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Posstandard Numberpublication dateLanguageDescription
1BIS IS 5933-20192019-01-01EnglishRolling Bearings - Thrust Bearings - Geometrical Product Specification ( GPS ) and Tolerance Values ( Fourth Revision ) - Revision 4
2BIS IS 2418: PART 2-20182018-01-01EnglishTubular Fluorescent Lamps for General Lighting Service Part 2 Performance Requirements ( Second Revision ) - Revision 2
3BIS IS 15573-20182018-01-01EnglishPolyaluminium Chloride (First Revision) - Revision 1
4BIS IS 1391: PART 2-20182018-01-01EnglishRoom air conditioners: Part 2 Split Air Conditioners (Third Revision) - Revision 3
5BIS IS 9079-20182018-01-01EnglishMonoset Pumps for Clear, Cold Water for Agricultural and Water Supply Purposes Specification ( Third Revision ) - Revision 3
6BIS IS 6595: PART 1-20182018-01-01EnglishHorizontal Centrifugal Pumps for Clear, Cold Water — Specification Part 1 Agricultural and Rural Water Supply Purposes - Fourth Revision
7BIS IS 1061-20172017-01-01EnglishDisinfectant Fluids, Phenolic Type - Specification (Fifth Revision) - Includes AMD 1; 2017: AMD 2; 2007: AMD 3; 2008: AMD 4; 2013: AMD 5; 2014
8BIS IS 7285: PART 2-20172017-01-01EnglishRefillable Seamless Steel Gas Cylinders - Specification Part 2 Quenched and Tempered Steel Cylinders With Tensile Strength Less Than 1 100 MPa (112 kgf/mm) - Revision 4
9BIS IS 16102: PART 2-20172017-01-01EnglishSelf - Ballasted LED Lamps for General Lighting Services Part 2 Performance Requirements (First Revision) - Revision 1
10BIS IS 16416-20162016-01-01EnglishConstruction Project Management: Project Formulation and Appraisal - Guidelines
11BIS IS 383-20162016-01-01EnglishCoarse and Fine Aggregate for Concrete – Specification (Third Revision) - Revision 3
12BIS IS 15959: PART 2-20162016-01-01EnglishData Exchange for Electricity Meter Reading, Tariff and Load Control - Companion Specification Part 2 Smart Meter
13BIS IS 16008: PART 1-20162016-01-01EnglishAgro Textiles - Shade Nets for Agriculture and Horticulture Purposes - Specification Part 1 Shade Nets Made from Tape Yarns (First Revision) - Revision 1
14BIS IS 16550: PART 1-20162016-01-01EnglishOrganic Production System and Labelling of Organically Produced Products Part 1 Crop Based
15BIS IS 16513-20162016-01-01EnglishAgro Textiles - Insect Nets for Agriculture and Horticulture Purposes - Specification
16BIS IS 13200-20152015-01-01EnglishAnaesthesiology - Vocabulary
17BIS IS 4296: PART 3-20152015-01-01EnglishTools for Pressing Part 3 Round Punches with 60 Degree Conical Head and Reduced Shank ( Second Revision ) - Revision 2
18BIS IS 16318-20152015-01-01EnglishMethods of Evaluation of the Battery Life of a Battery-Powered Watch
19BIS IS 4296: PART 2-20152015-01-01EnglishTools for Pressing Part 2 Punches with Cylindrical Head and Straight or Reduced Shank ( First Revision ) - Revision 1
20BIS IS 11681-20152015-01-01EnglishHorological Vocabulary -Technical and Commercial Definitions ( First Revision ) - Revision 1
21BIS IS 1828: PART 1-20152015-01-01EnglishMetallic Materials - Verification of Static Uniaxial Testing Machines Part 1 Tension/Compression Testing Machines - Verification and Calibration of the Force-Measuring System ( Fourth Revision ) - Revision 4
22BIS IS 11000: PART 1: SEC 40-20152015-01-01EnglishFire Hazard Testing Part 1 Guidance for Assessing the Fire Hazard of Electrotechnical Products Section 40 Insulating liquids
23BIS IS 14221: PART 1-20152015-01-01EnglishRetro-Reflective Tapes - Specification Part 1 Bicycles - Revision 1
24BIS IS 16046-20152015-01-01EnglishSecondary Cells and Batteries Containing Alkaline or Other Non-acid Electrolytes - Safety Requirements for Portable Sealed Secondary Cells, and for Batteries Made from them, for Use in Portable Applications ( First Revision )
25BIS IS 16419: PART 1-20152015-01-01EnglishInformation Technology - Software Asset Management Part 1 Processes and Tiered Assessment of Conformance
26BIS IS 15042: PART 1-20152015-01-01EnglishFinancial Services - Personal Identification Number (PIN) Management and Security Part 1 Basic Principles and Requirements for Pins in Card-Based Systems ( Second Revision ) - Revision 2
27BIS IS/ISO 9000-20152015-01-01English2015 Textiles - Quality Management Systems - Fundamentals and Vocabulary - Revision 4
28BIS IS 16349-20152015-01-01EnglishGeosynthetics - Guidelines for Installation of Geogrids Used as Reinforcement of Base and Sub-Base Layers in Pavement Structures
29BIS IS 16340-20152015-01-01EnglishMepiquat Chloride, Technical - Specification
30BIS IS 12021-20152015-01-01EnglishControl Transformers for Switchgear and Controlgear for Voltages Not Exceeding1 000 V a.c. - Specification (First Revision) - Revision 1
31BIS IS 4998-20152015-01-01EnglishDesign of Reinforced Concrete Chimneys - Criteria (Third Revision)
32BIS IS 8650-20152015-01-01EnglishShipbuilding and Marine Structures - Deck Machinery - Vocabulary and Symbols (Second Revision) - Revision 2
33BIS IS 15351-20152015-01-01EnglishAgro Textiles - Laminated High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Woven Geomembrane for Water Proof Lining - Specification ( Second Revision ) - Revision 2
34BIS IS 9543-20152015-01-01EnglishTextiles - Spun Polyester Sewing Threads - Specification ( First Revision ) - Revision 1
35BIS IS 15883: PART 3-20152015-01-01EnglishConstruction Project Management - Guidelines Part 3 Cost Management
36BIS IS 2818-20152015-01-01EnglishTextiles - Hessian - Specification (Third Revision) - Revision 3
37BIS IS 16417-20152015-01-01EnglishSoftware Engineering - Software Product Quality Requirements and Evaluation (Square) - Planning and Management
38BIS IS 16371-20152015-01-01English2015 Textiles - Light Weight Jute Sacking Bags (600 g) for Packing 50 kg Foodgrains - Specification
39BIS IS 1646-20152015-01-01EnglishFire Safety of Buildings (General): Electrical Installations - Code of Practice ( Third Revision ) - Revision 3
40BIS IS 16438: PART 1-20152015-01-01EnglishFibre Optic Interconnecting Devices and Passive Components Performance Standard Part 1 General and Guidance for Performance Standards
41BIS IS 16246-20152015-01-01EnglishElastomer Insulated Cables with Limited Circuit Integrity when Affected by Fire - Specification
42BIS IS 16200-20152015-01-01EnglishAnimal and Vegetable Fats and Oils - Determination of Ultraviolet Absorbance Expressed as Specific UV Extinction
43BIS IS 13730: PART 25-20152015-01-01EnglishSpecifications for Particular Types of Winding Wires Part 25 Polyester or Polyesterimide Overcoated with Polyamide-imide Enamelled Round Aluminium Wire, Class 200
44BIS IS 9263: PART 1-20152015-01-01EnglishHorology - Specification Part 1 Functional and Non-Functional Jewels ( First Revision ) - Revision 1
45BIS IS 15298: PART 1-20152015-01-01EnglishPersonal Protective Equipment Part 1 Test Methods for Footwear
46BIS IS 13708-20142014-08-01EnglishShipbuilding and Marine Technology - Marine Radar Reflectors
47BIS IS 12207-20142014-08-01EnglishAgricultural tractors - Recommendations on selected performance characteristics - Revision 3
