PART 1-19761976-01-01EnglishCode of practice for installation, maintenance and observations of pore pressure measuring devices in concrete and masonry dams: Part 1 Electrical resistance type cell
62BIS IS 8253-19761976-01-01EnglishLever, Bone, Bristows Pattern
63BIS IS 8073-19761976-01-01EnglishGuide for treatment and disposal of steel plant effluents
64BIS IS 2051-19761976-01-01EnglishMethod for Sampling of Leather Footwear
65BIS IS 1569-19761976-01-01EnglishCapacitors for use in tubular fluorescent high pressure mercury and low pressure sodium vapour discharge lamp circuit - Includes AMD 1: 1981
66BIS IS 4470-19761976-01-01EnglishAll metal leasing reeds for warping
67BIS IS 8226-19761976-01-01EnglishCode of practice for installation and observation of base plates for measurement of foundation settlement in embankments
68BIS IS 2898-19761976-01-01EnglishSteel Balls for Rolling Bearings - Includes Amendment 1
69BIS IS 2720: PART 24-19761976-01-01EnglishMethods of Test for Soils - Part XXIV : Determination of Cation Exchange Capacity - Includes Amendment 1
70BIS IS 8009: PART 1-19761976-01-01EnglishCode of practice for calculation of settlements of foundations: Part 1 Shallow foundations subjected to symmetrical static vertical loads - Includes Amendments 1-2
71BIS IS 1200: PART 12-19761976-01-01EnglishMethod of Measurement of Building and Civil Engineering Works - Part XII : Plastering and Pointing
72BIS IS 8160-19761976-01-01EnglishTangent galvanometers - Includes Amendment 1
73BIS IS 803-19761976-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Design Fabrication and Erection of Vertical Mild Steel Cylindrical Welded Oil Storage Tanks - Includes Amendment 1
74BIS IS 917-19761976-01-01EnglishActivated Calcium Carbonate for Rubber Industry - Includes Amendment 1
75BIS IS 8274-19761976-01-01EnglishDrawbar Eyes and Forecarriage Pins for Connection between Trailers of Gross Mass above 5 Tonnes and up to 35 Tonnes and Transport Tractor
76BIS IS 1956: PART 7-19761976-01-01EnglishGlossary of Terms Relating to Iron and Steel - Part VII : Wrought Iron - Includes Amendments 1-2
77BIS IS 8080-19761976-01-01EnglishSilver Coated Copper Wire - Includes Amendment 1
78BIS IS 2720: PART 37-19761976-01-01EnglishMethods of test for soils: Part 37 Determination of sand equivalent values of soils and fine aggregates
79BIS IS 8185-19761976-01-01EnglishCode of safety for phosgene - Includes Amendment 1
80BIS IS 8181-19761976-01-01EnglishRepositor, Iris
81BIS IS 5887: PART 1-19761976-01-01EnglishMethods for Detection of Bacteria Responsible for Food Poisoning - Part I : Isolation, Identification and Enumeration of Escherichia Coli
82BIS IS 5182: PART 8-19761976-01-01EnglishMethods for measurement of air pollution : Part 8 Sulphation rate - Includes Amendment 1
83BIS IS 436: PART 1: SEC 2-19761976-01-01EnglishMethods for sampling of coal and coke: Part I Sampling of Coal/Section 2: Mechanical sampling
84BIS IS 8138-19761976-01-01EnglishPicking Nose, Boss and Shell for Looms
85BIS IS 8214: PART 5-19761976-01-01EnglishGlossary of ships hydrodynamic terms, Part 5 Manoeuvrability
86BIS IS 7785: PART 3-19761976-01-01EnglishElevated type aerodrome lighting fittings: Part 3 Low intensity runway edge lighting fittings
87BIS IS 8307-19761976-01-01EnglishCarbide Tipped, Twist Drills, Parallel Shank - Includes Amendment 1
88BIS IS 417: PART 6-19761976-01-01EnglishFootballs, Volleyballs, Basketballs, Netballs, Throwballs and Water-polo Balls - Part VI : Water-polo Balls - Includes Amendment 1
89BIS IS 8113-19761976-01-01EnglishPrimary cartons for packaging butter
90BIS IS 7739: PART 5-19761976-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Preparation of Metallographic Specimens - Part 5 Iron and steel and their examination
91BIS IS 8098: PART 1-19761976-01-01EnglishCode of practice for finishing of automobile bodies Part 1 Finishing of passenger cars
92BIS IS 8137-19761976-01-01EnglishSprings for Plain Calico Looms
93BIS IS 8131-19761976-01-01EnglishTest chart for circular tables for machine tools (table diameter up to 630 mm) - Includes Amendments 1-4
94BIS IS 8164-19761976-01-01EnglishHospital Rubber Sheeting without Reinforcing Fabric - Includes Amendments 1-3
95BIS IS 8047-19761976-01-01EnglishForceps, Extraction, Dental, Upper Molar, Children
96BIS IS 7063: PART 3-19761976-01-01EnglishMethods of Test for Corrugated Fibreboard - Part III : Water Resistance of Glue bond by immersion
97BIS IS 2469-19761976-01-01EnglishGlossary of terms relating to gypsum
98BIS IS 2720: PART 38-19761976-01-01EnglishMethods of test for soils: Part 38 Compaction control test (Hilf method)
99BIS IS 7940-19761976-01-01EnglishMethod for determining resistance to penetration by water of fabrics by static pressure head test
100BIS IS 8002-19761976-01-01EnglishRecommended procedure for welding of flexible PVC
101BIS IS 5887: PART 5-19761976-01-01EnglishMethods for detection of bacteria responsible for food poisoning :Part 5 Isolation, identification and enumeration of VIBRIO CHOLERAE and VIBRIO PARAHAEMOLYTICUS
102BIS IS 8259-19761976-01-01EnglishOxydemeton-Methyl Emulsifiable Concentrates - Includes Amendments 1-2
103BIS IS 8155-19761976-01-01EnglishPortfolios
104BIS IS 8214: PART 3-19761976-01-01EnglishGlossary of ships hydrodynamic terms, Part 3 Resistance and propulsion
105BIS IS 8186-19761976-01-01EnglishMarking codes for values and tolerance of resistors and capacitors
106BIS IS 7416: PART 5-19761976-01-01EnglishDimensions for TV ferrite components: Part 5 Segment magnet for linearity control unit
107BIS IS 7990-19761976-01-01EnglishPliers for External Circlips
108BIS IS 7975: PART 1-19761976-01-01EnglishDriving parts for hand-operated square drive socket wrenches:Part 1 Technical supply conditions
109BIS IS 8291-19761976-01-01EnglishPhenthoate Emulsifiable Concentrates - Includes Amendments 1-2
110BIS IS 8143-19761976-01-01EnglishPlugs and keys for resistance boxes
