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Posstandard Numberpublication dateLanguageDescription
1AFNOR NF EN 300019-2-3-20212021-01-30FrenchEnvironmental Engineering (EE) - Environmental conditions and environmental tests for telecommunications equipment - Part 2-3 : specification of environmental tests-Stationary use at weatherprotected locations (V2.5.1)
2AFNOR NF ISO 22887-20212021-01-30FrenchDetermination of total sulfur in fertilizers by high temperature combustion
3AFNOR NF ISO 18775-20212021-01-30FrenchVeneers - Terms and definitions, determination of physical characteristics and tolerances
4AFNOR NF EN 303213-4-1-20212021-01-30FrenchAdvanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) - Part 4 : community Specification for a deployed non-cooperative sensor including its interfaces - Sub-part 1 : generic requirements for non-cooperative sensor (V2.1.1)
5AFNOR NF ISO 19347-20212021-01-23FrenchSynchronous belt drives - Imperial pitch trapezoidal profile system - Belts and pulleys
6AFNOR NF ISO 23493-20212021-01-23FrenchWelding and allied processes - Process specification for laser-arc hybrid welding for metallic materials
7AFNOR NF ISO 11171-20212021-01-23FrenchHydraulic fluid power - Calibration of automatic particle counters for liquids
8AFNOR NF ISO 230-3-20212021-01-23FrenchTest code for machine tools - Part 3 : determination of thermal effects
9AFNOR NF EN 302890-2-20212021-01-23FrenchIntelligent Transport Systems (ITS) - Facilities Layer function - Part 2 : position and Time management (PoTi)- Release 2 (V2.1.1)
10AFNOR NF ISO 19698-20212021-01-23FrenchSludge recovery, recycling, treatment and disposal - Beneficial use of biosolids - Land application
11AFNOR NF ISO 3506-6-20212021-01-23FrenchFasteners - Mechanical properties of corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners - Part 6 : general rules for the selection of stainless steels and nickel alloys for fasteners
12AFNOR NF ISO 16000-28-20212021-01-23FrenchIndoor air - Part 28 : determination of odour emissions from building products using test chambers
13AFNOR NF ISO 56005-20212021-01-23FrenchInnovation management - Tools and methods for intellectual property management - Guidance
14AFNOR NF EN 301489-9-20212021-01-16FrenchElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standard for radio equipment and services - Part 9 : specific conditions for wireless microphones, similar Radio Frequency (RF) audio link equipment, cordless audio and in-ear monitoring devices - Harmonised Standard co
15AFNOR NF EN 302536-20212021-01-16FrenchShort Range Devices (SRD) - Radio equipment operating in the frequency range 315 kHz to 600 kHz for Ultra Low Power Animal Implantable Devices (ULP-AID) and associated peripherals - Harmonised Standard covering the essential requirements of article 3.2 of
16AFNOR NF EN 301 489-31-20212021-01-16FrenchElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standard for radio equipment and services - Part 31 : specific ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standard for radio equipment and services - Part 31: Specific conditions for equipment in the 9 kHz to 315 kHz band for
17AFNOR NF EN 301489-29-20212021-01-16FrenchElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standard for radio equipment and services - Part 29 : specific conditions for Medical Data Service Devices (MEDS) operating in the 401 MHz to 402 MHz and 405 MHz to 406 MHz bands - Harmonised Standard covering the essen
18AFNOR NF ISO 35102-20212021-01-16FrenchPetroleum and natural gas industries - Arctic operations - Escape, evacuation and rescue from offshore installations
19AFNOR NF EN 301489-35-20212021-01-16FrenchElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standard for radio equipment and services; Part 35: Specific ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standard for radio equipment and services - Part 35 : specific requirements for Low Power Active Medical Implants (LP-AMI)
20AFNOR NF ISO 21543-20212021-01-16FrenchMilk and milk products - Guidelines for the application of near infrared spectrometry
21AFNOR NF ISO 21628-20212021-01-16FrenchGardening machinery - Powered material-collecting systems - Safety
22AFNOR NF ISO 50049-20212021-01-16FrenchCalculation methods for energy efficiency and energy consumption variations at country, region and city levels
23AFNOR NF ISO 2859-2-20212021-01-16FrenchSampling procedures for inspection by attributes - Part 2 : sampling plans indexed by limiting quality (LQ) for isolated lot inspection
24AFNOR NF ISO 14820-3-20212021-01-09FrenchFertilizers and liming materials - Sampling and sample preparation - Part 3 : sampling of static heaps
25AFNOR NF ISO 16079-2-20212021-01-09FrenchCondition monitoring and diagnostics of wind turbines - Part 2 : monitoring the drivetrain
26AFNOR NF EN 303 213-5-1-20212021-01-09FrenchAdvanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) - Part 5 : harmonised Standard for access to radio spectrum for Multilateration (MLAT) equipment - Sub-part 1 : receivers and Interrogators (V1.1.1)
27AFNOR NF ISO 4223-2/A1-20212021-01-09FrenchDefinitions of some terms used in the tyre industry - Part 2 : solid tyres - AMENDMENT 1
28AFNOR NF EN 319412-1-20212021-01-09FrenchElectronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI) - Certificate Profiles - Part 1 : overview and common data structures (V1.4.1)
29AFNOR NF X50-144-3-20212021-01-09FrenchDemonstration of resistance to environmental conditions - Design and carrying out of environmental tests - Part 3 : implementation of the tailoring process in mechanical environment
30AFNOR NF ISO 3767-1/A1-20212021-01-09FrenchTractors, machinery for agriculture and forestry, powered lawn and garden equipment - Symbols for operator controls and other displays - Part 1 : common symbols - AMENDMENT 1
31AFNOR NF EN 319 412-5-20212021-01-09FrenchElectronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI) - Certificate Profiles - Part 5 : QCStatements (V3.2.1)
32AFNOR NF ISO 8528-3-20212021-01-09FrenchReciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternating current generating sets - Part 3 : alternating current generators for generating sets
33AFNOR NF X32-001-20212021-01-09FrenchBiodiversity - Strategic and operational approach - Requirements and guidelines
34AFNOR NF EN 303340-20212021-01-02FrenchDigital Terrestrial TV Broadcast Receivers-Harmonised Standard for access to radio spectrum (V1.2.1)
35AFNOR NF ISO 22384-20212021-01-02FrenchSecurity and resilience - Authenticity, integrity and trust for products and documents - Guidelines to establish and monitor a protection plan and its implementation
36AFNOR NF ISO 15643-20212021-01-02FrenchRoad construction and maintenance equipment - Bituminous binder sprayers and synchronous bituminous binder sprayers-chip spreaders - Terminology and commercial specifications
37AFNOR NF ISO 1382-20212021-01-02FrenchRubber - Vocabulary
38AFNOR NF ISO 37123-20212021-01-02FrenchSustainable cities and communities - Indicators for resilient cities
39AFNOR NF ISO 22186-20212021-01-02FrenchMilk and milk products - Determination of nitrofurazone
40AFNOR NF ISO 8405-20212021-01-02FrenchTools for moulding - Ejector sleeves with cylindrical head - Basic series for general purposes
41AFNOR FD CEN/TR 17236-20202020-12-30FrenchElectronic cigarettes and e-liquids - Constituents to be measured in the aerosol of vaping products
42AFNOR NF P98-052-20202020-12-25FrenchPrefabricated concrete products - Prefabricated concrete window sills
43AFNOR NF P96-107-20202020-12-25FrenchAccessibility of public access buildings - Location and direction signaling systems into public access buildings
44AFNOR NF ISO 3297-20202020-12-25FrenchInformation and documentation - International standard serial number (ISSN)
45AFNOR NF EN 303213-4-2-20202020-12-25FrenchAdvanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) - Part 4 : community Specification for a deployed non cooperative sensor including its interfaces - Sub-part 2 : specific requirements for a deployed Surface Movement Radar sensor (V2.1.1)
46AFNOR NF EN 301489-17-20202020-12-25FrenchElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standard for radio equipment and services - Part 17 : specific conditions for Broadband Data Transmission Systems-Harmonised Standard for ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (V3.2.4)
47AFNOR NF ISO 4250-3-20202020-12-25FrenchEarth-mover tyres and rims - Part 3 : rims
48AFNOR NF T90-388-20202020-12-25FrenchWater quality - Analysis of samples containing watercourse, canal and water body macroinvertebrates
49AFNOR XP C93-924-1-20202020-12-23FrenchClosures for primary distributor to be used in OF-communication systems - Part 1 : indoor
50AFNOR NF EN IEC 61810-4-20202020-12-18FrenchElectromechanical elementary relays - Part 4 : general and safety requirements for reed relays
51AFNOR NF EN IEC 61228-20202020-12-18FrenchFluorescent ultraviolet lamps used for tanning - Measurement and specification method
52AFNOR NF ISO 7211-5-20202020-12-18FrenchTextiles - Methods for analysis of woven fabrics construction - Part 5 : determination of linear density of yarn removed from fabric
53AFNOR NF ISO 4306-4-20202020-12-18FrenchCranes - Vocabulary - Part 4 : jib cranes
54AFNOR NF ISO 3044-20202020-12-18FrenchEucalyptus citriodora Hook.)