48BIS IS 10980: PART 1-20142014-08-01EnglishAerospace - MJ Threads part 1 general requirements
49BIS IS 1062-20142014-08-01EnglishRoad vehicles - Spark Plugs - Test methods and requirements - Revision 3
50BIS IS 12656-20142014-07-01EnglishRubber or Plastics Hoses and Tubing - Bending Tests - Revision 1
51BIS IS 1367: PART 8-20142014-07-01EnglishTechnical Supply Conditions for Threaded Steel Fasteners Part 8 Prevailing Torque Type Steel Nuts - Mechanical and Performance Properties - Revision 4
52BIS IS 12657-20142014-07-01EnglishRubber and Plastics Hoses - Sub-ambient Temperature Flexibility Tests
53BIS IS 1367: PART 1-20142014-07-01EnglishTechnical Supply Conditions for Threaded Steel Fasteners Part 1 General Requirements for Bolts, Screws, Studs and Nuts - Revision 4
54BIS IS 13656-20142014-06-01EnglishInternal Combustion Engine Crankcase Oils for Automotive Application (Diesel and Gasoline)-Specification
55BIS IS 13243-20142014-01-01EnglishAutomotive vehicles - Commercial vehicles - Attachments on Hubs for wheels - Dimensions
56BIS IS 13145-20142014-01-01EnglishSpices and Condiments - Methods of Sampling - Revision 2
57BIS IS 16150: PART 2-20142014-01-01EnglishFish Feed - Specification Part 2 Catfish Feed
58BIS IS 16143: PART 2-20142014-01-01EnglishHard Coal and Coke - Mechanical Sampling Part 2 Coal - Sampling from Moving Streams
59BIS IS 16137: PART 2-20142014-01-01EnglishAutomotive Vehicles - Methods of Measurement of Braking Coefficient of Road Surfaces Part 2 Pendulum Method
60BIS IS 9127: PART 2-20142014-01-01EnglishMethods for Petrographic Analysis of Coals Part 2 : Methods of Preparing Coal Samples - Revision 2
61BIS IS 9453-20142014-01-01EnglishValve Caps for Tyre Tube Valves for Automotive Vehicles - Specification - Revision 2
62BIS IS 13258-20142014-01-01EnglishWelded Low Carbon Steel Cylinders Exceeding 5 Litre Water Capacity for Low Pressure Liquefiable Gas - Code of Practice for Inspection and Reconditioning of Used Lpg Cylinders
63BIS IS 9549 PART 2-20142014-01-01EnglishFasteners - Bolts, Screws and Studs - Head Slots for Bolts - Revision 1
64BIS IS 14887-20142014-01-01EnglishTextiles - High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)/Polypropylene (PP) Woven Sacks for Packing 50 kg/25 kg Foodgrains - Specification - Revision 1
65BIS IS 6352-20142014-01-01EnglishSlot Drills with Parallel Shank - Specification - Revision 2
66BIS IS 5334-20142014-01-01EnglishMagnetic Particle Flaw Detection of Welds - Code of Practice - Revision 3
67BIS IS 4880 PART 7-20142014-01-01EnglishCode of practice for design of tunnels conveying water: Part 7 Structural design of steel lining - Revision 1
68BIS IS 5531-20142014-01-01EnglishCast iron specials for asbestos-cement pressure pipes for water, gas and sewage - Specification - Revision 3
69BIS IS 6353-20142014-01-01EnglishEnd Mills with Parallel Shank - Specification - Revision 2
70BIS IS 8156-20142014-01-01EnglishFasteners for consumer goods-synthetic hook and loop tape - specification - Revision 3
71BIS IS 16218-20142014-01-01EnglishForks - Specification
72BIS IS 16190-20142014-01-01EnglishAgro Textiles - High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Laminated Woven lay Flay Tube for Irrigation Purpose - Specification
73BIS IS 16202-20142014-01-01EnglishArgo Textile - Woven Ground Covers for Horticulture Application - Specification
74BIS IS 16192 PART 2-20142014-01-01EnglishAutomotive Vehicles - Wheel Rims for Two and Three Wheeled Vehicles Part 2 Sheets Metal Wheel Rims - Methods of Tests and Requirements
75BIS IS 16226 PART 2-20142014-01-01EnglishGeometrical Product Specifications (GPS) - Roundness part 2 Specification Operators
76BIS IS 10096 PART 1: SEC 2-20142014-01-01EnglishRecommendations for Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Radial Gates and Rope Drum Hoists Part 1 Inspection, Testing and Assembly at the Manufacturing Stage Section 2 Rope drum hoists
77BIS IS 13039-20142014-01-01EnglishExternal hydrant systems - provision and maintenance - Code of practice - Revision 1
78BIS IS 16150: PART 3-20142014-01-01EnglishFish Feed - Specification Part 3 Marine Shrimp Feed
79BIS IS 13450: PART 2: SEC 18-20142014-01-01EnglishMedical Electrical Equipment Part 2 Particular Requirements for the Basic Safety and Essential Performance Section 18 Endoscopic Equipment
80BIS IS 16176-20142014-01-01EnglishRatchet Pipe Threader for Taper Pipe Threads (R- Series) - Specification
81BIS IS 16149-20142014-01-01EnglishUV Test for Photovoltaic (PV) Modules
82BIS IS 13334: PART 1-20142014-01-01EnglishSkimmed Milk Powder - Specification Part 1 : Standard Grade - Revision 2
83BIS IS 11497-20142014-01-01EnglishCatheter, Foleys Rubber, for Prolonged Urinary Drainage - Specification - Revision 1
84BIS IS 16143: PART 8-20142014-01-01EnglishHard Coal and Coke - Mechanical Sampling Part 8 Methods of Testing for Bias
85BIS IS 13774-20142014-01-01EnglishLive Working - Gloves of Insulating Materials - Revision 1
86BIS IS 16171-20142014-01-01EnglishVeneer Laminated Lumber - Specification
87BIS IS 10386: PART 5-20142014-01-01EnglishSafety Code for Construction, Operation and Maintenance of River Valley Projects: Part 5 Electrical Aspects - Revision 1
88BIS IS 16168-20142014-01-01EnglishGuidelines for Infrared Thermography Inspection of Electrical Installations
89BIS IS 253-20142014-01-01EnglishSpecification for Common Salt - Revision 4
90BIS IS 16137: PART 1-20142014-01-01EnglishAutomotive Vehicles - Methods of Measurement of Braking Coefficient of Road Surfaces Part 1 SRTT Method
91BIS IS 14899-20142014-01-01EnglishLiquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Containers for Automotive Use - Specification - Revision 1
92BIS IS 6752-20142014-01-01EnglishCode of Practice for Magnetic Particle Flaw Detection of Ferrous Pipes and Tubes - Revision 2
93BIS IS 16147-20142014-01-01EnglishCarrageenan, Food Grade - Specificaion
94BIS IS 13249-20142014-01-01EnglishAutomotive Vehicles - Braking Systems - Rubber Seal for Disc Brake Cylinder - Performance Requirements - Revision 1
95BIS IS 3871-20142014-01-01EnglishFibre ropes and cordage- Vocabulary
96BIS IS ISO 13936: PART 3-20142014-01-01EnglishTextiles - Determination of the Slippage Resistance of Yarns at a Seam in Woven Fabrics Part 3 Needle Clamp Method
97BIS IS/ISO 10524 PART 3-20142014-01-01EnglishPressure Regulators for Use with Medical Gases Part 3 Pressure Regulators Integrated with Cylinder Valves
98BIS IS/ISO 10524 PART 4-20142014-01-01EnglishPressure Regulators for Use with Medical Gases Part 4 Low-pressure Regulators
99BIS IS ISO 13936: PART 2-20142014-01-01EnglishTextiles - Detremination of the Slippage Resistance of Yarns at a Seam in Woven fabrics Part 2 Fixed Load Method
100BIS IS/ISO TS 80004 PART 1-20142014-01-01EnglishNanotechnologies - Vacabulary Part 1 Core Terms
101BIS IS 15894-20142014-01-01EnglishInspection Gauges for Checking Type 1 (Sizes 1,2and3) Taper Threads of Gas Cylinder Valves and Cylinder Necks - Taper 1 In 16 on Diameter - Includes Amendments 1
102BIS IS 7323-20142014-01-01EnglishOperation of reservoirs - Guidelines - Includes Amendments 1
