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Posstandard Numberpublication dateLanguageDescription
1ABNT NBR 9232-20042004-12-31PortugueseInsumes - Fatty matter - Determination of the emulsion stability to water
2ABNT NBR 15168-20042004-12-31PortugueseInsumes - Tensoactives - Determination of the haze point
3ABNT NBR ISO 68-1-20042004-12-31PortugueseISO general purpose metric screw threads - Basic profile Part 1: Metric screw threads
4ABNT NBR NM 297-20042004-12-31SpanishPatterned glass
5ABNT NBR 15247-20042004-12-31PortugueseSecure storage units - Data rooms and data containers - Classification and methods of test for resistance to fire
6ABNT NBR 11819 Vers茫o Corrigida-20042004-12-31PortugueseGlass flasks for pharmaceutical products
7ABNT NBR 11023-20042004-12-31PortugueseInsumes - Dyestuff - Approximate determination of solubility
8ABNT NBR 14086-20042004-12-31PortugueseDry-set portland cement mortars - Bulk density
9ABNT NBR 11062-20042004-12-31PortugueseInsumes - Lacquers e binders - Determination of the total solid content - Method of test
10ABNT NBR ISO 965-5-20042004-12-31PortugueseISO general purpose metric screw threads - Tolerances Part 5: Limits of sizes for internal screw threads to mate with hot-dip galvanized external screw threads with maximum size of tolerance position h before galvanizing
11ABNT NBR 11067-20042004-12-31PortugueseInsumes - Dyestuff - Determination of the stability to acids
12ABNT NBR ISO 6392-1-20042004-12-31PortugueseEarth-moving machinary - Lubrification fittings Part 1: Nipple type
13ABNT NBR ISO 965-4-20042004-12-31PortugueseISO general purpose metric screw threads - Tolerances Part 4: Limits of sizes for hot-dip galvanized external screw threads to mate with internal screw threaded tapered with tolerance position H and G after galvanizing
14ABNT NBR ISO 965-3-20042004-12-31PortugueseISO general purpose metric screw threads - Tolerances Part 3: Deviations for constructional screw threads
15ABNT NBR 15178-20042004-12-31PortugueseRubber hoses for water suction and discharge
16ABNT NBR 11033-20042004-12-31PortugueseInsumes - Binders - Film preparation - Procedure
17ABNT NBR 15167-20042004-12-31PortugueseInsumes - Deliming agents - Determination of nitrogen content
18ABNT NBR 15184-20042004-12-31PortugueseBituminous materials - Viscosity determination of asphalt at elevated temperatures using a rotational viscometer
19ABNT NBR ISO 6392-2-20042004-12-31PortugueseEarth-moving machinary - Lubrification fittings Part 2: Grease-gun nozzles
20ABNT NBR ISO 965-2-20042004-12-31PortugueseISO general purpose metric screw threads - Tolerances Part 2: Limits of sizes for general purpose external and internal screw threads - Medium quality
21ABNT NBR 12624-20042004-11-30PortugueseElastomeric profile for sealing concrete or steel structure expansion joint - Requirements
22ABNT NBR 15164-20042004-11-30PortugueseUpholstered furniture - Sofa
23ABNT NBR IEC 60998-1-20042004-11-30PortugueseConnecting devices for low-voltage circuits for household and similar purpose Part 1: General requirements
24ABNT NBR 14005 Errata 1-20042004-11-30PortugueseMedidor velocim茅trico para 谩gua fria, de 15 m 3 /h at茅 1500 m 3 /h de vaz茫o nominal
25ABNT NBR 15169-20042004-11-30PortugueseAerospace - Foreign object damage/foreign object debris (FOD) prevention
26ABNT NBR NM 60335-2-45 Vers茫o Corrigida-20042004-11-30SpanishHousehold and similar electrical appliances - Safety Part 2-45: Particular requirements for portable heating tools and similar appliances (IEC 60335-2-45:1996, MOD)
27ABNT NBR NM 289-20042004-11-30SpanishClinical laboratory - Procedures for the coloration by the method of Gram-H眉cker
28ABNT NBR 15180-20042004-11-30PortugueseRoad Vehicle - Vehicle identification number (VIN) - Reengraving
29ABNT NBR ISO 5833-20042004-11-30PortugueseImplants for surgery - Acrylic resin cements
30ABNT NBR NM 295-20042004-11-30SpanishWires glass
31ABNT NBR 15166-20042004-11-30PortugueseModified asphalt - Test method for phase separation
32ABNT NBR 15145-20042004-10-29PortugueseAcoustics - Measurement of noise emitted by accelerating road vehicles - Engineering method
33ABNT NBR 15148-20042004-10-29PortugueseRoad vehicles - Clutch system - Avaliation of rattle noise
34ABNT NBR 15149-20042004-10-29PortuguesePolyethylene innerduct systems for telecommunications - Verification of traction resistance of corrugated innerduct
35ABNT NBR IEC 61058-1-20042004-10-29PortugueseSwitches for appliances Part 1: General requirements
36ABNT NBR 15147-20042004-10-29PortugueseReciprocating internal combustion engines - Vocabulary of components and systems - Cooling systems
37ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 14598-6-20042004-10-29PortugueseSoftware engineering - Product evaluation Part 6: Documentation of evaluation modules
38ABNT NBR NM 60669-1-20042004-10-29SpanishSwitches for household and similar fixed-electrical installations Part 1: General requirements
39ABNT NBR ISO 10486-20042004-10-29PortuguesePassanger cars - Car radio identification number (CRIN)
