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Posstandard Numberpublication dateLanguageDescription
1ABNT NBR 14859-1-20162016-01-21PortuguesePre-fabricated concrete slabs Part 1: joist, mini-panels and panels - Requirements
2ABNT NBR IEC 61434-20162016-01-21PortugueseSecondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes - Guide to designation of current in alkaline secondary cell and battery standards
3ABNT NBR 14859-2-20162016-01-21PortuguesePre-fabricated concrete slabs Part 2: Inert elements for filling and mold - Requirements
4ABNT NBR 9604-20162016-01-19PortugueseWell opening and soil profile inspection trench, with removal of disturbed and undisturbed soil samples - Procedure
5ABNT NBR 15613-5-20162016-01-19PortugueseImplants for surgery - Corrosion resistance Part 5: Evaluation of the potential for galvanic corrosion
6ABNT NBR 12090-20162016-01-19PortugueseElectric shower - Determination of leakage current - Method of test
7ABNT NBR ISO 20282-1-20162016-01-19PortugueseEase of operation of everyday products Part 1: Design requirements for context of use and user characteristics
8ABNT NBR 7335-20162016-01-19PortugueseMotor road vehicles - Instrumentation for impact test
9ABNT NBR 13451-20162016-01-19PortuguesePesticides - Persistent foam determination
10ABNT NBR 16453-20162016-01-19PortugueseFootwear - Orientation values
11ABNT NBR 11095-20162016-01-19PortugueseChain hoists with motor drive - Test Method
12ABNT NBR 10540-20162016-01-18PortugueseGas water type accumulation - Terminology
13ABNT NBR 6315-20162016-01-12PortugueseIngots, bars, anodes and tin tape - Specification
14ABNT NBR ISO 7932-20162016-01-12PortugueseMicrobiology of food and animal feeding stuffs - Horizontal method for the enumeration of presumptive Bacillus cereus - Colony-count technique at 30 掳C
15ABNT NBR 15646-20162016-01-12PortugueseAccessibility - Lifting platforms and ramps for accessibility on vehicles for people with disabilities or reduced mobility in transportation passenger vehicles of categories M1, M2 and M3 - Requirements
16ABNT NBR 15356-20162016-01-12PortugueseVariable speed V-belts - Requirements
17ABNT NBR 14985-20162016-01-12PortugueseHand tools - Screwdriver for slotted head screws
18ABNT NBR 9588-20162016-01-12PortugueseRivets with countersunk dead of nominal diameter from 10 mm to 36 mm - Dimensions and material
19ABNT NBR 9587-20162016-01-12PortugueseRivets with round head nominal diameter of 10 mm to 36 mm - Dimensions and materials
20ABNT NBR 10818-20162016-01-11PortugueseQuality of pool water - Procedure
21ABNT NBR ISO 5700-20152015-12-16PortugueseTractors for agricultural and forestry - Roll-over protective structures (ROPS) - Static test method and acceptance conditions
22ABNT NBR 15469-20152015-12-16PortugueseEcotoxicology - Collection, preservation and preparation of samples
23ABNT NBR ISO 15589-2-20152015-12-16PortuguesePetroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries - Cathodic protection of pipeline transportation systems Part 2: Offshore pipelines
24ABNT NBR ISO 16462-20152015-12-16PortugueseCubic boron nitride inserts, tipped or solid - Dimensions types
25ABNT NBR 15299-20152015-12-15PortuguesePaints for buildings - Methods for performance evalution of paints for non industrial buildings - Determination of gloss
26ABNT NBR 12210-20152015-12-15PortugueseRailway freight car - Center of gravity height calculation for railway freight car
27ABNT NBR 15299 Emenda 1-20152015-12-15PortuguesePaints for buildings - Method of performance evaluation of paints for non-industrial buildings - Determination of gloss
28ABNT NBR ISO 23205-20152015-12-15PortugueseAgricultural tractors - Instructional seat
29ABNT NBR 14183-20152015-12-15PortugueseMetropolitan train - Accommodation and capacity of passenger
30ABNT NBR 15280-2 Emenda 1-20152015-12-14PortugueseOnshore pipeline Part 2: Construction and installation
31ABNT NBR 15280-2 Corrected version EN-20152015-12-14EnglishOnshore pipelines Part 2: Construction and installation
32ABNT NBR 15494-20152015-12-14PortuguesePaints for buildings - Requirements of paints performance for non industrial buildings - Glossy paint, solvent base, with oxidative drying
33ABNT NBR 15280-2 Vers茫o Corrigida-20152015-12-14PortugueseOnshore pipeline Part 2: Construction and installation
34ABNT NBR 5356-5-20152015-12-14PortuguesePower transformers Part 5: Ability to withstand short circuit
35ABNT NBR 9603-20152015-12-11PortugueseHand drilling auger - Procedure
36ABNT NBR 6578-20152015-12-11PortugueseThermal insulation - Rigid polyurethane foam - Determination of water absorption
37ABNT NBR 6579-20152015-12-11PortugueseThermal insulation - Rigid polyurethane foam - Determination of solvents absorbing
38ABNT NBR 14747-20152015-12-10PortugueseDiesel oil - Determination of cold filter plugging
39ABNT NBR 15182 Vers茫o Corrigida-20152015-12-10PortugueseNon-destructive testing - Leak testing for basic sanitation - Terminology
40ABNT NBR ISO 16972-20152015-12-10PortugueseRespiratory protective devices - Terms, definitions, graphical symbols and units of measurement
41ABNT NBR 16436-20152015-12-10PortugueseAssembly tools for screws and nuts - Sockets and wrenches for spline drive (ISO 10914:1996, MOD)
42ABNT NBR 11709-20152015-12-10PortugueseConcrete sleepers - Design, materials and components
43ABNT NBR ISO 15488-20152015-12-10PortugueseCollets with 8掳 setting angle for tool shanks - Collets, nuts and fitting dimensions
44ABNT NBR 10442-20152015-12-09PortugueseEthylene Glycols - Requirements
45ABNT NBR 8103-20152015-12-09PortugueseFoundry resin - Determination of solid content - Test method
46ABNT NBR 16410-20152015-12-09PortugueseHorizontal roadmarking - Evaluation of retroreflectivity using mobile equipment by geometry of 15 m or 30 m
47ABNT NBR 7471-20152015-12-09PortugueseRoad vehicles - Helmet and visors for drivers and passengers of motorcycles and similar vehicles - Construction, performance, labeling requirements and testing methods
48ABNT NBR 7812-20152015-12-09PortugueseCopper pipe, seamless, for driving implementation of fluids in road vehicles, tractors and the like
49ABNT NBR ISO 10342-20152015-12-09PortugueseOphthalmic instruments - Eye refractometers
50ABNT NBR 14165-20152015-12-09PortugueseRailway - Electric line and power grids crossing - Requirements
51ABNT NBR 10966-6-20152015-12-09PortugueseRoad vehicles - Braking system Part 6: Test requirements for vehicles of categories M, N and O fitted with anti-lock systems
52ABNT NBR 10966-6 Emenda 1-20152015-12-09PortugueseRoad vehicles - Braking system Part 6: Test requirements for vehicles of categories M, N and O fitted with anti-lock systems
53ABNT NBR 11773-20152015-12-09PortugueseDental inlay - Wax - Requirements and test methods
54ABNT NBR 10966-1 Emenda 1-20152015-12-08PortugueseRoad vehicles - Braking system Part 1: Uniform provisions concerning the approval regard to braking of categories M, N and O
55ABNT NBR 12483-20152015-12-08PortugueseElectric shower - General requirements
56ABNT NBR 12089-20152015-12-08PortugueseElectric shower - Determination of consumption of energy - Method of test
57ABNT NBR 12088-20152015-12-08PortugueseElectric shower - Determination of operating minimal pressure - Method of test
58ABNT NBR 10966-1-20152015-12-08PortugueseRoad vehicles - Braking system Part 1: Uniform provisions concerning the approval regard to braking of categories M, N and O
59ABNT NBR 12087-20152015-12-08PortugueseElectric shower - Determination of the loading - Method of test
60ABNT NBR 14011-20152015-12-08PortugueseInstantaneous water heaters and electric taps - General requirements
61ABNT NBR 14016-20152015-12-08PortugueseInstantaneous water heaters and electric taps - Determination of the leakage current - Method of test
62ABNT NBR 14013-20152015-12-08PortugueseInstantaneous water heaters and electric taps - Determination of the electric power - Methods of test
63ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 17788-20152015-12-07PortugueseInformation technology - Cloud computing - Overview and vocabulary
64ABNT NBR ISO 21299-20152015-12-03PortuguesePowered ride-on turf care equipment - Roll-over protective structures (ROPS) - Test procedures and acceptance criteria
65ABNT NBR ISO 11137-2-20152015-12-03PortugueseSterilization of health care products - Radiation Part 2: Establishing the sterilization dose
66ABNT NBR 15617-20152015-12-02PortugueseAsphalt mixtures - Determination of moisture induced damage
67ABNT NBR 14768-20152015-12-02PortugueseCranes - Loader cranes - Requirements
68ABNT NBR 6577-20152015-12-02PortugueseAviation fuels - Determination of water reaction
69ABNT NBR IEC 62444-20152015-12-02PortugueseCable glands for electrical installations
70ABNT NBR 6611-20152015-12-01PortugueseAustenitic gray cast iron parts - Requirements and test methods
71ABNT NBR ISO 5168-20152015-12-01PortugueseMeasurement of fluid flow - Procedures for the evaluation of uncertainty
72ABNT NBR 16431-20152015-12-01PortugueseElectric equipment - Determination of compatibility of materials with insulation vegetable oil
73ABNT NBR ISO 5702-20152015-12-01PortugueseEquipment for harvesting - Combine harvesters - Component parts - Equivalent terms
74ABNT NBR 14105-2-20152015-12-01PortuguesePressure gauges Part 2: Digital pressure gauges - Requirements for manufacture, classification, test and use
75ABNT NBR IEC 60695-2-10-20152015-12-01PortugueseFire hazard testing Part 2-10: Glowing/hot-wire based test methods - Glow-wire apparatus and common test procedure
76ABNT NBR 8609-20152015-12-01PortugueseSelection of large hydraulic valves - Requirements
77ABNT NBR 15965-7-20152015-12-01PortugueseConstruction information classification system Part 7: Information of construction
78ABNT NBR 10940-20152015-11-30PortuguesePreparation of standard mixture of sodium silicate for foundry - Procedure
79ABNT NBR ISO 6689-1-20152015-11-30PortugueseEquipment for harvesting - Combines and functional components Part 1: Vocabulary
80ABNT NBR ISO 6689-2-20152015-11-30PortugueseEquipment for harvesting - Combines and functional components Part 2: Assessment of characteristics and performance defined in vocabulary
81ABNT NBR 16418-20152015-11-26PortugueseFerroniobium alloy - Determination of nitrogen content by thermal conductivity after combustion in an high current induction furnace
82ABNT NBR 16419-20152015-11-26PortugueseFerroniobium alloy - Determination of the impurities by X-ray fluorescence
83ABNT NBR 16420-20152015-11-26PortugueseFerroniobium alloy - Determination of iron content (% Fe) and niobium (% Nb)
84ABNT NBR ISO 2781-20152015-11-26PortugueseRubber vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of density
85ABNT NBR 16417-20152015-11-26PortugueseFerroniobium alloy - Determination of carbon and sulfur content by infrared absorption after combustion in induction furnace
86ABNT NBR ISO 11783-14-20152015-11-25PortugueseTractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry - Serial control and communications data network Part 14: Sequence control
87ABNT NBR 6293-20152015-11-25PortugueseAsphaltic binders - Determination of ductility
88ABNT NBR 15708-2-20152015-11-24PortuguesePetroleum and natural gas industries - Pultruded shape Part 2: Handrail
89ABNT NBR 16382-20152015-11-24PortugueseGypsum plasterboard - Requirements
90ABNT NBR 15708-2 Emenda 1-20152015-11-24PortuguesePetroleum and natural gas industries - Pultruded shape Part 2: Handrail
91ABNT NBR 15708-2 EN-20152015-11-24EnglishPetroleum and natural gas industries - Pultruded shape Part 2: Handrail
92ABNT NBR ISO 5609-4-20152015-11-23PortugueseTool holders for internal turning with cylindrical shank for indexable inserts Part 4: Style L
93ABNT NBR 14986-20152015-11-23PortugueseHand tools - Screwdriver for cross-recessed head screws
94ABNT NBR 16428-20152015-11-23PortuguesePhenolic urethane resin for foundry - Determination of free formol content - Test method
95ABNT NBR 16422-20152015-11-23PortugueseContinuous conveyors - belt conveyors - Minimum distances for installation of secondary scrapers on belt conveyors transfer chutes
96ABNT NBR 16424-20152015-11-23PortugueseLiquids used in casting - Determination of relative density by the immersion method - Test Method
97ABNT NBR ISO 15081 Vers茫o Corrigida-20152015-11-23PortugueseAgricultural equipment - Graphical symbols for pressurized irrigation systems
98ABNT NBR 7358-20152015-11-23PortugueseRigid polyurethane foam for heat insulation purposes - Determination of flammability characteristics
99ABNT NBR 11900-5-20152015-11-23PortugueseTerminations for steel wire ropes Part 5: Socket
100ABNT NBR ISO 5609-6-20152015-11-23PortugueseTool holders for internal turning with cylindrical shank for indexable inserts Part 6: Style Q
101ABNT NBR ISO 2417-20152015-11-23PortugueseLeather - Physical and mechanical tests - Determination of the static absorption of water
102ABNT NBR ISO 2418-20152015-11-23PortugueseLeather - Chemical, physical and mechanical and fastness test - Sampling Location
103ABNT NBR 16423-20152015-11-23PortugueseStandard dilution preparation for testing paints for casting - Test method
104ABNT NBR ISO 5609-2-20152015-11-23PortugueseTool holders for internal turning with cylindrical shank for indexable inserts Part 2: Style F
105ABNT NBR ISO 5609-3-20152015-11-23PortugueseTool holders for internal turning with cylindrical shank for indexable inserts Part 3: Style K
106ABNT NBR ISO 5609-5-20152015-11-23PortugueseTool holders for internal turning with cylindrical shank for indexable inserts Part 5: Style U
107ABNT NBR 9349-20152015-11-23PortuguesePaints and adhesives for foundries - Determination of solids - Test method
108ABNT NBR IEC 60601-1-8 Errata 1-20152015-11-19PortugueseEquipamento eletrom茅dico Parte 1-8: Requisitos gerais para seguran莽a b谩sica e desempenho essencial - Norma colateral: Requisitos gerais, ensaios e diretrizes para sistemas de alarme em equipamentos eletrom茅dicos e sistemas eletrom茅dicos
109ABNT NBR 17790 Errata 1-20152015-11-19PortugueseManejo florestal sustent谩vel - Cadeia de cust贸dia - Requisitos para organismos de certifica莽茫o que realizam certifica莽茫o em conformidade com a ABNT NBR 14790
110ABNT NBR 15893-4-20152015-11-18PortugueseImplants for surgery - Metallic materials Part 4: Specifications for wrought nitrogen strengthened 22chromium-13nickel-5manganese-2,5molybdenum stainless steel alloy bar and wire (UNS S20910)
111ABNT NBR ISO 7176-5-20152015-11-18PortugueseWheelchairs Part 5: Determination of dimensions, mass and manoeuvring space
112ABNT NBR ISO 20346-20152015-11-18PortuguesePersonal protective equipament - Protective footwear
113ABNT NBR ISO 17072-1-20152015-11-17PortugueseLeather - Chemical determinationof metal content Part 1: Extractablemetals
114ABNT NBR ISO 17072-2-20152015-11-17PortugueseLeather - Chemical determination of metal content Part 2: Total metal content
115ABNT NBR ISO 2420-20152015-11-17PortugueseLeather - Physical and mechanical tests - Determination of apparent density
116ABNT NBR 14823-20152015-11-17PortugueseSuperior construction of the shoe - Synthetic laminates - Determination of the finishing resistance to friction with sandpaper
117ABNT NBR 9023-20152015-11-17PortugueseThermoplastic - Determination of fluidity index
118ABNT NBR 6645-20152015-11-17PortugueseRough parts of cast steel - Dimensional offsets
119ABNT NBR 7214-20152015-11-16PortugueseStandard sand for cement tests - Specification
120ABNT NBR 7399-20152015-11-13PortugueseSteel and cast iron hot-dip galvanized product - Coating thickness measurement by non destructive procedure - Test method
121ABNT NBR 7414-20152015-11-13PortugueseHot dip galvanizing of steel and cast iron products - Terminology
122ABNT NBR 7398-20152015-11-13PortugueseSteel and cast iron hot-dip galvanized product - Coating adhesion verification - Test method
123ABNT NBR 7400-20152015-11-13PortugueseHot dip galvanizing of steel and cast iron products dipping - Checking coating uniformity - Test method