103BIS IS 9038-20142014-01-01EnglishReconstitutable Protein Beverage Food - Includes Amendments 1
104BIS IS 3854-20142014-01-01EnglishSwitches for domestic and similar purposes - Includes Amendments 7
105BIS IS 4627-20142014-01-01EnglishDehydrated Cabbage - Includes Amendments 3
106BIS IS 15803-20142014-01-01EnglishRespiratory protective devices - Self contained closed circuit breathing apparatus chemical oxygen (KO2) type self generating, self rescuers - Includes Amendments 2
107BIS IS 7285: PART 1-20142014-01-01EnglishRefillable Seamless Steel Gas Cylinders - Part 1 : Normalized Steel Cylinders - Includes Amendments 2
108BIS IS 7482-20142014-01-01EnglishProtein-based Beverages - Includes Amendments 2
109BIS IS 7730-20142014-01-01EnglishGuide For Storage Of Pears - Includes Amendments 1
110BIS IS 8183-20142014-01-01EnglishBonded mineral wool - Includes Amendments 4
111BIS IS 4911-20142014-01-01EnglishGlossary of terms relating to bituminous waterproofing and damp-proofing of buildings - Includes Amendments 1
112BIS IS/ISO TR 12885-20142014-01-01EnglishNanotechnologies - Health and Safety Practices in Occupational Setting Relevant to Nanotechnologies
113BIS IS 9743-20142014-01-01EnglishThermal insulation finishing cements - Includes Amendments 1
114BIS IS 8034-20142014-01-01EnglishSubmersible Pumpsets - Specification - Includes Amendments 3
115BIS IS 853-20142014-01-01EnglishBone-meal, Raw - Includes Amendments 1
116BIS IS 3029-20142014-01-01EnglishCastorseed Cake for Fertilizer Purposes - Includes Amendments 2
117BIS IS 3413-20142014-01-01EnglishBase Paper For Carbon Paper - Includes Amendments 1
118BIS IS/ISO TR 13121-20142014-01-01EnglishNanotechnologies - Nanomaterial Risk Evaliuation
119BIS IS 5916-20142014-01-01EnglishConstructions involving use of hot bituminous materials - code of Safety
120BIS IS 15883: PART 5-20142014-01-01EnglishConstruction project Management - Guideline part 5 Health and Safety Management
121BIS IS 16145-20142014-01-01EnglishFipronil Suspension Concentrate (SC)
122BIS IS 1893 PART 3-20142014-01-01EnglishCriteria For Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures Part 3 Bridges and Retaining Walls
123BIS IS 16231 PART 4-20142014-01-01EnglishUse Of Glass In Buildings – Code Of Practive Part 4 Safety Related To Human Impact
124BIS IS 5121-20142014-01-01EnglishPiling and Other Deep Foundations - Code of Safety - Revision 1
125BIS IS 4811-20142014-01-01EnglishCinnamon Whole - Specification - Revision 2
126BIS IS 16150: PART 4-20142014-01-01EnglishFish Feed - Specification Part 4 Freshwater Prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) Feed
127BIS IS 3406: PART 2-20142014-01-01EnglishDimensions for Countersinks and Counterbores Part 2 Counterbores - Revision 3
128BIS IS 1281-20142014-01-01EnglishBicycles - Cranks and Chain Wheels - Specification - Revision 3
129BIS IS 16143: PART 3-20142014-01-01EnglishHard Coal and Coke - Mechanical Sampling Part 3 Coal - Sampling from Stationary Lots
130BIS IS 16167: PART 1-20142014-01-01EnglishLive Working - Insulating Foam-Filled Tubes and Solid Rods Part 1 Tubes and Rods of a Circular Cross-Section - Revision 1
131BIS IS 16182-20142014-01-01EnglishMagnetics in Char from Coal Based Sponge Iron (DRI) Methods of Determination
132BIS IS 16185-20142014-01-01EnglishPeriodic Inspection and Testing - Welded Carbon Steel Gas Cylinders - Code of Practice
133BIS IS 2403-20142014-01-01EnglishShort-Pitch Transmission Precision Roller and Bush Chains, Attachments and Associated Chain Sprockets - Revision 3
134BIS IS 2753: PART 2-20142014-01-01EnglishMethods for Estimation of Preservatives in Treated Timber and in Treating Solutions: Part 2 Determination of Copper (in copper Organic Preservative Salt)
135BIS IS 8414-20142014-01-01EnglishGuidelines for design of under-seepage control measures for earth and rockfill dams
136BIS IS 10322: PART 1-20142014-01-01EnglishLuminaires Part 1 General Requirements and Tests
137BIS IS 6006-20142014-01-01EnglishUncoated Stress Relieved Strand For Prestressed Concrete - Specification
138BIS IS 368-20142014-01-01EnglishElectric Immersion Water Heaters - Specification
139BIS IS 13599-20142014-01-01EnglishAutomotive Vehicles - Instrument Systems - Temperature Gauges - Electrical and Electronic Type - Specification
140BIS IS 1695-20142014-01-01EnglishSunset Yellow,FCF, Food Grade - Specification
141BIS IS 13632-20142014-01-01EnglishShips and Marine Technology - Marine gyro compasses
142BIS IS 14202: PART 12-20142014-01-01EnglishIdentification Cards - Integrated Circuit Cards Part 12 Cards with Contacts - USB Electrical Interface and Operating Procedures
143BIS IS 302: PART 2: SEC 26-20142014-01-01EnglishSafety of household and similar electrical appliances: Part 2 Particular requirements Section 26 Clocks
144BIS IS 16144-20142014-01-01EnglishFood grain Storage Godowns - Code of Practice
145BIS IS 1783: PART 2-20142014-01-01EnglishDrums, Large, Fixed Ends - Specification Part 2 Grade B Drums
146BIS IS 16146-20142014-01-01EnglishAluminum Lake of Sunset Yellow, FCF, Food Grade - Specification
147BIS IS 16154-20142014-01-01EnglishWater Soluble Film - Specification
148BIS IS 16172-20142014-01-01EnglishReinforcement Couplers for Mechanical Splices of Bars in Concrete - Specification
149BIS IS 16169-20142014-01-01EnglishTest Procedure of Islanding Prevention Measures for Utility-Interconnected Photovoltaic Inverters
150BIS IS 16175-20142014-01-01EnglishPeriodic Inspection and Requalification - Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Cylinders for Automotive Use - Code of Practice
151BIS IS 2370-20142014-01-01EnglishWalk-in Cold Rooms - Specification
152BIS IS 16225 PART 2-20142014-01-01EnglishGeometrical Product Specifications (GPS) - Cylindricity Part 2 Specification Operators
153BIS IS 16192 PART 1-20142014-01-01EnglishAutomotive Vehicles - Wheel Rims for Two nad Three Wheeled Vehicles part 1 Light Alloy Wheel Rims - Methods Rims - Methods of Tests and Requirements
154BIS IS 16219-20142014-01-01EnglishAutomotive Vehicles - Metallic Fuel Tanks - Specification
155BIS IS 14702-20142014-01-01EnglishUndecorticated Sunflower Oilcake as Livestock Feed Ingredient - Specification - Revision 1
156BIS IS 919: PART 2-20142014-01-01EnglishISO systems of limits and fits Part 2 Tables of standard tolerance grades and limit deviations for holes and shafts - Revision 1
157BIS IS 14382-20142014-01-01EnglishAutomotive Vehicles - Speed Limitation Devices - Specification - Revision 1
158BIS IS 13708 PART 1-20142014-01-01EnglishShips and Marine Technology - Marine Redar Reflectors Part 1 Passive Type
159BIS IS 2796-20142014-01-01EnglishMotor Gasolines - Specification
160BIS IS 2077-20142014-01-01EnglishAutomotive vehicles - Electric relays - Specification - Revision 3
161BIS IS 2154-20142014-01-01EnglishCoconut Oilcake as Livestock Feed Ingredient Specification - Revision 3
162BIS IS 13365: PART 4-20142014-01-01EnglishQuantitative Classification System of Rock Mass - Guidelines Part 4 Geological Strength Index (GSI)