111BIS IS 1956: PART 1-19761976-01-01EnglishGlossary of terms relating to iron and steel Part I General metallurgy, heat treatment and testing
112BIS IS 8004-19761976-01-01EnglishRecommended procedure for welding of rigid PVC
113BIS IS 8109-19761976-01-01EnglishNeedle Holder, Eye, Castroviejos Pattern
114BIS IS 8199-19761976-01-01EnglishTracheostomy Tubes, Fullers Pattern
115BIS IS 8095-19761976-01-01EnglishAccident Prevention Tags
116BIS IS 8261: PART 3-19761976-01-01EnglishPins and Wires, Skeletal, Traction - Part III : Pins and Wires, Fixation and Threaded - Includes Amendment 1
117BIS IS 4968: PART 3-19761976-01-01EnglishMethod for subsurface sounding for soils: Part 3 Static cone penetration test
118BIS IS 3842: PART 12-19761976-01-01EnglishApplication guide for electrical relays for ac systems: Part 12 Differential relays for transformers
119BIS IS 7063: PART 2-19761976-01-01EnglishMethods of test for corrugated fibreboard: Part 2 Edgewise crush resistance of board
120BIS IS 8232-19761976-01-01English2,6-Diaminoanthraquinone, Technical - Includes Amendment 1
121BIS IS 4880: PART 3-19761976-01-01EnglishCode of practice for design of tunnels conveying water: Part 3 Hydraulic design
122BIS IS 8288-19761976-01-01EnglishBakeable Flanges
123BIS IS 8248-19761976-01-01EnglishAntireflection Coating on Glass Optical Components
124BIS IS 7981: PART 1-19761976-01-01EnglishInstruments, Tuboplasty - Part I : Occluder, Cervical, Shirodkars Pattern
125BIS IS 2547: PART 2-19761976-01-01Englishgypsum building plaster: Part 2 Premixed lightweight plaster - Includes Amendment 1
126BIS IS 8099-19761976-01-01EnglishSizes of collars for circular saw blades for woodworking machines
127BIS IS 2783-19761976-01-01EnglishBalaclava Caps, Wool, Plain-knitted
128BIS IS 2510-19761976-01-01EnglishBottom rollers for drafting systems
129BIS IS 7416: PART 3-19761976-01-01EnglishDimensions for TV ferrite components: Part 3 Tuning magnet for linearity control unit
130BIS IS 8262: PART 2-19761976-01-01EnglishQuick release couplings for vacuum pipe lines Part 2 Clamped type
131BIS IS 7960: PART 1-19761976-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Packaging Machine Tools - Part I : For Overseas Shipment
132BIS IS 4880: PART 2-19761976-01-01EnglishCode of practice for design of tunnels conveying water: Part 2 Geometric design
133BIS IS 7958-19761976-01-01EnglishHand Vices
134BIS IS 8060-19761976-01-01EnglishHeel tip and toe tip with nails for footwear - Includes Amendment 1
135BIS IS 8000: PART 4-19761976-01-01EnglishGeometrical tolerancing on technical drawings Part IV Practical examples of indications on drawings - Includes Amendment 1
136BIS IS 8270: PART 2-19761976-01-01EnglishGuide for preparation of diagrams, charts and tables for electrotechnology: Part 2 Item designation
137BIS IS 412-19751975-01-01EnglishExpanded Metal Steel Sheets for General Purposes - Includes Amendment 1
138BIS IS 7739: PART 7-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Preparation of Metallographic Specimens - Part 7 Magnesium and its alloys and their examination
139BIS IS 7691-19751975-01-01EnglishFrequencies for special power applications
140BIS IS 1284-19751975-01-01EnglishWrought aluminium alloy bolt and screw stock for general engineering purposes
141BIS IS 7879: PART 2-19751975-01-01EnglishGlossary of aeronautical and astronautical terms Part 2 Motion of aircraft - Includes Amendment 1
142BIS IS 7714-19751975-01-01EnglishMethod of seability test for gasket material
143BIS IS 7779: PART 1: SEC 2-19751975-01-01EnglishSchedule for properties and availability of stones for construction purposes: Part I Gujarat state: Section 2 Engineering properties of building stones
144BIS IS 7752: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishGuide for improvement of power factor in consumer installation:Part 1 Low and medium supply voltages
145BIS IS 7247: PART 4-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of practice for fumigation of agricultural produce: Part 4 Ethylene dichloride and Carbon tetrachloride mixture
146BIS IS 7913-19751975-01-01EnglishIntegral Stems for Percussive Drilling - Includes Amendments 1-2
147BIS IS 7829-19751975-01-01EnglishMarking of aircraft gas cylinders
148BIS IS 7847-19751975-01-01EnglishGeneral characteristics of lifting hooks
149BIS IS 7676-19751975-01-01EnglishChisel, Osseous, Dental
150BIS IS 7591-19751975-01-01EnglishMalt Extract, Microbiological Grade
151BIS IS 7882-19751975-01-01EnglishAluminium alloy sheet and strip for aircraft purposes (Alloy 19000)
152BIS IS 7614-19751975-01-01EnglishWooden Bobbins for Ring Doubling and Twisting Frames - Includes Amendment 1
153BIS IS 7929-19751975-01-01EnglishMethods of determination of electrical resistivity of chemical coke
154BIS IS 7607: PART 3-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of practice for keeping dairy accounts: Part 3 Products plants
155BIS IS 2507-19751975-01-01EnglishCold-rolled steel strips for springs - Includes Amendments 1-2
156BIS IS 7962-19751975-01-01EnglishMethods of measurement for piezoelectric vibrations operating over the frequency range upto 30 MHz
157BIS IS 7797-19751975-01-01EnglishGrading for soyabeans for oil milling
158BIS IS 5802: PART 2-19751975-01-01EnglishFlexible Coaxial Radio Frequency Cables with Characteristic Impedance 75 - Part 2 : Cable Type 75-7-2
159BIS IS 7780-19751975-01-01EnglishPliers, Ligature Forming, Dental
160BIS IS 7570-19751975-01-01EnglishGlossary of terms relating to fork arms and attachments of forklift trucks
161BIS IS 1862-19751975-01-01EnglishStuds - Includes Amendment 1
162BIS IS 7883-19751975-01-01EnglishAluminium-manganese sheet and strip for aircraft purposes (Alloy 31000)
163BIS IS 7716-19751975-01-01EnglishMethods for testing efficacy of fumigation for disinfestation of grains in domestic bins
164BIS IS 7751: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishSlide Switches - Part I : General Requirements and Tests
165BIS IS 7607: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of practice for keeping dairy accounts: Part 1 Primary milk collection units
