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Posstandard Numberpublication dateLanguageDescription
1ABNT NBR 15934-20172017-08-16PortugueseCompression-ignition internal combustion engines - Aluminum low-alloy pistons
2ABNT NBR 15481 Emenda 1-20172017-08-15PortugueseRoad transport of dangerous goods - Minimum requirements of safety
3ABNT NBR 15481-20172017-08-15PortugueseRoad transport of dangerous goods - Minimum requirements of safety
4ABNT NBR 14029 Errata 1-20172017-08-15PortugueseAgrot贸xicos e afins - Valida莽茫o de m茅todos anal铆ticos
5ABNT NBR 14725-3 Emenda 1-20172017-08-14PortugueseChemicals - Information about safety, health and environment Part 3: Labeling
6ABNT NBR IEC 60601-2-21 Errata 3-20172017-08-14PortugueseEquipamento eletrom茅dico Parte 2-21: Requisitos particulares para a seguran莽a b谩sica e o desempenho essencial de aquecedores radiantes para rec茅m-nascidos
7ABNT NBR 16631-20172017-08-14PortugueseDetermining the theoretical calculation of volatile organic compound (VOC) aerosols adhesives - Leed and MIR methods
8ABNT NBR 14725-3-20172017-08-14PortugueseChemicals - Information about safety, health and environment Part 3: Labelling
9ABNT NBR ISO 22538-4-20172017-08-10PortugueseSpace systems - Oxygen safety Part 4: Hazards analyses for oxygen systems and components
10ABNT NBR ISO 22538-6-20172017-08-10PortugueseSpace systems - Oxygen safety Part 6: Facility planning and implementation
11ABNT NBR 14467-20172017-08-10PortuguesePE 80 and PE 100 polyethylene fittings - Verification of the coesive resistance
12ABNT NBR ISO 22538-2-20172017-08-10PortugueseSpace systems - Oxygen safety Part 2: Selection of metallic materials for oxygen systems and components
13ABNT NBR ISO 22538-1-20172017-08-10PortugueseSpace systems - Oxygen safety Part 1: Design of oxygen systems and components
14ABNT NBR 14471-20172017-08-10PortuguesePE 80 and PE 100 polyethylene fittings - Determination of pressure drop factor in service tees
15ABNT NBR ISO 22538-3-20172017-08-10PortugueseSpace systems - Oxygen safety Part 3: Selection of non-metallic materials for oxygen systems and components
16ABNT NBR ISO 2725-3-20172017-08-09PortugueseAssembly tools for screws and nuts - Square drive sockets Part 3: Machine-operated sockets ("non-impact")
17ABNT NBR 6458 Errata 2-20172017-08-09PortugueseGr茫os de pedregulho retidos na peneira de abertura 4,8 mm - Determina莽茫o da massa espec铆fica, da massa espec铆fica aparente e da absor莽茫o de 谩gua
18ABNT NBR 9895 Errata 1-20172017-08-09PortugueseSolo - 脥ndice de suporte Calif贸rnia (ISC) - M茅todo de ensaio
19ABNT NBR 16622-20172017-08-09PortugueseRailway vehicle - Side bearing - Reference parameters for assembly, use and adjustment
20ABNT NBR IEC 80601-2-35 Errata 3-20172017-08-09PortugueseEquipamento eletrom茅dico Parte 2-35: Requisitos particulares para a seguran莽a b谩sica e o desempenho essencial dos dispositivos para aquecimento que utilizam cobertores, almofadas ou colch玫es e s茫o destinados para aquecimento na pr谩tica m茅dica
21ABNT NBR 16580-20172017-08-09PortugueseCoils and sheets of low-alloy and high strength steel for structural use - Requirements
22ABNT NBR 7181 Errata 1-20172017-08-09PortugueseSolo - An谩lise granulom茅trica
23ABNT NBR 5356-7-20172017-08-01PortuguesePower transformers Part 7: Loading guide for liquid-immersed power transformers
24ABNT NBR 14473-20172017-08-01PortuguesePE 80 and PE 100 polyethylene pipes and fittings - Repair and coupling of a section to the loaded pipe employing the squeeze-off tecnique
25ABNT NBR 12584 Errata 1-20172017-08-01PortugueseAgregado mi煤do - Verifica莽茫o da adesividade ao ligante betuminoso
26ABNT NBR 16611-20172017-08-01PortugueseElectrical insulating liquids - Determination of water content in cellulose materials impregnated with insulating liquids
27ABNT NBR ISO 7112-20172017-07-31PortugueseMachinery for forestry - Portable brush cutters and grass-trimmers - Vocabulary
28ABNT NBR ISO 9635-2-20172017-07-31PortugueseAgricultural irrigation equipment - Irrigation valves Part 2: Isolating valves
29ABNT NBR ISO 11850-20172017-07-31PortugueseMachinery for forestry - General safety requirements
30ABNT NBR ISO 7113-20172017-07-31PortuguesePortable hand-held forestry machines - Cutting attachments for brush cutters - Single-piece metal blades
31ABNT NBR 15676-3-20172017-07-31PortugueseOrthopedic implants - Metallic bone plates Part 3: Dynamic bending test method
32ABNT NBR 15676-2-20172017-07-31PortugueseOrthopedic implants - Metallic bone plates Part 2: Static bending test method
33ABNT NBR 15676-1-20172017-07-31PortugueseOrthopedic implants - Metallic bone plates Part 1: Requirements
34ABNT NBR 14668-20172017-07-27PortugueseR134a gas refrigerant system - Determination of chemical reactivity
35ABNT NBR ISO 18217-20172017-07-27PortugueseSafety of woodworking machines - Edge-banding machines fed by chain(s)
36ABNT NBR 16608-20172017-07-26PortugueseMicro optical fiber cable installed by blowing in micro ducts - Specification
37ABNT NBR 14854-2-20172017-07-26PortuguesePetroleum products - Determination of saponification index Part 2: Potenciometric titration
38ABNT NBR ISO 17080-20172017-07-26PortugueseManually portable agricultural and forestry machines and powered lawn and garden equipment - Design principles for single-panel product safety labels
39ABNT NBR 16619-20172017-07-26PortugueseStorage of flammable combustible liquid - Creation of interstitial space from non-metallic internal double wall construction in single wall tanks, for liquid and fuel storage installed in SASC
40ABNT NBR 13509-20172017-07-26PortugueseOptical cables - Impact test
41ABNT NBR 16609-20172017-07-26PortugueseOptical cables - Blowing in micro duct
42ABNT NBR IEC 60976-20172017-07-26PortugueseMedical electrical equipment - Medical electron accelerators - Functional performance characteristics
43ABNT NBR 16616-20172017-07-25PortugueseNon-destructive testing - Ultrasound - Procedure qualification
44ABNT NBR 16592-20172017-07-25PortugueseRoad traffic signs - Warning signaling devices (markers) - Requirements
45ABNT NBR ISO 12176-3-20172017-07-25PortuguesePlastics pipes and fittings - Equipment for fusion jointing polyethylene systems Part 3: Operators badge
46ABNT NBR ISO 12176-4-20172017-07-24PortuguesePlastics pipes and fittings - Equipment for fusion jointing polyethylene systems Part 4: Traceability coding
47ABNT NBR 13029-20172017-07-24PortugueseMining - Elaboration and presentation of a mining waste disposal design
48ABNT NBR IEC 60079-11 Errata 1-20172017-07-21PortugueseAtmosferas explosivas Parte 11: Prote莽茫o de equipamento por seguran莽a intr铆nseca "i"
49ABNT NBR 14482-20172017-07-18PortugueseRoad vehicles - Battery of start - Removal and installation in vehicle of internal combustion of otto and diesel cycle
50ABNT NBR ISO 7637-2-20172017-07-18PortugueseRoad vehicles - Electrical disturbances from conduction and coupling Part 2: Electrical transient conduction along supply lines only
51ABNT NBR 16548-20172017-07-18PortugueseWaterproofing materials - Determination of tensile strength and elongation
52ABNT NBR IEC 60118-13-20172017-07-12PortugueseElectroacoustics - Hearing aids Part 13: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
53ABNT NBR ISO 13299-20172017-07-12PortugueseSensory analysis - Methodology - General guidance for establishing a sensory profile
54ABNT NBR 16620-20172017-07-12PortugueseDetermination of organic solvents miscibility in water
55ABNT NBR ISO 80601-2-70-20172017-07-12PortugueseMedical electrical equipment Part 2-70: Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of sleep apnoea breathing therapy equipment
56ABNT NBR 16621-20172017-07-11PortugueseNon-active surgical implants - Radiofrequency-induced heating in the magnetic resonance environment - Method for worst-cases selection
57ABNT NBR 16610-20172017-07-10PortugueseOrthopaedic implants design - Identification and characterization of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene
58ABNT NBR 16489-20172017-07-10PortuguesePersonal protecting systems and equipment for work at height - Selection, use and maintenance
59ABNT NBR ISO 7206-2 Emenda 1-20172017-06-30PortugueseImplants for surgery - Partial and total hip joint prostheses Part 2: Articulating surfaces made of metallic, ceramic and plastics materials
60ABNT NBR ISO 11783-6-20172017-06-30PortugueseTractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry - Serial control and communications data network Part 6: Virtual terminal