163BIS IS 15248: PART 3-20142014-01-01EnglishMachine Tools - Dimensions and Geometric Tests for Self-Cetring Chucks with Two-Piece jaws Part 3 Power-Operated Chucks with Serrated Jaws
164BIS IS 3400: PART 2-20142014-01-01EnglishMethods of Test for Vulcanized Rubber Part 2 Rubber, Vulcanized or Thermoplastic - Determination of Hardness (Hardness Between 10 IRHD and 100 IRHD)
165BIS IS 15248: PART 2-20142014-01-01EnglishMachine Tools - Dimensions and Geometric Tests for Self-Centring Chucks with Two-Piece Jaws Part 2 Power-Operated Chucks Tongue and Groove Type Jaws
166BIS IS 16224 PART 1-20142014-01-01EnglishGeometrical Product Specifications (GPS) - Straightness Part 1 Vocabulary and parameters of Straightness
167BIS IS 16226 PART 1-20142014-01-01EnglishGeometrical Product Specifications (GPS) - Roundness part 1 Vocabulary and Parameters of Roundness
168BIS IS 16225 PART 1-20142014-01-01EnglishGeometrical Product Specifications (GPS) - Cylindricity Part 1 Vocabulary and Parameters of Cylindrical Form
169BIS IS 14561-20142014-01-01EnglishFire resisting (insulating) filing cabinets
170BIS IS 13334: PART 2-20142014-01-01EnglishSkim Milk Powder - Part 2 : Extra Grade
171BIS IS 1161-20142014-01-01EnglishSteel Tubes for Structural Purposes - AMD 1: 2000; AMD 2: 2006; AMD 3: 2008; AMD 4: 2011; AMD 5: 2012
172BIS IS 16150: PART 1-20142014-01-01EnglishFish Feed - Specification Part 1 Carp Feed
173BIS IS 16148-20142014-01-01EnglishMetal Halide Lamps - Performance Specification
174BIS IS 10523-20142014-01-01EnglishBaby Toilet Soap — Specification - Revision 1
175BIS IS 16214-20142014-01-01EnglishInformation and Documentation - WARC File Format
176BIS IS 15934: PART 3-20142014-01-01EnglishLiquid Crystal Display Devices Part 3 Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Cells - Sectional Specification
177BIS IS 16143: PART 6-20142014-01-01EnglishHard Coal and Coke - Mechanical Sampling Part 6 Coke - Preparation of Test Samples
178BIS IS 12673: PART 2-20142014-01-01EnglishTextiles -Determination of the Abrasion Resistance of Fabrics by the Martindale Method Part 2 Determination of Specimen Breakdown - Revision 1
179BIS IS 12673: PART 4-20142014-01-01EnglishTextiles -Determination of the Abrasion Resistance of Fabrics by the Martindale Method Part 4 Assessment of Appearance Change - Revision 1
181BIS IS 16143: PART 7-20142014-01-01EnglishHard Coal and Coke - Mechanical Sampling Part 7 Methods for Determining the Precision of Sampling, Sampl Preparation and Testing
182BIS IS 15408-20142014-01-01EnglishPackaging - Bar Code and Two-Dimensional Symbols for Shipping, Transport and Receiving Labels
183BIS IS 13997-20142014-01-01EnglishDrums, Large Open Top - Specification
184BIS IS 14202: PART 4-20142014-01-01EnglishIdentification Cards - Integrated Circuit Cards Part 4 Organization, Security and Commands for Interchange
185BIS IS 16170: PART 1-20142014-01-01EnglishPhotovoltaic (PV) Module Performance Testing and Energy Rating Part 1 Irradiance and Temperature Performance Measurements and Power Rating
186BIS IS/ISO 15189-20142014-01-01EnglishMedical Laboratories - Requirements for Quality and Competence - Revision 2
187BIS IS 14943: PART 1-20142014-01-01EnglishFinancial Transaction Cards Originated Messages - Interchange Message Specifications Part 1 Message, Data Elements and Code Values
188BIS IS 3400: PART 9-20142014-01-01EnglishMethods of Test for Vulcanized Rubber Part 9 Rubber, Vulcanized or Thermoplastic - Determination of Density - Revision 3
189BIS IS 1448: PART 16-20142014-01-01EnglishMethods of test for Petroleum and its Products Part 16 Crude Petroleum and Liquid Petroleum Products - Laboratory Determination of Density - Hydrometer Method
190BIS IS 16155-20142014-01-01EnglishLive Working - Conformity Assessment Applicable to Tools, Devices and Equipment
191BIS IS 6239-20142014-01-01EnglishTextiles - Man-made fibres - Generic names - Revision 2
192BIS IS 11188: PART 1-20142014-01-01EnglishVault (Strong Room) Doors Part 1 Specification
193BIS IS 1893 PART 2-20142014-01-01EnglishCriteria For Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures Part 2 Liquid Retaining Tanks
194BIS IS 16216-20142014-01-01EnglishInformation and Documentation - International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organizations (ISIL)
195BIS IS 16232-20142014-01-01EnglishIron Fortified Iodized Salt (Double Fortified Salt) - Food Grade - Specification
196BIS IS 16129-20142014-01-01EnglishSet Top Box for Digital Terrestrial HDTV/SDTV Reception - Specification
197BIS IS 4169-20142014-01-01EnglishMetallic Materials - calibration of force-proving instruments used for the verification of uniaxial testing machines
198BIS IS 10980: PART 3-20142014-01-01EnglishAerospace - MJ Threads Part 3 Limit Dimensions for Fittings for Fluid Systems
199BIS IS 418-20142014-01-01EnglishTungsten Filament Lamp for Domestic and Similar General Lighting Purposes - Includes Amendments 5
200BIS IS 9206-20142014-01-01EnglishDimensions of caps for tungsten filament general service electric lamps - Includes Amendments 5
201BIS IS/ISO 105: PART E05-20142014-01-01EnglishTextiles - Test for Colour Fastness Part E05 Colour fastness to Spotting : Acid
202BIS IS/ISO TS 80004 PART 3-20142014-01-01EnglishNanotechnologies - Vocabulary Part 3 Carbon Nano-Objects
203BIS IS 16201-20142014-01-01EnglishCarpets - Determination of Tuft Withdrawal Force
204BIS IS 2911: PART 4-20142014-01-01EnglishDesign and construction of pile foundations - Code of practice : Part 4 Load test on piles
205BIS IS 16093-20142014-01-01EnglishInstallation of Gas Based Instantaneous Water Heater - Code of Practice
206BIS IS 16114-20142014-01-01English3 -Cyanopyridine
207BIS IS 15974-20142014-01-01EnglishAuxiliaries for Lamps Starting Devices (Other than Glow Starters) - Performance Requirements
208BIS IS 1651-20142014-01-01EnglishStationary cells and batteries, lead-acid type (with tubular positive plates)
209BIS IS 10032-20142014-01-01EnglishOrganic No Bake (Self Setting) Binders for Use in Foundries
210BIS IS 16141-20142014-01-01EnglishPyriproxyfen, Technical
211BIS IS 4014: PART 2-20142014-01-01EnglishSteel Tubular Scaffolding - Code of Practice Part 2 : Safety Provisions for Scaffolding
212BIS IS 4081-20142014-01-01EnglishBlasting and related drilling operations - Code of Safety
213BIS IS ISO 105-PART E03-20142014-01-01EnglishTextile - Test for Colour Fastness Part E03 Colour Fastness to Chlorinated water (Swimming-Pool Water)
214BIS IS 16193-20142014-01-01EnglishInformation and Documenttation - Statistics on the Production and Distribution of Books, Newspapers, Periodicals and Electronic Publications
215BIS IS 16224 PART 2-20142014-01-01EnglishGeometrical Product Specifications (GPS) - Straightness part 2 Specification Operators
216BIS IS 13450: PART 1: SEC 3-20142014-01-01EnglishMedical Electrical Equipment Part 1 General Requirements for Basic Safety and Essential Performance Section 3 Collateral Standards : Radiation Protection in Diagnostic X-ray Equipment
217BIS IS 16217-20142014-01-01EnglishInformation and Documentation - Registry Services for Libraries and Related Organizations