166BIS IS 7582-19751975-01-01EnglishCrab Meat, Solid Packed
167BIS IS 8021-19751975-01-01EnglishDental Sticky Wax
168BIS IS 7831-19751975-01-01EnglishDimensions of Aircraft Lubricating Nipples
169BIS IS 7739: PART 3-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Preparation of Metallographic Specimens - Part 3 Aluminium and its alloys and their examination
170BIS IS 4223-19751975-01-01EnglishSteel Wire for Umbrella Ribs
171BIS IS 7850-19751975-01-01Englishwooden box for microscope slides - Includes Amendment 1
172BIS IS 35-19751975-01-01EnglishZinc oxide for paints - Includes Amendment 1
173BIS IS 3892-19751975-01-01EnglishFrozen Lobster Tails - Includes Amendment 1
174BIS IS 7854-19751975-01-01EnglishVoltages and frequency for aircraft electrical systems
175BIS IS 7641-19751975-01-01English4-chloro-2-anisidine - Includes Amendment 1
176BIS IS 1350: PART 2-19751975-01-01EnglishMethods of Test for Coal and Coke - Part II : Determination of Calorific Value - Includes Amendment 1
177BIS IS 347-19751975-01-01EnglishVarnish, shellac, for general purposes
178BIS IS 3692-19751975-01-01EnglishRubber Closures, Pharmaceutical
179BIS IS 2317-19751975-01-01EnglishMethod for gravimetric determination of sulphates
180BIS IS 7927-19751975-01-01EnglishMethod of field testing for manually operated paddy weeder
181BIS IS 1108-19751975-01-01EnglishPharmaceutical Glass Containers
182BIS IS 7969-19751975-01-01EnglishSafety code for handling and storage of building materials - Includes Amendment 1
183BIS IS 7935-19751975-01-01EnglishInsulator fittings for overhead power lines with a nominal voltage up to and including 1000 V - Includes Amendments 1-3
184BIS IS 2473-19751975-01-01EnglishDimensions for centre holes - Includes Amendments 1-2
185BIS IS 7830-19751975-01-01EnglishDimensions of aircraft sheet rails and pins
186BIS IS 1781-19751975-01-01EnglishUrea, Technical - Includes Amendment 1
187BIS IS 3339-19751975-01-01EnglishSilica flour for use in foundries
188BIS IS 2885-19751975-01-01EnglishFrozen Frog Legs - Includes Amendment 1
189BIS IS 4875-19751975-01-01EnglishEdible Groundnut Flour (Solvent Extracted) - Includes Amendments 1-3
190BIS IS 7655-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of practice for food advertising - Includes Amendment 1
191BIS IS 7729-19751975-01-01EnglishSodium Monochloroacetate
192BIS IS 7863-19751975-01-01EnglishFertilizer Physical Mixtures - Includes Amendment 1
193BIS IS 7785: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishElevated type aerodrome lighting fittings: Part 1 General requirements
194BIS IS 7802-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of hygienic conditions for sweetmeat shop - Includes Amendment 1
195BIS IS 7675-19751975-01-01EnglishMethod for sensory evaluation of beer
196BIS IS 7590-19751975-01-01EnglishGelatin, Microbiological Grade
197BIS IS 7901-19751975-01-01EnglishTriethanolamine, Technical
198BIS IS 7772-19751975-01-01EnglishShell Core Drills - Includes Amendment 1
199BIS IS 7768-19751975-01-01EnglishMethod for sensory evaluation of milk
200BIS IS 7731-19751975-01-01EnglishGuide for storage of peaches
201BIS IS 7827: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishElectrical Wind Screen Wipers - Part I : Wiper System - Includes Amendment 1
202BIS IS 7539-19751975-01-01EnglishCarbaryl, Technical - Includes Amendments 1-5
203BIS IS 7610: PART 3-19751975-01-01EnglishMachinery fabrics, wool : Part 3 - Sizing flannel (Superseding IS 6055 ) - Includes Amendments 1-2
204BIS SP 12-19751975-01-01EnglishHandbook for Gas Welders
205BIS IS 2261-19751975-01-01EnglishLamps for flashlights - Includes Amendment 1
206BIS IS 7702-19751975-01-01EnglishMethod for determination of thickness of woven and knitted fabrics
207BIS IS 4604-19751975-01-01EnglishPattern plates for machine moulding boxes
208BIS IS 7793-19751975-01-01EnglishAluminium alloys for IC engine pistons - Includes Amendment 1
209BIS IS 4303: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishCode for hygienic conditions in fish industry: Part 1 Pre-processing stage - Includes Amendment 1
210BIS IS 7933-19751975-01-01EnglishFlexible Polyurethane Foam for Domestic Mattresses
211BIS IS 7599: PART 2-19751975-01-01EnglishGeneral Requirements for Engineers Comparators With Stand - Part II : Comparator Standard
212BIS IS 7634: PART 2-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of practice for plastics pipe work for potable water supplies: Part 2 Laying and jointing of polyethylene (PE) pipes - Includes Amendments 1-2
213BIS IS 3902-19751975-01-01EnglishDimethoate, Technical - Includes Amendments 1-3
214BIS IS 7535-19751975-01-01EnglishLiver Extract, Microbiological Grade
215BIS IS 7650-19751975-01-01EnglishDrill, Hand, Bone, Universal, Micro and Kirschner
216BIS IS 7818-19751975-01-01EnglishBroach, Moore Type, for Hip Prosthesis
217BIS IS 2067-19751975-01-01EnglishWrought aluminium wire for electrical purposes - Includes Amendment 1
218BIS IS 7788-19751975-01-01EnglishSingle-phase traction power converters
219BIS IS 7868-19751975-01-01EnglishRotary Drill Rods for Drilling Principally in Coal
220BIS IS 7755-19751975-01-01EnglishHigh tension insulating cotton tape impregnated with bitumen based compound
221BIS IS 2009-19751975-01-01EnglishMethod for Calibration of Horizontal and Tilted Oil Storage Tanks
222BIS IS 7881: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishGlossary of terms relating to building hardware: Part 1 Locks
223BIS IS 7867-19751975-01-01EnglishContinuous Filament Textile Polyamide (Nylon) Yarn - Includes Amendment 1
224BIS IS 7667-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Handling and Storage of Aviation Fuels at Airfield Fuelling Stations
225BIS IS 7763-19751975-01-01EnglishExtractor, Juice, Domestic
226BIS IS 7894-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of practice for stability analysis of earth dams - Includes Amendment 1