55AFNOR NF ISO 525-20202020-12-18FrenchBonded abrasive products - Shape types, designation and marking
56AFNOR NF ISO 22383-20202020-12-18FrenchSecurity and resilience - Authenticity, integrity and trust for products and documents - Guidelines for the selection and performance evaluation of authentication solutions for material goods
57AFNOR NF ISO 5893/A1-20202020-12-18FrenchRubber and plastics test equipment - Tensile, flexural and compression types (constant rate of traverse) - Specification - AMENDMENT 1
58AFNOR NF EN 300444-20202020-12-18FrenchDigital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) - Generic Access Profile (GAP)
59AFNOR NF C73-222-20202020-12-18FrenchWall mounted vertical non instantaneous water heaters - Dimensions for fixing and connection to the water supply
60AFNOR NF ISO 12925-2-20202020-12-18FrenchLubricants, industrial oils and related products (class L) - Family C (gears) - Part 2 : specifications of categories CKH, CKJ and CKM (lubricants open and semi-enclosed gear systems)
61AFNOR XP CEN/TS 17510-20202020-12-16FrenchMaterials obtained from end-of-life tyres - Determination of the specific surface area of powders - Method based on krypton adsorptionX
62AFNOR NF EN 16851/IN1-20202020-12-16FrenchCranes - Light crane systems
63AFNOR XP X30-484-20202020-12-16Frenchsehold and related refuse - Characterisation of household and related refuse contained in a skip for bulky waste
64AFNOR XP CEN/TS 17385-20202020-12-16FrenchMethod for condition assessment of immobile constructed assets
65AFNOR XP CEN ISO/TS 80004-3-20202020-12-16FrenchNanotechnologies - Vocabulary - Part 3 : carbon nano-objects
66AFNOR XP CEN/TS 17135-20202020-12-16FrenchConservation of cultural heritage - General terms for describing the alterations of objects
67AFNOR NF EN 12604+A1-20202020-12-16FrenchIndustrial, commercial and garage doors and gates - Mechanical aspects - Requirements and test methods
68AFNOR NF V03-800-20202020-12-11FrenchFrench tradition bread-making test
69AFNOR NF ISO 21982-20202020-12-11FrenchAssembly tools for screws and nuts - Ratcheting wrenches - Technical requirements
70AFNOR NF DTU 40.11 P1-2-20202020-12-11FrenchBuilding works - Roof covering made of natural slates - Part 1-2 : general criteria for selection of materials
71AFNOR NF DTU 40.11-20202020-12-11FrenchBuilding works - Roof covering made of natural slates - Part 1-1 : contract bill of technical model clauses - Part 1-2 : general criteria for selection of materials - Part 2 : contract bill of special administrative model clauses
72AFNOR NF DTU 40.11 P2-20202020-12-11FrenchBuilding works - Roof covering made of natural slates - Part 2 : contract bill of special administrative model clauses
73AFNOR NF T90-451-20202020-12-11FrenchTesting water - Detection of enterovirus - Method by concentration on glass wool and detection by cell culture
74AFNOR NF EN IEC 60704-2-1-20202020-12-11FrenchHousehold and similar electrical appliances - Test code for the determination of airborne acoustical noise - Part 2-1 : particular requirements for dry vacuum cleaners
75AFNOR NF E63-060-20202020-12-11FrenchTools for pressing - Wear plates - General specifications
76AFNOR NF EN 302208-20202020-12-11FrenchRadio Frequency Identification Equipment operating in the band 865 MHz to 868 MHz with power levels up to 2 W and in the band 915 MHz to 921 MHz with power levels up to 4 W-Harmonised Standard for access to radio spectrum (V3.3.1)
77AFNOR NF ISO 720-20202020-12-11FrenchGlass - Hydrolytic resistance of glass grains at 121 °C - Method of test and classification
78AFNOR NF EN 302307-2-20202020-12-11FrenchDigital Video Broadcasting (DVB) - Second generation framing structure, channel coding and modulation systems for Broadcasting, Interactive Services, News Gathering and other broadband satellite applications - Part 2 : DVB-S2 Extensions (DVB-S2X) (V.1.2.1
79AFNOR NF ISO 23404-20202020-12-11FrenchInformation and documentation - Papers and boards used for conservation - Measurement of impact of volatiles on cellulose in paper
80AFNOR NF ISO 18861-20202020-12-11FrenchCosmetics - Sun protection test methods - Percentage of water resistance
81AFNOR NF ISO 22074-1-20202020-12-11FrenchRailway infrastructure - Rail fastening systems - Part 1 : vocabulary
82AFNOR NF ISO 21736-20202020-12-11FrenchRefractories - Test methods for thermal shock resistance
83AFNOR NF ISO 23130-20202020-12-11FrenchMilking and cooling machine installations - Monitoring device for bulk milk cooling tanks - Requirements
84AFNOR NF V03-779-20202020-12-11FrenchDurum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) - Determination of percentage of mitadine grains - Method with grain cutter
85AFNOR NF EN 17076-20202020-12-09FrenchTower cranes - Anti-collision systems - Safety requirements
86AFNOR NF EN ISO 22442-2-20202020-12-09FrenchMedical devices utilizing animal tissues and their derivatives - Part 2 : controls on sourcing, collection and handling
87AFNOR NF EN 13953-20202020-12-09FrenchLPG equipment and accessories - Pressure relief valves for transportable refillable cylinders for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
88AFNOR FD CEN/TR 16396-20202020-12-09FrenchPlayground equipment for children - Replies to requests for interpretation of EN 1176 and its parts
89AFNOR NF EN 71-2-20202020-12-09FrenchSafety of toys - Part 2 : flammability
90AFNOR NF ISO 21322-20202020-12-04FrenchCosmetics - Microbiology - Testing of impregnated or coated wipes and masks
91AFNOR NF ISO 29991-20202020-12-04FrenchLanguage-learning services - Requirements
92AFNOR NF ISO 18527-3-20202020-12-04FrenchEye and face protection for sports use - Part 3 : requirements and test methods for eyewear intended to be used for surface swimming
93AFNOR NF EN IEC 62512-20202020-12-04FrenchElectric clothes washer-dryers for household use - Methods for measuring the performance
94AFNOR NF EN IEC 62832-3-20202020-12-04FrenchIndustrial-process measurement, control and automation - Digital Factory framework - Part 3 : application of Digital Factory for life cycle management of production systems
95AFNOR NF ISO 23351-1-20202020-12-04FrenchAcoustics - Measurement of speech level reduction of furniture ensembles and enclosures - Part 1 : laboratory method
96AFNOR NF ISO 8690-20202020-12-04FrenchMeasurement of radioactivity - Gamma ray and beta emitting radionuclides - Test method to assess the ease of decontamination of surface materials
97AFNOR NF ISO 13276-20202020-12-04FrenchTobacco and tobacco products - Determination of nicotine purity - Gravimetric method using tungstosilicic acid
98AFNOR NF ISO 21151-20202020-12-04FrenchIn vitro diagnostic medical devices - Requirements for international harmonisation protocols establishing metrological traceability of values assigned to calibrators and human samples
99AFNOR NF ISO 3877-4-20202020-12-04FrenchTyres, valves and tubes - List of equivalent terms - Part 4 : Solid tyres
100AFNOR NF E67-010-20202020-12-04FrenchAdditive manufacturing - Powders other than metallic - Technical specifications
101AFNOR NF EN 319412-3-20202020-12-04FrenchElectronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI) - Certificate Profiles - Part 3 : Certificate profile for certificates issued to legal persons (V1.2.1)
102AFNOR NF ISO 18320-20202020-12-04FrenchHydrometry - Measurement of liquid flow in open channels - Determination of the stage-discharge relationship
103AFNOR NF X31-100-20202020-12-04FrenchBodenqualität - Probenahme - Verfahren zur Entnahme von Bodenproben für physikalisch-chemische Analysen zur agronomischen Interpretation
104AFNOR NF ISO 3166-3-20202020-12-04FrenchCodes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions - Part 3 : Code for formerly used names of countries
105AFNOR NF ISO 31800-20202020-12-04FrenchFaecal sludge treatment units - Energy independent, prefabricated, community-scale, resource recovery units - Safety and performance requirements
106AFNOR NF ISO 3166-2-20202020-12-04FrenchCodes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions - Part 2 : country subdivision code
107AFNOR NF DTU 53.12 P1-1-1-20202020-12-04FrenchBuilding works - Surface preparation and flexible floor coverings - Part 1-1-1 : preparation of supports for coating - Contract bill of technical model clauses
108AFNOR NF EN IEC 62832-2-20202020-12-04FrenchIndustrial-process measurement, control and automation - Digital Factory framework - Part 2 : model elements
109AFNOR NF EN IEC 62832-1-20202020-12-04FrenchIndustrial-process measurement, control and automation - Digital factory framework - Part 1 : general principles
110AFNOR NF EN IEC 63073-1-20202020-12-04FrenchDedicated Radionuclide Imaging Devices - Characteristics and Test Conditions - Part 1 : cardiac SPECT
111AFNOR NF EN 60332-1-2/A12-20202020-12-04FrenchTests on electric and optical fibre cables under fire conditions - Part 1-2 : test for vertical flame propagation for a single insulated wire or cable - Procedure for 1 kW pre-mixed flame
112AFNOR NF DTU 53.12 P1-1-3-20202020-12-04FrenchBuilding works - Surface preparation and flexible floor coverings - Part 1-1-3 : glued PVC floor coverings - Technical specifications