218BIS IS 16215-20142014-01-01EnglishDocument Management Applications - Quality Control for Scanning Office Documents in Colour
219BIS IS 13252: PART 23-20142014-01-01EnglishInformation Technology Equipment - Safety Part 23 Large Data Storage Equipment
220BIS IS 16166-20142014-01-01EnglishSample Perparation for Measurement of Mercury Level in Fluorescent Lamps
221BIS IS 9549: PART 1-20142014-01-01EnglishFasteners - Bolts,Screws and Studs Part 1 Split Pin Holes and Wire Holes - Revision 1
222BIS IS 14956-20142014-01-01EnglishLive Working - Minimum Approach Distances for a.c. Systems in the Voltage Range 72.5 kV to 800 kV - A Method of Calculation - Revision 1
223BIS IS 14202: PART 1-20142014-01-01EnglishIdentification Cards - Integrated Circuit Cards Part 1 : Cards with Contacts - Physical Characteristics - Revision 2
224BIS IS 13708: PART 2-20142014-01-01EnglishShips and Marine Technology - Marine Radar Reflectors Part 2 Active Type
225BIS IS 14872: PART 1-20142014-01-01EnglishBall Screws - Part 1 : Vocabulary and Designation - Revision 1
226BIS IS 13252: PART 22-20142014-01-01EnglishInformation Technology Equipment - Safety Part 22 Equipment to be Installed Outdoors
227BIS IS 16143: PART 4-20142014-01-01EnglishHard Coal and Coke - Mechanical Sampling Part 4 Cole - Preparation of Test Samples
228BIS IS 16130-20142014-01-01EnglishThermoplastics Materials for Pipes and Fittings for Pressure Applications - Classification,Designation and Design Coefficient
229BIS IS 1493: PART 8-20142014-01-01EnglishMethods of chemical analysis of iron ores Part 8 Determination of arsenic content - Molybdenum blue spectrophotometric method - Revision 1
230BIS IS 15977-20132013-11-01EnglishClassification and Acceptance Tests for Bare Solid Wire Electrodes and Wire Flux Combination for Submerged Arc Welding of Structrual Steel - Specification
231BIS IS 12744: PART 1-20132013-11-01EnglishReady Mixed Paint, Air Drying, Red Oxide - Zinc Phosphate, Priming - Specification : Part 1 for Domestic and Decorative Applications - Includes - AMD 1: 2015
232BIS IS 7742-20132013-11-01EnglishSynthetic Emulsion Resin Binders - Specification
233BIS IS 1725-20132013-11-01EnglishStabilized Soil Blocks used in General Building Construction - Specification
234BIS IS 3023-20132013-11-01EnglishRecommended Practice for Building-Up by Thermal Spraying
235BIS IS 7750-20132013-11-01EnglishCashew Kernels - Specification
236BIS IS 252-20132013-11-01EnglishCaustic Soda - Specification
237BIS IS 16095-20132013-11-01EnglishHazmat Vehicle - Specification
238BIS IS 16128-20132013-11-01EnglishSet Top Box for MPEG - 4 Digital Cable TV Services - Specification
239BIS IS 2932: PART 1-20132013-11-01EnglishEnamel, Synthetic, Exterior : (a) Undercoating (b) Finishing - Specification : Part 1 for Domestic and Decorative Applications
240BIS IS 5410-20132013-11-01EnglishCement Paint - Specification
241BIS IS 16056-20132013-11-01EnglishLiquid Sugar - Specification
242BIS IS 16127-20132013-11-01EnglishBehind the Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids - Digital - Specification
243BIS IS 11987-20132013-10-01EnglishWax-emulsion for Leather Finishing
244BIS IS 1200: PART 27-20132013-10-01EnglishMethod of Measurement of Building and Civil Engineering Works Part 27 Earth work Done by Mechanical Appliances
245BIS IS 3967-20132013-10-01EnglishCutch
246BIS IS 6213: PART 13-20132013-10-01EnglishMethods of Test for Pulp Part 13 Determination of Copper Content
247BIS IS 4690-20132013-10-01EnglishBuoy Shackles
248BIS IS 6893: PART 1-20132013-10-01EnglishProforma for purchase specification for machine tools:Part 1 General purpose parallel lathes and precision lathes
249BIS IS 16009-20132013-10-01EnglishRoad Vehicles - Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Specific Equipment - Shut off Valve
250BIS IS 6044: PART 1-20132013-10-01EnglishLiquefied Petroleum Gas Storage Installations - Code of Practice : Part 1 Residential Commercial and Industrial Cylinder Installations
251BIS IS 2716-20132013-10-01EnglishMyrobalan extract
252BIS IS 1956: PART 4-20132013-10-01EnglishGlossary of Terms Relating to Iron and Steel - Part 4 Flat Products
253BIS IS 428-20132013-10-01EnglishWashable Distemper - Specification
254BIS IS 1200: PART 7-20132013-10-01EnglishMethod of Measurement of Building and Civil Engineering Works Part 7 Hardware
255BIS IS 1200: PART 10-20132013-10-01EnglishMethod of Measurement of Building and Civil Engineering Works Part 10 Ceilings and Linings
256BIS IS 5465-20132013-10-01EnglishSONALI Bark - Specification
257BIS IS 795-20132013-10-01EnglishGuide for Preparation of Abstracts
258BIS IS 6357-20132013-10-01EnglishSulphated Oil for Leather Fatliquoring
259BIS IS 14435-20132013-10-01EnglishFire Safety in Educational Institutions - Code of Practice
260BIS IS 14169-20132013-10-01EnglishRecommendations For Type Selection of Feeders
261BIS IS 15489-20132013-10-01EnglishPaint, Plastic Emulsion - Specification - Includes AMD 1: 2013
262BIS IS 15985-20132013-10-01EnglishTricyclazole, Wettable Powder (WP) - Specification
263BIS IS 778-20132013-10-01EnglishCopper Alloy Gate, Globe and Check Valves for Waterworks Purposes
264BIS IS 13606-20132013-10-01EnglishSynthetic Sulphochlorinated Fatliquors for Leather Processing - Specification
265BIS IS 6213: PART 15-20132013-10-01EnglishMethods of test for pulp Part 15 Determination of manganese Content
266BIS IS 2963-20132013-10-01EnglishCopper Alloy Waste Fittings and Waste Plug for Wash Basin and Sinks
267BIS IS 15981-20132013-10-01EnglishAcetamiprid, Technical - Specification
268BIS IS 8130-20132013-10-01EnglishConductors for Insulated Electric Cables and Flexible Cords
269BIS IS ISO 105: PART E01-20132013-10-01EnglishTextiles - Tests for Colour Fatness Part 1 Colour Fastness to Water
270BIS IS 11852-20132013-10-01EnglishAutomotive Vehicles - Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Vehicles of Categories M, N and T with Regard to Braking
271BIS IS 3508-20132013-10-01EnglishMethod of sampling and test for ghee - Includes Amendments 3
272BIS IS ISO 6182: PART 7-20132013-10-01EnglishFire Protection - Automatic Sprinklers Systems Part 7 Requirements and Test Methods for Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) Sprinklers
273BIS IS 16112-20132013-10-01EnglishBeta Picoline - Specification
274BIS IS 16111-20132013-10-01EnglishElastic Bandage
275BIS IS 14202: PART 9-20132013-10-01EnglishIdentification Cards - Integrated Circuit Cards Part 9 Commands for Card Management
276BIS IS 16124-20132013-10-01EnglishSystems and Software Engineering - Software Life Cycle Processes
277BIS IS 14202: PART 11-20132013-10-01EnglishIdentification Cards - Integrated Circuit Cards Part 11 Personal Verification Through Biomatric Methods
278BIS IS 14202: PART 13-20132013-10-01EnglishIdentification Cards Integrated Circuit Cards Part 13 Commands for Application Management in a Multi-Application Environment
279BIS IS 14202: PART 3-20132013-10-01EnglishIdentification Cards - Integrated Circuit Cards Part 3 Cards with Contacts Electrical Interface and Transmission Protocols
280BIS IS 14202: PART 8-20132013-10-01EnglishIdentification Cards - Integrated Circuit Cards Part 8 Commands for Security Operations