227BIS IS 7745-19751975-01-01EnglishDimensions for lubrication holes, grooves and bore relief
228BIS IS 7779: PART 1: SEC 3-19751975-01-01EnglishSchedule for properties and availability of stones for construction purposes: Part I Gujarat state: Section 3 Engineering properties of stone aggregates
229BIS IS 7656-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of practice for curing and preservation of cattle hides and goat and sheepskins by wet salting method
230BIS IS 5489-19751975-01-01EnglishCarburizing steels for use in bearing industry - Includes Amendments 1-2
231BIS IS 7354: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishGuide on reliability of electronic and electrical items: Part 1 Preliminary reliability considerations
232BIS IS 7725-19751975-01-01EnglishHook, IUCD, Shirodkars Pattern
233BIS IS 7584-19751975-01-01EnglishReference Food Colour Boxes - Includes Amendment 1
234BIS IS 7892-19751975-01-01EnglishRetractor, Double and Single, Blunt Hooks
235BIS IS 7748: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishVariable Capacitors - Part I : Tests and General Requirements
236BIS IS 7671-19751975-01-01EnglishFastener, File, Flexible-prong Type
237BIS IS 7739: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Preparation of Metallographic Specimens - Part I : General Features
238BIS IS 7282-19751975-01-01EnglishChisel, Labyrinth, Straight, Lakes Pattern
239BIS IS 7604-19751975-01-01EnglishLength Bar Accessories
240BIS IS 4072-19751975-01-01EnglishSteel for Spring Washers - Includes Amendments 1-2
241BIS IS 2588-19751975-01-01EnglishBlacksmiths Vices
242BIS IS 443-19751975-01-01EnglishMethods of sampling and test for rubber hoses - Includes Amendments 1-2
243BIS IS 7817-19751975-01-01EnglishImpactor for Hip Prosthesis
244BIS IS 2650-19751975-01-01EnglishBombay Halwa
245BIS IS 7808-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of Procedure for Conducting Studies on Underground Corrosion of Metals
246BIS IS 7781-19751975-01-01EnglishPliers, Angle Ribbon Arch with Groove, Dental
247BIS IS 4375-19751975-01-01EnglishCotton Knitted Sports Shirts - Includes Amendments 1-2
248BIS IS 7791-19751975-01-01EnglishProjector alignment test film for 35 mm motion-picture sound reproducers
249BIS IS 7809: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishPressure sensitive adhesive tapes for electrical purposes: Part 1 General requirements - Includes Amendments 1-2
250BIS IS 7709-19751975-01-01EnglishStandard Hydrophone - Includes Amendment 1
251BIS IS 7543-19751975-01-01EnglishPlanimeters
252BIS IS 7812-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of safety for mercury - Includes Amendment 1
253BIS IS 7642-19751975-01-01English4-Aminophenol - Includes Amendment 1
254BIS IS 7819-19751975-01-01EnglishMallet, Nylon Headed, Orthopedic
255BIS IS 7653-19751975-01-01EnglishManual blow pipes for welding and cutting
256BIS IS 7815-19751975-01-01EnglishMethod for estimation of amino acids in foodstuffs - Includes Amendment 1
257BIS IS 7770-19751975-01-01EnglishMethod for Sensory Evaluation of Ghee (Clarified Butterfat)
258BIS IS 3900-19751975-01-01EnglishZiram, Technical
259BIS IS 7610: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishMachinery Fabrics, Wool - Part I : General
260BIS IS 7739: PART 8-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Preparation of Metallographic Specimens - Part 8 Nickel and its alloys and their examination
261BIS IS 5374-19751975-01-01EnglishTaper washers for I-beams (ISMB)
262BIS IS 337-19751975-01-01EnglishVarnish, finishing interior
263BIS IS 7657: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishStarter Ring Gears for Internal Combustion Engines - Part I : Gears for Inertia and Solenoid Pre-engaged Starters - Includes Amendment 1
264BIS IS 7602-19751975-01-01EnglishLead chromate for explosive and pyrotechnic compositions
265BIS IS 7663-19751975-01-01EnglishBox spanners for rail screws - Includes Amendment 1
266BIS IS 7599: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishGeneral requirements for engineers comparators with stands:Part I engineers comparators
267BIS IS 7715-19751975-01-01EnglishMethods for testing suitability of bins for safe storage of foodgrains
268BIS IS 7914-19751975-01-01EnglishStandard cells - Includes Amendments 1-3
269BIS IS 7600-19751975-01-01EnglishAnalysis of variance
270BIS IS 5807: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishMethods of test for clear finishes for wooden furniture: Part 1 Resistance to dry heat
271BIS IS 7872-19751975-01-01EnglishFreezers - Includes Amendment 1
272BIS IS 7919-19751975-01-01EnglishRefractometer - Abbe Type
273BIS IS 7016: PART 8-19751975-01-01EnglishMethods of test for coated and treated fabrics: Part 8 Accelerated ageing
274BIS IS 7827: PART 2-19751975-01-01EnglishElectrical Wind Screen Wipers - Part II : Wiper Motors - Includes Amendments 1-2
275BIS IS 2587-19751975-01-01EnglishPipe Vices (Open Side Type and Fixed Sides Type)
276BIS IS 10825: PART 1-19751975-01-01Englishceramic dielectric capacitors type 1: Part 1 General requirements and methods of tests - Includes AMD 1
277BIS IS 4277-19751975-01-01EnglishSunflower Oil - Includes Amendments 1-4
278BIS IS 7530-19751975-01-01EnglishMethod for estimation of pyridoxine (Vitamin B-6) in foodstuffs
279BIS IS 7707-19751975-01-01EnglishBolster Plates for Gap Frame Presses with Die Cushion
280BIS IS 734-19751975-01-01EnglishWrought aluminium and aluminium alloys,forging stock and forgings for general engineering purposes
281BIS IS 2927-19751975-01-01Englishbrazing alloys - Includes Amendment 1
282BIS IS 4674-19751975-01-01EnglishDressed Chicken - Includes Amendment 1
283BIS IS 5807: PART 5-19751975-01-01EnglishMethods of test for clear finishes for wooden furniture: Part 5 Test for low angle glare
284BIS IS 5878: PART 6-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of practice for construction of tunnel conveying water: Part 6 Steel lining - Includes AMD 1
285BIS IS 1242-19751975-01-01EnglishHandloom Cotton Shirting - Includes AMD 1; 1978: AMD 2; 1984