124ABNT NBR 14855-20152015-11-13PortugueseAsphalt binder - Determination of solubility in trichloroethylene
125ABNT NBR 10542-20152015-11-09PortugueseWater heaters gas accumulation type - Tests
126ABNT NBR 8081-20152015-11-09PortugueseRigid polyurethane foam for heat insulation purposes - Permeability to water vapor
127ABNT NBR 8095-20152015-11-09PortugueseMetallic material coated and uncoated - Corrosion exposure to saturated humid atmosphere - Test method
128ABNT NBR 10778-20152015-11-09PortugueseDirect fired tubular heater - Terminology
129ABNT NBR 9504-20152015-11-06PortugueseSafety glasses - Determination of the optical distortion
130ABNT NBR 9499-20152015-11-06PortugueseSafety glasses - Test for high temperature resistance
131ABNT NBR 9498-20152015-11-06PortugueseSafety glasses - Abrasion test method
132ABNT NBR 9497-20152015-11-06PortugueseSafety glasses - Separation of secondary image determination
133ABNT NBR 9494-20152015-11-06PortugueseSafety glasses - Determination of impact resistance with sphere
134ABNT NBR 9493-20152015-11-06PortugueseSafety glasses - Determination of impact resistance with phanton
135ABNT NBR 9491-20152015-11-06PortugueseSafety glasses for road vehicles - Requirements
136ABNT NBR 9502-20152015-11-06PortugueseSafety glass - Test for moisture resistance
137ABNT NBR 9501-20152015-11-06PortugueseSafety glasses - Radiation test
138ABNT NBR 9503-20152015-11-05PortugueseSafety glasses - Light transmission determination
139ABNT NBR 10474-20152015-11-05PortugueseWelding qualification - Terminology
140ABNT NBR ISO 2971-20152015-11-04PortugueseCigarettes and filter rods - Determination of nominal diameter - Method using a non-contact optical measuring apparatus
141ABNT NBR 15422-20152015-11-04PortugueseInsulating vegetable oil for electrical equipment
142ABNT NBR ISO 39001-20152015-10-30PortugueseRoad traffic safety (RTS) management systems - Requirements with guidance for use
143ABNT NBR 14067-20152015-10-30PortugueseInsumes - Dye - Preparation of analytical solutions
144ABNT NBR 14868-20152015-10-29PortugueseTwo wheels vehicle - Bicycle - Brakes - Requirements and test methods
145ABNT NBR 5590 Vers茫o Corrigida 2-20152015-10-29PortugueseCarbon steel pipes with or without longitudinal weld, black or galvanized - Requirements
146ABNT NBR ISO 5609-1-20152015-10-29PortugueseTool holders for internal turning with cylindrical shank for indexable inserts Part 1: Designation, styles, dimensions and calculation for corrections
147ABNT NBR 5681-20152015-10-27PortugueseTechnological control of landfill execution in building works
148ABNT NBR 6606-20152015-10-27PortugueseRoad vehicles - Determination of the extent of manual controls
149ABNT NBR ISO 10975-20152015-10-27PortugueseTractors and machinery for agriculture - Auto-guidance systems for operator-controlled tractors and self-propelled machines - Safety requirements
150ABNT NBR 16421-20152015-10-27PortugueseStell floor deck for composite steel and concrete slab - Requirements and testing
151ABNT NBR 19783-20152015-10-27PortugueseLaminated elastomeric bearings - Specification and test methods
152ABNT NBR ISO 9191-20152015-10-27PortugueseLawn and garden ride-on (riding) tractors - Three-point hitch
153ABNT NBR 8427-20152015-10-26PortugueseEmployment tex system to express titles textiles - Procedure
154ABNT NBR 16414-20152015-10-23PortugueseLeather - residual Bath and liquid waste - Determination of total solids, total suspended solids, fixed and volatile
155ABNT NBR ISO 14223-1-20152015-10-23PortugueseRadiofrequency identification of animals - Advanced transponders Part 1: Air interface
156ABNT NBR ISO 9192-20152015-10-23PortugueseLawn and garden ride-on (riding) tractors - One-point tubular sleeve hitch
157ABNT NBR 10904-20152015-10-22PortugueseNut forged hook-rod - Dimensions and materials
158ABNT NBR ISO 5429-20152015-10-22PortugueseCoated abrasives - Flap wheels with incorporated flanges or separate flanges
159ABNT NBR 10335-20152015-10-22PortugueseConnectors for tracheal tube - Specification
160ABNT NBR ISO 21949-20152015-10-22PortugueseCoated abrasives - Plain sheets with holes for dust extraction
161ABNT NBR 11314-20152015-10-22PortugueseMachine tree nose for adjustable adapter mounting - Dimensions
162ABNT NBR 16383-20152015-10-22PortugueseBeauty salon - Requirements of good practice in service
163ABNT NBR 11212-20152015-10-22PortugueseHydraulic turbines for small hydroelectric plants (PCH) - Preparation of technical specifications - Procedure
164ABNT NBR ISO 5687-20152015-10-22PortugueseEquipment for harvesting - Combine harvesters - Determination and designation of grain tank capacity and unloading device performance
165ABNT NBR 15336-20152015-10-22PortugueseSuperior construction of the shoe - Synthetic laminates - Determination of tear resistance - Method "trouser"
166ABNT NBR ISO 21950-20152015-10-22PortugueseCoated abrasives - Plain discs
167ABNT NBR ISO 21948-20152015-10-22PortugueseCoated abrasives - Plain sheets
168ABNT NBR ISO 15637-1-20152015-10-22PortugueseHolding fixtures of cylindrical abrasive sleeves Part 1: Holding fixtures with shank for hand-held grinding machines
169ABNT NBR 15393-20152015-10-22PortugueseLower footwear construction - Determination of lengthwise stiffness of the resistance to the fatigue
170ABNT NBR ISO 16057-20152015-10-22PortugueseCoated abrasives - Vulcanized fibre discs
171ABNT NBR 16388-20152015-10-21PortuguesePaints for building construction - Paint test method for non-industrial buildings - Determination of the content volatile organic compounds (VOC) by chromatography and gravimetry
172ABNT NBR 9348-20152015-10-21PortuguesePaints for foundry - Determination the moisture absorption in solids after permanence in humid chamber for 24 h - Test method
173ABNT NBR 15380-20152015-10-21PortuguesePaints for buildings - Method for performance evaluation of paints for non-industrial buildings - Resistance to UV radiation and water condensation by accelerated test
174ABNT NBR 10883-20152015-10-21PortuguesePolyolefin tapes - Determination of width and thickness
175ABNT NBR IEC 60601-2-62-20152015-10-21PortugueseMedical electrical equipment Part 2-62: Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of high intensity therapeutic ultrasound (HITU) equipment
176ABNT NBR 16407-20152015-10-21PortuguesePaints for buildings - Paint Test method for non-industrial buildings - Determination of lead content
177ABNT NBR ISO 3919-20152015-10-21PortugueseCoated abrasives - Flap wheels with shaft
178ABNT NBR ISO 11193-1-20152015-10-15PortugueseSingle-use medical examination gloves Part 1: Specification for gloves made from rubber latex or rubber solution
179ABNT NBR ISO 11193-1 Emenda 1-20152015-10-15PortugueseSingle-use medical examination gloves Part 1: Specification for gloves made from rubber l谩tex solution
180ABNT NBR 10734-20152015-10-14PortugueseLaminated sheets of carbon steel electrolytically coated with tin or chrome or uncoated - Defects of surface, shape and dimensions - Terminology
181ABNT NBR 16446-20152015-10-13PortugueseSynthetic insulating liquids based on aromatic hydrocarbons for electrical equipment
182ABNT NBR 15908-20152015-10-13PortugueseBiodiesel - Determination of free glycerol, mono-, di-, triacylglycerols and total glycerol by gas chromatography
183ABNT NBR 15504-20152015-10-13PortuguesePesticides - Determination of poder content
184ABNT NBR 16294 Errata 1-20152015-10-13PortugueseAnodos de tit芒nio com 贸xidos de metais nobres para prote莽茫o cat贸dica
185ABNT IEC GUIA 115-20152015-10-13PortugueseApplication of uncertainty of measurement to conformity assessment activities in the electrotechnical sector
186ABNT ISO/TR 8713-20152015-10-13PortugueseElectrically propelled road vehicles - Vocabulary
187ABNT NBR 15764-20152015-10-13PortugueseBiodiesel - Determination of total esters content by gas chromatography
188ABNT NBR ISO 11783-13-20152015-10-06PortugueseTractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry - Serial control and communications data network Part 13: File server