281BIS IS 14202: PART 7-20132013-10-01EnglishIdentification Cards - Integrated Circuit Cards Part 7 Interindustry Commands for Structured Card Query Language (SCQL)
282BIS IS ISO 105: PART E07-20132013-10-01EnglishTextiles - Tests for Colour Fastness Part 7 Colour Fastness to Spoting : Water
283BIS IS 16116-20132013-10-01EnglishCoconut Milk Powder - Specification
284BIS IS 14715: PART 1-20132013-10-01EnglishJute Geo - Textiles Part 1 Strengthening of Sub-Grade in Roads
285BIS IS 16117-20132013-10-01EnglishChilgoza Nuts - Specification
286BIS IS 11086-20132013-10-01EnglishSpeedometer/Odometer Systems for Automotive Applications
287BIS IS 16109-20132013-10-01EnglishTurntable Ladder
288BIS IS ISO 7240: PART 7-20132013-10-01EnglishFire Detection and Alarm Systems Part 7 Point-Type Smoke Detectors Using Scattered Light , Transmitted Light or Ionization
289BIS IS 16089-20132013-10-01EnglishJute Agro-Textile - Sapling Bags for Growth of Seedling/Sapling
290BIS IS ISO 7240: PART 5-20132013-10-01EnglishFire Detection and Alarm Systems Part 5 Point-Type Heat Detectors
291BIS IS 16091-20132013-10-01EnglishMeasurement of Liquid Flow in Open Channels - Method of Specifying Performance of Hydrometric Equipment
292BIS IS ISO 7240: PART 11-20132013-10-01EnglishFire Detection and Alarm Systems Part 11 Manual Call Points
293BIS IS 16090-20132013-10-01EnglishGeo-Synthetics - Geo-Textiles Used as Protection (or Cushioning) Materials
294BIS IS 14202: PART 5-20132013-10-01EnglishIntegrated Cards -Integrated Circuit Cards Part 5 Registration of Application Providers
295BIS IS ISO 7240: PART 15-20132013-10-01EnglishFire Detection and Alarm Systems Part 15 Point Type fir e Detectors Using Scattered Light, Transmitted Light or Ionization Sensors in Combination with a Heat Sensor
296BIS IS 14202: PART 10-20132013-10-01EnglishIdentification Cards- Integrated Circuit Cards Part 10 Electronic Signals and Answer to Reset for Synchronous Cards
297BIS IS 2222-20132013-10-01Englishburnt clay perforated building bricks - Includes Amendments 2
298BIS IS 16125: PART 2-20132013-10-01EnglishInformation Technology - Multimedia Contant Description Interface Part 2 Description Definition Language
299BIS IS 8222-20132013-10-01EnglishEdible Leaf Protein Concentrate - Includes Amendments 1
300BIS IS 2180-20132013-10-01Englishheavy duty burnt clay building bricks - Includes Amendments 1
301BIS IS 1883-20132013-10-01Englishmetal shelving racks (adjustable type) - Includes Amendments 1
302BIS IS 1838: PART 3-20132013-10-01EnglishPreformed Fillers for Expansion Joints in Concrete Pavements and Structures(non-extruding and resilient type) Part 3 Polymer Based - Includes Amendments 1
303BIS IS 14488-20132013-10-01EnglishSulphited fat liquors for leather-Specification
304BIS IS 3968-20132013-10-01EnglishWattle bark
305BIS IS 14246-20132013-10-01EnglishContinuously Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel Sheets and Coils
306BIS IS 1200: PART 11-20132013-10-01EnglishMethod of Measurement of Building and Civil Engineering Works Part 11 Paving, Floor Finishes, Dado and Skirting
307BIS IS 7719-20132013-10-01EnglishMetallic Spiral Wound Gaskets
308BIS IS 10386: PART 4-20132013-10-01EnglishSafety Code for Construction , Operation and Maintenance of River Vally Projects Part 4 Handling, Transportation and Storage of Explosives
309BIS IS 9401: PART 20-20132013-10-01EnglishMethod of Measurement of Works in River valley Projects (Dams and Appurtenant Structures) Part 20 protection works
310BIS IS 3969-20132013-10-01EnglishGORAN Bark - Specification
311BIS IS 11527-20132013-10-01EnglishStructural Design of Energy Dissipators for Spillways - Criteria
312BIS IS 1125-20132013-10-01EnglishDetermination of weathering of Natural building stones - Method of Test
313BIS IS 133: PART 1-20132013-10-01EnglishEnamel, Interior : (a) Undercoating (b) Finishing - Speification Part 1 for household and decorative purposes - Includes AMD 1: 2015
314BIS IS 1652-20132013-10-01EnglishStationary Cells and Batteries, Lead-Acid Type with Plante Positive Plates
315BIS IS 16126-20132013-10-01EnglishTextiles - Waterproof Tarpaulins made from Polyester Fabric - Specification
316BIS IS 9004-20132013-10-01EnglishTamarind Seed Testa
317BIS IS 16064-20132013-10-01EnglishRoad Vehicles - Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Specific Equipment - Gas Mixing Piece
318BIS IS 5219-20132013-10-01EnglishCast Copper Alloy Traps
319BIS IS 10386: PART 1-20132013-10-01EnglishSafety Code for Construction, Operation and Maintenance of River Valley Projects
320BIS IS 16063-20132013-10-01EnglishRoad Vehicles - Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Specific Equipment - LPG Filter Unit
321BIS IS 8601-20132013-10-01EnglishMyrobalan nuts (whole and crushed) for tanning industry
322BIS IS 10386: PART 2-20132013-10-01EnglishSafety Code for Construction, Operation and Maintenance of River Vally Projects Part 2 Amenities, Protective Clothing and Equipment
323BIS IS 7836-20132013-10-01EnglishEdible Low-fat Soya Flour
324BIS IS 16073-20132013-10-01EnglishBamboo-Jute Composite Panel Door Shutter - Specification
325BIS IS 5312: PART 2-20132013-10-01EnglishSwing Check Type Reflux (Non-Return) Valves for Water Works Purpose Part 2 : Multi-Door Pattern
326BIS IS 16060-20132013-10-01EnglishSolid Carbide Parallel Shank Twist Drills Stub Series
327BIS IS 16065-20132013-10-01EnglishRoad Vehicles - Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Specific Equipment - Fuel Rail
328BIS IS 5128-20132013-10-01EnglishAVARAM Bark - Specification
329BIS IS 16059-20132013-10-01EnglishSolid Carbide Parallel Shank Twist Drills Jobber Series
330BIS IS 5245: PART 2-20132013-10-01EnglishMethods for Splicing of Wire Ropes - Part 2 : Wire Rope Sling Legs with Ferrule-Secured Eye Terminals
331BIS IS 5127-20132013-10-01EnglishBabul Bark
332BIS IS 6213: PART 12-20132013-10-01EnglishMethods of Test for Pulp Part 12 Determination of Calcium Content
333BIS IS 16053-20132013-10-01EnglishRoad Vehicles - Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Specific Equipment - Pressure Regulator and Vapourizer
334BIS IS 16058-20132013-10-01EnglishDunnage Pallets Made from Recycled Plastic Wastes for Warehousing Applications
335BIS IS 6213: PART 14-20132013-10-01EnglishMethods of Test for Pulp Part 14 Determination of Iron Content
336BIS IS 16055-20132013-10-01EnglishCopper Alloy Valves for Marine Industry - Face to Face and Centre to Face Distances
337BIS IS 4488-20132013-09-01EnglishForceps, Tonsil Holding (Mucks and Whites Patterns)
338BIS IS 5466-20132013-09-01EnglishVegetable Tanning Materials - Methods of Test
339BIS IS 4484-20132013-09-01EnglishShipbuilding Electrically Welded Stud Link Anchor Chains and Connecting Shackles and Swivels
340BIS IS 4326-20132013-09-01EnglishEarthquake resistant design and construction of buildings - Code of practice - Revision 3
341BIS IS 4275-20132013-09-01EnglishScissors, Kilners for Plastic Surgery
342BIS IS 4281-20132013-09-01EnglishScissors, McIndoes, for Plastic Surgery