113AFNOR NF E38-424-20202020-12-04FrenchWet cooling towers - Terminology and design requirements considering the hazard of the legionellosis
114AFNOR NF DTU 53.12-20202020-12-04FrenchDTU 53.12 - Building works - Surface preparation and flexible floor coverings - Part 1-1-1 : preparation of supports for coating - Contract bill of technical model clauses - Part 1-1-2 : textile floor coverings - Contract bill of technical model clauses -
115AFNOR NF EN IEC 60112-20202020-12-04FrenchMethod for the determination of the proof and the comparative tracking indices of solid insulating materials
116AFNOR NF DTU 53.12 P2-20202020-12-04FrenchBuilding works - Surface preparation and flexible floor coverings - Part 2 : contract bill of special administrative model clauses
117AFNOR NF ISO 22863-3-20202020-12-04FrenchFireworks - Test methods for determination of specific chemical substances - Part 3 : lead and lead compounds by atomic absorption
118AFNOR NF ISO 20305-20202020-12-04FrenchMine closure and reclamation - Vocabulary
119AFNOR NF ISO 11929-4-20202020-12-04FrenchDetermination of the characteristic limits (decision threshold, detection limit and limits of the coverage interval) for measurements of ionizing radiation - Fundamentals and application - Part 4 : guidelines to applications
120AFNOR NF ISO 22580-20202020-12-04FrenchFlares for combustion of biogas
121AFNOR NF ISO 23381-20202020-12-04FrenchDetermination of salt out (crystallization) temperature of liquid fertilizers
122AFNOR NF ISO 24016-20202020-12-04FrenchJewellery and precious metals - Grading polished diamonds - Terminology, classification and test methods
123AFNOR NF DTU 53.12 P1-1-2-20202020-12-04FrenchBuilding works - Surface preparation and flexible floor coverings - Part 1-1-2 : textile floor coverings - Contract bill of technical model clauses
124AFNOR NF DTU 53.12 P1-2-20202020-12-04FrenchBuilding works - Surface preparation and flexible floor coverings - Part 1-2 : general criteria for selection of materials
125AFNOR NF EN IEC 61803-20202020-12-04FrenchDetermination of power losses in high-voltage direct current (HVDC) converter stations with line-commutated converters
126AFNOR NF X31-233-20202020-12-04FrenchSoil quality - Determination of the effects of pollutants on soil flora - Laboratory method for the determination of leaf fatty acid composition to assess soil quality
127AFNOR NF EN 55032/A1-20202020-12-04FrenchElectromagnetic compatibility of multimedia equipment - Emission requirements
128AFNOR NF EN ISO 22553-6-20202020-12-02FrenchPaints and varnishes - Electro-deposition coatings - Part 6 : entry marks
129AFNOR NF EN ISO 22553-5-20202020-12-02FrenchPaints and varnishes - Electro-deposition coatings - Part 5 : determination of sieve residue
130AFNOR NF EN ISO 22553-2-20202020-12-02FrenchPaints and varnishes - Electro-deposition coatings - Part 2 : throwing power
131AFNOR NF EN 1837-20202020-12-02FrenchSafety of machinery - Integral lighting of machines
132AFNOR NF EN 14105-20202020-12-02FrenchFat and oil derivatives - Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) - Determination of free and total glycerol and mono-, di-, triglyceride contents
133AFNOR XP CEN/TS 17045-20202020-12-02FrenchMaterials obtained from end-of-life tyres - Quality criteria for the selection of whole tyres, for recovery and recycling processes
134AFNOR NF EN ISO 6926/A1-20202020-12-02FrenchAcoustics - Requirements for the performance and calibration of reference sound sources used for the determination of sound power levels - Amendment 1
135AFNOR NF EN 1329-1-20202020-12-02FrenchPlastics piping systems for soil and waste discharge (low and high temperature) within the building structure - Unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-U) - Part 1 : specifications for pipes, fittings and the system
136AFNOR NF EN ISO 22553-3-20202020-12-02FrenchPaints and varnishes - Electro-deposition coatings - Part 3 : compatibility of electro-deposition coating materials with a reference oil
137AFNOR NF EN 1673-20202020-12-02FrenchFood processing machinery - Rotary rack ovens - Safety and hygiene requirements
138AFNOR NF EN ISO 22553-1-20202020-12-02FrenchPaints and varnishes - Electro-deposition coatings - Part 1 : vocabulary
139AFNOR NF EN ISO 23243-20202020-12-02FrenchNon-destructive testing - Ultrasonic testing with arrays - Vocabulary
140AFNOR NF DTU 14.1 P1-2-20202020-11-28FrenchBuilding works - Tanking works - Part 1-2 : general criteria for selection of materials
141AFNOR NF X50-520-20202020-11-28FrenchTele-assistance : Quality of service
142AFNOR NF DTU 14.1-20202020-11-28FrenchBuilding works - Tanking works - Part 1-1 : contract bill of technical model clauses - Part 1-2 : general criteria for selection of materials - Part 2 : contract bill of special administrative model clauses
143AFNOR NF L50-005-20202020-11-28FrenchAerospace series - Embedded tags - Choice of fixation for installation, removal and replacement of embedded tags
144AFNOR NF DTU 14.1 P2-20202020-11-28FrenchBuilding work - Tanking works - Part 2 : contract bill of special administrative model clauses
145AFNOR NF DTU 14.1 P1-1-20202020-11-28FrenchBuilding works - Tanking works - Part 1-1 : contract bill of technical model clauses
146AFNOR NF ISO 11665-4-20202020-11-28FrenchMeasurement of radioactivity in the environment - Air : radon-222 - Part 4 : Integrated measurement method for determining average activity concentration using passive sampling and delayed analysis
147AFNOR NF M60-824-20202020-11-28FrenchNuclear energy - Measurement of radioactivity in the environment - Test method for the analysis of tritium in free water and organically bound tritium in environmental matrices
148AFNOR NF EN 62788-1-4/A1-20202020-11-27FrenchMeasurement procedures for materials used in photovoltaic modules - Part 1-4 : encapsulants - Measurement of optical transmittance and calculation of the solar-weighted photon transmittance, yellowness index, and UV cut-off wavelength
149AFNOR NF EN ISO/ASTM 52941-20202020-11-25FrenchAdditive manufacturing - System performance and reliability - Acceptance tests for laser metal powder-bed fusion machines for metallic materials for aerospace application
150AFNOR NF EN 15684-20202020-11-25FrenchBuilding hardware - Mechatronic cylinders - Requirements and test methods
151AFNOR NF EN 17230-20202020-11-25FrenchInformation technology - RFID in rail
152AFNOR NF EN ISO/IEC 27006-20202020-11-25FrenchInformation technology - Security techniques - Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of information security management systems
153AFNOR NF EN ISO 80601-2-70-20202020-11-25FrenchMedical electrical equipment - Part 2-70 : particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of sleep apnoea breathing therapy equipment
154AFNOR XP ISO/TS 24667-20202020-11-25FrenchSports and recreational facilities - Impact surfacing testing device
155AFNOR XP CEN/TS 17342-20202020-11-25FrenchRoad restraint systems - Motorcycle road restraint systems which reduce the impact severity of motorcyclist collision with safety barriers
156AFNOR NF EN 352-6-20202020-11-25FrenchHearing protectors - Safety requirements - Part 6 : earmuffs with safety-related audio input
157AFNOR FD ISO/IEC GUIDE 76-20202020-11-25FrenchDevelopment of service standards - Recommendations for addressing consumer issues
158AFNOR FD ISO/TR 22930-2-20202020-11-25FrenchEvaluating the performance of continuous air monitors - Part 2 : air monitors based on flow-through sampling techniques without accumulation
159AFNOR XP CEN/TS 115-4-20202020-11-25FrenchSafety of escalators and moving walks - Part 4 : interpretations related to EN 115 family of standards
160AFNOR XP ISO/TS 16175-2-20202020-11-25FrenchInformation and documentation - Processes and functional requirements for software for managing records - Part 2 : guidance for selecting, designing, implementing and maintaining software for managing records
161AFNOR NF EN 14112-20202020-11-25FrenchFat and oil derivatives - Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) - Determination of oxidation stability (accelerated oxidation test)
162AFNOR NF EN ISO 11691-20202020-11-25FrenchAcoustics - Measurement of insertion loss of ducted silencers without flow - Laboratory survey method
163AFNOR NF EN 16205-20202020-11-25FrenchLaboratory measurement of walking noise on floors
164AFNOR NF EN 17419-1-20202020-11-25FrenchDigital Information Interchange in the Insurance Industry - Transfer of electronic documents - Part 1 : Process and Data Model
165AFNOR NF EN ISO 22065-20202020-11-25FrenchWorkplace air - Gases and vapours - Requirements for evaluation of measuring procedures using pumped samplers
166AFNOR NF EN 13848-6/IN1-20202020-11-25FrenchRailway applications - Track - Track geometry quality - Part 6 : characterisation of track geometry quality
167AFNOR NF EN ISO 15004-1-20202020-11-25FrenchOphthalmic instruments - Fundamental requirements and test methods - Part 1 : general requirements applicable to all ophthalmic instruments
168AFNOR NF T75-253-20202020-11-21FrenchAnthemis nobilis L.)