189ABNT NBR IEC 60670-24-20152015-10-06PortugueseBoxes and enclosures for electrical accessories for household and similar fixed electrical installations Part 24: Particular requirements for enclosures for housing protective devices and other power dissipating electrical equipment
190ABNT NBR ISO 4254-7-20152015-10-06PortugueseAgricultural machinery - Safety Part 7: Combine harvesters, forage harvesters and cotton harvesters
191ABNT NBR 16041 Errata 1-20152015-10-06PortugueseEtanol combust铆vel - Determina莽茫o dos teores de metanol e etanol por cromatografia gasosa
192ABNT NBR ISO 14001-20152015-10-06PortugueseEnvironmental management systems - Requirements with guidance for use
193ABNT NBR 5920-20152015-10-05PortugueseCold-rolled, high strength low alloy steel, coil and sheet, with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance, for structural use - Requirements and test methods
194ABNT NBR 9792 Vers茫o Corrigida-20152015-10-05PortugueseCooling tower water - Test for verification of performance of mechanical draft towers - Test method
195ABNT NBR 11905-20152015-10-05PortuguesePolymer industrialized mortar for waterproofing
196ABNT NBR ISO 20864-20152015-10-05PortugueseFootwear - Test methods for stiffeners and toepuffs - Mechanical characteristics
197ABNT NBR 16283-20152015-10-05PortugueseBeauty salon - Terminology
198ABNT ISO/TR 31004-20152015-10-05PortugueseRisk management - Guide to the implementation of ABNT NBR ISO 31000
199ABNT NBR ISO 9243-20152015-10-05PortuguesePliers and nippers - Carpenter麓s pincers - Dimensions and test values
200ABNT NBR 9995-20152015-10-05PortugueseEngine exhaust gas Diesel - Determination of opacity in dynamometer cycle
201ABNT NBR ISO 513 Errata 1-20152015-10-01PortugueseClassifica莽茫o e aplica莽茫o de metais duros para a usinagem com arestas de corte definidas - Designa莽茫o dos grupos principais e grupos de aplica莽茫o
202ABNT NBR ISO 9001-20152015-09-30PortugueseQuality management systems - Requirements
203ABNT NBR ISO 9000-20152015-09-30PortugueseQuality management systems - Fundamentals and vocabulary
204ABNT NBR IEC 60601-2-50 Errata 2-20152015-09-29PortugueseEquipamento eletrom茅dico Parte 2-50: Requisitos particulares para a seguran莽a b谩sica e o desempenho essencial do equipamento de fototerapia para rec茅m-nascido
205ABNT NBR ISO 13300-2-20152015-09-24PortugueseSensory analysis - General guidance for the staff of a sensory evaluation laboratory Part 2: Recruitment and training of panel leaders
206ABNT NBR ISO 13300-1-20152015-09-24PortugueseSensory analysis - General guidance for the staff of a sensory evaluation laboratory Part 1: Staff responsibilities
207ABNT NBR 13992-20152015-09-24PortugueseMotor gasoline - Determination of anhydrous ethanol fuel content
208ABNT NBR 11908-20152015-09-24PortugueseCentrifuged cast iron pipe - Shear test
209ABNT NBR 16442-20152015-09-23PortugueseHalogen free, low smoke control cables, for rated voltages up to 1 kV - Performance requirements
210ABNT NBR ISO 17664-20152015-09-23PortugueseSterilization of medical devices - Information to be provided by the manufacturer for the processing of resterilizable medical devices
211ABNT NBR 5842-20152015-09-23PortugueseDetermination of flash point in paints, varnishes and resins - Closed vessel method
212ABNT NBR ISO 7405-20152015-09-23PortugueseDentistry - Evaluation of biocompatibility of medical devices used in dentistry
213ABNT NBR 16408-20152015-09-23PortugueseGraphic technology - Prints - Assessment of resistance to various agents
214ABNT NBR 11355-20152015-09-22PortugueseExpanded vermiculite - Particle size analysis - Test method
215ABNT NBR 15221-3-20152015-09-22PortugueseSteel pipes - External corrosion resistant coating Part 3: Fusion Bonded Epoxy
216ABNT NBR 6682-20152015-09-21PortugueseSquare internal and external fitting for mechanical screwdrivers
217ABNT NBR 15221-2-20152015-09-21PortugueseSteel pipes - External corrosion resistant coating Part 2: Three layer polypropylene
218ABNT NBR 15221-1-20152015-09-21PortugueseSteel pipes - External corrosion resistant coating Part 1: Three layer polyethylene
219ABNT NBR 16409-20152015-09-18PortuguesePig iron produced using charcoal - Guidance for sustainable production
220ABNT NBR IEC 60601-2-24-20152015-09-18PortugueseMedical electrical equipment Part 2-24: Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of infusion pumps and controllers
221ABNT NBR 10696-20152015-09-18PortugueseGraphic symbols of accidents diagrams of traffic accident reports
222ABNT NBR 6091-20152015-09-16PortugueseRoad vehicles - Seat belt anchorages, ISOFIX anchorage system and ISOFIX top-tether anchorage - Location and tensile strength
223ABNT NBR ISO 16290-20152015-09-16PortugueseSpace systems - Definition of the Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) and their criteria of assessment
224ABNT NBR 5849-20152015-09-16PortuguesePaints - Determination of viscosity by Ford glass
225ABNT NBR 11626-20152015-09-15PortugueseThermal insulation of rock wool - Flakes
226ABNT NBR 11625-20152015-09-15PortuguesePrecast thermal insulating silica diatom
227ABNT NBR 16403-20152015-09-11PortugueseMachine tools - Safety - Band saw machines for metals
228ABNT NBR 12310-20152015-09-11PortuguesePolished diamonds - Terminology and classification
229ABNT NBR 5580-20152015-09-11PortugueseCarbon steel tubes for common use in conducting fluids - Specification
230ABNT NBR 14203-20152015-09-10PortugueseStationary vented nickel cadmiun batteries - Terminology
231ABNT ISO/TS 14067-20152015-09-09PortugueseGreenhouse gases - Carbon footprint of products - Requirements and guidelines for quantification and communication
232ABNT NBR 15635-20152015-09-09PortugueseFood services - Requirements of good practices hygienic-sanitary and essential operational controls
233ABNT NBR 15594-1 Emenda 1-20152015-09-08PortugueseStorage of flammable and combustible liquids - Maintenance procedure Part 1: Operation of gas station
234ABNT NBR 15594-1-20152015-09-08PortugueseStorage of flammable and combustible luquids - Maintenance producere Part 1: Operation of gas station
235ABNT NBR 15699-3-20152015-09-04PortugueseImplants for orthopedics - Knee prosthesis Part 3: Specification for resurfacing patellar prosthesis
236ABNT NBR 15805-20152015-09-04PortuguesePrecast Concrete Paving Slabs on pedestals - Requirements and procedures
237ABNT NBR 15441-20152015-09-03PortugueseGasoline - Determination of benzene using mid infrared spectroscopy
238ABNT NBR 6154 Errata 1-20152015-09-02PortugueseTubos de a莽o de se莽茫o circular - Ensaio de achatamento
239ABNT NBR 16435-20152015-09-01PortugueseQuality control in sampling of contaminated areas for research purposes - Procedure
240ABNT NBR 5845-20152015-09-01PortugueseVarnishes and resins - Determination of surface hardness of films by the "Sward Rocker"
241ABNT NBR 16434-20152015-09-01PortugueseSampling of solid waste, soil and sediment - Analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOC) - Procedure
242ABNT NBR ISO 4833-2-20152015-09-01PortugueseMicrobiology of the food chain - Horizontal method for the enumeration of microorganisms Part 2: Colony count at 30 掳C by the surface plating technique
243ABNT IEC/TR 62653-20152015-09-01PortugueseGuideline for safe operation of medical equipment used for haemodialysis treatments
244ABNT NBR 16429-20152015-08-27PortugueseField mounted optical connectors - Specification
245ABNT NBR 16389-20152015-08-27PortugueseCaipira, colonial or capoeira chickens (free-range - Slow-growth chickens) - Production, slaughtering, processing and identification
246ABNT NBR 5905-20152015-08-26PortugueseFerromolybdenum - Requirements and test methods
247ABNT NBR ISO 16528-1 Errata 1-20152015-08-26PortugueseCaldeiras e vasos de press茫o Parte 1: Requisitos de desempenho
248ABNT NBR 9699 Errata 1-20152015-08-26PortugueseFerramentas manuais - Isola莽茫o el茅trica at茅 1000 V c.a. e 1500 V c.c.