40ABNT NBR NM 300-5-20042004-09-30SpanishSafety of toys Part 5: Chemical toys (sets) other than experimental sets
41ABNT NBR 5410 Vers茫o Corrigida-20042004-09-30PortugueseElectrical installations of buildings - Low voltage
42ABNT NBR NM 301-20042004-09-30SpanishBicycles - Safety requirements for bicycles for young children
43ABNT NBR NM ISO 10791-8-20042004-09-30SpanishTest conditions for machining centres Part 8: Evaluation of contouring performance in the three coordinate planes
44ABNT NBR NM 300-1 Vers茫o corrigida-20042004-09-30SpanishSafety of toys Part 1: Safety aspects related to mechanical and physical properties
45ABNT NBR NM 300-3 Vers茫o corrigida-20042004-09-30SpanishSafety of toys Part 3: Migration of certain elements
46ABNT NBR NM 300-2-20042004-09-30SpanishSafety of toys Part 2: Flammability
47ABNT NBR NM 300-6-20042004-09-30SpanishSafety of toys Part 6: Safety of electrical toys
48ABNT NBR 15103 Vers茫o Corrigida-20042004-09-30PortugueseChain cables and accessories - Classification, designation and definition
49ABNT NBR ISO 15649-20042004-09-30PortuguesePetroleum and natural gas industries - Piping
50ABNT NBR NM ISO 10791-9-20042004-09-30SpanishTest conditions for machining centres Part 9: Evaluation of the operating times of tool change and pallet change
51ABNT NBR 11776-20042004-09-30PortugueseHigh carbon chromium steels for roller bearings - Specification
52ABNT NBR NM 300-4-20042004-09-30SpanishSafety of toys Part 4: Experimental sets for chemistry and related activities
53ABNT NBR ISO 6012-20042004-08-31PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Service instrumentation
54ABNT NBR 15135-20042004-08-31PortuguesePaper, board and pulp - Determination of water soluble sulphates
55ABNT NBR 9848-20042004-08-31PortugueseLiquid caustic soda - Determination of silica - Spectrophotometric
56ABNT NBR 15132-20042004-08-31PortugueseLiquid caustic soda - Determinarion of sulphate - Spectrophometric method
57ABNT NBR 15131-20042004-08-31PortugueseLiquid caustic soda - Determination of chloride - Turbidimetric method
58ABNT NBR 15130-20042004-08-31PortuguesePaper and board - Determination of CIE whiteness, C/2掳 (indoor illumination conditions)
59ABNT NBR ISO 6682-20042004-08-31PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Zones of confort and reach for controls
60ABNT NBR ISO 6302-20042004-08-31PortugueseEarth-moving - Drain, fill and level plugs
61ABNT NBR 15116-20042004-08-31PortugueseRecycled aggregate of solid residue of building construtions - Requeriments and methodologies
62ABNT NBR 8077-20042004-08-31PortugueseLiquid caustic soda - Determination of sulphate - Gravimetric method
63ABNT NBR IEC 60439-2-20042004-08-31PortugueseLow-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies Part 2: Particular requirements for busbar trunking systems (busways)
64ABNT NBR 15136 Vers茫o Corrigida-20042004-08-31PortugueseAeroespace - Key characteristics management
65ABNT NBR NM ISO 2469-20042004-08-31SpanishPaper, board and pulps - Measurement of difuse reflectance factor
66ABNT NBR ISO 7096-20042004-08-31PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Laboratory evaluation of operator seat vibration
67ABNT NBR ISO 6749-20042004-08-31PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Preservation and storage
68ABNT NBR 7541-20042004-07-30PortugueseSeamless copper tube for refrigeration and air conditioning - Requirements
69ABNT NBR 15121-20042004-07-30PortugueseRadio interference test on high-voltage insulators
70ABNT NBR 15125-20042004-07-30PortugueseRubber hoses for water and air - Requirements
71ABNT NBR NM 60898-20042004-07-30SpanishElectrical acessories - Circuit breakesr for overcurrent protection for household and similar installations (IEC 60898:1995, MOD)
72ABNT NBR 15117-20042004-07-30PortugueseCast iron gate valves flanged and threaded ends
73ABNT NBR 7247-20042004-07-30PortugueseWelded copper tube - General requirements
74ABNT NBR 15124-20042004-07-30PortugueseInsulator of ceramic material or glass for nominal voltage above 1000 V - Puncture test
75ABNT NBR 5030-20042004-07-30PortugueseSeamless copper tube - Requirements
76ABNT NBR 15109-20042004-07-30PortugueseEvaluation of VCLs protective efficiency - VCI Paper - Volatile corrosion inhibitor
77ABNT NBR 15110-20042004-07-30PortugueseUndergroud or directed buried metalic procted optical fiber cable
78ABNT NBR NM IEC 60335-2-8-20042004-06-30SpanishHousehold and similar electrical appliances - Safety Part 2-8: Particular requirements for shavers, hair clippers and similar appliances
79ABNT NBR ISO 19900-20042004-06-30PortuguesePetroleum and natural gas industries - General requirements for offshore structures
80ABNT NBR 8130 Emenda 1-20042004-06-30PortugueseAquecedor de 谩gua a g谩s tipo instant芒neo - Requisitos e m茅todos de ensaio
81ABNT NBR 15113-20042004-06-30PortugueseConstruction and demolition wastes - Landfills - Lines of direction for project, implantation and operation
82ABNT NBR 15114-20042004-06-30PortugueseConstruction and demolition wastes - Recycling areas - Lines of direction for project, implantation and operation
83ABNT NBR 12225-20042004-06-30PortugueseInformation and documentation - Spine - Presentation