169AFNOR NF P78-477-1-20202020-11-21FrenchGlass in Building - Part 1 : calculation of component temperatures and forces in the edge seal of vertical insulating glass units with solar protection
170AFNOR NF EN 50397-1-20202020-11-20FrenchCovered conductors for overhead lines and the related accessories for rated voltages above 1 kV AC and not exceeding 36 kV AC - Part 1 : covered conductors
171AFNOR NF EN IEC 60603-7-20202020-11-20FrenchConnectors for electronic equipment - Part 7 : detail specification for 8-way, unshielded, free and fixed connectors
172AFNOR NF EN 50342-4-20202020-11-20FrenchLead-acid starter batteries - Part 4 : dimensions of batteries for heavy vehicles
173AFNOR NF EN 50699-20202020-11-20FrenchRecurrent Tests of Electrical Equipment
174AFNOR NF EN ISO 12945-2-20202020-11-18FrenchTextiles - Determination of fabric propensity to surface pilling, fuzzing or matting - Part 2 : modified Martindale method
175AFNOR NF EN ISO 11690-1-20202020-11-18FrenchAcoustics - Recommended practice for the design of low-noise workplaces containing machinery - Part 1 : noise control strategies
176AFNOR NF EN ISO 8666-20202020-11-18FrenchSmall craft - Principal data
177AFNOR NF EN ISO 12945-3-20202020-11-18FrenchTextiles - Determination of fabric propensity to surface pilling, fuzzing or matting - Part 3 : random tumble pilling method
178AFNOR NF EN ISO 24266-20202020-11-18FrenchFootwear - Test methods for whole shoe - Flexing durability
179AFNOR NF EN 12715-20202020-11-18FrenchExecution of special geotechnical work - Grouting
180AFNOR NF EN ISO 21597-2-20202020-11-18FrenchInformation container for linked document delivery - Exchange specification - Part 2 : link types
181AFNOR NF EN 1004-1-20202020-11-18FrenchMobile access and working towers made of prefabricated elements - Part 1 : materials, dimensions, design loads, safety and performance requirements
182AFNOR NF EN 16564-20202020-11-18FrenchMachines and plants for mining and tooling of natural stone - Safety - Requirements for bridge type sawing/milling machines, included numerical control (NC/CNC) versions
183AFNOR NF EN 15571-20202020-11-18FrenchMachines and plants for mining and tooling of natural stone - Safety - Requirements for surface-finishing machines
184AFNOR NF EN ISO 12945-1-20202020-11-18FrenchTextiles - Determination of fabric propensity to surface pilling, fuzzing or matting - Part 1 : pilling box method
185AFNOR NF EN ISO 12945-4-20202020-11-18FrenchTextiles - Determination of fabric propensity to surface pilling, fuzzing or matting - Part 4 : assessment of pilling, fuzzing and matting by visual analysis
186AFNOR NF EN ISO 80601-2-67-20202020-11-18FrenchMedical electrical equipment - Part 2-67 : particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of oxygen-conserving equipment
187AFNOR NF EN 17127-20202020-11-18FrenchOutdoor hydrogen refuelling points dispensing gaseous hydrogen and incorporating filling protocols
188AFNOR FD CEN/TR 17420-20202020-11-18FrenchRailway applications - Vehicle end design for trams and light rail vehicles with respect to pedestrian safety
189AFNOR NF EN 17412-1-20202020-11-18FrenchBuilding Information Modelling - Level of Information Need - Part 1 : concepts and principles
190AFNOR NF EN 352-9-20202020-11-18FrenchHearing protectors - Safety requirements - Part 9 : earplugs with safety-related audio input
191AFNOR NF EN ISO 24267-20202020-11-18FrenchFootwear - Determination of coefficient of friction for footwear and sole components - Test method
192AFNOR FD CEN/TR 17469-20202020-11-18FrenchRailway applications - Axle design method
193AFNOR NF EN ISO 80601-2-69-20202020-11-18FrenchMedical electrical equipment - Part 2-69 : particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of oxygen concentrator equipment
194AFNOR NF EN 352-4-20202020-11-18FrenchHearing protectors - Safety requirements - Part 4 : level-dependent earmuffs
195AFNOR NF EN 13819-1-20202020-11-18FrenchHearing protectors - Testing - Part 1 : physical test methods
196AFNOR NF EN 352-5-20202020-11-18FrenchHearing protectors - Safety requirements - Part 5 : Aactive noise reduction earmuffs
197AFNOR NF EN 13819-2-20202020-11-18FrenchHearing protectors - Testing - Part 2 : acoustic test methods
198AFNOR NF EN 352-3-20202020-11-18FrenchHearing protectors - General requirements - Part 3 : earmuffs attached to head protection and/or face protection devices
199AFNOR NF EN ISO 12967-3-20202020-11-18FrenchHealth informatics - Service Architecture (HISA) - Part 3 : computational viewpoint
200AFNOR NF EN 352-7-20202020-11-18FrenchHearing protectors - Safety requirements - Part 7 : level-dependent earplugs
201AFNOR NF EN 352-10-20202020-11-18FrenchHearing protectors - Safety requirements - Part 10 : entertainment audio earplugs
202AFNOR NF EN 352-8-20202020-11-18FrenchHearing protectors - Safety requirements - Part 8 : entertainment audio earmuffs
203AFNOR NF P94-282/A2-20202020-11-14FrenchGeotechnical design - Retaining structures - Embedded walls - Amendment 2
204AFNOR NF E85-301-20202020-11-14FrenchShelf-stacking Equipment- Secure platform Introductory element - Main element
205AFNOR NF U42-001-3-20202020-11-14FrenchFertilizers - Designations and specifications - Part 3 : organo-mineral fertilizers
206AFNOR NF EN IEC 63182-2-20202020-11-13FrenchMagnetic powder cores - Guidelines on dimensions and the limits of surface irregularities - Part 2 : ring-cores
207AFNOR NF EN IEC 60794-6-20202020-11-13FrenchOptical fibre cables - Part 6 : indoor-outdoor cables - Sectional specification for indoor-outdoor cables
208AFNOR NF EN IEC 60794-6-30-20202020-11-13FrenchOptical fibre cables - Part 6-30 : indoor-outdoor cables - Family specification for weatherised indoor cables
209AFNOR NF EN IEC 60794-6-20-20202020-11-13FrenchOptical fibre cables - Part 6-20 : indoor-outdoor cables - Family specification for flame retardant outdoor cables
210AFNOR NF EN IEC 60268-16-20202020-11-13FrenchSound system equipment - Part 16 : objective rating of speech intelligibility by speech transmission index
211AFNOR NF EN ISO 20349-1/A1-20202020-11-11FrenchPersonal protective equipment - Footwear protecting against risks in foundries and welding - Part 1 : requirements and test methods for protection against risks in foundries - Amendment 1
212AFNOR NF EN 12225-20202020-11-11FrenchGeosynthetics - Method for determining the microbiological resistance by a soil burial test
213AFNOR NF EN ISO 20349-2/A1-20202020-11-11FrenchPersonal protective equipment - Footwear protecting against risks in foundries and welding - Part 2 : requirements and test methods for protection against risks in welding and allied processes - Amendment 1
214AFNOR NF EN 17411-20202020-11-11FrenchFertilizers - Determination of perchlorate in mineral fertilizers by liquid chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry detection (LC-MS/MS)
215AFNOR NF EN ISO 20888-20202020-11-11FrenchDentistry - Vocabulary and designation system for forensic oro-dental data
216AFNOR NF EN 13451-1-20202020-11-11FrenchSwimming pool equipment - Part 1 : general safety requirements and test methods for equipment installed in pools for public use
217AFNOR NF EN 15655-2-20202020-11-11FrenchDuctile iron pipes, fittings and accessories - Requirements and test methods for organic linings of ductile iron pipes and fittings - Part 2 : thermoplastic Acid Modified Polyolefin (TMPO) lining of pipes
218AFNOR NF EN ISO 12215-10-20202020-11-11FrenchSmall craft - Hull construction and scantlings - Part 10 : rig loads and rig attachment in sailing craft
219AFNOR NF EN ISO 12999-1-20202020-11-11FrenchAcoustics - Determination and application of measurement uncertainties in building acoustics - Part 1 : sound insulation
220AFNOR NF EN 17423-20202020-11-11FrenchEnergy performance of buildings - Determination and reporting of Primary Energy Factors (PEF) and CO2 emission coefficient - General Principles, Module M1-7
221AFNOR NF EN ISO 12215-7-20202020-11-11FrenchSmall craft - Hull construction and scantlings - Part 7 : determination of loads for multihulls and of their local scantlings using ISO 12215-5
222AFNOR XP ISO/TS 17755-2-20202020-11-11FrenchFire safety - Statistical data collection - Part 2 : vocabulary
223AFNOR NF EN 17424-20202020-11-11FrenchFoodstuffs - Determination of aflatoxins in spices other than paprika by IAC clean-up and HPLC-FLD with post column derivatization
224AFNOR XP CEN/TS 16786-20202020-11-11FrenchRoad restraint systems - Truck Mounted Attenuators - Performance classes, impact test acceptance criteria and test performance
225AFNOR NF EN ISO 24263-20202020-11-11FrenchFootwear - Attachment strength of straps, trims and accessories
226AFNOR NF EN IEC 60268-22-20202020-11-06FrenchSound system equipment - Part 22 : electrical and mechanical measurements on transducers
227AFNOR NF EN IEC 62433-6-20202020-11-06FrenchEMC IC modelling - Part 6 : models of integrated circuits for pulse immunity behavioural simulation - Conducted pulse immunity modelling (ICIM-CPI)
228AFNOR NF EN IEC 60904-10-20202020-11-06FrenchPhotovoltaic devices - Part 10 : methods of linear dependence and linearity measurements
229AFNOR NF EN IEC 60747-17-20202020-11-06FrenchSemiconductor devices - Part 17 : magnetic and capacitive coupler for basic and reinforced insulation
230AFNOR NF EN IEC 60904-9-20202020-11-06FrenchPhotovoltaic devices - Part 9 : classification of solar simulator characteristics
231AFNOR NF EN IEC 62769-115-2-20202020-11-06FrenchField device integration (FDI) - Part 115-2 : profiles - Modbus-RTU
232AFNOR NF EN IEC 62769-100-20202020-11-06FrenchField device integration (FDI) - Part 100 : profiles - Generic protocols
233AFNOR NF EN 16524-20202020-11-04FrenchMechanical products - Methodology for reduction of environmental impacts in product design and development
234AFNOR NF EN 13656-20202020-11-04FrenchSoil, treated biowaste, sludge and waste - Digestion with a hydrochloric (HCl), nitric (HNO3) and tetrafluoroboric (HBF4) or hydrofluoric (HF) acid mixture for subsequent determination of elements
235AFNOR NF EN ISO 9454-2-20202020-11-04FrenchSoft soldering fluxes - Classification and requirements - Part 2 : performance requirements
236AFNOR FD E48-361-20202020-11-04FrenchHydraulic fluid power - Fixed and variable displacement motors - Spécification with order
237AFNOR XP C90-483-20202020-11-04FrenchSecondary residential cabling systems for communication networks
238AFNOR NF EN ISO 23306-20202020-11-04FrenchSpecification of liquefied natural gas as a fuel for marine applications