249ABNT NBR 11335-20152015-08-26PortugueseMonoethyleneglycol for polyester fibers - Requirements
250ABNT NBR 5751-20152015-08-24PortuguesePozzolanic Materials - Determination of pozzolanic activity with lime at seven days
251ABNT NBR 16430-20152015-08-24PortugueseOrganic compounds - Determination of acidity
252ABNT NBR ISO 8589-20152015-08-21PortugueseSensory analysis - General guidance for the design of test rooms
253ABNT NBR 11503-20152015-08-21PortugueseLaboratory glassware - Kjeldahl flasks
254ABNT NBR 14305-20152015-08-20PortugueseBallast and ignitor for metal vapor lamp (halides) - Requirements and tests
255ABNT NBR 15704-2-20152015-08-19PortugueseValve - Requirements and test methods Part 2: Valves with non compressible sealing mechanism
256ABNT NBR 16280-20152015-08-19PortugueseRenovation of buildings - Management system reform - Requirements
257ABNT NBR 14148-20152015-08-18PortugueseSide guard for trucks and towed
258ABNT NBR ISO 4254-1-20152015-08-17PortugueseAgricultural machinery - Safety Part 1: General requirements
259ABNT NBR ISO 7176-9-20152015-08-17PortugueseWheelchairs Part 9: Climatic tests for electric wheelchairs
260ABNT NBR 10281-20152015-08-17PortugueseFaucets - Requirements and test methods
261ABNT NBR 5841-20152015-08-17PortugueseDetermination of the degree of swelling of painted surfaces
262ABNT NBR ISO 15535-20152015-08-13PortugueseGeneral requirements for establishing anthropometric databases
263ABNT NBR IEC 60432-2-20152015-08-12PortugueseIncandescent lamps - Safety specifications Part 2: Tungsten halogen lamps for domestic and similar general lighting purposes
264ABNT NBR 16415-20152015-08-06PortuguesePathways and spaces for customer premises cabling
265ABNT NBR 16416-20152015-08-06PortuguesePervious concrete pavement - Requirements and procedures
266ABNT NBR 12601-20152015-08-04PortugueseRefractory materials - Shapes and dimensions
267ABNT NBR 15742-20152015-08-03PortuguesePaints and varnishes - Evaluation of useful mixture lifetime ("pot life")
268ABNT NBR 14064 Vers茫o Corrigida-20152015-07-30PortugueseRoad transportation of dangerous goods - Guidelines for emergency response
269ABNT NBR 15723-10-20152015-07-30PortugueseImplants for surgery - Polymeric materials Part 10: Guide for assessment of the ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) used in orthopedic and spinal devices
270ABNT NBR ISO 15223-1-20152015-07-28PortugueseMedical devices - Symbols to be used with medical device labels, labelling and information to be supplied Part 1: General requirements
271ABNT NBR 14032-20152015-07-28PortuguesePaper pulps - Determination of alpha, beta and gamma cellulose
272ABNT NBR IEC 60601-2-57-20152015-07-28PortugueseMedical electrical equipment Part 2-57: Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of non-laser light source equipment intended for therapeutic, diagnostic, monitoring and cosmetic/aesthetic use
273ABNT NBR 16412-20152015-07-22PortugueseElectrical insulating liquids - Determination of dibenzyl disulfide content by gas chromatography
274ABNT NBR ISO 9138-20152015-07-22PortugueseAbrasive grains - Sampling and splitting
275ABNT NBR ISO 6106-20152015-07-22PortugueseAbrasive products - Checking the grain size of superabrasives
276ABNT NBR ISO 7176-10-20152015-07-22PortugueseWheelchairs Part 10: Determination of obstacle-climbing ability of electrically powered wheelchairs
277ABNT NBR 9699 Vers茫o Corrigida-20152015-07-21PortugueseHand tools - Electrical insulation up to 1000 V a.c. and 1500 V d.c.
278ABNT NBR 17505-4 Errata 1-20152015-07-20PortugueseArmazenamento de l铆quidos inflam谩veis e combust铆veis Parte 4: Armazenamento em recipientes e em tanques port谩teis at茅 3000 L
279ABNT ISO/TR 14069-20152015-07-17PortugueseGreenhouse gases - Quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions for organizations - Guidance for the application of ABNT NBR ISO 14064-1
280ABNT NBR 16411-20152015-07-17PortugueseAsphalt self-adhesive tape
281ABNT NBR 5921-20152015-07-17PortugueseHot-rolled, high strength low alloy steel, coil and sheet, with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance, for structural use - Requirements and test methods
282ABNT NBR 5578-20152015-07-17PortugueseTubular steel products - Terminology
283ABNT NBR 15394-20152015-07-16PortugueseGraphic technology - Methods of test methods for pressure sensitive self-adhesive materials
284ABNT NBR ISO 15004-1-20152015-07-15PortugueseOphthalmic instruments - Fundamental requirements and test methods Part 1: General requirements applicable to all ophthalmic instruments
285ABNT NBR ISO 13179-1-20152015-07-15PortugueseImplants for surgery - Plasma-sprayed unalloyed titanium coatings on metallic surgical implants Part 1: General requirements
286ABNT NBR 15752-1-20152015-07-14PortugueseImplants for orthopedics - Shoulder prosthesis Part 1: Specifications
287ABNT NBR 9258-20152015-07-14PortugueseOropharyngeal tubes - Requirements
288ABNT NBR 17505-2-20152015-07-13PortugueseStorage of flammable and combustible liquids Part 2: Tank and recipient storage
289ABNT NBR ISO 10341-20152015-07-13PortugueseOphthalmic instruments - Refractor heads
290ABNT NBR 17505-2 Emenda 1-20152015-07-13PortugueseStorage of flammable and combustible liquids Part 2: Storage tanks, recipient and portable containers with a capacity of 3000 L
291ABNT NBR 17505-5 Emenda 1-20152015-07-09PortugueseStorage of flammable and combustible liquids Part 5: Operations
292ABNT NBR 17505-5-20152015-07-09PortugueseStorage of flammable and combustible liquids Part 5: Operations
293ABNT NBR 17505-4 Vers茫o Corrigida-20152015-07-09PortugueseStorage of flammable and combustible liquids Part 4: Storage containers and portable tanks up to 3000 L
294ABNT NBR ISO 14300-2-20152015-07-09PortugueseSpace systems - Programme management Part 2: Product assurance
295ABNT NBR ISO 14300-1-20152015-07-09PortugueseSpace systems - Programme management Part 1: Structuring of a project
296ABNT NBR 17505-4 Emenda 1-20152015-07-09PortugueseStorage of flammable and combustible liquids Part 4: Storage containers and portable tanks up to 3000 L
297ABNT NBR ISO 14065-20152015-07-09PortugueseGreenhouse gases - Requirements for greenhouse gas validation and verification bodies for use in accreditation or other forms of recognition
298ABNT NBR 15845-2-20152015-07-08PortugueseRocks for cladding Part 2: Determination of bulk density, apparent porosity and water absorption
299ABNT NBR 15844-20152015-07-08PortugueseRocks for cladding - Requirements for granite
300ABNT NBR 15845-6-20152015-07-08PortugueseRocks for cladding Part 6: Determination of modulus of rupture (three point bending)
301ABNT NBR 13313-20152015-07-08PortuguesePesticides - Determination of suspensibility
302ABNT NBR 5000 Vers茫o Corrigida-20152015-07-08PortugueseHigh strength low alloy steel, plates and heavy thickness coils - Requirements and test methods
303ABNT NBR ISO 27026-20152015-07-08PortugueseSpace systems - Programme management - Breakdown of project management structures
304ABNT NBR 15845-5-20152015-07-08PortugueseRocks for cladding Part 5: Determination of uniaxial compressive strength
305ABNT NBR 16406-20152015-07-08PortugueseStorage of flammable and combustible liquids - Service Station and supply point - Storage system and supply ARLA 32
306ABNT NBR 15845-8-20152015-07-08PortugueseRocks for cladding Part 8: Determination of hard body impact resistance
307ABNT NBR 15845-7-20152015-07-08PortugueseRocks for cladding Part 7: Determination of flexural strength by four points bending
308ABNT NBR 15845-4-20152015-07-08PortugueseRocks for cladding Part 4: Determination of frost resistance
309ABNT NBR 15845-3-20152015-07-08PortugueseRocks for cladding Part 3: Determination of the coefficient of linear thermal expansion
310ABNT NBR 15845-1-20152015-07-08PortugueseRocks for cladding Part 1: Petrographic examination
311ABNT NBR 6175-20152015-07-07PortugueseMachining - Mechanical processes
312ABNT NBR 10131-20152015-07-07PortugueseHydraulic pumps flow
313ABNT NBR ISO 3600-20152015-07-07PortugueseTractors, machinery for agriculture and forestry, powered lawn and garden equipment - Operators manuals - Content and presentation
314ABNT NBR 16405-20152015-07-07PortugueseSofas, armchairs and upholstered seats - Assessment of the ignitability properties - Classifications and method of test