286BIS IS 7712-19751975-01-01EnglishCurette, Adenoid, St. Clair Thomsons Pattern
287BIS IS 7846-19751975-01-01EnglishExtractor for Hip Prosthesis
288BIS IS 7726-19751975-01-01EnglishLimits of sizes for ISO metric trapezoidal nut threads (diameter range 105 to 300 mm) - Includes Amendment 1
289BIS IS 2933-19751975-01-01EnglishEnamel exterior (a) undercoating, (b) finishing - Includes Amendments 1-2
290BIS IS 7640-19751975-01-01EnglishTest code for disc harrows
291BIS IS 3901-19751975-01-01EnglishZiram Water Dispersible Powder - Includes Amendments 1-2
292BIS IS 7529-19751975-01-01EnglishMethod for estimation of Vitamin B-12 in foodstuffs
293BIS IS 2613-19751975-01-01EnglishCotton Drill (non-waterproofed) for Umbrellas - Includes Amendment 1
294BIS IS 1806-19751975-01-01EnglishMalted Milk Foods
295BIS IS 2922-19751975-01-01Englishwooden tent mallets - Includes Amendment 1
296BIS IS 7756-19751975-01-01EnglishDepressor, Tongue, Lacks Pattern
297BIS IS 7749-19751975-01-01EnglishWalnuts
298BIS IS 7906: PART 2-19751975-01-01EnglishHelical Compression Springs - Part II : Cold Coiled Springs Made from Circular Section Wire and Bar - Includes Amendment 1
299BIS IS 7657: PART 2-19751975-01-01EnglishStarter Ring Gears for Internal Combustion Engines - Part II : Gears for Axial and Coaxial Starters
300BIS IS 7736-19751975-01-01EnglishScrew, Myoma
301BIS IS 7741: PART 2-19751975-01-01EnglishLoudspeakers - Part II : Direct Radiator Moving Coil Loudspeakers
302BIS IS 1939-19751975-01-01EnglishHandloom cotton handkerchiefs - Includes Amendment 1
303BIS IS 7798-19751975-01-01EnglishGrading for sunflower seeds for oil milling
304BIS IS 7549-19751975-01-01Englishtimber half wrought for sporting rifles
305BIS IS 7792-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of practice for handling plastics containers - Includes Amendment 1
306BIS IS 5369-19751975-01-01EnglishGeneral Requirements for Plain Washers and Lock Washers
307BIS IS 7880-19751975-01-01EnglishCriteria for hydraulic design of skimming platform for sediment control in offtaking canal
308BIS IS 3648-19751975-01-01EnglishRice Bran as Livestock Feed - Includes Amendment 1
309BIS IS 7639-19751975-01-01EnglishMethods of sampling of asbestos cement products
310BIS IS 7711-19751975-01-01EnglishCurette, Adenoid, Beckmanns Pattern
311BIS IS 7627-19751975-01-01EnglishGag, Mouth, Masons Pattern - Includes Amendment 1
312BIS IS 5182: PART 5-19751975-01-01EnglishMethods for Measurement of Air Pollution - Part V : Sampling of Gaseous Pollutants
313BIS IS 7833-19751975-01-01EnglishKnives, Gingivectomy, Dental
314BIS IS 7739: PART 4-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Preparation of Metallographic Specimens - Part 4 Copper and its alloys and their examination
315BIS IS 7738-19751975-01-01EnglishSafety fuse for commercial use
316BIS IS 7931: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishAutomatic and semi-automatic welding equipment with self-adjusting arcs (MIG/MAGprocesses): Part 1 dc welding generator power source
317BIS IS 7856-19751975-01-01EnglishSafety features for ground power units for direct current aircraft servicing and engine starting
318BIS IS 7686-19751975-01-01English3 (N,N-diethyl) Aminophenol - Includes Amendments 1-2
319BIS IS 2589-19751975-01-01EnglishHard drawn steel wire for upholstery springs - Includes Amendment 1
320BIS IS 7766-19751975-01-01EnglishTwist Drills for Jig Boring Machines - Includes Amendments 1-2
321BIS IS 1117-19751975-01-01EnglishOne-mark pipettes - Includes AMD 1; 2001: AMD 2; 2007
322BIS IS 2837: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishPorcelain crucibles and basins: Part 1 Crucibles - Includes Amendment 1
323BIS IS 7700-19751975-01-01EnglishQuadrature phase-shifting voltage transformers
324BIS IS 1120-19751975-01-01EnglishCoach Screws
325BIS IS 7701-19751975-01-01EnglishPlates, Bone, Spinal, Meurig Williams
326BIS IS 7672-19751975-01-01EnglishFastener, File, Loose-leaf, Ring Type
327BIS IS 7634: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of practice for plastic pipes work for potable water supplies: Part 1 Choice of materials and general recommendations - Includes Amendments 1-2
328BIS IS 7864: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishUpholstery Springs - Part I : Conical Type
329BIS IS 7649-19751975-01-01EnglishGlossary of terms used in connection with aerial ropeways and cableways
330BIS IS 7739: PART 2-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Preparation of Metallographic Specimens - Part 2 Electrolytic polishing
331BIS IS 7879: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishGlossary of aeronautical and astronautical terms Part 1 General - Includes Amendment 1
332BIS IS 7931: PART 2-19751975-01-01EnglishAutomatic and semi-automatic welding equipment with self-adjusting arcs (MIG/MAG Processes): Part 2 Transformer rectifier power source - Includes Amendment 1
333BIS IS 7807-19751975-01-01EnglishMethods of Test for Asafoetida - Includes AMD 1
334BIS IS 7564: PART 4-19751975-01-01EnglishRecommendations for co-ordination of dimensions in buildings-Arrangements of buiding components and assemblies: Part 4 Functional group 4 services and drainage
335BIS IS 1448: PART 84-19751975-01-01EnglishMethods of test for petroleum and its products: Part 84 Determination of trace elements in Petroleum products -- Arsenic
336BIS IS 2440-19751975-01-01EnglishGuide for Daylighting of Buildings
337BIS IS 7659: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishReagents and standard solutions for use in chemical analysis of metals, ores and minerals Part 1 volumetric solution
338BIS IS 7723-19751975-01-01EnglishShips Flag Staff
339BIS IS 4477: PART 2-19751975-01-01EnglishMethods of measurement of fluid flow by means of venturi meters: Part 2 Compressible fluids
340BIS IS 4684-19751975-01-01EnglishEdible Groundnut Flour (Expeller Pressed) - Includes Amendments 1-2