61ABNT NBR ISO 7206-2-20172017-06-30PortugueseImplants for surgery - Partial and total hip joint prostheses Part 2: Articulating surfaces made of metallic, ceramic and plastics materials
62ABNT NBR 16508 Errata 1-20172017-06-29PortugueseCarv茫o mineral - Teor de umidade - M茅todo de ensaio
63ABNT NBR 16586 Errata 1-20172017-06-29PortugueseCarv茫o mineral - Determina莽茫o do teor de cinzas
64ABNT NBR IEC 80601-2-58-20172017-06-29PortugueseMedical electrical equipment Part 2-58: Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of lens removal devices and vitrectomy devices for ophthalmic surgery
65ABNT NBR ISO 11228-2-20172017-06-29PortugueseErgonomics - Manual handling Part 2: Pushing and pulling
66ABNT NBR ISO 24234-20172017-06-29PortugueseDentistry - Mercury and alloys for dental amalgam
67ABNT NBR 16518-20172017-06-29PortugueseInsulating vegetable oil for electrical equipments - Guide for supervision and maintenance
68ABNT NBR 16603 Errata 1-20172017-06-29PortugueseEquipamento de prote莽茫o individual - Cal莽ado isolante el茅trico para trabalhos em instala莽玫es el茅tricas de baixa tens茫o at茅 500 V em ambiente seco - Requisitos e m茅todos de ensaios
69ABNT NBR 16507 Errata 1-20172017-06-29PortuguesePrepara莽茫o da amostra de carv茫o mineral para an谩lise e ensaios - Procedimentos
70ABNT NBR 11885-20172017-06-28PortugueseStraight bars, manual cleaning - General requirements
71ABNT NBR ISO 5492 Emenda 1-20172017-06-28PortugueseSensory analysis - Vocabulary
72ABNT NBR ISO 17962-20172017-06-28PortugueseAgricultural machinery - Equipment for sowing - Minimization of the environmental effects of fan exhaust from pneumatic systems
73ABNT NBR 16480-2-20172017-06-28PortugueseMarine and industrial fuel oil - Determination of metals, phosphorous and silicon Part 2: Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry
74ABNT NBR ISO 5492-20172017-06-28PortugueseSensory analysis - Vocabulary
75ABNT NBR ISO 7240-13-20172017-06-28PortugueseFire detection and fire alarm systems Part 13: Compatibility assessment of system components
76ABNT NBR 15280-1-20172017-06-28PortugueseOnshore pipeline Part 1: Design
77ABNT NBR 15561-20172017-06-27PortuguesePolyethylene pipe PE 80 and PE 100 for water transport and sewage under pressure - Requirements
78ABNT NBR 15561 Emenda 1-20172017-06-27PortuguesePolyethylene pipe PE 80 and PE 100 for water transport and sewage under pressure - Requirements
79ABNT NBR ISO 3382-1-20172017-06-26PortugueseAcoustics - Measurement of room acoustic parameters Part 1: Performance spaces
80ABNT NBR ISO 3382-2-20172017-06-26PortugueseAcoustics - Measurement of room acoustic parameters Part 2: Reverberation time in ordinary rooms
81ABNT NBR 12583-20172017-06-26PortugueseCoarse aggregate - Determination of bituminous coating
82ABNT NBR 14757-20172017-06-26PortugueseAsphaltic micro-surfacing and alurry-seals - Determination of wet stripping for curred mix
83ABNT NBR ISO 3382-3-20172017-06-26PortugueseAcoustics - Measurement of room acoustic parameters Part 3: Open plan offices
84ABNT NBR 7024 Errata 1-20172017-06-26PortugueseVe铆culos rodovi谩rios automotores leves - Medi莽茫o do consumo de combust铆vel - M茅todo de ensaio
85ABNT NBR 12584 Vers茫o Corrigida-20172017-06-26PortugueseFinne aggregate - Verification of the adhesiveness to the bituminous binder
86ABNT NBR 13365-20172017-06-26PortugueseSteel transportable container for 16 kg and 20 kg of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) - Visual selection of use conditions in bases of potting - Requirements
87ABNT NBR 14949-20172017-06-26PortugueseAsphalt micro-surfacing - Characterization of fine fractions by methylene blue absorption
88ABNT NBR ISO 12836-20172017-06-23PortugueseDentistry - Digitizing devices for CAD/CAM systems for indirect dental restorations - Test methods for assessing accuracy
89ABNT NBR IEC 61482-1-2-20172017-06-23PortugueseLive working - Protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc Part 1-2: Test methods - Method 2: Determination of arc protection class of material and clothing by using a constrained and directed arc (box test)
90ABNT NBR ISO 14708-5-20172017-06-22PortugueseImplants for surgery - Active implantable medical devices Part 5: Circulatory support devices
91ABNT NBR 14162-20172017-06-19PortugueseSanitary appliance - Traps - Requirements and test methods
92ABNT NBR 15267-20172017-06-19PortugueseSingle-lever mixer for basin - Requirements and test methods
93ABNT NBR 11995-20172017-06-19PortuguesePlastic hoses for clearing and cleaning rigid PVC pipes by hydrojetting - Determination of resistance to internal hydrostatic pressure
94ABNT NBR 9188-20172017-06-19PortugueseRoad vehicles - Landing gear for semi-trailers - Requirements
95ABNT NBR 16614-20172017-06-19PortugueseTurnout type U with deviation radius up to 760 m in standard geometry - Requirements
96ABNT NBR 13207-20172017-06-19PortugueseGypsum for buildings - Requirements
97ABNT NBR ISO 17034-20172017-06-14PortugueseGeneral requirements for the competence of reference material producers
98ABNT NBR ISO 14046-20172017-06-08PortugueseEnvironmental management - Water footprint - Principles, requirements and guidelines
99ABNT NBR 15969-4-20172017-06-08PortugueseAccessory for windows Part 4: Bar hinge - Requirements and test methods
100ABNT NBR 15969-3-20172017-06-07PortugueseAccessory for windows Part 3: Window lock - Specifications and test methods
101ABNT NBR 16605-20172017-06-05PortuguesePortland cement and other powdered material - Determination of the specific gravity
102ABNT NBR 16613-20172017-06-05PortugueseRailway - Non-metallic brake shoes - Classification, manufacturing requirements and test methods
103ABNT NBR 16036-20172017-06-02PortugueseDetermination of comfort in footwear components - Insole
104ABNT NBR ISO 14708-6-20172017-05-29PortugueseImplants for surgery - Active implantable medical devices Part 6: Particular requirements for active implantable medical devices intended to treat tachyarrhythmia (including implantable defibrillators)
105ABNT NBR 15308-20172017-05-26PortugueseAquatic ecotoxicology - Acute toxicity - Test with mysids (Crustacea)
106ABNT NBR 12067-20172017-05-26PortugueseFlat glass - Determination of tensile strength at the bending
107ABNT NBR 16578-20172017-05-26PortuguesePlastic glazing applied to road vehicles - requirements and test methods
108ABNT NBR 16603 Vers茫o Corrigida-20172017-05-26PortuguesePersonal protective equipment - Eletrically insulating footwear for work on low voltage installations up to 500V in dry conditions - Requirements and test methods
109ABNT NBR 12543-20172017-05-25PortugueseRespiratory protective devices - Classification
110ABNT NBR ISO 5007-20172017-05-23PortugueseAgricultural wheeled tractors - Operators seat - Laboratory measurement of transmitted vibration
111ABNT NBR IEC 60309-4-20172017-05-23PortuguesePlugs, socket-outlets and couplers for industrial purpose Part 4: Switched socket-outlets and connectors with or without interlock
112ABNT NBR 14076-20172017-05-23PortugueseOptical cables - Cut-off wavelength determination
113ABNT NBR 13213-20172017-05-23PortugueseSewing threads - Determination of ticket number
114ABNT NBR 8797 Emenda 1-20172017-05-18PortugueseFlexible polyurethane foam - Determination of compression set
115ABNT NBR IEC 60601-2-45 Emenda 1-20172017-05-18PortugueseMedical electrical equipment Part 2-45: Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of mammographic X-ray equipment and mammographic stereotactic devices
116ABNT NBR IEC 60601-1-10 Emenda 1-20172017-05-18PortugueseMedical electrical equipment Part 1-10: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance - Collateral standard: Requirements for the development of physiologic closed-loop controllers
117ABNT NBR 8797-20172017-05-18PortugueseFlexible polyurethane foam - Determination of compression set
118ABNT NBR ISO 23409-20172017-05-18PortugueseMale condoms - Requirements and test methods for condoms made from synthetic materials
119ABNT NBR 14975-20172017-05-17PortuguesePesticides - Determination of melting point
120ABNT NBR 14528-20172017-05-17PortuguesePulps - Preparation of laboratory sheets for measurement of diffuse blue reflectance factor (ISO brightness)
121ABNT NBR 14798-20172017-05-17PortugueseAsphalt micro-surfacing - Determination of set and cure characteristics by cohesion tester
122ABNT NBR 14578-20172017-05-17PortugueseCellulosic pulp - Determination of the material soluble in acetone
123ABNT NBR 13862-20172017-05-17PortugueseContinuous conveyors - Belt conveyors - Project safety requirements