239AFNOR NF EN ISO 1942-20202020-11-04FrenchDentistry - Vocabulary
240AFNOR NF EN 13210-1-20202020-11-04FrenchChild care articles - Part 1 : childrens harnesses, reins - Safety requirements and test methods
241AFNOR NF EN ISO 23753-2/A1-20202020-11-04FrenchSoil quality - Determination of dehydrogenases activity in soils - Part 2 : method using iodotetrazolium chloride (INT) - Amendment 1
242AFNOR FD CEN Guide 17-20202020-11-04FrenchSafety of pressure equipment - Rules and recommendations for the drafting and presentation of safety standards
243AFNOR NF EN 13210-2-20202020-11-04FrenchChild care articles - Part 2 : childrens harnesses incorporating backpacks and reins - Safety requirements and test methods
244AFNOR NF EN ISO 9455-9-20202020-11-04FrenchSoft soldering fluxes - Test methods - Part 9 : determination of ammonia content
245AFNOR NF EN ISO 12004-1-20202020-11-04FrenchMetallic materials - Determination of forming-limit curves for sheet and strip - Part 1 : measurement and application of forming-limit diagrams in the press shop
246AFNOR NF EN ISO 10477-20202020-11-04FrenchDentistry - Polymer-based crown and veneering materials
247AFNOR NF EN 16977-20202020-11-04FrenchThermal insulation products for buildings - Factory made calcium silicate (CS) products - Specification
248AFNOR NF EN 17417-20202020-11-04FrenchDetermination of the ultimate biodegradation of plastics materials in an aqueous system under anoxic (denitrifying) conditions - Method by measurement of pressure increase
249AFNOR CEN/TR 17548-20202020-11-01FrenchAutomotive fuels - Diesel fuel market issues - Abrasive particles investigation report
250AFNOR NF EN 60601-2-22-20202020-10-30FrenchMedical electrical equipment - Part 2-22 : particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of surgical, cosmetic, therapeutic and diagnostic laser equipment
251AFNOR NF EN IEC 61753-071-02-20202020-10-30FrenchFibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components - Performance standard - Part 071-02 : non-connectorized single-mode fibre optic 1 × 2 and 2 × 2 spatial switches for category C - Controlled environments
252AFNOR NF EN IEC 60335-2-43-20202020-10-30FrenchHousehold and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-43 : Particular clothes dryers and towel rails - Modified by NF EN IEC 60335-2-43/A11:202010 (C73-843/A11)
253AFNOR NF EN 60335-2-5/A1-20202020-10-30FrenchHousehold and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-5 : particular requirements for dishwashers
254AFNOR NF EN IEC 61076-2-114-20202020-10-30FrenchConnectors for electrical and electronic equipment - Product requirements - Part 2-114 : circular connectors - Detail specification for connectors with M8 screw-locking with power contacts and signal contacts for data transmission up to 100 MHz
255AFNOR NF EN ISO 5079-20202020-10-28FrenchTextile fibres - Determination of breaking force and elongation at break of individual fibres
256AFNOR NF EN ISO/ASTM 52903-2-20202020-10-28FrenchAdditive manufacturing - Material extrusion based additive manufacturing of plastic materials - Part 2 : process equipment
257AFNOR NF EN ISO 80000-11-20202020-10-28FrenchQuantities and units - Part 11 : characteristic numbers
258AFNOR NF EN 13623-20202020-10-28FrenchChemical disinfectants and antiseptics - Quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of bactericidal activity against Legionella of chemical disinfectants for aqueous systems - Test method and requirements (phase 2, step 1)
259AFNOR NF EN 378-3+A1-20202020-10-28FrenchRefrigerating systems and heat pumps - Safety and environmental requirements - Part 3 : installation site and personal protection
260AFNOR NF EN ISO 11127-4-20202020-10-28FrenchPreparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products - Test methods for non-metallic blast-cleaning abrasives - Part 4 : assessment of hardness by a glass slide test
261AFNOR NF EN 378-1+A1-20202020-10-28FrenchRefrigerating systems and heat pumps - Safety and environmental requirements - Part 1 : basic requirements, definitions, classification and selection criteria
262AFNOR NF EN ISO 8501-4-20202020-10-28FrenchPreparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products - Visual assessment of surface cleanliness - Part 4 : initial surface conditions, preparation grades and flash rust grades in connection with water jetting
263AFNOR NF EN ISO 24265-20202020-10-28FrenchFootwear - Test methods for uppers - Resistance to rubbing using a rubber strip
264AFNOR NF EN 13141-5-20202020-10-28FrenchVentilation for buildings - Performance testing of components/products for residential ventilation - Part 5 : cowls, assisted cowls and roof outlet terminal devices
265AFNOR NF EN 6057-20202020-10-28FrenchAerospace series - Rod-end with bearing EN 4265 in corrosion resisting steel, internal threaded shank - Dimensions and loads, Inch series
266AFNOR NF EN ISO 11591-20202020-10-28FrenchSmall craft - Field of vision from the steering position
267AFNOR NF EN ISO 80000-3-20202020-10-28FrenchQuantities and units - Part 3 : space and time
268AFNOR NF EN ISO 22232-3-20202020-10-28FrenchNon-destructive testing - Characterization and verification of ultrasonic test equipment - Part 3 : combined equipment
269AFNOR NF EN 15948-20202020-10-28FrenchCereals - Determination of moisture and protein - Method using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy in whole kernels
270AFNOR NF EN ISO 1833-26-20202020-10-21FrenchTextiles - Quantitative chemical analysis - Part 26 : mixtures of melamine with certain other fibres (method using hot formic acid)
271AFNOR NF EN ISO 1833-12-20202020-10-21FrenchTextiles - Quantitative chemical analysis - Part 12 : mixtures of acrylic, certain modacrylics, certain chlorofibres, certain elastane fibres with certain other fibres (method using dimethylformamide)
272AFNOR NF EN ISO 12460-3-20202020-10-21FrenchWood-based panels - Determination of formaldehyde release - Part 3 : gas analysis method
273AFNOR NF EN ISO 11978/A1-20202020-10-21FrenchOphthalmic optics - Contact lenses and contact lens care products - Labelling - Amendment 1
274AFNOR NF EN ISO 24264-20202020-10-21FrenchFootwear - Test methods for hollow and compact heels and top pieces - Top piece attachment strength
275AFNOR NF EN ISO 26000-20202020-10-21FrenchGuidance on social responsibility
276AFNOR NF EN ISO 1833-18-20202020-10-21FrenchTextiles - Quantitative chemical analysis - Part 18 : Mixtures of silk with wool or other animal hair (method using sulfuric acid)
277AFNOR NF EN 17140-20202020-10-21FrenchThermal insulation products for buildings - Factory made Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP) - Specification
278AFNOR NF EN 14038-2-20202020-10-21FrenchElectrochemical realkalization and chloride extraction treatments for reinforced concrete - Part 2 : chloride extraction
279AFNOR NF EN 12569-20202020-10-21FrenchIndustrial valves - Valves for chemical and petrochemical process industry - Requirements and tests
280AFNOR NF EN ISO 7438-20202020-10-21FrenchMetallic materials - Bend test
281AFNOR NF U42-001-2-20202020-10-16FrenchFertilizers - Designations and specifications - Part 2 : organic fertilizers
282AFNOR NF EN ISO 12402-7-20202020-10-14FrenchPersonal flotation devices - Part 7 : materials and components - Safety requirements and test methods
283AFNOR NF EN 12312-7-20202020-10-14FrenchAircraft ground support equipment - Specific requirements - Part 7 : aircraft movement equipment
284AFNOR NF EN ISO 787-28-20202020-10-14FrenchGeneral methods of tests for pigments and extenders - Part 28 : determination of total content of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) by dissolution, cleanup and GC-MS
285AFNOR NF EN ISO 12402-10-20202020-10-14FrenchPersonal flotation devices - Part 10 : selection and application of personal flotation devices and other relevant devices
286AFNOR NF EN ISO 473-20202020-10-14FrenchLithopone pigments - General requirements and methods of testing
287AFNOR NF EN ISO 16486-2-20202020-10-14FrenchPlastics piping systems for the supply of gaseous fuels - Unplasticized polyamide (PA-U) piping systems with fusion jointing and mechanical jointing - Part 2 : pipes
288AFNOR NF EN ISO 9455-5-20202020-10-14FrenchSoft soldering fluxes - Test methods - Part 5 : copper mirror test
289AFNOR NF EN ISO 35104-20202020-10-14FrenchPetroleum and natural gas industries - Arctic operations - Ice management
290AFNOR NF EN 12999-20202020-10-14FrenchCranes - Loader cranes
291AFNOR NF EN ISO 11063-20202020-10-14FrenchSoil quality - Direct extraction of soil DNA
292AFNOR NF EN ISO 21976-20202020-10-14FrenchPackaging - Tamper verification features for medicinal product packaging
293AFNOR NF EN IEC 60120-20202020-10-09FrenchBall and socket couplings of string insulator units - Dimensions
294AFNOR NF EN IEC 60034-18-42/A1-20202020-10-09FrenchRotating electrical machines - Part 18-42 : partial discharge resistant electrical insulation systems (Type II) used in rotating electrical machines fed from voltage converters - Qualification tests
295AFNOR NF EN IEC 62841-2-6/A11-20202020-10-09FrenchElectric motor-operated hand-held tools, transportable tools and lawn and garden machinery - Safety - Part 2-6 : particular requirements for hand-held hammers
296AFNOR NF EN ISO 11755-20202020-10-07FrenchGas cylinders - Cylinder bundles for compressed and liquefied gases (excluding acetylene) - Inspection at time of filling
297AFNOR NF EN 17282-20202020-10-07FrenchRailway applications - Infrastructure - Under ballast mats
298AFNOR NF EN ISO 14040/A1-20202020-10-07FrenchEnvironmental management - Life cycle assessment - Principles and framework - Amendment 1
299AFNOR NF EN ISO 11979-5-20202020-10-07FrenchOphthalmic implants - Intraocular lenses - Part 5 : biocompatibility
300AFNOR NF EN ISO 14044/A2-20202020-10-07FrenchEnvironmental management - Life cycle assessment - Requirements and guidelines - Amendment 2
301AFNOR NF EN ISO 6887-3/A1-20202020-10-07FrenchMicrobiology of the food chain - Preparation of test samples, initial suspension and decimal dilutions for microbiological examination - Part 3: Specific rules for the preparation of fish and fishery products - Amendment 1 : sample preparation for raw mar
302AFNOR NF EN ISO 13338-20202020-10-07FrenchGas cylinders - Gases and gas mixtures - Determination of tissue corrosiveness for the selection of cylinder valve outlets