341BIS IS 7803: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishPolyethylene Containers for Pharmaceutical Use - Part I : Other than Parenteral and Ophthalmic Preparations - Includes Amendments 1-2
342BIS IS 7841-19751975-01-01EnglishCompression Plate, Muller Type
343BIS IS 7813-19751975-01-01EnglishBox, Aluminium, Rectangular - Includes Amendment 1
344BIS IS 7774: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishGlossary of terms relating to transport tractors and trailers: Part 1 Basic terms - Includes Amendments 1-2
345BIS IS 7873-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of practice for lime concrete lining for canals - Includes Amendment 1
346BIS IS 4992-19751975-01-01Englishdoor handles for mortice lock (vertical type)
347BIS IS 7773-19751975-01-01EnglishHolding dimensions for broaching tools
348BIS IS 6213: PART 10-19751975-01-01EnglishMethods of test for pulp: Part 10 Determination of kappa number
349BIS IS 7744-19751975-01-01EnglishDimensions for drip-feed lubricators
350BIS IS 7865-19751975-01-01EnglishGeneral requirements of 8 tonnes hooks for lifting ISO series 1 freight containers of upto 30 tonnes capacity
351BIS IS 3103-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Industrial Ventilation
352BIS IS 7897-19751975-01-01EnglishTest code for chaff cutter - Includes Amendment 1
353BIS IS 7859-19751975-01-01EnglishGauge Allowances and Manufacturing Tolerances for Plain Gauges for Inside Measurements for ISO Fit Sizes (nominal size up to 500 mm)
354BIS IS 5896: PART 3-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of practice for selection, operation and maintenance of fire fighting appliances: Part 3 Turntable ladders
355BIS IS 7739: PART 10-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Preparation of Metallographic Specimens - Part 10 Tin and its alloys and their examination
356BIS IS 5508: PART 14 to 16-19751975-01-01EnglishGuide for fishing gear
357BIS IS 546-19751975-01-01Englishmustard oil - Includes Amendments 1-6
358BIS IS 7595: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishGeneral requirements for otter boards : Part 1 - Flat rectangular otter boards - Includes Amendment 1
359BIS IS 7545-19751975-01-01EnglishOptical Bench (Advanced Type)
360BIS IS 2771: PART 2-19751975-01-01EnglishFibreboard Boxes Part II : Solid Fibreboard Boxes - Includes Amendment 1
361BIS IS 7661-19751975-01-01English4-aminoazobenzene - Includes AMD 1
362BIS IS 7522-19751975-01-01EnglishRetractor, Abdominal, Morris Pattern
363BIS IS 7874: PART 3-19751975-01-01EnglishMethods of tests for animal feeds and feeding stuffs: Part 3 Microbiological methods - Includes Amendment 1
364BIS IS 3451: PART 2-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of practice for care and maintenance of brushes, Part 2 - Brushes other than pan set brushes
365BIS IS 7844-19751975-01-01EnglishMethod for evaluating strength and shade of chrome dyes by dyeing test
366BIS IS 5807: PART 4-19751975-01-01EnglishMethods of test for clear finishes for wooden furniture: Part 4 Resistance to marking by liquids
367BIS IS 7842-19751975-01-01EnglishMethod for evaluating strength of reactive dyes (vinyl sulphone type) by dyeing test
368BIS IS 7754-19751975-01-01EnglishMethod for designation of microstructure of graphite in cast iron
369BIS IS 7603-19751975-01-01EnglishLow Speed Food Grinding Machines - Includes AMD 1, AMD 2, AMD 3 and AMD 4
370BIS IS 7565: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishTines for Tractor-operated Cultivators - Part I : Rigid Tines
371BIS IS 7843-19751975-01-01EnglishMethod for evaluating strength and shade of acid dyes by dyeing test
372BIS IS 7786-19751975-01-01EnglishRetractor, Eyelid, Desmarres Pattern - Includes Amendment 1
373BIS IS 7200: PART 2-19751975-01-01EnglishPresentation of statistical data:Part 2 Diagrammatic representation of data
374BIS IS 1280-19751975-01-01EnglishFoundry moulding boxes of steel construction - Includes Amendment 1
375BIS IS 7769-19751975-01-01EnglishMethod for sensory evaluation of table butter
376BIS IS 7801-19751975-01-01EnglishTrypsin, Microbiological Grade
377BIS IS 7874: PART 2-19751975-01-01EnglishMethods of tests for animal feeds and feeding stuffs:Part 2 Minerals and trace elements - Includes Amendments 1-2
378BIS IS 2891-19751975-01-01Englishwooden handles for felling axes and hand axes
379BIS IS 7839-19751975-01-01EnglishDried Ice-cream Mix
380BIS IS 7741: PART 3-19751975-01-01Englishloudspeakers: Part 3 Pressure unit operated horn loudspeakers (superseding IS 1032:1957)
381BIS IS 7705-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of practice for packaging of precision and special purpose steel tubes - Includes Amendment 1
382BIS IS 7665-19751975-01-01EnglishClamp, Intestine, Crushing, Lever Action, Payrs Pattern
383BIS IS 7776-19751975-01-01EnglishSilk Webbing
384BIS IS 6213: PART 11-19751975-01-01EnglishMethods of test for pulp: Part 11 Determination of acid insoluble ash - Includes AMD 1
385BIS IS 7628-19751975-01-01EnglishClamp, Stomach, Moynihans Pattern
386BIS IS 6947: PART 2-19751975-01-01EnglishMethods of Estimation of Composite Pigments in Oil Pastes, Ready Mixed Paints and Enamels - Part II : Estimation of Zinc Chromes, Ferric Oxide and Aluminium
387BIS IS 7874: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishMethods of tests for animal feeds and feeding stuffs: Part 1 General methods - Includes Amendments 1-2
388BIS IS 7906: PART 3-19751975-01-01EnglishHelical compression springs:Part 3 Data sheet for springs made from circular section wire and bar
389BIS IS 390-19751975-01-01EnglishMethod for determining the water repellency of fabrics by water spray test
390BIS IS 1668-19751975-01-01EnglishLozenges - Includes Amendments 1-2
391BIS IS 7710-19751975-01-01EnglishSnare, Tonsil, Eves Pattern
392BIS IS 7688: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Labelling of Prepackaged Foods - Part I : General Guidelines
393BIS IS 7852-19751975-01-01EnglishEye ointment tubes, small
394BIS IS 7799-19751975-01-01EnglishCode for preservation of vitamins in foodstuffs