84ABNT NBR 15115-20042004-06-30PortugueseRecycled aggregates of construction and demolition wastes - Construction of pavement layers - Procedures
85ABNT NBR ISO 1502-20042004-06-30PortugueseISO general-purpose metric scrrew threads - Gauges and gauging
86ABNT NBR NM ISO 1984-1-20042004-06-30SpanishTest conditions for manually controlled milling machines with table of fixed height - Testing of the accuracy Part 1: Machines with horizontal spindle
87ABNT NBR NM ISO 3842-20042004-06-30SpanishRoad vehicles - Fifth wheel - Interchangeability
88ABNT NBR 15112-20042004-06-30PortugueseConstruction and demolition wastes - Selection areas - Lines of direction for project, implantation and operation
89ABNT NBR 8130-20042004-06-30PortugueseInstantaneous gas water heaters - Requirements and test methods
90ABNT NBR 10005-20042004-05-31PortugueseProcedure for obtention leaching extract of solid wastes
91ABNT NBR NM 293-20042004-05-31SpanishTerminology for flat glass and components for its applications
92ABNT NBR NM 294-20042004-05-31SpanishFloat glass
93ABNT NBR 10004-20042004-05-31PortugueseSolid waste - Classification
94ABNT NBR ISO 1478-20042004-05-31PortugueseTapping screw thread
95ABNT NBR 10006-20042004-05-31PortugueseProcedure for obtention of solubilized extraction of solid wastes
96ABNT NBR 10007-20042004-05-31PortugueseSampling of solid waste
97ABNT NBR 14770 Emenda 1-20042004-05-31PortugueseCabos coaxiais r铆gidos com imped芒ncia de 75 O para redes de banda larga - Especifica莽玫es
98ABNT NBR 14770-20042004-05-31Portuguese75 O rigid coaxial cables (trunk, feeder and distribution coaxial cables) for using in large band - Specification
99ABNT NBR 14702 Emenda 1-20042004-05-31PortugueseCabos coaxiais flex铆veis com imped芒ncia de 75 O - Especifica莽茫o
100ABNT NBR 14702-20042004-05-31Portuguese75 O felxible coaxial cables (drop cables) for using in large band - Specification
101ABNT NBR 15077-20042004-05-31PortuguesePaints for buildings - Method for performance evaluation of paints for non industrial buildings - Instrumental determination of color and color diferences
102ABNT NBR IEC 60439-3-20042004-05-31PortugueseLow-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies Part 3: Particular requirements for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies intended to be installed in places where unskilled persons have access for their use - Distribution boards
103ABNT NBR 15078 Vers茫o Corrigida-20042004-05-31PortuguesePaints for buildings - Method for performance evaluation for non industrial buildings - Determination of wet abrasion resistence without abrasive paste
104ABNT NBR 15080-20042004-05-31PortugueseTourism - Travel agent
105ABNT NBR 15081-20042004-05-31PortugueseTourism - Travel agency manager
106ABNT NBR 15083-20042004-05-31PortugueseGlobo and angle valves, flanged and threaded ends
107ABNT NBR 15084-20042004-05-31PortugueseLocalized irrigation - Microsprinkler - General requirements and test methods
108ABNT NBR 15085-20042004-05-31PortugueseAtmospheric corrosion - Measurement of time-of-wetness on exposed surfaces
109ABNT NBR 15093-20042004-05-31PortugueseOphthalmic optics - Format of digital data files for data transfer for profiling of spectacle lenses - Two-dimensional tracers
110ABNT ISO/TR 14062-20042004-05-31PortugueseEnvironmental management - Integrating environmental aspects into product design and development
111ABNT NBR ISO 10012-20042004-04-30PortugueseMeasurement management systems - Requirements for measurement processes and measuring equipment
112ABNT NBR NM 87 Errata 2-20042004-04-30SpanishA莽o carbono e ligados para constru莽茫o mec芒nica - Designa莽茫o e composi莽茫o qu铆mica
113ABNT NBR ISO 10268-20042004-04-30PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Retarders for dumpers and tractor-scrapers - Performance tests
114ABNT NBR ISO 9248-20042004-04-30PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Units for dimensions, performance and capacities, and their measurement accuracies
115ABNT NBR ISO 14644-4-20042004-04-30PortugueseCleanrooms and Associated Controlled Environments Part 4: Design, Construction and Start-up
116ABNT NBR ISO 8925-20042004-04-30PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Diagnostic ports
117ABNT NBR 14931-20042004-04-30PortugueseExecution of concrete structures - Procedure
118ABNT NBR 14931 Emenda-20042004-04-30PortugueseExecution of concrete structures - Procedure
119ABNT NBR ISO 14024-20042004-04-30PortugueseEnvironmental labels and declarations - Type l environmental labelling - Principles and procedures
120ABNT NBR 14031-20042004-04-30PortuguesePulp - Determinatio of drainability using Schopper-Riegler apparatus
121ABNT NBR NM ISO 1726 Errata 1-20042004-04-30SpanishVe铆culos rodovi谩rios - Acoplamento mec芒nico entre caminh茫o trator e semi-reboque - Intercambiabilidade
122ABNT NBR ISO 12634-20042004-04-30PortugueseGraphic technology - Determination of tack of paste inks and vehicles by a rotary tackmeter
123ABNT NBR ISO 9245-20042004-04-30PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Machine productivity - Vocabulary, symbols and units