124ABNT NBR 14426-20172017-05-17PortugueseThreaded male thread - Two-piece set -Thin ISO metric thread M 1 to M 52
125ABNT NBR IEC 62563-1-20172017-05-17PortugueseMedical electrical equipment - Medical image display systems Part 1: Evaluation methods
126ABNT NBR 14594-20172017-05-17PortugueseCationic asphalt emulsions - Requirements
127ABNT NBR 14394-20172017-05-16PortugueseMachine screwing tap, for fine pitch metric ISO - Metric thread fine ISO M 1,6 to M 52
128ABNT NBR 12130-20172017-05-16PortugueseGypsum for civil construction - Determination of free water, crystalization and chemical content of calcium oxide and sulfuric anyhdride
129ABNT NBR 14710-20172017-05-16PortugueseCarnauba wax - Determination of ash content
130ABNT NBR 16604-20172017-05-16PortugueseShoes - Restrictive substances - Total lead (Pb) and total cadmium (Cd) determination in non-metallic products
131ABNT NBR 7530-20172017-05-16PortugueseCeramic tube for plumbing - Dimensional verification
132ABNT NBR 14709-20172017-05-16PortugueseCarnauba wax - Determination of moisture and volatile matter
133ABNT NBR 16600-20172017-05-16PortugueseLeather - Chemical tests - Determination of chromium (VI) (ISO 17075:2007, MOD)
134ABNT NBR IEC 60079-6-20172017-05-16PortugueseExplosive atmospheres Part 6: Equipment protection by liquid immersion "o"
135ABNT NBR 14708-20172017-05-16PortugueseCarnauba wax - Determination of paraffinic hydrocarbons
136ABNT NBR 14374-20172017-05-16PortugueseLeather - Determination of water content
137ABNT NBR 14915-20172017-05-16PortuguesePaper and board - Accelerated ageing - Dry heat treatment at 105 掳C
138ABNT NBR ISO 9186-1-20172017-05-11PortugueseGraphical symbols - Test methods Part 1: Method for testing comprehensibility
139ABNT NBR 7024 Vers茫o Corrigida-20172017-05-11PortugueseLight road vehicles - Fuel consumption determination - Test method
140ABNT NBR 14917-1 Errata 1-20172017-05-11PortugueseParte 1: Requisitos, caracter铆sticas e classes
141ABNT ISO GUIA 31-20172017-05-05PortugueseReference materials - Contents of certificates, labels and accompanying documentation
142ABNT NBR 14972-20172017-05-05PortugueseCorrugated fibreboard - Determination of the glue bond resistence by selective separation using pin device
143ABNT NBR IEC 60601-2-19 Errata 2-20172017-05-05PortugueseEquipamento eletrom茅dico Parte 2-19: Requisitos particulares para seguran莽a b谩sica e desempenho essencial das incubadoras para rec茅m-nascidos
144ABNT NBR IEC 60601-2-20 Errata 4-20172017-05-05PortugueseEquipamento eletrom茅dico Parte 2-20: Requisitos particulares para seguran莽a b谩sica e o desempenho essencial das incubadoras de transporte para rec茅m-nascidos
145ABNT NBR 13767-20172017-05-04PortugueseMeat mincer - Safety requirements
146ABNT NBR ISO 5715-20172017-05-04PortugueseEquipment for harvesting - Dimensional compatibility of forage harvesting machinery
147ABNT NBR 14573-20172017-05-04PortugueseInsumes - Tanning agents - Determination of the iron content
148ABNT NBR 13506-20172017-05-03PortugueseOptical fibres - Bending optical sensibility determination
149ABNT NBR 14946-20172017-05-03PortuguesePaints for civil construction - Performance evaluation of non-industrial buildings paints - Determination of Koenig hardness
150ABNT NBR ISO 12368-20172017-05-03PortugueseAgricultural vehicles - Mechanical hook-type connections on towing vehicles - Test methods and requirements
151ABNT NBR 16581-20172017-05-03PortugueseStingless bee keeping - Honey - Classification and characteristics
152ABNT NBR 10505-20172017-05-03PortugueseElectrical insulating liquids - Determination of corrosive sulfur
153ABNT NBR 12450-20172017-05-03PortugueseMonolithic plastic sink - Dimensions
154ABNT NBR 12218-20172017-05-03PortugueseProject of water distribution network for public supply - Procedure
155ABNT NBR 16585-20172017-05-02PortugueseDesign services - Guidelines for good practices
156ABNT ISO/TR 28380-1-20172017-05-02PortugueseHealth informatics - IHE global standards adoption Part 1: Process
157ABNT ISO/TR 28380-2-20172017-05-02PortugueseHealth informatics - IHE global standards adoption Part 2: Integration and content profiles
158ABNT ISO/TR 28380-3-20172017-05-02PortugueseHealth informatics - IHE Global Standards Adoption Part 3: Deployment
159ABNT NBR IEC 61439-1 Errata 1-20172017-05-02PortugueseConjuntos de manobra e comando de baixa tens茫o Parte 1: Regras gerais
160ABNT NBR ISO 1711-2-20172017-05-02PortugueseAssembly tools for screws and nuts - Technical specifications Part 2: Machine-operated sockets ("impact")
161ABNT NBR 16582-20172017-05-02PortugueseStingless bee keeping - Honey - Production system
162ABNT NBR 16576-20172017-05-02PortugueseBeekeeping - Bee polen - Country production system
163ABNT NBR ISO 11783-4-20172017-05-02PortugueseTractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry - Serial control and communications data network Part 4: Network layer
164ABNT NBR 15563-20172017-05-02PortugueseRoad vehicles - Engine cooling system - Diagnostics and maintenance (Otto and Diesel cycles)
165ABNT NBR 14754-20172017-05-02PortugueseRoad vehicles - Oxygen sensor - Maintenance tests (Otto cycle)
166ABNT NBR 16460 Emenda 1-20172017-04-28PortugueseMagnesium alloy anode for cathodic protection
167ABNT ISO/TR 19948-20172017-04-28PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Conformity assessment and certification process
168ABNT NBR ISO 23462-20172017-04-28PortugueseSpace systems - Guidelines to define the management framework for a space project
169ABNT NBR 15007-20172017-04-28PortugueseOrtho and polyphosphates base products for drinking water and wastewater treatment purposes - Technical specification, sampling and analytical methods
170ABNT NBR 14035-20172017-04-28PortugueseLight rail vehicle (Tramway) - Requirements for rolling stock
171ABNT NBR 16460-20172017-04-28PortugueseMagnesium alloy anode for cathodic protection
172ABNT NBR 7348-20172017-04-27PortugueseIndustrial painting - Steel surface preparation by abrasive blasting or water jetting
173ABNT NBR ISO 11612-20172017-04-27PortugueseProtective clothing - Clothing to protect against heat and flame - Minimum performance requirements
174ABNT NBR 14965-20172017-04-27PortugueseCold-rolled steel strip made of high strength micro-alloyed - Requirements
175ABNT NBR 16599-20172017-04-27PortugueseRailway signaling - Derailment detector installed on the permanent track - Operation and performance requirements
176ABNT NBR 16444-20172017-04-27PortugueseRailroad vehicle - Coupler height
177ABNT NBR 7500 Errata 1-20172017-04-26PortugueseIdentifica莽茫o para o transporte terrestre, manuseio, movimenta莽茫o e armazenamento de produtos
178ABNT NBR 12482-20172017-04-25PortugueseUnits of preferential measures for air quality
179ABNT NBR 14929-20172017-04-25PortugueseWood - Determination of moisture of chips - Method by drying in oven-dried
180ABNT NBR 12141-20172017-04-24PortugueseFiltering material - Gravel - Determination of granulometric composition
181ABNT NBR 6676-20172017-04-24PortugueseHand tools - Hollow punchers - Types and dimensions
182ABNT NBR 9089-20172017-04-24PortugueseAircraft - Elevated self-propelled platform for maintenance
183ABNT NBR 14577-20172017-04-24PortugueseCellulosic pulp and wood - Determination of soluble material in water
184ABNT NBR 14559-20172017-04-24PortugueseLeather - Residual bath and liquid effluent - Determination of the total hardness
185ABNT NBR IEC 60529-20172017-04-24PortugueseDegrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)
186ABNT NBR 6459 Errata 1-20172017-04-24PortugueseSolo - Determina莽茫o do limite de liquidez
187ABNT NBR 16526-20172017-04-24PortugueseStorage of flammable and combustible liquids - Sealed systems for the transfer with lower nozzle to tanker - Specification
188ABNT NBR 12245-20172017-04-24PortugueseThermal insulating cement - Sampling and preparation of test specimens
189ABNT NBR 9910-20172017-04-24PortugueseModified asphalt for waterproofing without polymeres - Performance characteristics
190ABNT NBR 13999-20172017-04-24PortuguesePaper, board, pulps and wood - Determination of residue (ash) on ignition at 525 掳C
191ABNT NBR ISO 9635-1-20172017-04-24PortugueseAgricultural irrigation equipment - Irrigation valves Part 1: General requirements
192ABNT NBR 16591-20172017-04-19PortuguesePerforming self-supporting lining with plasterboard - Procedure
193ABNT NBR ISO 12176-1-20172017-04-19PortuguesePlastics pipes and fittings - Equipment for fusion jointing polyethylene systems Part 1: Butt fusion