395BIS IS 2412-19751975-01-01EnglishLink clips for electrical wiring - Includes Amendments 1-2
396BIS IS 4265-19751975-01-01English4,4-Diaminostilbene-2,2-Disulphonic Acid
397BIS IS 7956-19751975-01-01EnglishRecommendations for selection of dairy floor finishes
398BIS IS 4303: PART 2-19751975-01-01EnglishCode for hygienic conditions in fish industry: Part 2 Canning stage - Includes Amendment 1
399BIS IS 7862-19751975-01-01EnglishGlossary of terms relating to safety aspects concerning operating areas of industrial trucks
400BIS IS 1123-19751975-01-01EnglishMethod of identification of natural building stones
401BIS IS 7775-19751975-01-01EnglishCeramic grinding media and lining - Includes Amendment 1
402BIS IS 7871-19751975-01-01EnglishCriteria for hydraulic design of groyne walls (curved wing) for sediment distribution at offtake points in a canal
403BIS IS 7607: PART 2-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of practice for keeping dairy accounts: Part 2 Market milk plants
404BIS IS 7613-19751975-01-01EnglishMethod of testing panel type air filters for air conditioning and ventilation purposes
405BIS IS 7713-19751975-01-01EnglishRetractor, Light Model, Weislanders Pattern
406BIS IS 7853-19751975-01-01EnglishSurveyor, Cast, Dental
407BIS IS 7803: PART 2-19751975-01-01EnglishPlastic Containers for Pharmaceutical Use - Part II : Parenteral and Ophthalmic Preparations - Includes Amendment 1
408BIS IS 7931: PART 3-19751975-01-01EnglishAutomatic and semi-automatic welding equipment with self-adjusting arcs (MIG/MAG Processes): Part 3 Welding gun and ancillary equipment - Includes Amendment 1
409BIS IS 4951-19751975-01-01EnglishHam, Canned - Includes Amendments 1-2
410BIS IS 4621-19751975-01-01Englishindicating bolts for use in public baths and lavatories
411BIS IS 1867-19751975-01-01EnglishRubber hot water bottles - Includes Amendments 1-2
412BIS IS 7629-19751975-01-01EnglishBender, Plate, Orthopedic
413BIS IS 7683-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of practice for design, fabrication and maintenance of nail-jointed timber posts from small dimensional timber for overhead electric distribution lines for low voltage
414BIS IS 7907: PART 3-19751975-01-01EnglishHelical Extension Springs - Part III : Data Sheet for Springs Made from Circular Section Wire and Bar
415BIS IS 7912-19751975-01-01EnglishScoop, Stanley Boyds Pattern
416BIS IS 7845-19751975-01-01EnglishMethod for evaluating strength of reactive dyes (trichloropyrimidyl type) by dyeing test
417BIS IS 7737-19751975-01-01EnglishForceps, Punch, Cervical Biopsy
418BIS IS 7632-19751975-01-01EnglishDetonators
419BIS IS 7848-19751975-01-01EnglishStudio spot lights for use in motion picture studios
420BIS IS 7354: PART 5-19751975-01-01EnglishGuide on reliability of electronic and electrical items: Part 5 Inclusion of lot-by-lot and periodic inspection procedures in specifications electronic and electrical components (or parts)
421BIS IS 7857-19751975-01-01EnglishAircraft-Fuel Nozzle Grounding Plugs and Sockets
422BIS IS 2032: PART 17-19751975-01-01EnglishGraphical symbols used in electrotechnology: Part 17 Ferrite cores and magnetic storage matrices
423BIS IS 7536-19751975-01-01EnglishSoluble Starch, Microbiological Grade - Includes Amendment 1
424BIS IS 7648-19751975-01-01EnglishSilicone compound for application on high voltage porcelain insulators
425BIS IS 7837-19751975-01-01EnglishEdible Full-fat Soya Flour - Includes Amendment 1
426BIS IS 79-19751975-01-01EnglishLinseed stand oil for paints
427BIS IS 7890-19751975-01-01EnglishBallistic galvanometers
428BIS IS 2720: PART 29-19751975-01-01EnglishMethods of Test for Soils - Part 29: Determination of Dry Density of Soils In-place by the Core-cutter Method
429BIS IS 7658-19751975-01-01EnglishSpectrographic analysis of aluminium
430BIS IS 4039-19751975-01-01EnglishCode for packaging of ready made garments for export - Includes Amendment 1
431BIS IS 5372-19751975-01-01EnglishTaper washers for channels (ISMC)
432BIS IS 1885: PART 41-19751975-01-01EnglishElectrotechnical Vocabulary - Part XLI : Non-reciprocal Electromagnetic Components
433BIS IS 7832-19751975-01-01EnglishDimensions for aircraft connections for ground airconditioning
434BIS IS 7739: PART 9-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Preparation of Metallographic Specimens - Part 9 Gold, silver, platinum, palladium and their alloys
435BIS IS 1685-19751975-01-01EnglishWhiting for rubber industry
436BIS IS 9001: PART 10-19751975-01-01EnglishGuidance for Environmental Testing - Part 10: Mould Growth Test
437BIS IS 4765-19751975-01-01EnglishNeem Kernel Oil and Depulped Neem Seed Oil - Includes Amendment 1
438BIS IS 4173-19751975-01-01English4-methyl aminophenol sulphate - Includes Amendment 1
439BIS IS 7895-19751975-01-01EnglishTests for fire resistant characteristics of hydraulic fluids used in mining machinery
440BIS IS 7610: PART 2-19751975-01-01EnglishMachinery Fabrics, Wool - Part II : Clearer Cloth (Superseding IS 6054) - Includes Amendments 1-2
441BIS IS 7544-19751975-01-01EnglishParallel Ruler (roller type)
442BIS IS 7891-19751975-01-01EnglishInedible Offals Trolley
443BIS IS 7722-19751975-01-01EnglishAnalogue pneumatic signals for process control systems
444BIS IS 908-19751975-01-01EnglishFire Hydrant, Stand Post Type - Includes Amendment 1
445BIS IS 801-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Use of Cold Formed Light Gauge Steel Structural Members In General Building Construction - Includes Amendment 1
446BIS IS 7889-19751975-01-01EnglishVibration galvanometers
447BIS IS 5807: PART 2-19751975-01-01EnglishMethods of test for clear finishes for wooden furniture: Part 2 Resistance to wet heat
448BIS IS 7816-19751975-01-01EnglishGuide for testing insulation resistance of rotating machines
449BIS IS 7861: PART 1-19751975-01-01EnglishCode of practice for extreme weather concreting Part 1 Recommended practice for hot weather concreting - Includes Amendment 1