343BIS IS 4266-20132013-09-01EnglishLockers, Bedside for Hospital Use
344BIS IS 4504-20132013-09-01EnglishForceps, Peritonsillar
345BIS IS 4489-20132013-09-01EnglishForceps, Nasal Turbinate, Lucs
346BIS IS 4739-20132013-09-01EnglishZinc Oxide Elastic Self-adhesive Bandage
347BIS IS 4717-20132013-09-01EnglishZinc Oxide Self-adhesive Plaster
348BIS IS 4513-20132013-09-01EnglishScissors, Surgical Dressing and Stitch
349BIS IS 1500: PART 2-20132013-09-01EnglishMetallic Materials - Brinell Hardness Test Part 2 Verification and Calibration Testing Machines
350BIS IS 3319-20132013-09-01EnglishBlades, Surgical, Detachable (Bard Parker Type) and Handles
351BIS IS 694-20132013-09-01EnglishPolyvinyl Chloride Insulated Unsheathed And Sheathed Cables/cords With Rigid And Flexible Conductor For Rated Voltages Up To And Including 450/750 V
352BIS IS 16122-20132013-09-01EnglishMicrobiology of Food and Animal Feeding Stuffs General Requirements and Guidance for Microbiological Examinations
353BIS IS 16123: PART 1-20132013-09-01EnglishQuantitative Methods in Process Improvement Six Sigma Part 1 the Dmaic Methodology
354BIS IS 16123: PART 2-20132013-09-01EnglishQuantitative Methods in Process Improvement Six Sigma Part 2 Tools and Techniques
355BIS IS 16061: PART 1-20132013-09-01EnglishHydrogen Fuel - Product Specification Part 1 all Applications Except Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cells for Road Vehicles
356BIS IS/ISO 8178: PART 4-20132013-09-01EnglishReciprocating Internal Combustion Engines Exhaust Emission Measurement
357BIS IS/ISO 14065-20132013-09-01EnglishGreenhouse gases-Requirements for greenhouse gas validation and verification bodies for use in accreditation or other forms of recognition
358BIS IS 6469-20132013-09-01EnglishHarpoon Trocar (Tilleys Pattern)
359BIS IS 1500: PART 4-20132013-09-01EnglishMetallic Materials - Brinell Hardness Test Part 4 Table of Hardness Values
360BIS IS/IEC 60793: PART 1: SEC 44-20132013-09-01EnglishOptical Fibres Part 1Measurement Methods and Test Procedures Section 44 Cut-Off Wavelength
361BIS IS 14174-20132013-09-01EnglishInformation Technology Identification Cards Financial Transaction Cards
362BIS IS 13730: PART 4-20132013-09-01EnglishParticular types of winding wires: Part 4 Solderable polyurethane enamelled round copper wire, class 130
363BIS IS 13528-20132013-09-01EnglishPretanning syntans
364BIS IS 4245-20132013-09-01EnglishNeedle Holder (Gillies) Combined with Scissors, for Plastic Surgery
365BIS IS 6505-20132013-09-01EnglishCurette, Uterine, Double-ended, Sharp and Blunt, Sims Pattern
366BIS IS 6510-20132013-09-01EnglishCurette, Endometrial Biopsy, Suction Type
367BIS IS 13625-20132013-09-01EnglishRetanning Syntans Including Acrylic and Related Syntans
368BIS IS 3320-20132013-09-01EnglishSurgical Scalpels
369BIS IS 6514-20132013-09-01EnglishNasal Cartilage Knife (Ballengers Pattern)
370BIS IS 14133-20132013-09-01EnglishBeekeepers Kit
371BIS IS 10: PART 2-20132013-09-01EnglishPlywood Tea-Chests Part 2 Plywood
372BIS IS 3830-20132013-09-01EnglishWater Stills for Pyrogen-Free Distilled Water
373BIS IS 10625-20132013-09-01EnglishReference tables for nickel/chromium-copper/nickel (chromel-constantan) thermocouples
374BIS IS 7036-20132013-09-01EnglishTable, Postmortem
375BIS IS 7105: PART 1-20132013-09-01EnglishExtractor for Kuntscher Nail - Part 1 : Handle type
376BIS IS 7100-20132013-09-01EnglishHook, Decapitation, Jardines Pattern
377BIS IS 7081-20132013-09-01EnglishStool, Revolving, for Hospital Use
378BIS IS 6993-20132013-09-01EnglishPan Knee Joint
379BIS IS 7116-20132013-09-01EnglishForceps, Midwifery, Short
380BIS IS 4094-20132013-09-01EnglishForceps, Sterilizer, Cheatles Pattern
381BIS IS 4085-20132013-09-01EnglishKnives, Amputating
382BIS IS 4035-20132013-09-01EnglishTrolleys, Stretcher
383BIS IS 12171-20132013-09-01EnglishCotton Bales
384BIS IS 12184-20132013-09-01EnglishStylus for Braille Writing - Includes AMD 1; 9/1994
385BIS IS 3877-20132013-09-01EnglishWax Knife, Dental
386BIS IS 15934: PART 5-20132013-09-01EnglishLiquid crystal and solid-state display devices Part 5 Environmental endurance and mechanical test methods
387BIS IS 3879-20132013-09-01EnglishSpatula, Wax, Dental, No. 1
388BIS IS 16010-20132013-09-01EnglishGood Governance Guidance - Includes Amendments 1
389BIS IS 4033-20132013-09-01EnglishGeneral Requirements for Hospital Furniture
390BIS IS 3992-20132013-09-01EnglishTrays, Kidney
391BIS IS 4031: PART 7-20132013-09-01EnglishMethods of physical tests for hydraulic cement: Part 7 Determination of compressive strength of masonry cement
392BIS IS 3025: PART 39-20132013-09-01EnglishMethods of sampling and test (physical and chemical) for water and waste water : Part 39 Oil and grease - Includes Amendments 2
393BIS IS 13041-20132013-09-01EnglishRecommendation for Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Hydraulic Hoist (After Erection)
394BIS IS 3831-20132013-09-01EnglishSterilizer, Shallow (dressing drum) - Includes Amendments 4
395BIS IS 15976-20132013-09-01EnglishSteel Reels and Drums for Bare Conductors
396BIS IS 4037-20132013-09-01EnglishStretchers and Stretcher Carriers
397BIS IS 16017-20132013-09-01EnglishTransportable Gas Cylinders - Periodic Inspection and Testing of Seamless Aluminium Alloy Gas Cylinders
398BIS IS 4120-20132013-09-01EnglishTubs and Baths
399BIS IS 4490-20132013-09-01EnglishForceps, Dilating, Trousseaus
400BIS IS 5337-20132013-09-01EnglishCot, Dropside, Baby, Hospital
401BIS IS 4444-20132013-09-01EnglishBottles, Bacteriological
402BIS IS 15987-20132013-09-01EnglishNon-Destructive Testing of Concrete Structures Using Impact-Echo Technique Recommended Practice
403BIS IS 10009-20132013-09-01EnglishBreaker and Holder, Razor Blade, Barraquers Pattern
404BIS IS 1643-20132013-09-01EnglishFire Safety of Buildings (General): Exposure Hazard Code of Practice
405BIS IS 1515-20132013-09-01EnglishBeehives
406BIS IS 9751-20132013-09-01EnglishBandage, Suspensory
407BIS IS 7454-20132013-09-01EnglishRehabilitation equipment - Wheelchairs, folding, adult size
408BIS IS 7677-20132013-09-01EnglishExolevers, Apical, Dental
409BIS IS 9568: PART 3-20132013-09-01EnglishMetallic Card Clothing - Part III : Wires for Cylinder, Doffer and Licker-in
410BIS IS 9471: PART 1-20132013-09-01EnglishModular Lower Limb Orthotic Components - Part I : Stirrups
411BIS IS 9401: PART 6-20132013-09-01EnglishMethod of Measurement of Works in River Valley Projects (Dams and Appurtenant Structures): Part 6 Ventilation Pipes and Other Embedded Materials
412BIS IS 7734-20132013-09-01EnglishForceps, Eye, Peripheral Iridectomy, Traquairs Pattern
413BIS IS 7708-20132013-09-01EnglishVacuum Flasks
414BIS IS 7625-20132013-09-01EnglishGag, Mouth, Doyens Pattern
415BIS IS 9253-20132013-09-01EnglishAgricultural Wheeled Tractors Field Performance and Haulage Tests Guidelines
416BIS IS 9062-20132013-09-01EnglishProbes, Lacrimal, Bowmans Pattern (Modified)
417BIS IS 9134-20132013-09-01EnglishTrephine, Corneal, Castroviejos Pattern (Modified)
418BIS IS 7432-20132013-09-01EnglishClamp, Myomectomy, Bonneys Pattern