194ABNT NBR ISO 12176-2-20172017-04-19PortuguesePlastics pipes and fittings - Equipment for fusion jointing polyethylene systems Part 2: Electrofusion
195ABNT NBR ISO 13688-20172017-04-19PortugueseProtective clothing - General requirements
196ABNT NBR 14837-20172017-04-19PortugueseFootwear - Determination of the footwear inner temperature
197ABNT NBR 14149-20172017-04-18PortugueseGasoline and gasoline oxygenate blends - Determination of vapor pressure - Dry method
198ABNT NBR 15382-20172017-04-17PortuguesePaints for building - Determination of specific mass of paints for non-industrial buildings
199ABNT NBR 16601-20172017-04-17PortugueseNon-destructive testing - Acoustic emission - Test procedure of knuckle boom cranes with or without attached platform
200ABNT NBR IEC 60270-20172017-04-13PortugueseHigh-voltage test techniques - Partial discharge measurements
201ABNT NBR 16593-20172017-04-12PortugueseNon-destructive testing - Acoustic emission - Test procedure of insulated and non-insulated aerial personnel devices
202ABNT NBR 11589-20172017-04-11PortuguesePreparation, standardization and storage of solutions for chemical analysis
203ABNT NBR 14198-20172017-04-11PortugueseStationary vented lead-acid batteries - Terminology
204ABNT NBR 16595-20172017-04-11PortugueseIron ores - Requirements for cross belt sampling systems
205ABNT NBR 11981-20172017-04-11PortugueseThermal insulating cement based on calcium silicate - Determination of covering capacity and volume variation after drying
206ABNT NBR 11982-20172017-04-10PortugueseThermal insulating cement based on calcium silicate - Determination of compressive strength
207ABNT NBR 5590 Errata 1-20172017-04-10PortugueseTubos de a莽o-carbono com ou sem solda longitudinal, pretos ou galvanizados - Requisitos
208ABNT NBR 16598-20172017-04-10PortugueseAluminum and its alloys - Definitions and calculation methods for determination of recycled content in extruded, rolled and casted products
209ABNT NBR 11305-20172017-04-07PortugueseRegistry for blocking flow of easels polypropylene - Resistance to use - Test method
210ABNT NBR 15784 Emenda 1-20172017-04-07PortugueseDrinking water treatment chemicals - Health effects - Requirements
211ABNT NBR 15784-20172017-04-07PortugueseDrinking water treatment chemicals - Health effects - Requirements
212ABNT NBR 16584-20172017-04-07PortuguesePrecast concrete technical gallery to share and order the underground systems - Requirements and test methods
213ABNT NBR 14658-20172017-04-07PortuguesePaper and board - Determination of interfiber bond or between layers strength
214ABNT NBR 16577 Errata 1-20172017-04-06PortugueseEspa莽o confinado - Preven莽茫o de acidentes, procedimentos e medidas de prote莽茫o
215ABNT NBR 16558-20172017-04-05PortugueseManufacturing of accessible vehicles M2 and M3 categories for school transportation in urban areas - Technical specifications
216ABNT NBR 14427-20172017-04-03PortugueseThread tapping machine with threaded rod - Pipe threads G 1/16 to G 2 and Rp 1/16 to Rp 2 - Requirements
217ABNT NBR 11869-20172017-04-03PortugueseTimber of coniferous from reforestation, for general use - Inspection and reception
218ABNT NBR 5339-20172017-04-03PortuguesePaper and board - Tolerances of size and grammages
219ABNT NBR 6458 Errata 1-20172017-04-03PortugueseGr茫os de pedregulho retidos na peneira de abertura 4,8 mm - Determina莽茫o da massa espec铆fica, da massa espec铆fica aparente e da absor莽茫o de 谩gua
220ABNT NBR 6427-20172017-03-31PortugueseHand tools - Internal threads - Dimensional requirements
221ABNT NBR 14517-20172017-03-31PortugueseThreaded male thread - Two-piece set - Pipe threads G 1/16 to G4 and Rp1/16 to Rp 4 - Requirements
222ABNT NBR 12451-20172017-03-31PortugueseVat from plastic material for sinks - Dimensions
223ABNT NBR ISO 11893-20172017-03-31PortugueseSpace systems - Programme management - Project organization
224ABNT NBR 14515-20172017-03-30PortugueseTaps for thread cutting - Two-piece tapping sets Pg 7 until Pg 48 for rigid conduit connections - Requirements
225ABNT NBR 14516-20172017-03-30PortugueseThread tapping machine with threaded rod - Pg 7 to Pg 48 threads for rigid conduit connections - Requirements
226ABNT NBR 14678-20172017-03-30PortugueseRound thread roller - Threads Pg 7 to Pg 48 for rigid conduits - Requirements
227ABNT NBR IEC 60309-2-20172017-03-29PortuguesePlugs, socket-outlets and couplers for industrial purposes Part 2: Dimensional interchangeability requirements for pin and contact-tube accessories
228ABNT NBR 15010-20172017-03-29PortugueseTissue paper - Determination of wet tensile strength
229ABNT NBR 11994-20172017-03-29PortuguesePlastic hoses for clearing and cleaning of rigid PVC pipes by hydrojetting - Abrasion resistance check
230ABNT NBR 13373 Emenda 1-20172017-03-28PortugueseAquatic ecotoxicology - Chronic toxicity - Test method with Ceriodaphnia spp (Crustacea, Cladocera)
231ABNT NBR ISO 17707-20172017-03-28PortugueseFootwear - Test methods for outsoles - Flex resistance
232ABNT NBR ISO 5403-1-20172017-03-28PortugueseLeather - Determination of water resistance of flexible leather Part 1: Repeated linear compression (penetrometer)
233ABNT NBR 16577 Vers茫o Corrigida-20172017-03-28PortugueseConfined space - Accidents prevention, protection procedures and measurements
234ABNT NBR IEC 61000-4-5-20172017-03-28PortugueseElectromagnetic compatibility Part 4-5: Testing and measurement techniques - Surge immunity test
235ABNT NBR 13373-20172017-03-28PortugueseAquatic ecotoxicology - Chronic toxicity - Test method with Ceriodaphnia spp (Crustacea, Cladocera)
236ABNT NBR ISO 17103-20172017-03-24PortugueseAgricultural machinery - Rotary disc mowers, rotary drum mowers and flail mowers - Test methods and acceptance criteria for protective skirts
237ABNT NBR ISO 11783-2-20172017-03-24PortugueseTractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry - Serial control and communications data network Part 2: Physical layer
238ABNT NBR ISO 18471-20172017-03-24PortugueseAgricultural irrigation equipment - Filters - Verification of filtration grade
239ABNT NBR 8517-20172017-03-23PortugueseFlexible polyurethane foam - Determination of the air flow through the foam
240ABNT NBR 14828-20172017-03-23PortugueseRoad vehicles - Safety procedures for maintenance on vehicles equipped with air bag
241ABNT NBR 14375-20172017-03-23PortugueseRoad vehicles - Clutch system - Criteria of vehicular subjective rating
242ABNT NBR ISO 4254-12-20172017-03-23PortugueseAgricultural machinery - Safety Part 12: Rotary disc and drum mowers and flail mowers
243ABNT NBR 16590-1-20172017-03-23PortuguesePolimeric compound for cladding masonry walls Part 1: Requirements
244ABNT NBR 16590-2-20172017-03-23PortuguesePolimeric compound for cladding masonry walls Part 2: Test method
245ABNT NBR 14795-20172017-03-23PortugueseNonwoven - Sampling - Procedure
246ABNT NBR 14377-20172017-03-23PortugueseInstruments for surgery - Knives and scalpels - Requirements and test methods
247ABNT NBR 13282-20172017-03-23PortugueseThermal flask with vacuum insulation - Requirements and test methods
248ABNT NBR 12017-20172017-03-23PortugueseTextiles - Determination of color fastness to mercerization
249ABNT NBR 16277-20172017-03-17PortugueseProject audit - Guidance for developing and implementing
250ABNT NBR 16475-20172017-03-15PortuguesePrecast concrete wall panels - Requirements and procedures
251ABNT NBR 9062-20172017-03-15PortugueseDesign and execution of precast concrete structures
252ABNT NBR ISO 18238-20172017-03-10PortugueseSpace systems - Closed loop problem solving management
253ABNT NBR ISO 5495-20172017-03-10PortugueseSensory analysis - Methodology - Paired comparison test
254ABNT NBR ISO 23460-20172017-03-10PortugueseSpace projects - Programme management - Dependability assurance requirements
255ABNT ISO/TS 20646-20172017-03-09PortugueseErgonomics guidelines for the optimization of musculoskeletal workload
256ABNT NBR 12170-20172017-03-09PortugueseWaterproofing materials - Determination of water麓s potability of after contact
257ABNT NBR IEC 60601-2-44-20172017-03-08PortugueseMedical electrical equipment Part 2-44: Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of X-ray equipment for computed tomography
258ABNT NBR 14917-2-20172017-03-07PortugueseResilient floor coverings - sheet (roll) or tile (ruler) homogeneous or heterogeneous vinyl flexible PVC Part 2: Procedures for selection, use, installation, maintenance and cleaning