124ABNT NBR NM 274 Errata 1-20042004-04-30SpanishCabos flex铆veis isolados com borracha de silicone unipolares sem cobertura e multipolares com cobertura, resistentes ao calor, para tens玫es nominais at茅 450/750 V, inclusive
125ABNT NBR 13866-20042004-04-30PortugueseTempered glass for domestic appliances of the white line
126ABNT NBR 14660-20042004-04-30PortugueseWood - Sampling and preparation
127ABNT NBR 15055 Vers茫o Corrigida-20042004-04-30PortugueseBronze gate, globe, angle and check valves
128ABNT NBR 15064-20042004-04-30PortuguesePaper and board - Determination of bursting strenght after immersion in water
129ABNT NBR 15065-20042004-04-30PortuguesePaper - Measurement of dimensional change after immersion in water
130ABNT NBR ISO 10264-20042004-04-30PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Key-locked starting systems
131ABNT NBR 15066-20042004-04-30PortugueseWood and pulp - Determination of fibre dimensions - Optical microscopy method
132ABNT NBR 15067-20042004-04-30PortuguesePaper and board - Cut-size office paper - Measurement of curl in a pack of sheets
133ABNT NBR 15069-20042004-04-30PortuguesePulp - Determination of fibre length by automated optical analysis - polarized light method
134ABNT NBR ISO 4510-2-20042004-04-30PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Service tools Part 2: Mechanical pullers and pushers
135ABNT NBR 15073-20042004-04-30PortuguesePVC and PE pipes for underground drainage for agriculture pupose
136ABNT NBR ISO 4510-1-20042004-04-30PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Service tools Part 1: Common maintenance and adjustment tools
137ABNT NBR 15074-20042004-04-30PortugueseAluminum and its alloys discardable semi-rigid trays for foods
138ABNT NBR 15076-20042004-04-30PortugueseFlame supervision devices for gas-burning appliances - Thermo-electric flame supervision devices
139ABNT NBR ISO 10266-20042004-04-30PortugueseEarth-moving machinery- Determination of slope limits for machine fluid systems operation - static test method
140ABNT NBR NM 122 Errata 1-20042004-04-30PortugueseA莽os ferramentas - Classifica莽茫o, designa莽茫o e composi莽茫o qu铆mica
141ABNT NBR 13041-20042004-03-31PortugueseNonwoven - Determination of tensile strength and elongation
142ABNT NBR 13434-1-20042004-03-31PortugueseFire safety signs Part 1: Design principles
143ABNT NBR NM ISO 10791-5-20042004-03-31SpanishTest conditions for machining centres Part 5: Accuracy and repeatability of positioning of work-holding pallets
144ABNT NBR NM 290-5-20042004-03-31Spanish"NOT GO" gauging members over 40 mm up to 250 mm nominal diameter for use in precision enginneering
145ABNT NBR 15051-20042004-03-31PortugueseClinical laboratory - Waste managemente
146ABNT NBR 13484-20042004-03-31PortuguesePlane fabrics - Classification based on inspection for defects pontuation
147ABNT NBR 14990-7 Vers茫o Corrigida-20042004-03-31PortuguesePackaging systems and materials for sterilization of health products sterilization Part 7: Pouch and tube for ethilene oxide sterilization
148ABNT NBR NM ISO 230-3-20042004-03-31SpanishTest code for machine tools Part 3: Determination of thermal effects
149ABNT NBR 15052-20042004-03-31PortugueseNonwovens - Products for odonto-medical-hospital use - Performance of surgical mask
150ABNT NBR 15053-20042004-03-31PortugueseHospital textile article - Surgical pad - Requiriments and test methods
151ABNT NBR NM 290-1-20042004-03-31Spanish"NOT GO" geuging members Part 1: For holes from 1 mm up to 40 mm nominal diameter
152ABNT NBR 15016-20042004-03-31PortugueseLiquid caustic soda - Determination of chloride - argentometric method (method A) and mercurimetric method (method B)
153ABNT NBR 15049-20042004-03-31PortugueseStandard teste methods for testing bond performance of bonded anchors
154ABNT NBR NM 290-2-20042004-03-31Spanish"NOT GO" gauging members with spherical ends over 40 mm at茅 up to 500 mm nominal diameter
155ABNT NBR NM ISO 10791-6-20042004-03-31SpanishTest conditions for machining centres Part 6: Accuracy of feeds, speeds and interpolations
156ABNT NBR NM 290-3-20042004-03-31Spanish"NOT GO" segmental cylindrical bar gauging members for holes over 120 mm up to 200 mm nominal diameter
157ABNT NBR NM 290-4-20042004-03-31Spanish"NOT GO" cylindrical gauging members over 40 mm up to 120 mm nominal diameter
158ABNT NBR 13434-2-20042004-03-31PortugueseFire safety signs Part 2: Symbols and their shapes, sizes and colors
159ABNT NBR 8681 Errata 1-20042004-03-31PortugueseA莽玫es e seguran莽a nas estruturas - Procedimento
160ABNT NBR 9847-20042004-03-30PortugueseLiquid caustic soda - Determination of mercury - Atomic absorption method
161ABNT ISO/IEC GUIA 68-20042004-03-29PortugueseArrangements for the recognition and acceptance of conformity assessment results
162ABNT NBR 9851-20042004-02-27PortugueseLiquid caustic soda - Determination of chlorate - Titrimetric method
163ABNT NBR 15030-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Hospitality for operacional professionals - Personal competence