303AFNOR NF EN ISO 23402-1-20202020-10-07FrenchDentistry - Portable dental equipment for use in non- permanent healthcare environment - Part 1 : general requirements
304AFNOR NF EN ISO 17730-20202020-10-07FrenchDentistry - Fluoride varnishes
305AFNOR NF EN ISO 10298-20202020-10-07FrenchGas cylinders - Gases and gas mixtures - Determination of toxicity for the selection of cylinder valve outlets
306AFNOR NF EN ISO 10848-5-20202020-10-07FrenchAcoustics - Laboratory and field measurement of the flanking transmission for airborne, impact and building service equipment sound between adjoining rooms - Part 5 : radiation efficiencies of building elements
307AFNOR NF EN ISO 18796-1-20202020-10-07FrenchPetroleum, petrochemicals and natural gas industries - Internal coating and lining of carbon steel process vessels - Part 1 : technical requirements
308AFNOR NF EN ISO 7010/A1-20202020-10-07FrenchGraphical symbols - Safety colours and safety signs - Registered safety signs - Amendment 1
309AFNOR NF EN ISO 9053-2-20202020-10-07FrenchAcoustics - Determination of airflow resistance - Part 2 : alternating airflow method
310AFNOR NF EN 6111-20202020-09-30FrenchAerospace series - Ethylene-propylene elastomer (EPM/EPDM) - Hardness 80 IRHD for static seal elements in hydraulic systems for long-term application - Material standard
311AFNOR NF EN ISO 15118-8-20202020-09-30FrenchRoad vehicles - Vehicle to grid communication interface - Part 8 : physical layer and data link layer requirements for wireless communication
312AFNOR NF EN ISO 3303-1-20202020-09-30FrenchRubber- or plastics-coated fabrics - Determination of bursting strength - Part 1 : steel-ball method
313AFNOR NF EN ISO 16486-3-20202020-09-30FrenchPlastics piping systems for the supply of gaseous fuels - Unplasticized polyamide (PA-U) piping systems with fusion jointing and mechanical jointing - Part 3 : fittings
314AFNOR NF EN ISO 6259-2-20202020-09-30FrenchThermoplastics pipes - Determination of tensile properties - Part 2 : pipes made of unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-U), oriented unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride (PVC-O), chlorinated poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC-C) and high-impact poly (vinyl chlor
315AFNOR NF EN IEC 62828-5-20202020-09-25FrenchReference conditions and procedures for testing industrial and process measurement transmitters - Part 5 : specific procedures for flow transmitters
316AFNOR NF EN IEC 61968-5-20202020-09-25FrenchApplication integration at electric utilities - System interfaces for distribution management - Part 5 : distributed energy optimization
317AFNOR NF EN IEC 60749-30-20202020-09-25FrenchSemiconductor devices - Mechanical and climatic test methods - Part 30 : preconditioning of non-hermetic surface mount devices prior to reliability testing
318AFNOR NF EN 60335-2-30/A12-20202020-09-25FrenchHousehold and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-30 : particular requirements for room heaters
319AFNOR NF EN ISO 18243/A1-20202020-09-23FrenchElectrically propelled mopeds and motorcycles - Test specifications and safety requirements for lithium-ion battery systems - Amendment 1
320AFNOR NF EN ISO 41014-20202020-09-23FrenchFacility management - Development of facility management strategy
321AFNOR NF EN 16803-1-20202020-09-23FrenchSpace - Use of GNSS-based positioning for road Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) - Part 1 : definitions and system engineering procedures for the establishment and assessment of performances
322AFNOR NF EN 16603-20-01-20202020-09-23FrenchSpace engineering - Multipactor, design and test
323AFNOR NF EN IEC 62003-20202020-09-18FrenchNuclear power plants - Instrumentation, control and electrical power systems - Requirements for electromagnetic compatibility testing
324AFNOR NF EN 6139-20202020-09-16FrenchAerospace series - Cap, protective, non-metallic, for EN 6123 fitting ends
325AFNOR NF EN 16603-50-11-20202020-09-16FrenchSpace engineering - SpaceFibre - Very high-speed serial link
326AFNOR NF EN ISO/ASTM 52942-20202020-09-16FrenchAdditive manufacturing - Qualification principles - Qualifying machine operators of laser metal powder bed fusion machines and equipment used in aerospace applications
327AFNOR NF EN ISO 19085-10/A11-20202020-09-16FrenchWoodworking machines - Safety - Part 10 : building site saws (contractor saws)
328AFNOR NF EN IEC 60352-5-20202020-09-11FrenchSolderless connections - Part 5 : press-in connections - General requirements, test methods and practical guidance
329AFNOR NF EN 16603-20-06-20202020-09-09FrenchSpace engineering - Spacecraft charging
330AFNOR NF EN ISO 16092-2-20202020-09-09FrenchMachine tools safety - Presses - Part 2 : safety requirements for mechanical presses
331AFNOR NF EN ISO 16092-4-20202020-09-09FrenchMachine tools safety - Presses - Part 4 : safety requirements for pneumatic presses
332AFNOR NF EN 50367-20202020-08-28FrenchRailway applications - Fixed installations and rolling stock - Criteria to achieve technical compatibility between pantographs and overhead contact line
333AFNOR NF EN 13115-20202020-08-26FrenchWindows - Classification of mechanical properties - Racking, torsion and operating forces
334AFNOR NF EN 13480-3V1/A3-20202020-08-19FrenchMetallic industrial piping - Part 3 : design and calculation
335AFNOR NF EN 17353-20202020-08-12FrenchProtective clothing - Enhanced visibility equipment for medium risk situations - Test methods and requirements
336AFNOR NF EN IEC 62614-1-20202020-08-07FrenchFibre optics - Multimode launch conditions - Part 1 : launch condition requirements for measuring multimode attenuation
337AFNOR NF EN 16303-20202020-08-05FrenchRoad restraint systems - Validation and verification process for the use of virtual testing in crash testing against vehicle restraint system
338AFNOR NF EN ISO 5165-20202020-08-05FrenchPetroleum products - Determination of the ignition quality of diesel fuels - Cetane engine method
339AFNOR NF EN 16157-5-20202020-08-05FrenchIntelligent transport systems - Datex II data exchange specifications for traffic management and information - Part 5 : measured and elaborated data publications
340AFNOR NF EN ISO 18674-4-20202020-07-15FrenchGeotechnical investigation and testing - Geotechnical monitoring by field instrumentation - Part 4 : measurement of pore water pressure : Piezometers
341AFNOR NF EN 50163/A2-20202020-07-02FrenchRailway applications - Supply voltages of traction systems
342AFNOR NF EN IEC 61631-20202020-06-26FrenchTest method for the mechanical strength of cores made of magnetic oxides
343AFNOR NF EN IEC 61400-6-20202020-06-12FrenchWind energy generation systems - Part 6 : tower and foundation design requirements
344AFNOR NF EN 12697-29-20202020-06-10FrenchBituminous mixtures - Test methods - Part 29 : determination of the dimensions of a bituminous specimen
345AFNOR NF EN ISO 17512-2-20202020-05-06FrenchSoil quality - Avoidance test for determining the quality of soils and effects of chemicals on behaviour - Part 2 : test with collembolans (Folsomia candida)
346AFNOR NF EN ISO 20257-1-20202020-05-06FrenchInstallation and equipment for liquefied natural gas - Design of floating LNG installations - Part 1 : general requirements
347AFNOR NF EN IEC 62552-2-20202020-04-24FrenchHousehold refrigerating appliances - Characteristics and test methods - Part 2 : performance requirements
348AFNOR NF EN ISO 3506-2-20202020-04-22FrenchFasteners - Mechanical properties of corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners - Part 2 : nuts with specified grades and property classes
349AFNOR NF EN 60335-2-6/A1-20202020-04-17FrenchHousehold and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-6 : particular requirements for stationary cooking ranges, hobs, ovens and similar appliances
350AFNOR NF EN 50119-20202020-04-03FrenchRailway applications - Fixed installations - Electric traction overhead contact lines
351AFNOR NF EN ISO 18674-3/A1-20202020-03-25FrenchGeotechnical investigation and testing - Geotechnical monitoring by field instrumentation - Part 3 : measurement of displacements across a line: Inclinometers - Amendment 1
352AFNOR NF EN 50553/A2-20202020-02-07FrenchRailway applications - Requirements for running capability in case of fire on board of rolling stock
353AFNOR NF EN 50153/A2-20202020-02-07FrenchRailway applications - Rolling stock - Protective provisions relating to electrical hazards
354AFNOR NF EN IEC 61400-24-20192019-08-30FrenchWind energy generation systems - Part 24 : lightning protection
355AFNOR NF EN 50591-20192019-08-02FrenchRailway Applications - Rolling Stock - Specification and verification of energy consumption
356AFNOR NF EN 60691/A1-20192019-04-12FrenchThermal-links - Requirements and application guide
357AFNOR NF ISO 16793-20192019-02-16FrenchNuclear fuel technology - Guidelines for ceramographic preparation of UO2 sintered pellets for microstructure examination
358AFNOR NF ISO 16647-20192019-02-16FrenchNuclear facilities - Criteria for design and operation of confinement systems for nuclear worksite and for nuclear installations under decommissioning
359AFNOR NF ISO 20778-20192019-02-09FrenchCigarettes - Routine analytical cigarette smoking machine - Definitions and standard conditions with an intense smoking regime
360AFNOR NF ISO 21045-20192019-02-09FrenchTobacco and tobacco products - Determination of ammonia - Method using ion chromatographic analysis
361AFNOR NF ISO 21422-20192019-02-09FrenchMilk, milk products, infant formula and adult nutritionals - Determination of chloride - Potentiometric titration method
362AFNOR NF ISO 3005-20192019-02-09FrenchTextiles- Determination of dimensional change of fabrics induced by free-steam
363AFNOR NF ISO 4913-20192019-02-09FrenchTextiles- Cotton fibres- Determination of length (span length) and uniformity index
364AFNOR NF ISO 4720-20192019-02-09FrenchEssential oils - Nomenclature
365AFNOR NF ISO 2403-20192019-02-02FrenchTextiles - Cotton fibres - Determination of micronaire value
366AFNOR NF EN 305174-5-1-20192019-02-02FrenchAccess, Terminals, Transmission and Multiplexing (ATTM) - Broadband Deployment and Lifecycle Resource Management - Part 5 : Customer network infrastructures - Sub-part 1 : Homes (single-tenant)
367AFNOR NF ISO 18229-20192019-02-02FrenchEssential technical requirements for mechanical components and metallic structures foreseen for Generation IV nuclear reactors
368AFNOR NF ISO 9123-20192019-01-26FrenchHydrometry - Stage-fall-discharge relationships