259ABNT NBR 5356-8-20172017-03-07PortuguesePower transformers Part 8: Application guide
260ABNT NBR ISO 37001 Vers茫o Corrigida-20172017-03-06PortugueseAnti-bribery management systems - Requirements with guidance for use
261ABNT NBR 16594-20172017-03-06PortugueseWoodworking tools - Metal planer
262ABNT NBR 14917-1 Vers茫o Corrigida-20172017-03-06PortugueseResilient floor covering - Sheet (roll) or tile (strip) homogeneous or heterogeneous vinyl flexible PVC Part 1: Requirements, features and classes
263ABNT NBR 10459-20172017-03-03PortugueseAdhesives - Evaluation of creep at constant temperature glue (creep test)
264ABNT NBR ISO 16231-2-20172017-03-02PortugueseSelf-propelled agricultural machinery - Assessment of stability Part 2: Determination of static stability and test procedures
265ABNT NBR 9233-20172017-02-22PortugueseInsumes for leather - Fatty matter - Determination of the total organic S03 content
266ABNT NBR 12609-20172017-02-22PortugueseAluminium and aluminium alloys - Surface treatment - Requirements for anodizing for architectonic purposes
267ABNT NBR 14564-20172017-02-22PortugueseGlass for racking systems - Requiriments and test method
268ABNT NBR 16587-20172017-02-21PortugueseMineral coal - Determining the volatile material content
269ABNT NBR 13337-20172017-02-21PortugueseLeather Leatherresidual bath soaking and pickling - Determination of Sodium Clorite (NaCl)
270ABNT NBR 16586 Vers茫o Corrigida-20172017-02-21PortugueseRaw materials for smelting - Mineral coal - Test method for determination of ash content
271ABNT NBR 16575-20172017-02-21PortugueseAdhesive Plaster Union of prefabricated solutions of plaster - Requisits
272ABNT NBR 16583-20172017-02-21PortuguesePersonal Qualification in CNG systems installation and maintenance process on automotive vehicles - Professional Profile of the mechanical installer of CNG systems
273ABNT NBR 16589-1-20172017-02-21PortugueseSurfaces for sport areas Part 1: Internal surfaces multi-use sports - Specification
274ABNT NBR 10821-4-20172017-02-15PortugueseFrame for buildings Part 4: External frames - Aditional performance requirements
275ABNT NBR 10821-5-20172017-02-15PortugueseFrame for building Part 5: External frame - Installattion and structural maintenance
276ABNT NBR 10821-2-20172017-02-13PortugueseFrame for buildings Part 2: External frames - Requirements and classification Part 2: External frames - Requirements and get classification
277ABNT NBR 10821-3-20172017-02-13PortugueseFrame for Buildings Part 3: External and internal Frames - test methods
278ABNT NBR 10821-1-20172017-02-09PortugueseFrame for buildings Part 1: External and internal frames - Terminology
279ABNT NBR 15809-20172017-02-06PortugueseWheeled fire extinguishers
280ABNT NBR 15808-20172017-02-06PortuguesePortable fire extinguishers
281ABNT NBR 15808 Emenda 1-20172017-02-06PortuguesePortables fire extinguishers
282ABNT NBR 15809 Emenda 1-20172017-02-06PortugueseWheeled fire extinguishers
283ABNT ISO/TS 16179-20172017-02-02PortugueseFootwear - Critical substances potentially present in footwear and footwear components - Determination of organotin compounds in footwear materials
284ABNT NBR 15358-20172017-02-02PortugueseFuel gas internal network in non-residential use installations until 400 kPa - Design and construction
285ABNT NBR 15358 Emenda 1-20172017-02-02PortugueseFuel gas internal network in non-residential use installations until 400 kPa - Design and construction
286ABNT NBR 7394-20172017-02-02PortugueseTraffic safety - Roadside delineator
287ABNT NBR 15826-20172017-01-31PortugueseRefrigerant compressor - Test methods
288ABNT NBR 10678-20172017-01-30PortugueseTextiles - Determination of colour fastness to vulcanizing: Hot air
289ABNT NBR ISO 12647-1-20172017-01-26PortugueseGraphic technology - Process control for the production of half-tone colour separations, proofs and production prints Part 1: Parameters and measurements methods
290ABNT NBR ISO 22112-20172017-01-24PortugueseDentistry - Artificial teeth for dental prostheses
291ABNT NBR ISO 80601-2-13-20172017-01-24PortugueseMedical electrical equipment Part 2-13: Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of an anaesthetic workstation
292ABNT NBR ISO 10651-5-20172017-01-24PortugueseLung ventilators for medical use - Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance Part 5: Gas-powered emergency resuscitators
293ABNT NBR 16574-20172017-01-23PortugueseGypsum glue - Union of prefabricated elements of plaster - Test method
294ABNT NBR 16494-20172017-01-23PortugueseGypsum block for vertical sealing - Requirements
295ABNT NBR 16538-20172017-01-23PortugueseCoils and sheets for use in floor uses - Requirements
296ABNT NBR ISO 5673-1-20172017-01-19PortugueseAgricultural tractors and machinery - Power take-off drive shafts and power-input connection Part 1: General manufacturing and safety requirements
297ABNT NBR ISO 10649-6-20172017-01-19PortugueseCutter arbors with parallel key and tenon drive Part 6: Dimensions and desigantion of tool holders with modular taper interface with ball track system
298ABNT NBR ISO 16230-1-20172017-01-19PortugueseAgricultural machinery and tractors - Safety of higher voltage electrical and electronic components and systems Part 1: General requirements
299ABNT NBR ISO 5131-20172017-01-19PortugueseTractors for agriculture and forestry - Measurement of noise at the operators position - Survey method
300ABNT NBR ISO 5673-2-20172017-01-19PortugueseAgricultural tractors and machinery - Power take-off drive shafts and power-input connection Part 2: Specification for use of PTO drive shafts, and position and clearance of PTO drive line and PIC for various attachments
301ABNT NBR ISO 5674-20172017-01-19PortugueseTractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry - Guards for power take-off (PTO) drive-shafts - Strength and wear tests and acceptance criteria
302ABNT NBR ISO 11783-9-20172017-01-19PortugueseTractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry - Serial control and communications data network Part 9: Tractor ECU
303ABNT NBR ISO 10649-4-20172017-01-18PortugueseCutter arbors with parallel key and tenon drive Part 4: Dimensions and designation of tool holders with 7/24 taper without automatic tool changer
304ABNT NBR ISO 8812-20172017-01-18PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Backhoe loaders - Terminology and commercial specifications
305ABNT NBR ISO 5841-2-20172017-01-18PortugueseImplants for surgery - Cardiac pacemakers Part 2: Reporting of clinical performance of populations of pulse generators or leads
306ABNT NBR ISO 10649-5-20172017-01-18PortugueseCutter arbors with parallel key and tenon drive Part 5: Dimensions and designation of tool holders with polygonal taper interface with flange contact surface
307ABNT NBR ISO 10649-2-20172017-01-18PortugueseCutter arbors with parallel key and tenon drive Part 2: Dimensions and designation of tool holders with taper interface with flange contact surface
308ABNT NBR 6916 Vers茫o Corrigida-20172017-01-18PortugueseNodular cast iron or spheroidal graphite cast iron - Specification
309ABNT NBR 16579-20172017-01-18PortugueseHydraulic presses - Safety requirements
310ABNT NBR ISO 11640-20172017-01-18PortugueseLeather - Tests for colour fastness - Colour fastness to cycles of to-and-fro rubbing
311ABNT NBR ISO 10649-3-20172017-01-18PortugueseCutter arbors with parallel key and tenon drive Part 3: Dimensions and designation of tool holders with 7/24 taper for automatic tool changer
312ABNT NBR ISO 10649-1-20172017-01-18PortugueseCutter arbors with parallel key and tenon drive Part 1: General dimensions
313ABNT NBR 14753-20172017-01-18PortugueseRoad vehicle - Fuel injector - Inspection and diagnostic in Otto cycle engines
314ABNT NBR 15905-20172017-01-18PortugueseSpark-ignition internal combustion engines - Monolithic pistons with lightweight aluminum alloy
315ABNT NBR ISO 37120-20172017-01-18PortugueseSustainable development of communities - Indicators for city services and quality of life
316ABNT NBR 15390-20172017-01-18PortugueseSewing thread - Determination of the length for support of sewing threads of yarn by direct mesearument
317ABNT NBR 11127-20172017-01-17PortuguesePigmented folder - Determination of tinting power
318ABNT NBR ISO 6888-3-20172017-01-17PortugueseMicrobiology of food and animal feeding stuffs - Horizontal method for the enumeration of coagulase-positive staphylococci (Staphylococcus aureus and other species)Part 3: Detection and MPN technique for low numbers