450BIS IS 7779: PART 1: SEC 1-19751975-01-01EnglishSchedule for properties and availability of stones for construction purposes: Part I Gujarat state Section 1 Availability of stones
451BIS IS 7787-19751975-01-01EnglishGrading for NEEM kernel and depulped NEEM seeds for oil milling
452BIS IS 391-19751975-01-01EnglishMethod for determining resistance to penetration by water of fabrics by hydrostatic head test
453BIS IS 6890: PART 2-19751975-01-01EnglishMethods for Chemical Analysis of Dental Gold Alloys - Part II : Determination of Nickel and Zinc
454BIS IS 7674-19751975-01-01EnglishProcedure for inspection and testing of aluminium and aluminium alloy forging stock and forgings for aircraft purposes
455BIS IS 7727-19751975-01-01EnglishLimits of sizes for ISO metric trapezoidal bolt threads (diameter range 105 t0 300 mm) - Includes Amendment 1
456BIS IS 7851-19751975-01-01EnglishWash and Wear Requirements of Cotton Fabrics
457BIS IS 1956: PART 3-19751975-01-01EnglishGlossary of Terms Relating to Iron and Steel - Part III : Hot-Rolled Steel Products (Excluding Sheet and Strip) - Includes Amendments 1-3
458BIS IS 2007-19741974-01-01EnglishMethod for Calibration of Vertical Oil Storage Tanks
459BIS IS 7442-19741974-01-01EnglishForceps, Bone Cutting, Straight and Angular, Listons Pattern
460BIS IS 7167-19741974-01-01EnglishCode for selection and use of bucket elevators
461BIS IS 7572-19741974-01-01EnglishGuide for Testing Single-phase AC and Universal Motors
462BIS IS 7589-19741974-01-01EnglishChina clay for explosive and pyrotechnic industry
463BIS IS 7156-19741974-01-01EnglishGeneral requirements for reverse circulation drilling rigs - Includes Amendment 1
464BIS IS 7316-19741974-01-01Englishdecorative plywood using plurality of veneers for decorative faces - Includes Amendments 1-4
465BIS IS 1124-19741974-01-01EnglishMethod of test for determination of water absorption, apparent specific gravity and porosity of natural building stones
466BIS IS 2836-19741974-01-01EnglishMethods of test and quality requirements for porcelain, laboratory apparatus
467BIS IS 7229-19741974-01-01EnglishRecommended working level heights for woodworking machines - Includes Amendment 1
468BIS IS 7236-19741974-01-01EnglishGlossary of terms for coffee and its products
469BIS IS 7272: PART 1-19741974-01-01EnglishRecommendation for Labour Output Constants for Building Work - Part I : North Zone - Includes Amendment 1
470BIS IS 7307: PART 1-19741974-01-01EnglishApproval tests for welding procedures Part 1 fusion welding of steel
471BIS IS 7209-19741974-01-01EnglishGeneral requirements for blast hole drilling rigs
472BIS IS 7352-19741974-01-01EnglishX-ray Lead-rubber Protective Aprons
473BIS IS 7146: PART 2-19741974-01-01EnglishMethods of measurement on photosensitve devices: Part 2 Photo tubes
474BIS IS 7287-19741974-01-01EnglishRecommended working dimensions of woodworking machines - Includes Amendment 1
475BIS IS 7540-19741974-01-01Englishmortice dead locks - Includes Amendment 1
476BIS IS 6297: PART 4-19741974-01-01EnglishTransformers and Inductors (Power, Audio, Pulse and Switching) for Electronic Equipment - Part 4 : Pulse and Switching Transformers
477BIS IS 1560: PART 2-19741974-01-01EnglishMethod for estimation of carboxylic acid groups in cellulosic textile materials -Sodium chloride: Part 2 sodium bicarbonate method
478BIS IS 1200: PART 2-19741974-01-01EnglishMethod of measurement of building and civil engineering works: Part 2 concrete works - Includes AMD 1:1981 ; AMD 2: 1984
479BIS IS 7476-19741974-01-01EnglishNippers, Cutting, Dental
480BIS IS 7558-19741974-01-01EnglishCode of practice for domestic hot water installations
481BIS IS 7320-19741974-01-01Englishconcrete slump test apparatus - Includes Amendment 1
482BIS IS 7146: PART 3-19741974-01-01EnglishMethods of measurement on photosensitve devices: Part 3 Photoconductive cells for use in the visible spectrum
483BIS IS 7303-19741974-01-01EnglishCovered electrodes for surfacing of metal by manual arc welding
484BIS IS 7576-19741974-01-01EnglishBunched enamelled copper conductors with silk covering
485BIS IS 3613-19741974-01-01EnglishAcceptance tests for wire flux combination for submerged arc welding - Includes Amendment 1
486BIS IS 7523-19741974-01-01EnglishRubber Catheter (Urinary) - Includes Amendment 1
487BIS IS 1528: PART 10-19741974-01-01EnglishMethods of Sampling and Physical Tests for Refractory Materials - Part X : Determination of Size of Refractory Bricks
488BIS IS 5182: PART 15-19741974-01-01EnglishMethods for measurement of air pollution : Part 15 Mass concentration of particulate matter in the atmosphere - Includes Amendment 1
489BIS IS 7521-19741974-01-01EnglishDissector, Kochers Pattern
490BIS IS 677-19741974-01-01EnglishCloth, drab-mixture, woollen, water-resistant - Includes Amendment 1
491BIS IS 5182: PART 18-19741974-01-01EnglishMethods for measurement of air pollution : Part 18 Continuous analysis and automatic recording of the oxidant content of atmosphere
492BIS IS 7190-19741974-01-01EnglishMethods of determination of bulk density of coke
493BIS IS 7354: PART 4-19741974-01-01EnglishGuide on reliability of electronic and electrical items: Part 4 Collection of reliability,availability and maintainability data from performance - Includes Amendments 1-2
494BIS IS 7445-19741974-01-01EnglishCode of safety for acetone - Includes Amendment 1
495BIS IS 7313-19741974-01-01EnglishGlossary of Important Fish Species of India
496BIS IS 7350-19741974-01-01EnglishNeedles, Spinal - Includes Amendment 1
497BIS IS 7273-19741974-01-01EnglishMethod of testing fusion welded joints in aluminium and aluminium alloys
498BIS IS 7280-19741974-01-01EnglishBare wire electrodes for submerged arc welding of structural steels - Includes Amendment 1
499BIS IS 1448: PART 61-19741974-01-01EnglishMethods of test for petroleum and its products: Part 61 Evaporation loss in greases (2-hour drying)
500BIS IS 7519-19741974-01-01EnglishHammer Drive Screws - Includes Amendment 1