164ABNT NBR 15031-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Hospitality for supervisors and manager - Personal competence
165ABNT NBR 15032-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Hospitality for trainers - Personal competence
166ABNT NBR 15033-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Food handlers who works at tourism sector - Food safety
167ABNT NBR 15034-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Can-fix-it - Personal competence
168ABNT NBR 15035-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Front desk with polivalent function - Personal competence
169ABNT NBR 15036-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Front desk with specialized function - Personal competence
170ABNT NBR 15037-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Camping manager - Personal competence
171ABNT NBR 15038-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Concierge in lodging establishment
172ABNT NBR 15018-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Restaurant server im polyvalent function - Personal competence
173ABNT NBR 15039-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Bell boy - Personal competence
174ABNT NBR 15040-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Night auditor or in lodging establishment - Personal competence
175ABNT NBR 15041-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourismo - Reservation executive - Personal competence
176ABNT NBR 15042-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Front desk - Manager - Lodging establishment
177ABNT NBR 15043-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Reservation attendant - Personal competence
178ABNT NBR 15044-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Manager of lodging establishment - Personal competence
179ABNT NBR 15045-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Housekeeping manager - Personal competence
180ABNT NBR 15046-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Hotel doorman - Personal competence
181ABNT NBR 15047-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Housekeeper - Personal competence
182ABNT NBR 15048-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Supervisor who works at tourism sector - Food safety
183ABNT NBR 15050-20042004-02-27PortugueseNonwovens - Determination of compression and recovery at room temperature using weights and plates
184ABNT NBR 15029-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Cashier - Personal competence
185ABNT NBR 15023-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Pizza maker - Personal competence
186ABNT NBR 15022-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Barbecue cooker - Personal competence
187ABNT NBR 15021-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Kitchen cooker with specialized function - Personal competence
188ABNT NBR 8076-20042004-02-27PortugueseLiquid caustic soda - Determination of iron - Spectrophotometric methods - Orthophenanthroline (method A) and potassium thiocyanate (method B)
189ABNT NBR 15024-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Bartender - Personal competence
190ABNT NBR 15025-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Busperson - Personal competence
191ABNT NBR 15020-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Ma卯tre - Personal competence
192ABNT NBR 15019-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Restaurant server in specialized function - Personal competence
193ABNT NBR 15026-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Baker - Personal competence
194ABNT NBR 15027-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - kitchen manager - Personal competence
195ABNT NBR 15028-20042004-02-27PortugueseTourism - Sommelier - Personal competence
196ABNT NBR NM ISO 5636-1-20032003-12-30SpanishPaper and board - Determination of air permanence (medium range)Part 1: General Method
197ABNT NBR 15014-20032003-12-30PortugueseUninterruptible power systems - Terminology
198ABNT NBR NM ISO 8791-1-20032003-12-30SpanishPaper and board - Determination of roughness or smoothness (air leak methods)Part 1: General method
199ABNT NBR 5020-20032003-12-30PortugueseSeamless copper tube for general purpose - Requirements
200ABNT NBR NM 224-20032003-12-30SpanishPneumatic assembly - Terminology
201ABNT NBR NM ISO 5628-20032003-12-30SpanishPaper and board - Determination of bending stiffness by static methods - General principles
202ABNT NBR 14999-20032003-11-30PortuguesePaper and board - Determination of colour (C/2掳) - Diffuse reflectance method
203ABNT NBR 6028-20032003-11-30PortugueseInforma莽茫o and documenta莽茫o - Abstracts - Presentation
204ABNT NBR NM ISO 13853-20032003-11-30SpanishSafety of machinery - Safety distances to prevent danger zones being reached by the lower limbs
205ABNT NBR 10334-20032003-11-30PortugueseBabie麓s dummies - Safety
206ABNT NBR 15001-20032003-11-30PortugueseHousehold electrical instantaneous water heaters - Determination of the energetic efficiency
207ABNT NBR ISO 7852-20032003-10-30PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Plough bolt heads - Shapes and dimensions (excluding thread dimensions)