319ABNT NBR 14420-20172017-01-17PortugueseLeather - Determination of the fungus attack resistance test through exposition in environmental chamber
320ABNT NBR ISO 20774-20172017-01-17PortugueseCigarettes - Determination of carbon monoxide in sidestream smoke - Method using a routine analytical linear smoking machine equipped with a fishtail chimney
321ABNT NBR 16165-20172017-01-17PortugueseInduction bends for process piping - Requirements
322ABNT NBR ISO 7206-13-20172017-01-17PortugueseImplants for surgery - Partial and total hip joint prostheses Part 13: Determination of resistance to torque of head fixation of stemmed femoral components
323ABNT NBR 15613-1-20172017-01-17PortugueseSurgical implants - Corrosion resistance Part 1: Test method for assessment fretting corrosion of osteosynthesis plates and screws
324ABNT NBR 16514-2-20172017-01-17PortugueseImplants for orthopedics - Finite element analysis Part 2: Metallic total knee femoral component
325ABNT NBR 16560-20172017-01-09PortugueseBiogas and bio-methane - Determination siloxanes by gas chromatography (coupled to mass spectrometry) and sampling with impingers
326ABNT NBR ISO 20815-20172017-01-09PortuguesePetroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries - Production assurance and reliability management
327ABNT NBR 13227 Errata 1-20172017-01-09PortugueseAgrot贸xicos e afins - Determina莽茫o de res铆duo n茫o vol谩til
328ABNT NBR 16562-20172017-01-09PortugueseBiogas and bio-methane - Determination of volatile organic compounds by gas chromatography and sampling with thermal desorption tube
329ABNT NBR 16561-20172017-01-09PortugueseBio-methane - Siloxanes determination by gas chromatography and sampling with thermal desorption tube
330ABNT ISO/TR 14047-20162016-12-20PortugueseEnvironmental management - Life cycle assessment - Illustrative examples on how to apply ABNT NBR ISO 14044 to impact assessment situations
331ABNT NBR 16555-20162016-12-19PortugueseImplants for surgery - Product design - Guideline for design and evaluation of primary packaging with flexible component
332ABNT NBR 15290-20162016-12-19PortugueseTV communications accessibility
333ABNT NBR IEC 61439-2-20162016-12-19PortugueseLow-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies Part 2: Power switchgear and controlgear assemblies
334ABNT NBR IEC 61439-1 Vers茫o Corrigida-20162016-12-16PortugueseLow-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies Part 1: General rules
335ABNT NBR 15610-3-20162016-12-15PortugueseDigital terrestrial television - Accessibility Part 3: Brazilian Sign Language (Libras)
336ABNT NBR 15610-3 EN-20162016-12-15EnglishDigital Terrestrial Television - Accessibility Part 3: Sign Languages (LIBRAS)
337ABNT NBR 15610-3 ES-20162016-12-15SpanishTelevis茫o digital terrestre - Acessibilidade Parte 3: L铆ngua de Sinais (LIBRAS)
338ABNT NBR 15598-20162016-12-14PortugueseLight road vehicles - Determination of unburned ethanol in exhaust gas by gas chromatography - Test method
339ABNT NBR ISO 7207-2-20162016-12-14PortugueseImplants for surgery - Components for a partial and total knee joint prostheses Part 2: Articulating surfaces made of metal, ceramic and plastics materials
340ABNT NBR ISO 7207-2 Emenda 1-20162016-12-14PortugueseImplants for surgery - Components for partial and total knee joint prostheses Part 2: Articulating surfaces made of metal, ceramic and plastics materials
341ABNT NBR 13705-20162016-12-14PortugueseRoad vehicles - Concentrated engine coolant additives, A, B and C - Requirements and test methods
342ABNT NBR 16567-20162016-12-14PortugueseHybrid electric light duty road vehicles - Measurement of exhaust emission and fuel and energy consumption - Test method
343ABNT NBR 16556-1-20162016-12-14PortugueseImplants for surgery - Product evaluation Part 1: Test method for detecting leaks of sealing in porous packaging by dye penetration
344ABNT NBR 16487-20162016-12-14PortugueseStationary vented lead acid battery - Maintenance
345ABNT NBR ISO 7500-1-20162016-12-14PortugueseMetallic materials - Calibration and verification of static uniaxial testing machines Part 1: Tension/compression testing machines - Calibration and verification of the force-measuring system
346ABNT NBR NM 314 Errata 1-20162016-12-13SpanishEnsaios n茫o destrutivos - Radiografia industrial - Terminologia
347ABNT NBR 15088-20162016-12-13PortugueseAquatic ecotoxicology - Acute toxicity - Test with fish (Cyprinidae)
348ABNT NBR 12962-20162016-12-13PortugueseFire Extinguishers - Inspection and Maintenance
349ABNT NBR ISO 1711-1-20162016-12-13PortugueseAssembly tools for screws and nuts - Technical specifications Part 1: Hand-operated wrenches and sockets
350ABNT NBR ISO 28741-20162016-12-13PortugueseRoad vehicles - Spark-plugs and their cylinder head housings - Basic characteristics and dimensions
351ABNT NBR 16544-20162016-12-13PortugueseCopper and copper alloys - Fittings with press ends for use with plastics and multilayer pipes - Requirements
352ABNT ISO/TS 20282-2-20162016-12-13PortugueseUsability of consumer products and products for public use Part 2:Summative test method
353ABNT NBR 15606-1 Amendment 2 EN-20162016-12-12EnglishDigital terrestrial television - Data coding and transmission specification for digital broadcasting Part 1: Data coding specification
354ABNT NBR 16571-20162016-12-12PortugueseEvents - Quality in organization - Requirements
355ABNT NBR 16554-20162016-12-12PortugueseNon-destructive testing - Thermography - Measurement and compensation of transmittance of an attenuating medium infrared imaging radiometer
356ABNT NBR 16437-20162016-12-12PortugueseCaipira, colonial or capoeira eggs (cage free, rustic and pasture raised hen) - Production, classification and identification
357ABNT NBR 15606-1 EN-20162016-12-12EnglishDigital terrestrial television - Data coding and transmission specification broadcasting Part 1: Data coding specification
358ABNT NBR 15606-1 Enmienda 2 ES-20162016-12-12SpanishDigital terrestrial television - Data coding and transmission specification for digital broadcasting Part 1: Data coding specification
359ABNT NBR 15606-1 ES-20162016-12-12SpanishDigital terrestrial television - Data coding and transmission specification for digital broadcasting Part 1: Data coding specification
360ABNT NBR 16553-20162016-12-12PortugueseNon destructive testing - Ultrasonic testing - Phased array - Terminology
361ABNT NBR 6656-20162016-12-12PortugueseSteel plate, coil and sheet with special chracteristic of mechanical properties, drawability and weldability - Requirements
362ABNT NBR ISO 7206-4-20162016-12-07PortugueseImplants for surgery - Partial and total hip joint prostheses Part 4: Determination of endurance properties and performance of stemmed femoral components
363ABNT ISO/TS 13131-20162016-12-07PortugueseHealth informatics - Telehealth Services - Quality planning guidelines
364ABNT NBR NM ISO 10265-20162016-12-07SpanishEarth-moving machinery - Crawler machines - Performance requirements and test procedures for braking systems
365ABNT NBR 16568-20162016-12-07SpanishVarnishes - Determination of income for indoor and outdoor use
366ABNT NBR ISO 7206-4 Emenda 1-20162016-12-07PortugueseImplants for surgery - Partial and total hip joint prostheses Part 4: Determination of endurance properties and performance of stemmed femoral components
367ABNT NBR ISO 24917-20162016-12-06PortugueseSpace systems - General test requirements for launch vehicles
368ABNT NBR 16563-1-20162016-12-06PortugueseMitigation of electric interference effects on pipeline systems Part 1: Alternating current systems
369ABNT NBR ISO 15589-1-20162016-12-06PortuguesePetroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries - Cathodic protection of pipeline systems Part 1: On-land pipelines
370ABNT NBR 16556-2-20162016-12-05PortugueseImplants for surgery - Product evaluation Part 2: Test method for detecting leaks in nonporous packaging by dye penetration
371ABNT NBR 16573-20162016-12-05PortugueseBeekeeping - Supplies - Beekeeping protective clothing
372ABNT NBR ISO 15081 Errata 1-20162016-12-05PortugueseEquipamento agr铆cola - S铆mbolos gr谩ficos para sistemas de irriga莽茫o pressurizados
373ABNT NBR 16556-3-20162016-12-05PortugueseImplants for surgery - Product evaluation Part 3: Visual inspection for determining seal integrity of packaging
374ABNT NBR ISO 6621-3 Errata 1-20162016-12-05PortugueseMotores de combust茫o interna - An茅is de pist茫o Parte 3: Especifica莽玫es de material
375ABNT ISO GUIA 30-20162016-12-05PortugueseReference materials - Selected terms and definitions