315ABNT NBR 11622-20152015-07-07PortugueseCeramic wool yarn - Measurement of title - Test method
316ABNT NBR 5757-20152015-06-26PortugueseIndustrial water and wastewater industry - Determination of sulfite
317ABNT NBR 6203-20152015-06-25PortuguesePig iron - Chemical analysis
318ABNT NBR 16404-20152015-06-25PortugueseLead acid battery-stationary vented - Installation and assembly requirements
319ABNT NBR 6941-20152015-06-24PortugueseCopper alloy castings in die - Requirements and test methods
320ABNT NBR 11623-20152015-06-23PortugueseCeramic wool yarn - Determination of the meaning and number of twists
321ABNT NBR 6068-20152015-06-23PortugueseRoad vehicles - Weights and adult sizes
322ABNT NBR 7318-20152015-06-23PortugueseVulcanized rubber for use in automotive vehicles - Determination of hardness
323ABNT NBR 11105-20152015-06-23PortugueseVoltmeter and Ag/AgCl reference electrode for cathodic protection - Assessment test
324ABNT NBR 14406-20152015-06-22PortugueseSplice closure for optical cables (aerial and underground) - Torsion - Test method
325ABNT NBR 14405-20152015-06-22PortugueseSplice closure for optical cables (aerial and underground) - Flexion - Test method
326ABNT NBR ISO 6787-20152015-06-22PortugueseAssembly tools for screws and nuts - Adjustable wrenches
327ABNT NBR 7823-20152015-06-18PortugueseAluminium and aluminium alloys - Sheets - Mechanical properties
328ABNT NBR 16402-20152015-06-17PortugueseMotor Road vehicle - Exhaust system requirements for aftermarket for Vehicles category M and N, Otto Cycle
329ABNT NBR 13231-20152015-06-17PortugueseFire protection in electrical substations
330ABNT NBR 15543-20152015-06-17PortugueseHorizontal roadmarking - Hot applied mass high relief roadmarking materials
331ABNT NBR 11688-20152015-06-17PortugueseTank car - Classification
332ABNT NBR ISO 3164-20152015-06-17PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Laboratory evaluations of protective structures - Specifications for deflection-limiting volume
333ABNT NBR 13231 Emenda 1-20152015-06-17PortugueseFire protection in electrical substations
334ABNT NBR 8118-20152015-06-17PortugueseAluminium and aluminium alloys - Rolled and drawn wires and bars - Requirements
335ABNT NBR 6154 Vers茫o Corrigida-20152015-06-12PortugueseSteel tubes of circular section - Flattening test
336ABNT NBR 16386-20152015-06-12PortugueseInformation technology - Security techniques - Guidelines for processing the judicial telematics interception
337ABNT NBR 14842 Errata 1-20152015-06-10PortugueseSoldagem - Crit茅rios para a qualifica莽茫o e certifica莽茫o de inspetores para o setor de petr贸leo e g谩s, petroqummico, fertilizantes, naval e termogera莽茫o (exceto nuclear)
338ABNT NBR ISO 11168-20152015-06-10PortugueseSocket wrenches for spark- and glow-plugs
339ABNT NBR 6016-20152015-06-10PortugueseEngine exhaust gas Diesel - Evaluation of soot content with the Ringelmann scale
340ABNT NBR 15468-20152015-06-09PortuguesePetroleum products - Determination of pour point - Automatic method
341ABNT NBR 16385-20152015-06-09PortuguesePrevention and protection of dust explosion systems - Manufacturing, processing and handling of combustible particulate solids - Requirements
342ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 27032-20152015-06-09PortugueseInformation technology - Security techniques - Guidelines for cybersecurity
343ABNT NBR 7424-20152015-06-08PortugueseRubber rings for rigid PVC pipes - Verification of permanent deformation to the hot compression
344ABNT NBR 10355-20152015-06-08PortuguesePolyester reinforced with fiberglass reservoir - Capabilities nominal internal diameters - Requirements
345ABNT NBR 11620-20152015-06-08PortugueseRigid polyurethane foam - Determination of closed cell content
346ABNT NBR 7423-20152015-06-08PortugueseRubber ring for rigid PVC pipe - Determination of hardness
347ABNT NBR 8580-20152015-06-08PortugueseCommercial quality steel bars with surface finish - Requirements
348ABNT NBR 6144-20152015-06-03PortugueseConnectors for car radio antennas - Dimensions
349ABNT NBR 5756-20152015-06-03PortugueseWater - Determination of hydrazine
350ABNT NBR 14407-20152015-06-03PortugueseSplice closure for optical cables (aerial and underground) - Pressure - Test method
351ABNT NBR 8853-20152015-06-03PortugueseHexagon lock nuts for metallic structures of transmission lines and substations mechanical and surface characteristics - Standardization
352ABNT NBR 15285-20152015-05-29PortugueseAdventure tourism - Tour leader - Personal competency
353ABNT NBR ISO 26782-20152015-05-29PortugueseAnaesthetic and respiratory equipment - Spirometers intended for the measurement of time forced expired volumes in humans
354ABNT NBR 16381 EN-20152015-05-27EnglishOnshore and offshore pipelines - Pig-trap
355ABNT NBR 16381-20152015-05-27PortugueseOnshore and offshore pipelines - Scraper-trap
356ABNT NBR ISO 7176-4-20152015-05-27PortugueseWheelchairs Part 4: Energy consumption of electric wheelchairs and scooters for determination of theoretical distance range
357ABNT NBR 7286 Vers茫o Corrigida 2-20152015-05-26PortuguesePower cables with extruded ethylene propylene rubber (EPR, HEPR or EPR 105) insulation for rated voltages from 1 kV up to 35 kV - Performance requirements
358ABNT NBR 6021 Vers茫o Corrigida-20152015-05-26PortugueseInformation and documentation - Technical and/or scientific periodical publication - Presentation
359ABNT NBR 15156-20152015-05-26PortugueseIndustrial coating - Terminology
360ABNT NBR 16312-2-20152015-05-26PortugueseRoller compacted concrete Part 2: Preparation in laboratory
361ABNT NBR 16312-3-20152015-05-26PortugueseRoller compacted concrete Part 3: Laboratorial tests in fresh concrete
362ABNT NBR ISO 20344-20152015-05-25PortuguesePersonal protective equipament - Test methods for footwear
363ABNT NBR ISO 20347-20152015-05-25PortuguesePersonal protective equimpent - Occupational footwear
364ABNT NBR 10719-20152015-05-25PortugueseInformation and Documentation - Scientific and/or technical reports - Presentation
365ABNT NBR ISO 20345-20152015-05-25PortuguesePersonal protective equipamento - Safety footwear
366ABNT NBR 11624-20152015-05-25PortugueseCeramic wool yarn - Determination of breaking load - Test method
367ABNT NBR 10719 Emenda 1-20152015-05-25PortugueseInformation and documentation - Scientific and/or technical reports - Presentation
368ABNT NBR 5822-20152015-05-25PortugueseDetermination of benzene acidity, toluene, xylene, naphtha solvent and similar industrial aromatic hydrocarbons
369ABNT NBR ISO 25841-20152015-05-25PortugueseFemale condoms - Requirements and test methods
370ABNT NBR 5419-3 Vers茫o Corrigida-20152015-05-22PortugueseLightning protection Part 3: Physical damage to structures and life hazard
371ABNT NBR ISO 4628-3-20152015-05-22PortuguesePaints and varnishes - Evaluation of degradation of coatings - Designation of quantity and size of defects, and of intensity of uniform changes in appearance Part 3: Assessment of degreee of rusting
372ABNT NBR 5419-1-20152015-05-22PortugueseLightning protection Part 1: General principles
373ABNT NBR ISO 10651-6-20152015-05-22PortugueseLung ventilators for medical use - Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance Part 6: Home-care ventilatory support devices
374ABNT NBR ISO 26825-20152015-05-22PortugueseAnaesthetic and respiratory equipment - User-applied labels for syringes containing drugs used during anaesthesia - Colours, design and performance
375ABNT NBR 5419-4 Vers茫o Corrigida-20152015-05-22PortugueseLightning protection Part 4: Electrical and electronic systems within structures
376ABNT NBR 5419-2 Vers茫o Corrigida-20152015-05-22PortugueseLightning protection Part 2: Risk management
377ABNT NBR 9580-20152015-05-21PortugueseRivets - Specification
378ABNT NBR 14404-20152015-05-21PortugueseUnderground splice closure for optical cables - Impact - Test method
379ABNT NBR 14403-20152015-05-21PortugueseUnderground splice closure for optical cables - Water immersion - Test method
380ABNT NBR 6598-20152015-05-21PortugueseRough parts of gray cast iron - Dimensional clearances
381ABNT NBR 16376-20152015-05-20PortugueseAquaculture - Cultivation of bivalve molluscs - Basic requirements
382ABNT NBR 16375-20152015-05-20PortugueseAquaculture - Creation of round fish - Basic requirements
383ABNT NBR ISO 7130-20152015-05-19PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Operator training - Content and methods