208ABNT NBR ISO 7643-20032003-10-30PortugueseCaravan and light trailers - Trailers of caregories O 1 e O 2 with overrun brakes - Linear
209ABNT NBR 14968 Errata 1-20032003-10-30PortugueseV谩lvula-gaveta de ferro fundido nodular com cunha emborrachada - Requisitos
210ABNT NBR 14989-20032003-10-30PortugueseSpace systems - Space environments - Model of galactic cosmic rays
211ABNT NBR ISO 12508-20032003-10-30PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Operator station and maintenance areas - Bluntness of edges
212ABNT NBR 14992-20032003-10-30PortuguesePortland cement麓s mortar to flush ceramic tiles
213ABNT NBR NM IEC 60811-2-1-20032003-09-30SpanishCommon test methods for insulating and sheathing materials of electric and optical cables Part 2-1: Methods specific to elastomeric compounds - Ozone resistance, hot set and mineral oil immersion tests
214ABNT NBR 14984-20032003-09-30PortugueseWood - Determination of bulk density of chips
215ABNT NBR 14320-20032003-09-30PortuguesePaper, board and pulp - Determination of water soluble chlorides - Method for high purity products
216ABNT NBR 14319 Emenda 1-20032003-09-30PortuguesePapel, cart茫o e pasta celul贸sica - Deterrmina莽茫o de cloretos sol煤veis em 谩gua - M茅todo geral por potenciometria
217ABNT NBR 14319-20032003-09-30PortuguesePaper, board and pulp - Determination of water soluble chlorides - General method
218ABNT NBR NM 282-2-20032003-09-30Spanish"Go" gauging members over 40 mm up to 120 mm nominal diameter
219ABNT NBR NM IEC 60811-1-4-20032003-09-30SpanishCommon test methods for insulating and sheating materials of electric and optical cables Part 1-4: Methods for general application - Tests at low temperature
220ABNT NBR NM 282-1-20032003-09-30Spanish"Go" gauging members for holes from 1 mm up to 40 mm nominal diameter
221ABNT NBR 14003 Errata 1-20032003-09-30PortuguesePasta celul贸sicas - Determina莽茫o da consist锚ncia
222ABNT NBR NM 282-3-20032003-09-30Spanish"Go" gauging members for holes over 120 mm up to 200 mm nominal diameter
223ABNT NBR NM 282-4-20032003-09-30Spanish"GO" gauging members for holes over 40 mm up to 250 mm nominal diameter for precision mechanics
224ABNT NBR 14974-1-20032003-08-30PortugueseCalcium silicate brick for masonry Part 1: Requirement dimensions and methods of test
225ABNT NBR 14977-20032003-08-30PortugueseOptical fibers - Splice loss - Method of test
226ABNT NBR ISO 594-1-20032003-08-30PortugueseConical fittings with a 6% (Luer) taper for syringes, needles and certain other medical equipment Part 1: General requirements
227ABNT NBR ISO 594-2-20032003-08-30PortugueseConical fittings with 6% (Luer) taper for syringes, needles and certain other medical equipment Part 2: Lock fittings
228ABNT NBR ISO 12511-20032003-08-30PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Hour meters
229ABNT NBR ISO 13333-20032003-08-30PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Dumper body support and operators cab tilt support devices
230ABNT NBR ISO 3084-20032003-08-30PortugueseIron ores - Experimentals methods for evaluation of quality variation
231ABNT NBR ISO 3085 Vers茫o Corrigida-20032003-08-30PortugueseIron ores - Experimental methods for checking the precision of sampling, sample preparation and measurement
232ABNT NBR ISO 7886-2-20032003-08-30PortugueseSterile hypodermic syringes for single-use Part 2: Syringes for use with power-driven syringes pumps
233ABNT NBR 11816-20032003-08-30PortugueseSterilization - Vaccum steam sterilizers for health products
234ABNT NBR 14974-2-20032003-08-30PortugueseCalcium silicate bricks for mansory Part 2: Procedure for application
235ABNT NBR ISO 9626 Emenda 1-20032003-07-31PortugueseTubo para agulha de a莽o inoxid谩vel para fabrica莽茫o de dispositivos m茅dicos
236ABNT NBR 14970-3-20032003-07-30PortugueseAutomotive vehicle accessibility Part 3: Guidelines for evaluating handicapped drivers ability to drive an appropriate vehicle
237ABNT NBR 14970-2-20032003-07-30PortugueseAutomotive vehicle accessibility Part 2: Guidelines for medical evaluation of handicapped drivers
238ABNT NBR 14970-1-20032003-07-30PortugueseAutomotive vehicle accessibility Part 1: Driving requirements
239ABNT NBR 14968 Vers茫o Corrigida-20032003-07-30PortugueseDuctile iron gate valve with rubber coated gate - Requirements
240ABNT NBR 14967-20032003-07-30PortugueseIndustrial hoses -Test methods
241ABNT NBR 14966-20032003-07-30PortugueseTissue paper - Determination of thickness, bulking thickness and apparent bulk density
242ABNT NBR 14907 Errata 1-20032003-07-30PortugueseProte莽茫o antiintrus茫o dianteira para ve铆culos automotores com massa total m谩xima acima de 3,5 t - Requisitos e m茅todos de ensaio
243ABNT NBR ISO 12132-20032003-07-30PortuguesePlain bearings - Quality assurance of thin - Walled half bearings - Design FMEA
244ABNT NBR ISO 14015-20032003-07-30PortugueseEnvironmental management - Environmental assessment of sites and organizations (EASO)
245ABNT NBR NM 9-20032003-07-30SpanishDetermination of the times by the penetration resistance
246ABNT NBR NM 24-20032003-07-30SpanishPozzolanic materials - Determination of moisture content