376ABNT NBR 16572-20162016-12-05PortugueseBeekeeping - Equipment - Bee centrifuge
377ABNT NBR 13841-20162016-12-02PortugueseTextiles products to healty - Purified hydrophila gauze fabric - Requirements and test methods
378ABNT NBR 16557-20162016-12-02PortugueseBaking machinery - Dough sheeters - Safety and hygiene requirements
379ABNT IEC/TS 60079-40-20162016-12-01PortugueseExplosive atmospheres Part 40: Requirements for process sealing between flammable process fluids and electrical systems
380ABNT NBR 6136 Errata 1-20162016-12-01PortugueseBlocos vazados de concreto simples para alvenaria - Requisitos
381ABNT NBR 14125-20162016-12-01PortugueseAluminum and its alloys - Surface treatment - Requirements for organic coating for architectonic purposes
382ABNT NBR 13227 Vers茫o corrigida 2-20162016-12-01PortuguesePesticides - Loss and drying determination
383ABNT NBR 16551-20162016-12-01PortugueseTextiles - Determination of certain aromatic amines derived from azo colorants accessible reductions agents
384ABNT NBR 13734-20162016-12-01PortugueseHealth products textiles - Features sheets, pillowcase and pijamas hospital
385ABNT NBR 16564-20162016-11-28PortugueseInternal combustion engines - Elastomeric sealing rings for cylinder liners assembled in the engine block - Specification and test methods
386ABNT NBR ISO 11451-1-20162016-11-28PortugueseRoad vehicles - Vehicle test methods for electrical disturbances from narrowband radiated electromagnetic energy Part 1: General principles and terminology
387ABNT NBR ISO 11565-20162016-11-28PortugueseRoad vehicles - Spark-plugs - Test methods and requirements
388ABNT NBR 10790-20162016-11-28PortugueseQuicklime, hydrated lime, and aqueous suspension of calcium hydroxide - Drinking water and wastewater treatment purposes - Specification, sampling and analytical methods
389ABNT NBR 11617-20162016-11-28PortuguesePaints - Solid Volume determination by the steel disc
390ABNT NBR 10790 Emenda 1-20162016-11-28PortugueseQuicklime, hydrated lime, and aqueous suspension of calcium hydroxide - Drinking water and wastewater treatment purposes - Specification, sampling and analytical methods
391ABNT NBR ISO 18254-1-20162016-11-28PortugueseTextiles - Method for the detection and determination of ethoxylated alkylphenols Part 1: Method using HPLC-MS
392ABNT ISO/TR 12300-20162016-11-28PortugueseHealth informatics - Principles of mapping between terminological systems
393ABNT NBR 15541-20162016-11-25PortugueseConstruction of footwear upper - Coated fabrics - Determination of the rupture for sphere
394ABNT NBR 14819-20162016-11-25PortugueseInsumes - Determination of the concentration by refraction degree
395ABNT NBR 5992-20162016-11-25PortugueseFuel ethanol - Determination of the density and alcoholic content by hydrometer
396ABNT NBR 14838-20162016-11-25PortugueseFootwear - Determination of the footwear shock absorption index
397ABNT NBR 15496-20162016-11-25PortugueseConstruction of footwear upper - Abrasion resistance determination - Martindale method
398ABNT NBR 15639-20162016-11-25PortugueseFuel ethanol - Determination of the density and alcoholic content by laboratory digital density meter
399ABNT NBR 14368-20162016-11-25PortugueseConstruction of footwear upper - Laminated textiles - Determination of colour and finishing fastness to rubbing
400ABNT NBR 15838-20162016-11-24PortugueseFootwear - Determination of the penetration of water with flexing machine
401ABNT NBR 16566-20162016-11-23PortugueseEvents - Safety management systems - Requirements
402ABNT NBR NM 343-20162016-11-22SpanishNon-destructive testing - Industrial radiography - Minimum requirements for illuminators
403ABNT ISO/TS 22789-20162016-11-22PortugueseHealth informatics - Conceptual framework for patient findings and problems in terminologies
404ABNT ISO/TS 21547-20162016-11-22PortugueseHealth informatics - Security requirements for archiving of electronic health records - Principles
405ABNT NBR ISO 1828-20162016-11-22PortugueseHealth informatics - Categorial structure for terminological systems of surgical procedures
406ABNT NBR NM ISO 5579-20162016-11-22SpanishNon-destructive testing - Radiographic testing of metallic materials using film and X- or gamma rays - Basic rule
407ABNT NBR NM ISO 16809-20162016-11-22SpanishNon-destructive testing - Ultrasonic thickness measurement
408ABNT NBR ISO 8082-2-20162016-11-22PortugueseSelf-propelled machinery for forestry - Laboratory tests and performance requirements for roll-over protective structures Part 2: Machines having a rotating platform with a cab and boom on the platform
409ABNT NBR 5123 Errata 1-20162016-11-22PortugueseRel茅 fotocontrolador intercambi谩vel e tomada para ilumina莽茫o - Especifica莽茫o e ensaios
410ABNT ISO/TS 14033-20162016-11-21PortugueseEnvironmental management - Quantitative environmental information - Guidelines and examples
411ABNT NBR 14462-5-20162016-11-17PortuguesePlastic pipe systems for the supply of gaseous fuels - Polyethylene (PE)Part 5: Fitness for purpose of the system
412ABNT NBR 14462-4-20162016-11-17PortuguesePlastic pipe systems for the supply of gaseous fuels - Polyethylene (PE)Part 4: Requirements and test of valves
413ABNT NBR 14462-3-20162016-11-17PortuguesePlastic pipe systems for the supply of gaseous fuels - Polyethylene (PE)Part 3: Requirements and tests for fittings
414ABNT NBR 14462-1-20162016-11-17PortuguesePlastic pipe systems for the supply of gaseous fuels - Polyethylene (PE) Part 1: General
415ABNT NBR 14465-20162016-11-17PortuguesePlastics pipes and fittings - Electrofusion joint for polyethilene PE 80 and PE 100 pipes and fittings - Procedure
416ABNT NBR IEC 60079-28-20162016-11-17PortugueseExplosive atmospheres Part 28: Protection of equipment and transmission systems using optical radiation
417ABNT NBR 14462-2-20162016-11-17PortuguesePlastic pipe systems for the supply of gaseous fuels - Polyethylene (PE) Part 2: Requirements and tests for pipes
418ABNT NBR ISO 6888-2-20162016-11-16PortugueseMicrobiology of food and animal feeding stuffs - Horizontal method for the enumeration of coagulase-positive staphylococci (Staphylococcus aureus and other species)Part 2: Technique using rabbit plasma fibrinogen agar medium
419ABNT NBR ISO 5356-1-20162016-11-16PortugueseAnaesthetic and respiratory equipment - Conical connectors Part 1: Cones and sockets
420ABNT NBR ISO 2725-1-20162016-11-16PortugueseAssembly tools for screws and nuts - Square drive sockets Part 1: Hand-operated sockets
421ABNT NBR 8300-20162016-11-16PortugueseHeavy thick carbon steel plates for general use - Requirements
422ABNT NBR 15595-20162016-11-16PortugueseRope access - Procedure for method application
423ABNT NBR 16264-20162016-11-16PortugueseStructured cabling for residential applications
424ABNT NBR 11799-20162016-11-16PortugueseFiltering materials - Sand, anthracite and gravel - Specification
425ABNT NBR 14464-20162016-11-16PortuguesePlastics pipes and fittings - Butt fusion jointing for polyethylene PE 80 and PE 100 pipes and fittings - Procedure
426ABNT NBR 16520-20162016-11-16PortugueseAircraft ground support equipment - Tow bars
427ABNT NBR ISO 789-3-20162016-11-16PortugueseAgricultural tractors - Test procedures Part 3: Turning and clearance diameters
428ABNT NBR 11752-20162016-11-16PortuguesePolystyrene cellular materials for thermal insulation in civil construction and cold storage - Specification
429ABNT NBR ISO 789-7-20162016-11-16PortugueseAgricultural tractors - Test procedures Part 7: Axle power determination
430ABNT NBR 15456-20162016-11-16PortugueseStorage of flammable and combustible liquids - Construction and test of dispenser pump
431ABNT NBR ISO 80000-7-20162016-11-10PortugueseQuantities and units Part 7: Light
432ABNT NBR 15701 Errata 1-20162016-11-09PortugueseConduletes met谩licos roscados e n茫o roscados para sistemas de eletrodutos
433ABNT NBR 15741-20162016-11-08PortugueseHorizontal roadmarking - Laminated elastoplastic pavement marking tape - Requirements and test methods
434ABNT NBR 15517-20162016-11-07PortuguesePesticides - Terminology
435ABNT NBR IEC 60079-14 Vers茫o Corrigida-20162016-11-07PortugueseExplosive atmospheres Part 14: Electrical installations design, selection and erection
436ABNT NBR 15498-20162016-11-04PortugueseNon-asbestos fibre-cement flat sheets - Specification and test methods
437ABNT NBR 15498 Emenda 1-20162016-11-04PortugueseNon-asbestos fibre-cement flat sheets - Requeriments and test methods