384ABNT NBR 16374-20152015-05-19PortugueseAquaculture - Creation of tilapia - Basic requirements
385ABNT NBR ISO 3450-20152015-05-19PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Wheeled or high-speed rubber-tracked machines - Performance requirements and test procedures for brake systems
386ABNT NBR ISO 7133-20152015-05-19PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Scrapers - Terminology and commercial specifications
387ABNT NBR ISO 7134-20152015-05-19PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Graders - Terminology and commercial specifications
388ABNT NBR ISO 6747-20152015-05-19PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Dozers - Terminology and commercial specifications
389ABNT NBR ISO 6533-20152015-05-18PortugueseForestry machinery - Portable chain-saw front hand-guard - Dimensions and clearances
390ABNT NBR 16373-20152015-05-18PortugueseSteel roofing and panels thermoacoustic - Performance requirements
391ABNT NBR 16041 Vers茫o Corrigida-20152015-05-15PortugueseFuel ethanol - Determination of methanol and ethanol content by gas chromatography
392ABNT NBR ISO 16159-20152015-05-15PortugueseSpace systems - Launch pad and integration site - Facility, system and equipment failure analysis
393ABNT NBR 15333-20152015-05-15PortugueseAccommodation facilities - Management sustainability system - Competence requirements for auditors
394ABNT NBR 13202-20152015-05-15PortugueseRefractory materials - Determination of thermal shock resistance through residual modulus of elasticity
395ABNT NBR ISO 7637-1-20152015-05-14PortugueseRoad vehicles - Electrical disturbances from conduction and coupling Part 1: Definitions and general considerations
396ABNT NBR 6171-20152015-05-14PortugueseContinuous conveyors - Belt conveyors - Belt edge clearances
397ABNT NBR 15604 ES-20152015-05-13SpanishTelevisi贸n digital terrestre - Receptores
398ABNT NBR 15604 Enmienda 1 ES-20152015-05-13SpanishTelevisi贸n digital terrestre - Receptores
399ABNT NBR 14725-3 Errata 3-20152015-05-12PortugueseProdutos qummicos - Informa莽玫es sobre seguran莽a, sa煤de e meio ambiente Parte 3: Rotulagem
400ABNT NBR 16340 Errata 1-20152015-05-12PortugueseImplementos Rodovi谩rios - Silo para transporte rodovi谩rio de produtos pulverulentos a granel - requisitos
401ABNT NBR 15475 Errata 1-20152015-05-12PortugueseAcesso por corda - Qualifica莽茫o e certifica莽茫o de pessoas
402ABNT NBR 16371 Vers茫o Corrigida-20152015-05-12PortuguesePetroleum products and biofuels - Determination of total sulfur by ultraviolet fluorescence
403ABNT NBR 16372-20152015-05-12PortuguesePortland cement and other powdered materials - Determination of fineness by the air permeability method (Blaine method)
404ABNT NBR 16370-20152015-05-08PortugueseElectrical installations for lighting and beaconing of aerodromes - Constant current regulator
405ABNT NBR 14842 Vers茫o corrigida-20152015-05-06PortugueseWelding - Requirements for qualification and certification of inspectors for sector petroleum and gas, petrochemical, fertilizer, shipbuilding and thermoelectric (except nuclear)
406ABNT NBR 6946-20152015-05-06PortugueseRefractory materials - Determination of particle size by sieving of refractory raw materials and refractory materials non-conformed
407ABNT NBR 9641-20152015-05-06PortugueseDense refractory materials - Determination of slag attack by the static method
408ABNT NBR 5435-20152015-05-05PortugueseTransformers bushings immersed in insulated liquid - Nominal voltage 15 kV, 24,2 kV and 36,2 kV - Specification
409ABNT NBR 8810-20152015-04-29PortugueseTextile floor coverings - Determination of abrasion resistance
410ABNT NBR 8650-20152015-04-29PortugueseUse of nodular cast iron for automotive products - Procedure
411ABNT NBR 16367-4-20152015-04-28PortugueseAccessories for power transformers and reactors for power systems immersed in an insulating liquid Part 4: Digital monitor oil and winding temperature
412ABNT NBR 16367-3-20152015-04-28PortugueseAccessories for power transformers and reactors for power systems immersed in an insulating liquid Part 3: Oil temperature indicators and winding
413ABNT NBR 16367-1-20152015-04-28PortugueseAccessories for power transformers and reactors for power systems immersed in an insulating liquid Part 1: Dehydrating breather
414ABNT NBR 16367-7-20152015-04-28PortugueseAccessories for power transformers and reactors for power systems immersed in an insulating liquid Part 7: Buchholz relay type gas detector
415ABNT NBR 16367-6-20152015-04-28PortugueseAccessories for power transformers and reactors for power systems immersed in an insulating liquid Part 6: Valves for power transformers
416ABNT NBR 15883-2-20152015-04-27PortugueseTextile slings for loads lashing - Safety Part 2: Flat slings
417ABNT NBR ISO 7210-20152015-04-27PortugueseRoutine analytical cigarette-smoking machine - Additional test methods for machine verification
418ABNT NBR 14081-2 Emenda-20152015-04-27PortugueseAdhesive mortars industrialized for the settlement of ceramic tiles Part 2: Execution of the standard substrate and application of the fresh mortar for tests
419ABNT NBR 16368-20152015-04-27PortugueseSealing tapes PTFE not sintered - Dimensions, physical and chemical characteristics - Requirements and test methods
420ABNT NBR 16367-5-20152015-04-27PortugueseAccessories for power transformers and reactors for power systems immersed in an insulating liquid Part 5: Oil level indicator
421ABNT NBR ISO 80601-2-61-20152015-04-27PortugueseMedical electrical equipment Part 2-61: Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of pulse oximeter equipment
422ABNT NBR 16367-2-20152015-04-27PortugueseAccessories for power transformers and reactors for power systems immersed in an insulating liquid Part 2: Pressure relief device
423ABNT NBR 16366-20152015-04-27PortugueseQualification of personal for the civil construction - Professional profile of the roof installer
424ABNT NBR 14081-2-20152015-04-27PortugueseAdhesive mortars industrialized for the settlement of ceramic tiles Part 2: Execution of the standard substrate and application of the fresh mortar for tests
425ABNT NBR ISO 12891-2 Vers茫o Corrigida-20152015-04-27PortugueseRetrieval and analysis of surgical implants Part 2: Analysis of retrieved surgical implants
426ABNT NBR 15883-1-20152015-04-27PortugueseTextile slings for loads lashing - Safety Part 1: Calculation of lashing force
427ABNT NBR ISO 27850-20152015-04-24PortugueseTractors for agriculture and forestry - Falling object protective structures - Test procedures and performance requirements
428ABNT NBR 16365-20152015-04-24PortugueseSafety of childrens clothing - Specifications of fixed strings and adjustable cords on childrens clothing, haberdashery in general - Physical Hazards
429ABNT NBR 6846-20152015-04-24PortugueseCast iron - Evaluation of tendency to chilling - Test method
430ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 17067-20152015-04-22PortugueseConformity assessment - Fundamentals of product certification and guidelines for product certification schemes
431ABNT NBR 9997-20152015-04-22PortugueseAluminous cement - Determination of normal consistency and time of setting
432ABNT NBR 6927-20152015-04-15PortugueseRough parts of nodular cast iron - Dimensional offsets
433ABNT NBR 6593-20152015-04-15PortugueseGraphite morphology in cast iron - Specification
434ABNT NBR ISO 7176-3-20152015-04-15PortugueseWheelchairs Part 3: Determination of effectiveness of brakes
435ABNT NBR 9400-20152015-04-15PortugueseTextile floor coverings - Determination of the total mass per unit area
436ABNT NBR 16127-20152015-04-14PortuguesePlain bearings - Thin-walled half bearings with or without flange - Tolerances, design features and methods of test (ISO 3548-1:2014, MOD)
437ABNT NBR 14793-20152015-04-13PortugueseSustainable forest management and chain of custody - Auditing procedures - Guidance on the qualifying criteria for forest auditors
438ABNT NBR 5903-20152015-04-10PortugueseFlat rolled products of steel - Terminology
439ABNT NBR 7030-20152015-04-10PortugueseAircraft - Storage of tyre and tube tyre
440ABNT NBR 16364-20152015-04-10PortugueseExecution of sub-base and base stabilized granulometrically with siderurgical aggregate for road paving - Procedure