247ABNT NBR NM 25-20032003-07-30SpanishPozzolanic materials - Determination of available reactive alkalis
248ABNT NBR NM 46-20032003-07-30SpanishAggregates - Determination of material finer than 75 um sieve by washing
249ABNT NBR 13964-20032003-07-30PortugueseOffice furniture - Panel
250ABNT NBR NM 248-20032003-07-30SpanishAggregates - Sieve analysis of fine and coarse aggregates
251ABNT NBR 9753-20032003-07-30PortugueseScalp, sterile and for single use
252ABNT NBR NM ISO 6485-20032003-06-30SpanishEarth-moving machinery - Tractor-scraper volumetric rating
253ABNT NBR 11711-20032003-06-30PortugueseFire door for industry and commercial areas - Specification
254ABNT NBR 6453 Errata 1-20032003-06-30PortugueseCal virgem para constru莽茫o civil
255ABNT NBR NM ISO 1726-20032003-06-30SpanishRoad vehicles - Mechanical coupling between tractors and semi-trailers - Intercharge ability
256ABNT NBR 14532 Emenda 1-20032003-05-31PortugueseSeguran莽a de aparelhos eletrodom茅sticos e similares- Requisitos particulares para ventiladores de teto
257ABNT NBR NM 286-20032003-05-30SpanishVerification of geometrical parameters - NOT GO ring gauges - Nominal diameter from 1 mm up to 315 mm precision mechanics
258ABNT NBR NM ISO 13854-20032003-05-30SpanishSafety of machinery - Safety distances to prevent danger zones being reached by the upper limbs
259ABNT NBR NM ISO 13852-20032003-05-30SpanishSafety of machinery - Safety distances to prevent danger zones being reached by the upper limbs
260ABNT NBR NM 284-20032003-05-30SpanishGeneral purpose GO ring gauges and setting ring gauges from 1 mm up to 315 mm nominal diameter for use in precision engineering
261ABNT NBR 7175-20032003-05-30PortugueseHydrated lime for mortars - Requirements
262ABNT NBR IEC 60439-1-20032003-05-30PortugueseLow-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies Part 1: Type-tested and partially type-tested assemblies
263ABNT NBR NM 283-20032003-05-30SpanishGeneral purpose GO ring gauses and settings ring gauges for pneumatic length measuring instruments, from 1 mm up to 315 mm nominal diameter
264ABNT NBR NM ISO 10791-3-20032003-05-30SpanishTest conditions for machining centres Part 3: Geometrics tests for machines with integral indexable or continuous universal heads (vertical Z - axis)
265ABNT NBR 6453 Vers茫o Corrigida-20032003-05-30PortugueseBuilding quicklime - Requirements
266ABNT NBR NM ISO 10791-2-20032003-05-30SpanishTest conditions for machining centres Part 2: General tests for machines with vertical spindle or universal heads with vertical primary rotary axis (vertical Z - axis)
267ABNT NBR 13904-20032003-05-30PortugueseSutures
268ABNT NBR NM 285-20032003-05-30SpanishVerification of geometrical parameters - NOT GO ring gauges - Nominal diameter from 1 mm up to 315 mm general purpose
269ABNT NBR 6473-20032003-05-30PortugueseCaustic lime and hydrated lime - Chemical analysis
270ABNT NBR 14955-20032003-05-30PortugueseFlexible tube rubber for LPG/NG installations - Requirements and rehearsals methods
271ABNT NBR 14948-20032003-04-30PortugueseAsphalt micro-surfacing modified by polymer - Materials, application and performance
272ABNT NBR 14950-20032003-04-30PortugueseBetumious materials - Determination of Saybolt Furol viscosity
273ABNT NBR 14910 Errata 1-20032003-04-30PortugueseEmbalagens de vidro para produtos aliment铆cios - Requisitos e m茅todos de ensaio
274ABNT NBR 12097-20032003-04-30PortugueseFilm forming rust preventives - Accelerated test for checking the resinification tendency
275ABNT NBR NM ISO 8717-20032003-04-30SpanishCommercial road vehicles - Fifth wheel coupling - Strength tests
276ABNT NBR 14939-20032003-04-30PortugueseSampling of aluminum and its alloys for spectrochemical analysis
277ABNT NBR 6181-20032003-04-30PortugueseClassification of corrosive environment
278ABNT NBR 8681 Vers茫o Corrigida-20032003-03-31PortugueseActions and safety of structures - Procedure
279ABNT NBR 14926-20032003-03-30PortuguesePaper and board - Accelerated ageing - Moist heat treatment at 80掳C and 65% relative humidity
280ABNT NBR 11941-20032003-03-30PortugueseWood - Determination of basic density
281ABNT NBR 7187-20032003-03-30PortugueseDesign of reinforced and prestressed concrete bridges - Procedure
282ABNT NBR 14344-20032003-03-30PortuguesePulps - Determination of drainability - Canadian Standard freeness method
283ABNT NBR 14889 Errata 1-20032003-03-30PortugueseVe铆culos rodovi谩rios automotores em manuten莽茫o - Inspe莽茫o, diagn贸stico, repara莽茫o e/ou substitui莽茫o em regulagem de motores ciclo Diesel
284ABNT NBR 14935-20032003-03-30PortugueseFinal disposal procedures of unrised empty pesticide containers
285ABNT NBR 14930-20032003-03-30PortugueseNonwoven - Linting
286ABNT NBR 14934-20032003-03-30PortugueseGraphic technology - Multilingual terminology Part 1: Fundamental terms
287ABNT NBR ISO 7546-20032003-02-28PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Loader and front loading excavator buckets - Volumetric ratings
288ABNT ISO/TR 10013 Errata 1-20032003-02-28PortugueseDiretrizes para a documenta莽茫o de sistema de gest茫o da qualidade.