438ABNT NBR 6136 Emenda 1-20162016-11-03PortugueseHollow concrete blocks for concrete masonry - Requirements
439ABNT NBR 6136 Vers茫o Corrigida-20162016-11-03PortugueseHollow concrete blocks for concrete masonry - Requirements
440ABNT NBR 16529-20162016-11-01PortugueseMotorcycle and similars vehicles - Evaporative emission determination
441ABNT NBR 5356-9-20162016-11-01PortuguesePower transformers Part 9: Receiving, storage, erection and maintenance of liquid insulated power transformers and reactors
442ABNT NBR ISO 2589-20162016-11-01PortugueseLeather - Physical and mechanical tests - Determination of thickness
443ABNT NBR ISO 11641-20162016-11-01PortugueseLeather - Tests for colour fastness - Colour fastness to perspiration
444ABNT NBR ISO 11136-20162016-11-01PortugueseSensory analysis - Methodology - General guidance for conducting hedonic tests with consumers in a controlled area
445ABNT NBR ISO 80000-5-20162016-11-01PortugueseQuantities and units Part 5: Thermodynamics
446ABNT NBR IEC 60695-2-11 Errata 1-20162016-10-28PortugueseEnsaios relativos ao risco de fogo Parte 2-11: Ensaio de fio incandescente - M茅todo de ensaio deinflamabilidade para produtos acabados (GWEPT)
447ABNT NBR 16537 Errata 1-20162016-10-27PortugueseAcessibilidade - Sinaliza莽茫o t谩til no piso - Diretrizes para elabora莽茫o de projetos e instala莽茫o
448ABNT NBR IEC 80000-6-20162016-10-27PortugueseQuantities and units Part 6: Electromagnetism
449ABNT NBR IEC 80000-13-20162016-10-27PortugueseQuantities and units Part 13: Information science and technology
450ABNT NBR ISO 80000-11-20162016-10-27PortugueseQuantities and units Part 11: Characteristic numbers
451ABNT ISO/TS 14265-20162016-10-26PortugueseHealth informatics - Classification of purposes for processing personal health information
452ABNT NBR 16559-20162016-10-26PortuguesePaints, varnishes and accessories for automotive refinishing - Determination of lead content, cadmium and cobalt in paint by atomic absorption spectrophotometry or emission spectrometry by inductively coupled plasma
453ABNT NBR ISO 30301-20162016-10-26PortugueseInformation and documentation - Management systems for records - Requirements
454ABNT NBR ISO 30300-20162016-10-26PortugueseInformation and documentation - Management systems for records - Fundamentals and vocabulary
455ABNT NBR 16064 Vers茫o Corrigida-20162016-10-26PortugueseTextiles for health - Surgical drapes, gowns and clothes for cleanroom used for patients, health professionals and equipment - Requirements and test methods
456ABNT NBR 9429-20162016-10-25PortugueseFlexible polyurethane foam - Dimensions determination
457ABNT NBR 8910-20162016-10-25PortugueseFlexible polyurethane foam - Determination of compressive strength
458ABNT NBR 16536-20162016-10-25PortugueseGeographical Indication - Guidelines for structuring of Geographical Indications for product
459ABNT NBR 10630-20162016-10-21PortugueseGemstones - Terminology and Classification
460ABNT NBR 11628-20162016-10-21PortugueseThermal insulation based on mineral fibers - Determination of non-fibered material content (shot)
461ABNT NBR 11530-20162016-10-21PortugueseFluorspar for steel mill - Determination of silica and calcium fluoride content
462ABNT NBR ISO 11545-20162016-10-18PortugueseAgricultural irrigation equipment - Centre-pivot and moving lateral irrigation machines with sprayer or sprinkler nozzles - Determination of uniformity of water distribution
463ABNT NBR 14554-20162016-10-18PortugueseSuperior construction of the shoe - Synthetic laminates - Determination of mass per unit area (gramage)
464ABNT IEC/TR 60977-20162016-10-14PortugueseMedical electrical equipment - Medical electron accelerators - Guidelines for functional performance characteristics
465ABNT NBR 14822-20162016-10-14PortugueseConstruction of footwear upper - Synthetic laminated - Determination of stitching resistance to dynamic and static traction test
466ABNT NBR 16511-20162016-10-14PortugueseLeather - Chemical tests - Preparation of chemical test samples (ISO 4044:2008, MOD)
467ABNT NBR 15339-20162016-10-14PortugueseConstruction inferior of the shoes - Base material for assembly insole - Determination of the absortion and flexing
468ABNT NBR 8817-20162016-10-14PortugueseFerroalloy - Determination of silicon, aluminum, calcium, phosphorus and carbon in iron-silicon alloys
469ABNT NBR IEC 60079-2-20162016-10-13PortugueseExplosive atmospheres Part 2: Equipment protection by pressurized enclosure "p"
470ABNT NBR 15424-20162016-10-13PortugueseNon-destructive testing - Thermography - Terminology
471ABNT NBR ISO 8210-20162016-10-13PortugueseEquipment for harvesting - Combine harvesters - Test procedure
472ABNT NBR 16547-20162016-10-13PortuguesePaints for automotive refinishing - Determination of low concentrations of mercury in paint by atomic absorption spectrometry
473ABNT NBR ISO 7914-20162016-10-13PortugueseForestry machinery - Portable chain-saws - Minimum handle clearance and sizes
474ABNT NBR 15711-20162016-10-11PortugueseOrthopedic implants - Stemmed metallic hip femoral prosthesis - Requirements
475ABNT NBR 16552-20162016-10-11PortugueseLaminated sheets of uncoated steel - Defects of surface, shape and dimensions - Terminology
476ABNT NBR 15670-3-20162016-10-11PortugueseOrthopedic implants - Modular orthopedic prosthesis Part 3: Guidelines to define tests for evaluating modular hip and knee joint components
477ABNT NBR 16545-20162016-10-11PortugueseHigh thickness coatings of polyurea and hybrid polyurea/polyurethane systems - Performance requirements
478ABNT NBR ISO 5841-3-20162016-10-10PortugueseImplants for surgery - Cardiac pacemakers Part 3: Low-profile connectors (IS-1) for implantable pacemakers
479ABNT NBR 16549-2-20162016-10-10PortugueseFuel ethanol - Determination of sulfur content Part 2: Monochromatic wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry method (MWDXRF)
480ABNT NBR 16549-1-20162016-10-10PortugueseFuel ethanol - Determination of sulfur content Part 1: Wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry method (WDXRF)
481ABNT NBR 6560-20162016-10-10PortugueseAsphaltic binders - Determination of the softening point - Ring-and-ball method
482ABNT NBR ISO 14708-2-20162016-10-10PortugueseParte 2: Marca-passos card铆acos Part 2: Cardiac pacemakers
483ABNT NBR 15334-20162016-10-07PortugueseAdventure tourism - Safety management systems - Competency requirements for assessors
484ABNT NBR 14261-20162016-10-07PortugueseRoad vehicles - Prediluted aqueous engine coolant A, B and C - Requirements and test methods
485ABNT NBR 10476-20162016-10-07PortugueseElectroplated zinc coating on iron or steel - Specification
486ABNT NBR 16516-20162016-10-07PortugueseDesign services - Terminology
487ABNT NBR ISO 3856-5-20162016-10-06PortuguesePaints and varnishes - Determination of "soluble" metal content Part 5: Determination of hexavalent chromium content of the pigment portion of the liquid paint or the paint in powder form - Diphenylcarbazide spectrophotometric method
488ABNT NBR 5753-20162016-10-06PortuguesePortland cement - Pozzolanicity test for pozzolanic cements
489ABNT NBR 16527-20162016-10-06PortugueseGrounding for distributions systems
490ABNT NBR 6339-20162016-10-05PortugueseSteel - Determination of hardenability (Jominy test)
491ABNT NBR 15613-4-20162016-10-05PortugueseSurgical implants - Corrosion resistance Part 4: Pitting or crevice corrosion test of metallic surgical implant materials
492ABNT NBR ISO 3266-20162016-10-04PortugueseForged steel eyebolts grade 4 for general lifting purposes
493ABNT NBR ISO 13934-1-20162016-10-04PortugueseTextiles - Tensile properties of fabrics Part 1: Determination of maximum force and elongation at maximum force using the strip method
494ABNT NBR ISO 13934-2-20162016-10-04PortugueseTextiles - Tensile properties of fabrics Part 2: Determination of maximum force using the grab test method
495ABNT NBR ISO 3266 Emenda 1-20162016-10-04PortugueseForged steel eyebolts grade 4 for general lifting purposes
496ABNT NBR 11410-20162016-10-04PortugueseRoad vehicles - Automatic hitch and ball hitch for trucks and trailers - Requirements
497ABNT NBR 16497-20162016-10-04PortuguesePlaster mineralized plate for removable liner modular - Requirements
498ABNT NBR 16519-20162016-10-04PortuguesePlaster mineralized plate for removable liner modular - Test method
499ABNT NBR 16521-20162016-10-04PortugueseIndustrial structured cabling
500ABNT ISO/TS 17439-20162016-10-04PortugueseHealth informatics - Development of terms and definitions for health informatics glossaries