369AFNOR NF EN 300175-1-20192019-01-26FrenchDigital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) - Common Interface (CI) - Part 1 : Overview (V2.7.1)
370AFNOR NF ISO 20636-20192019-01-26FrenchInfant formula and adult nutritionals - Determination of vitamin D by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry
371AFNOR NF ISO 38200-20192019-01-26FrenchChain of custody of wood and wood-based products
372AFNOR NF ISO 20635-20192019-01-26FrenchInfant formula and adult nutritionals - Determination of vitamin C by (ultra) high performance liquid chromatography with ultraviolet detection ((U)HPLC-UV)
373AFNOR XP ISO/TS 22640-20192019-01-23FrenchRubber - Framework for physical and chemical characterization of tyre and road wear particles (TRWP)
374AFNOR FD X30-024-20192019-01-23FrenchGuide for undertaking verification assignments as defined in Article L. 225-102-1 of the Commercial Code
375AFNOR NF T54-981-20192019-01-19FrenchPlastics - Plastic dispatching films for the manufacturing of covers intended to be used in automatic processing in mail network - Specifications for manufacturing and recommendations for use
376AFNOR NF EN 302077-20192019-01-19FrenchTransmitting equipment for the Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) service - Harmonised standard for access to radio spectrum (2.1.1)
377AFNOR NF ISO 13169-20192019-01-19FrenchWater quality - Uranium - Test method using alpha liquid scintillation counting
378AFNOR XP P18-469-20192019-01-16FrenchTesting fresh concrete - Cone outflow time test
379AFNOR NF X50-162-20192019-01-12FrenchRoad risk prevention - Consulting and training in the field of road risk prevention - Services provided by consulting and training institutions
380AFNOR NF ISO 20928-20192019-01-12FrenchTools for pressing - Spring plungers with helicoidal compression steel spring or gas spring
381AFNOR NF ISO 23932-1-20192019-01-12FrenchFire safety engineering - General principles - Part 1 : general
382AFNOR NF ISO 18885-2-20192019-01-12FrenchTPMS snap-in valves - Part 2 : valve environment
383AFNOR NF ISO 8139-20192019-01-05FrenchPneumatic fluid power - Cylinders, 1 000 kPa (10 bar) series - Mounting dimensions of rod-end spherical eyes
384AFNOR NF DTU 51.4 P2-20182018-12-28FrenchDTU 51.4 - Building works - Exterior floor decking - Part 2 : contract bill of special administrative model clauses
385AFNOR NF ISO 6502-3-20182018-12-28FrenchRubber - Measurement of vulcanization characteristics using curemeters - Part 3 : rotorless curemeter
386AFNOR NF ISO 7112-20182018-12-28FrenchMachinery for forestry - Portable brush-cutters and grass-trimmers - Vocabulary
387AFNOR NF ISO 7206-10-20182018-12-28FrenchImplants for surgery - Partial and total hip-joint prostheses - Part 10 : determination of resistance to static load of modular femoral heads
388AFNOR NF ISO 9211-7-20182018-12-28FrenchOptics and photonics - Optical coatings - Part 7 : minimum requirements for neutral beam splitter coatings
389AFNOR NF ISO 11783-7/A1-20182018-12-28FrenchTractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry - Serial control and communications data network - Part 7 : implement messages application layer - Amendment 1
390AFNOR NF ISO 15141-20182018-12-28FrenchCereal and cereal products - Determination of ochratoxin A - High performance liquid chromatographic method with immunoaffinity column cleanup and fluorescence detection
391AFNOR NF ISO 16000-36-20182018-12-28FrenchIndoor air - Part 36 : standard method for assessing the reduction rate of culturable airborne bacteria by air purifiers using a test chamber
392AFNOR NF ISO 16900-5/A1-20182018-12-28FrenchRespiratory protective devices - Methods of test and test equipment - Part 5 : breathing machine, metabolic simulator, RPD headforms and torso, tools and verification tools - Amendment 1 : RPD head forms front and side view
393AFNOR NF ISO 16957-20182018-12-28FrenchMeasurement of apparent thermal conductivity of wet porous building materials by a periodic method
394AFNOR NF ISO 19942-20182018-12-28FrenchMaize (Zea mays L.) - Specification
395AFNOR NF ISO 20698-20182018-12-28FrenchCatheter systems for neuraxial application - Sterile and single-use catheters and accessories
396AFNOR NF P18-451-20182018-12-28FrenchConcrete - Execution of concrete structures - Specific rules for UHPRFC
397AFNOR NF P23-308-20182018-12-28FrenchExternal joinery - Technical specifications for the connexion with the wood elements
398AFNOR NF ISO 48-1-20182018-12-28FrenchRubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of hardness - Part 1 : introduction and guidance
399AFNOR NF B54-040-20182018-12-28FrenchWood profiles for floor decking - Specifications
400AFNOR NF D35-360/A1-20182018-12-28FrenchLPG fired itinerant professional cooking facilities intended for food applications
401AFNOR NF DTU 51.4-20182018-12-28FrenchBuilding works - Exterior floor decking - Part 1-1 : contract bill of technical model clauses - Part 1-2 : general criteria for selection of materials - Part 2 : contract bill of special administrative model clauses
402AFNOR NF DTU 51.4 P1-1-20182018-12-28FrenchDTU 51.4 - Building works - Outdoor wood decking - Part 1-1 : contrat bill of technical model clauses
403AFNOR NF DTU 51.4 P1-2-20182018-12-28FrenchDTU 51.4 - Building works - Floors of timber or wood-based panels - Part 1-2 : general criteria for choice of materials
404AFNOR NF E90-020-3-20182018-12-28FrenchMechanical vibrations and shocks - Measurement and evaluation methods - Part 3: Measurement and evaluation of vibration exposure of individuals living or temporarily staying inside a construction
405AFNOR NF EN 305200-1-20182018-12-28FrenchAccess, Terminals, Transmission and Multiplexing (ATTM) - Energy management - Operational infrastructures - Global KPIs - Part 1 : general requirements (V1.1.1)
406AFNOR NF ISO 14242-1/A1-20182018-12-28FrenchImplants for surgery - Wear of total hip-joint prostheses - Part 1 : loading and displacement parameters for wear-testing machines and corresponding environmental conditions for test - AMENDMENT 1
407AFNOR NF ISO 10625-20182018-12-28FrenchEquipment for crop protection - Sprayer nozzles - Colour coding for identification
408AFNOR NF ISO 8140-20182018-12-28FrenchPneumatic fluid power - Cylinders, 1 000 kPa (10 bar) series - Mounting dimensions of rod-end clevises
409AFNOR NF ISO 2780-20182018-12-28FrenchMilling cutters with tenon drive - Interchangeability dimensions for cutter arbors - Metric series
410AFNOR NF ISO 2296-20182018-12-28FrenchMetal slitting saws with fine and coarse teeth - Metric series
411AFNOR NF ISO 2238-20182018-12-28FrenchMachine bridge reamers
412AFNOR NF ISO 48-9-20182018-12-28FrenchRubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of hardness - Part 9 : calibration and verification of hardness testers
413AFNOR NF ISO 48-8-20182018-12-28FrenchRubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of hardness - Part 8 : apparent hardness of rubber-covered rollers by Pusey and Jones method
414AFNOR NF ISO 48-7-20182018-12-28FrenchRubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of hardness - Part 7 : apparent hardness of rubber-covered rollers by Shore-type durometer method
415AFNOR NF ISO 48-6-20182018-12-28FrenchRubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of hardness - Part 6 : apparent hardness of rubber-covered rollers by IRHD method
416AFNOR NF ISO 48-5-20182018-12-28FrenchRubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of hardness - Part 5 : indentation hardness by IRHD pocket meter method
417AFNOR NF ISO 48-4-20182018-12-28FrenchRubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of hardness - Part 4 : indentation hardness by durometer method (Shore hardness)
418AFNOR NF ISO 48-3-20182018-12-28FrenchRubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of hardness - Part 3 : dead-load hardness using the very low rubber hardness (VLRH) scale
419AFNOR NF ISO 48-2-20182018-12-28FrenchRubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of hardness - Part 2 : hardness between 10 IRHD and 100 IRHD
420AFNOR NF EN 305200-3-1-20182018-12-28FrenchAccess, terminals, transmission and multiplexing (ATTM) - Energy management - Operational infrastructures - Global KPIs - Part 3 : ICT Sites - Sub-part 1 : DCEM (V1.1.1)
421AFNOR NF EN 305200-2-3-20182018-12-28FrenchAccess, terminals, transmission and multiplexing (ATTM) - Energy management - Operational infrastructures - Global KPIs - Part 2 : specific requirements - Sub-part 3 : mobile broadband access networks (V1.1.1)
422AFNOR NF EN 305200-2-2-20182018-12-28FrenchAccess, terminals, transmission and multiplexing (ATTM) - Energy management - Operational infrastructures - Global KPIs - Part 2 : specific requirements - Sub-part 2 : fixed broadband access networks (V1.2.1)
423AFNOR NF ISO 15152/A2-20182018-12-28FrenchTobacco - Determination of the content of total alkaloids as nicotine - Continuous-flow 7 analysis method
424AFNOR NF EN 303146-3-20182018-12-28FrenchReconfigurable radio systems (RRS) - Mobile device (MD) information models and protocols - Part 3 : unified radio application interface (URAI) (V1.3.1)
425AFNOR NF ISO 20816-5-20182018-12-28FrenchMechanical vibration - Measurement and evaluation of machine vibration - Part 5 : machine sets in hydraulic power generating and pump-storage plants
426AFNOR NF X31-620-4-20182018-12-28FrenchSoil quality - Services related to contaminated sites and soils - Part 4 : requirements in the field of restoration work execution services
427AFNOR NF B54-500-20182018-12-28FrenchWood - Tool handles - Qualitative classification
428AFNOR NF X31-620-5-20182018-12-28FrenchSoil quality - Services related to contaminated sites and soils - Part 5 : requirements for the implementation of certificates ensuring the consideration of management measures related to soil and groundwater pollution in the design of buildin
429AFNOR NF V01-003-20182018-12-28FrenchFood traceability and safety - Management and hygiene - Guidelines for implementing microbiological durability tests - Chilled perishable foodstuffs
430AFNOR NF ISO 2782-2-20182018-12-28FrenchRubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of permeability to gases - Part 2 : equal-pressure method
431AFNOR NF ISO 4666-4-20182018-12-28FrenchRubber, vulcanized - Determination of temperature rise and resistance to fatigue in flexometer testing - Part 4 : constant-stress flexometer
432AFNOR NF X31-620-3-20182018-12-28FrenchSoil quality - Services related to contaminated sites and soils - Part 3 : requirements in the field of restoration work engineering services