419BIS IS 9165: PART 2-20132013-09-01EnglishSurgical instruments - Needles, suture Part 2 Eyed needles - Sizes, shapes and dimensions
420BIS IS 8855-20132013-09-01EnglishRetractor, Langenbecks Pattern
421BIS IS 7480-20132013-09-01EnglishPerforator, Simpsons Pattern
422BIS IS 7484-20132013-09-01EnglishRetractor, Vaginal, Purandares Pattern
423BIS IS 7252-20132013-09-01EnglishFruits And Vegetables Physical Conditions in Cold Stores Definitions and Measurement
424BIS IS 6976-20132013-09-01EnglishAwl, Kuntscher, Diamond Pointed
425BIS IS 7399-20132013-09-01EnglishKnife, Sternum, Lebsches Pattern
426BIS IS 6979-20132013-09-01EnglishCerebral Palsy Chair, Tubular, Institutional Model
427BIS IS 7355-20132013-09-01EnglishSpreader, Rib, Tuffiers Pattern, Adult Size
428BIS IS 6960-20132013-09-01EnglishCatheters, Metal, Female
429BIS IS 6959-20132013-09-01EnglishEmbryotomy Scissors, Embryotomy, Curved on Flat
430BIS IS 6657-20132013-09-01EnglishSal Bark
431BIS IS 14194: PART 5-20132013-09-01EnglishRadionuclides in Environmental Samples - Methods of Estimation Part 5 Samples
432BIS IS 14194: PART 2-20132013-09-01EnglishRadionuclides in environmental samples - Method of estimation: Part 2 Gross alpha activity measurement
433BIS IS 6658-20132013-09-01EnglishCashew Testa
434BIS IS 6905-20132013-09-01EnglishInstruments Table, Mayos Type
435BIS IS 6958-20132013-09-01EnglishKnife, Decapitation
436BIS IS 6593-20132013-09-01EnglishElectric Serological Water-baths
437BIS IS 6624-20132013-09-01EnglishBasic Hand Splint, Palmar Arch Support
438BIS IS 1126-20132013-09-01EnglishDetermination of durability of natural building stones - Method of test
439BIS IS 6581-20132013-09-01EnglishEndotracheal Tubes (Rubber)
440BIS IS 14194: PART 1-20132013-09-01EnglishRadionuclides in environmental samples - Method of estimation: Part 1 Gross beta activity measurement - Includes AMD 1: 2015
441BIS IS 6840-20132013-09-01EnglishPreventive maintenance of agricultural wheeled tractors - Code of practice
442BIS IS 6463-20132013-09-01EnglishBurs, Antrum (Tilleys Pattern)
443BIS IS 6410-20132013-09-01EnglishMagnetic Flaw Detection Inks and Powders
444BIS IS 6472-20132013-09-01EnglishGeneral Requirements for Tinted Ophthalmic Glass
445BIS IS 6465-20132013-09-01EnglishTrocar, Antral, with Cannula (Tilley Lichtwitz Pattern)
446BIS IS 6224-20132013-09-01EnglishTuber Band for Orthopaedic Calipers and Braces
447BIS IS 5695-20132013-09-01EnglishSpectacle Lenses
448BIS IS 6301-20132013-09-01EnglishBasic Chromium Sulphate (for Tanning)
449BIS IS 4812-20132013-09-01EnglishSilica refractories for coke oven
450BIS IS 4959-20132013-09-01EnglishRaspatory, Nasal, Howarths
451BIS IS 6223-20132013-09-01EnglishCalf Band for Orthopedic Calipers and Braces
452BIS IS 5747-20132013-09-01EnglishRetractor, Endaural (Lemperts Pattern)
453BIS IS 6222-20132013-09-01EnglishThigh Band for Orthopedic Calipers and Braces
454BIS IS 6221-20132013-09-01EnglishPelvic Band for Steel Orthopedic Calipers and Braces
455BIS IS 6111-20132013-09-01EnglishCurette, Uterine (Suction Type)
456BIS IS 4787-20132013-09-01EnglishTable, Examination
457BIS IS 6199-20132013-09-01EnglishWattle extract
458BIS IS 5732-20132013-09-01EnglishGouge, Mastoid (Jenkins Pattern)
459BIS IS 6083-20132013-09-01EnglishTable, Obstetric, Labour
460BIS IS 5796-20132013-09-01EnglishDisc Type Weight Set for Physio-Therapy Exercisers Other than Pulley Arrangements
461BIS IS 6115-20132013-09-01EnglishGynaecological instruments - Forceps, uterine tenaculum - Shape and dimensions
462BIS IS 4381-20132013-09-01EnglishPathological Microscope
463BIS IS 5750-20132013-09-01EnglishSigmoidoscope
464BIS IS B7104-20132013-09-01EnglishPoplin (market Variety) (bi-lingual)
465BIS IS 16115-20132013-09-01EnglishEvaluation of Completed Irrigation Projects (Major and Medium) Guidelines
466BIS IS 16057-20132013-09-01EnglishLPG Operated Internal Combustion Engines - Safety and Performance Requirements
467BIS IS 16045-20132013-09-01EnglishCopper Alloy Screw Down Stop Valves and Stop and Check Valves for Marine Application
468BIS IS B4120-20132013-09-01EnglishTubs and Baths(BI-LINGUAL)
469BIS IS B8462-20132013-09-01EnglishSterilizer, Portable, Vertical, Pressure Type (BI-LINGUAL)
470BIS IS 15983-20132013-09-01EnglishThiamethoxam,Technical
471BIS IS 16074-20132013-09-01EnglishSteel Flush Door Shutters
472BIS IS B753-20132013-09-01EnglishHandloom Cotton Pugri Cloth, Bleached Or Dyed (bi-lingual)
473BIS IS 9471: PART 3-20132013-09-01EnglishModular Lower Limb Orthotic Components - Part III : Stirrup Plates - Includes Amendments 3
474BIS IS 16118-20132013-09-01EnglishStrawberries Guide to Cold Storage
475BIS IS 16016-20132013-09-01EnglishCylindrical Locks with Pin Tumbler Mechanism
476BIS IS 15998-20132013-09-01EnglishCast Iron, Spheroidal/Nodular Cast Iron and Cast Steel Screw- Down Stop Values and Stop and Check Valves for Marine Application
477BIS IS 15971-20132013-09-01EnglishShipbuilding - Welded Steel Double Bollards for Inland Navigation
478BIS IS 10110-20132013-09-01EnglishTable Spoon Terminal Device for Artificial Limbs - Includes AMD 1; 1993: AMD 2; 1994
479BIS IS 6885: PART 1-20132013-09-01EnglishMetallic materials Knoop hardness test Part 1 Test method
480BIS IS 7767-20132013-09-01EnglishSpatula, Eye, Cyclodialysis, Sinclairs Pattern
481BIS IS 9401: PART 7-20132013-09-01EnglishMethod of Measurement of Works in River Valley Projects (Dams and Appurtenant Structures): Part 7 Joints
482BIS IS 1644-20132013-09-01EnglishFire Safety of Buildings (General): Exit Requirements and Personal Hazard Code of Practice
483BIS IS 10111-20132013-09-01EnglishTable Fork Terminal Device for Artificial Limbs - Includes AMD 1; 1993: AMD 2; 1994
484BIS IS 7762-20132013-09-01EnglishHook, Eyelid
485BIS IS 3055: PART 1-20132013-09-01EnglishClinical thermometers Part 1: solid stem type
486BIS IS 7758-20132013-09-01EnglishCurette, Eye, Evacuation, Moorfields Pattern
487BIS IS 10150-20132013-09-01EnglishGuide for sterilization of medical products
488BIS IS 7784: PART 1-20132013-09-01EnglishDesign of cross drainage works- Code of practice : Part 1 General features
489BIS IS 8092-20132013-09-01EnglishIndustrial plant layout - Code of safety
490BIS IS 8086-20132013-09-01EnglishRehabilitation equipment - Wheelchairs, folding, junior size
491BIS IS 8492-20132013-09-01EnglishAnkle Blocks, Wooden
492BIS IS 7972-20132013-09-01EnglishScissors, Dissecting, Metzenbaums Pattern
493BIS IS 8343-20132013-09-01EnglishForceps, Biopsy, Petersons Pattern
494BIS IS 3237: PART 1-20132013-09-01EnglishSpecial Purpose Syringes - Part 1 : Insulin Syringes
495BIS IS 10322: PART 5: SEC 6-20132013-09-01EnglishLuminaires Part 5 Particular Requirements Section 6 Handlamps
496BIS IS 10322: PART 5: SEC 7-20132013-09-01EnglishLuminaires Part 5 Particular Requirements Section 7 Lighting Chains
497BIS IS 3374-20132013-09-01EnglishPreformed Steel Wire Ropes for Aircraft Control
498BIS IS 3237: PART 3-20132013-09-01EnglishSpecial Purpose Syringes - Part 3 : BCG Syringes
499BIS IS 3118-20132013-09-01EnglishElectric Bacteriological Incubators
500BIS IS 8921-20132013-09-01EnglishAugar-extractor, Judets Pattern