441ABNT NBR 16363-20152015-04-10PortugueseAluminium ores - Determination of aluminium, silicon, iron, titanium and phosphorous contents - Wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometric method
442ABNT NBR ISO 2926-20152015-04-10PortugueseAluminium oxide used for the production of primary aluminium - Particle size analysis for the range 45 碌m to 150 碌m - Method using electroformed sieves
443ABNT NBR 11888 Vers茫o Corrigida-20152015-04-10PortugueseSheet and coils of carbon and high strenght alloy steel - General requirements
444ABNT NBR ISO 8685-20152015-04-10PortugueseAluminium ores - Sampling procedures
445ABNT NBR 5008-20152015-04-10PortugueseHot-rolled, high strength low alloy steel, plates and heavy thickness coils, with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance, for structural use - Requirements
446ABNT NBR ISO 5008-20152015-04-09PortugueseAgricultural wheeled tractors and field machinery - Measurement of whole-body vibration of the operator
447ABNT NBR ISO 4253-20152015-04-08PortugueseAgricultural tractors - Operators seating accommodation - Dimensions
448ABNT NBR 14074-20152015-04-08PortugueseComposite overhead ground wire with optical fiber (OPGW) - Requirements and test method
449ABNT NBR IEC 60079-33-20152015-04-07PortugueseExplosive atmospheres Part 33: Equipment protection by special protection "s"
450ABNT NBR 16360-20152015-04-07PortuguesePersonal eye protection - Mesh eye and face protectors
451ABNT NBR 16362-20152015-04-07PortugueseStranded copper cable, with aluminum core, for electrical applications - Specification
452ABNT NBR ISO 3471-20152015-03-31PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Roll-over protective structures - Laboratory tests and performance requirements
453ABNT NBR 14841-20152015-03-31PortugueseAsphalt mixes - Determination of sand adhesion on microsurfacing using the LWT machine
454ABNT NBR ISO 6165-20152015-03-31PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Basic types - Identification and terms and definitions
455ABNT NBR 17505-7-20152015-03-31PortugueseStorage of flammable and combustible liquids Part 7: Fire protection for parks with stationary storage tanks
456ABNT NBR 13883-20152015-03-31PortugueseSecurity party items - Requirements and test methods
457ABNT NBR ISO 13753-20152015-03-26PortugueseMechanical vibration and shock - Hand-arm vibration - Method for measuring the vibration transmissibility of resilient materials when loaded by the hand-arm system
458ABNT NBR 16359-20152015-03-26PortugueseImplants for orthopedics - Hip prostheses - Test method for assessment of impingement of acetabular prostheses
459ABNT NBR 16331 Errata 1-20152015-03-25PortugueseSeguran莽a no tr谩fego - Barreira pl谩stica de canaliza莽茫o
460ABNT NBR 12653 Errata 1-20152015-03-25PortugueseMateriais pozol芒nicos - Requisitos
461ABNT NBR ISO 9809-1 Errata 1-20152015-03-23PortugueseCilindros para gases - Cilindros de a莽o sem costura, recarreg谩veis, para gases - Projeto, constru莽茫o e ensaios Parte 1: Cilindros de a莽o temperado e revenido com resist锚ncia 脿 tra莽茫o inferior a 1100 MPa
462ABNT NBR IEC 80601-2-60-20152015-03-19PortugueseMedical electrical equipment Part 2-60: Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of dental equipment
463ABNT NBR 16358-20152015-03-19PortugueseLubricant oils - Determination of water in oil by crackle test
464ABNT NBR 14483-20152015-03-19PortuguesePetroleum products - Determination of color by ASTM colorimeter
465ABNT NBR 6002 Vers茫o Corrigida-20152015-03-16PortugueseNon-destructive testing - Ultrasonic - Detection of discontinuities for metal plate
466ABNT NBR 11341 Errata 1-20152015-03-16PortugueseDerivados de petr贸leo - Determina莽茫o dos pontos de fulgor e de combust茫o em vaso aberto Cleveland
467ABNT NBR 8862 Vers茫o Corrigida-20152015-03-16PortugueseNon destructive testing - Ultrasonic Test - Longitudinal and spiral weld inspection in metallic pipes
468ABNT NBR ISO 15883-3-20152015-03-12PortugueseWasher-disinfectors Part 3: Requirements and tests for washer disinfectors employing thermal disinfection for human waste containers
469ABNT NBR 8649-20152015-03-12PortugueseGray cast iron - Tensile strength evaluation by testing for wedge pressure
470ABNT NBR IEC 60601-2-63-20152015-03-12PortugueseMedical electrical equipment Part 2-63: Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of dental extra-oral X-ray equipment
471ABNT NBR 6926-20152015-03-12PortugueseMalleable cast iron - Dimensional offsets for blanks
472ABNT NBR 16355-20152015-03-10PortugueseCatalyst for no-bake resin for foundry - Determination of phosphoric acid content by titration method - Test method
473ABNT NBR 16354-20152015-03-10PortugueseVerification of molding sand strength machines - Procedures
474ABNT NBR 16356-20152015-03-10PortuguesePreparation of Standard mixture using a planetary mixer for cold-box resin testing for foundry - Procedure
475ABNT NBR 16351-20152015-03-10PortugueseCasting materials - Determination of iron oxide - Procedure
476ABNT NBR 8099-20152015-03-09PortugueseBentonites for foundry - Determination of permeability of standard mixture - Test method
477ABNT ISO/TS 19218-1 Emenda 1-20152015-03-09PortugueseMedical devices - Hierarchical coding structure for adverse events Part 1: Event-type codes
478ABNT NBR 16349-20152015-03-09PortugueseVerification of laboratory mixer - Procedure
479ABNT ISO/TS 19218-1-20152015-03-09PortugueseMedical devices - Hierarchical coding structure for adverse events Part 1: Event-type codes
480ABNT NBR IEC 60947-6-1-20152015-03-09PortugueseLow-voltage switchgear and controlgear Part 6-1: Multiple function equipment -Transfer switching equipment
481ABNT NBR 16350-20152015-03-09PortuguesePreparation of standard mixture for testing liquid phenolic resin for foundry resin coated sand process - Procedure
482ABNT NBR 16353-20152015-03-09PortugueseBentonites for foundry - Determination of absolute gelling - Test method
483ABNT NBR 10235-20152015-03-09PortugueseMethylene blue solution - Determination of factor by titration with a solution of titanium trichloride - (TiCl3) - Standardization
484ABNT NBR 16352-20152015-03-09PortugueseBentonite for foundry - Determination immediate gelling - Test method
485ABNT NBR ISO 16087-20152015-03-06PortugueseImplants for surgery - Roentgen stereophotogrammetric analysis for the assessment of migration of orthopaedic implants
486ABNT NBR 16348-20152015-03-05PortugueseConveyor belts with textile plies for bulk goods - Dimensions, specifications, marking
487ABNT NBR 16003-20152015-03-04PortugueseSocial responsibility - Management system - Guidelines for conducting audit
488ABNT NBR ISO 7131-20152015-03-04PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Loaders - Terminology and commercial specifications
489ABNT NBR 14738-20152015-03-02PortugueseUnder construction of footwear - Soles, soles and related materials - Determination of resistance to wear by abrasion Special - Thickness loss
490ABNT NBR 14455-20152015-03-02PortugueseInferior construct of shoes - Bottom, soles and materials allied - Asker C hardness test
491ABNT NBR 14546-20152015-03-02PortugueseInsumes for leather - Deliming agents - Determination of tlhe solubility index
492ABNT NBR 13347-20152015-03-02PortugueseLeather - Residual bath and liquid effluent - Determination of total nitrogen - Method Kjeldahl
493ABNT NBR 14460-20152015-03-02PortugueseInferior construct of the shoes - Special abrasion machine - Determination of sand paper attack leve and correction of the number of cycles
494ABNT NBR 16128-20152015-02-26PortuguesePlain bearings - Aluminium alloys for solid bearings
495ABNT NBR 13295-20152015-02-19PortugueseLiquid chlorine - Distribution, handling and transportation in bulk and in cylinders
496ABNT NBR IEC 62660-2-20152015-02-19PortugueseSecondary lithium-ion cells for the propulsionof electric road vehicles Part 2: Reliability and abuse testing
497ABNT NBR 10588-20152015-02-12PortugueseWoven - Determination of density yarn
498ABNT NBR 8916-20152015-02-12PortugueseAdhesives and Sealants - Determination of specific mass - Picnometer Method
499ABNT NBR 6110-20152015-02-12PortugueseContinuous conveyor - Belt conveyor - Widths and lengths of conveyor belts
500ABNT NBR 15591-20152015-02-12PortugueseRoad vertical signaling - Structure and setting for glass fiber reinforced plyester for manufacture of traffic control sign panels