433AFNOR NF ISO 6502-1-20182018-12-28FrenchRubber - Measurement of vulcanization characteristics using curemeters - Part 1 : introduction
434AFNOR NF ISO 6502-2-20182018-12-28FrenchRubber - Measurement of vulcanization characteristics using curemeters - Part 2 : oscillating disc curemeter
435AFNOR NF S31-160-20182018-12-28FrenchAcoustics - Characterization and measurement of environment noises - Application of the NF S 31-010 standard to shooting ranges
436AFNOR NF X30-417-20182018-12-28FrenchCharacterization of waste - Guidelines for the selection of a leaching test
437AFNOR NF ISO 80601-2-79-20182018-12-28FrenchMedical electrical equipment - Part 2-79 : particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of ventilatory support equipment for ventilatory impairment
438AFNOR NF A06-358-20182018-12-28FrenchChemical analysis of steels and cast irons - Determination of cerium - Amperometric method
439AFNOR NF S52-011-20182018-12-28FrenchPublic swimming pool - Treatment of swimming pools with ozone - General safety requirements and test methods
440AFNOR NF X31-620-1-20182018-12-28FrenchSoil quality - Services related to contaminated sites and soils - Part 1 : general requirements
441AFNOR NF ISO 127-20182018-12-28FrenchRubber, natural latex concentrate - Determination of KOH number
442AFNOR NF X31-620-2-20182018-12-28FrenchSoil quality - Services related to contaminated sites and soils - Part 2 : requirements in the field of investigation, assistance and inspection services
443AFNOR FD H13-045-20182018-12-26FrenchCardboard packaging - Fuide for the drafting of specifications for corrugated cardboard packagings
444AFNOR NF EN 319411-2-20182018-12-21FrenchElectronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI) - Policy and security requirements for Trust Service Providers issuing certificates - Part 2 : requirements for trust service providers issuing (V2.1.9) EU qualified certificates
445AFNOR NF ISO 25179-20182018-12-21FrenchAdhesives - Determination of the solubility of water-soluble or alkali-soluble pressure-sensitive adhesives
446AFNOR NF ISO 20244-20182018-12-21FrenchSoil quality - On-site test method to quickly determine gravimetric water contents in soil by refractometry
447AFNOR NF ISO 19843-20182018-12-21FrenchRolling bearings - Ceramic bearings balls - Determination of the strength by notched ball test
448AFNOR NF ISO 19101-2-20182018-12-21FrenchGeographic information - Reference model - Part 2 : imagery
449AFNOR NF EN 14384/CN-20182018-12-21FrenchPillar fire hydrants - National addition to NF EN 14384:2006
450AFNOR NF EN 14339/CN-20182018-12-21FrenchUnderground fire hydrants - National addition to NF EN 14339:2006
451AFNOR NF ISO 10110-14-20182018-12-21FrenchOptics and photonics - Preparation of drawings for optical elements and systems - Part 14 : wavefront deformation tolerance
452AFNOR NF ISO 20611-20182018-12-21FrenchAdventure tourism - Good practices for sustainability - Requirements and recommendations
453AFNOR NF ISO 5169-20182018-12-21FrenchMachine tools - Presentation of lubrication instructions
454AFNOR NF ISO 11783-3-20182018-12-21FrenchTractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry - Serial control and communications data network - Part 3 : data link layer
455AFNOR NF ISO 20138-1-20182018-12-21FrenchRailway Applications - Calculation of braking performance (stopping, slowing and stationary braking) - Part 1 : general algorithms utilizing mean value calculation
456AFNOR NF ISO 16169-20182018-12-21FrenchPreparation of silicon carbide and similar materials for analysis by ISO 12677 X-ray fluorescence (XRF) - Fused cast-bead method
457AFNOR NF ISO 7867-2-20182018-12-21FrenchMetric series for agricultural, forestry machines and construction tyres - Part 2 : load ratings for agricultural tyres
458AFNOR NF ISO 7867-1-20182018-12-21FrenchMetric series for agricultural, forestry machines and construction tyres - Part 1: tyre designation, dimensions and marking, and tyre/rim coordination
459AFNOR NF ISO 6099-20182018-12-21FrenchFluid power systems and components - Cylinders - Identification code for mounting dimensions and mounting types
460AFNOR NF EN 300440-20182018-12-21FrenchShort Range Devices (SRD) - Radio equipment to be used in the 1 GHz to 40 GHz frequency range - Harmonised Standard covering the access to radioelectric spectral (V2.2.1)
461AFNOR NF ISO 20779-20182018-12-21FrenchCigarettes - Generation and collection of total particulate matter using a routine analytical smoking machine with an intense smoking regime
462AFNOR NF ISO 20768-20182018-12-21FrenchVapour products - Routine analytical vaping machine - Definitions and standard conditions
463AFNOR NF EN ISO 15175-20182018-12-19FrenchSoil quality - Characterization of contaminated soil related to groundwater protection
464AFNOR XP S52-370-2-20182018-12-19FrenchTrampoline park - Part 2 : operation requirements
465AFNOR XP S52-370-1-20182018-12-19FrenchTrampoline park - Part 1 : construction and safety requirements and recommendations
466AFNOR FD CEN/TR 17244-20182018-12-19FrenchWater quality - Technical report for the management of diatom barcodes
467AFNOR FD T66-065-20182018-12-19FrenchBitumen and bituminous binders - Determination of the complex modulus - Elasticimeter
468AFNOR FD CEN/TR 16961-20182018-12-19FrenchDeclaration of uncertainties in test reports
469AFNOR NF EN ISO 3211-20182018-12-19FrenchAnodizing of aluminium and its alloys - Assessment of resistance of anodic oxidation coatings to cracking by deformation
470AFNOR NF EN 868-8-20182018-12-19FrenchPackaging for terminally sterilized medical devices - Part 8 : re-usable sterilization containers for steam sterilizers conforming to EN 285 - Requirements and test methods
471AFNOR NF EN 1888-1-20182018-12-19FrenchChild use and care articles - Wheeled child conveyances - Part 1 : pushchairs and prams
472AFNOR NF EN ISO 6506-2-20182018-12-19FrenchMetallic materials - Brinell hardness test - Part 2 : verification and calibration of testing machines
473AFNOR NF EN 17142-20182018-12-19FrenchModular multilayer floor coverings - Elements with a wood powder based surface layer - Specifications, requirements and test methods
474AFNOR NF EN 17072-20182018-12-19FrenchChild care articles - Bath tubs, stands and non-standalone bathing aids - Safety requirements and test methods
475AFNOR NF EN 1888-2-20182018-12-19FrenchChild use and care articles - Wheeled child conveyances - Part 2 : puhchairs for children above 15 kg up to 22 kg
476AFNOR NF EN 14836-20182018-12-19FrenchSurfaces sportives - Surfaces synthétiques pour terrains de sport en plein air - Méthode dessai de vieillissement artificiel
477AFNOR NF EN 868-9-20182018-12-19FrenchPackaging for terminally sterilized medical devices - Part 9 : uncoated nonwoven materials of polyolefines - Requirements and test methods
478AFNOR NF ISO/ASTM 52910-20182018-12-14FrenchAdditive manufacturing - Design - Requirements, guidelines and recommendations
479AFNOR NF ISO 20816-8-20182018-12-14FrenchMechanical vibration - Measurement and evaluation of machine vibration - Part 8 : reciprocating compressor systems
480AFNOR NF ISO 8332-20182018-12-14FrenchRubber compounding ingredients - Sulfur - Methods of test
481AFNOR NF ISO 14955-2-20182018-12-14FrenchMachine tools - Environmental evaluation of machine tools - Part 2 : methods for measuring energy supplied to machine tools and machine tool components
482AFNOR NF ISO 24615-1-20182018-12-14FrenchLanguage resource management - Syntactic annotation framework (SynAF) - Part 1 : syntactic model
483AFNOR NF S31-120-20182018-12-14FrenchAcoustics - Description and measurement of environmental noise - Soil and weather conditions influence
484AFNOR NF S61-932/A2-20182018-12-14FrenchFire Safety Systems (FSS) - Installation rules for the fire protection system
485AFNOR NF EN ISO 24342-20182018-12-12FrenchResilient and textile floor-coverings - Determination of side length, edge straightness and squareness of tiles
486AFNOR XP CEN/TS 17188-20182018-12-12FrenchMaterials obtained from end of life tyres (ELT) - Sampling method for granulates and powders stored in big-bags
487AFNOR FD X50-179-20182018-12-12FrenchQuality and Management - Determination of the client and other interested parties requirements - Implementation guide
488AFNOR NF EN 12277/IN1-20182018-12-12FrenchMountaineering equipment - Harnesses - Safety requirements and test methods
489AFNOR NF EN 12277+A1-20182018-12-12FrenchMountaineering equipment - Harnesses - Safety requirements and test methods
490AFNOR NF EN ISO/IEC 17021-2-20182018-12-12FrenchConformity assessment - Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems - Part 2 : competence requirements for auditing and certification of environmental management systems
491AFNOR NF EN ISO 20685-1-20182018-12-12French3-D scanning methodologies for internationally compatible anthropometric databases - Part 1 : evaluation protocol for body dimensions extracted from 3-D body scans
492AFNOR NF EN ISO 20184-2-20182018-12-12FrenchMolecular in-vitro diagnostic examinations - Specifications for pre-examination processes for frozen tissue - Part 2 : isolated proteins
493AFNOR NF EN ISO 21012-20182018-12-12FrenchCryogenic vessels - Hoses
494AFNOR NF EN ISO/IEC 17021-3-20182018-12-12FrenchConformity assessment - Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems - Part 3 : competence requirements for auditing and certification of quality management systems
495AFNOR NF EN ISO 7779-20182018-12-12FrenchAcoustics - Measurement of airborne noise emitted by information technology and telecommunications equipment
496AFNOR NF EN 17075-20182018-12-12FrenchWater quality - General requirements and performance test procedures for water monitoring equipment - Measuring devices
497AFNOR NF EN ISO 150-20182018-12-12FrenchRaw, refined and boiled linseed oil for paints and varnishes - Specifications and methods of test
498AFNOR NF EN ISO 2812-2-20182018-12-12FrenchPaints and varnishes - Determination of resistance to liquids - Part 2 : water immersion method
499AFNOR NF EN ISO 3681-20182018-12-12FrenchBinders for paints and varnishes - Determination of saponification value - Titrimetric method
500AFNOR NF EN 16777-20182018-12-12FrenchChemical disinfectants and antiseptics - Quantitative non-porous surface test without mechanical action for the evaluation of virucidal activity of chemical disinfectants used in the medical area - Test method and requirements (phase 2/step 2)