289ABNT NBR ISO 9246-20032003-02-28PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Crawler and whell tractor dozer blades - Volumetric ratings
290ABNT NBR 7730 Errata 1-20032003-02-28PortuguesePasta celul贸sica - Determina莽茫o da viscosidade em solu莽茫o de cuproetilenodiamina (CUEN) com viscos铆metro do tipo capilar
291ABNT NBR 13723-1-20032003-02-28PortugueseDomestic cooking appliance burning gas Part 1: Performance and safety
292ABNT NBR 13723-1 Emenda 1-20032003-02-28PortugueseAparelho dom茅stico de coc莽茫o a g谩s Parte 1: Desempenho e seguran莽a
293ABNT NBR ISO 7129-20032003-02-28PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Cutting edges used on tractordozers, graders and scrapers - Principal shapes and basic dimensions
294ABNT NBR 14383 Emenda 1-20022002-12-31PortuguesePapel, cart茫o e pasta celul贸sica - Determina莽茫o da condutividade de extratos aquosos
295ABNT NBR 14530 Emenda 1-20022002-12-31PortuguesePasta celul贸sica - Determina莽茫o da revers茫o de alvura
296ABNT NBR 14388 Emenda 1-20022002-12-31PortuguesePapel, cart茫o e pasta celul贸sica - Determina莽茫o do teor de c谩dmio - M茅todo de absor莽茫o at么mica
297ABNT NBR 14102 Emenda 1-20022002-12-31PortuguesePapel e cart茫o - Tubetes - Condicionamento das amostras
298ABNT NBR 11940 Emenda 1-20022002-12-31PortuguesePapel e cart茫o - Determina莽茫o da higroexpansividade at茅 umidade relativa m谩xima de 68%
299ABNT NBR 6043-20022002-12-30PortuguesePaper - Determination of oil absorvency (castor oil test)
300ABNT NBR 5336 Emenda 1-20022002-12-30PortuguesePapel - Determina莽茫o da resist锚ncia a dobras duplas
301ABNT NBR 14653-4-20022002-12-30PortugueseAssets appraisal Part 4: Business
302ABNT NBR 14255-20022002-12-30PortuguesePaper and board - Determination of air permeance - Bendtsen method
303ABNT NBR NM 47-20022002-12-30SpanishConcrete - Determination of air content of freshly mixed concrete - Pressure method
304ABNT NBR 5336-20022002-12-30PortuguesePaper - Determination of folding endurance
305ABNT NBR 14388-20022002-12-30PortuguesePaper, board and pulp - Determination of cadmium content - Atomic absorption spectrometric method
306ABNT NBR 14918-20022002-12-30PortugueseMechanical anchors post-installed in concrete, evaluating the performance
307ABNT NBR 14530-20022002-12-30PortuguesePulp - Determination of Brightenns. Brightness reversion
308ABNT NBR 14910 Vers茫o Corrigida-20022002-12-30PortugueseGlass packages for food products
309ABNT NBR 11940-20022002-12-30PortuguesePaper and board - Measurement of hygroexpansivity up to a maximum relative humidity of 68%
310ABNT NBR 14102-20022002-12-30PortuguesePaper and board - Cores - Conditioning of test samples
311ABNT NBR 14383-20022002-12-30PortuguesePaper, board and pulp - Determination of conductivity of aqueous extracts
312ABNT NBR 6043 Emenda 1-20022002-12-30PortuguesePapel - Determina莽茫o da absor莽茫o de 贸leo (teste do castor-oil)
313ABNT NBR ISO 14879-1-20022002-11-30PortugueseImplants for surgery - Total knee-joint prostheses Part 1: Determination of endurance properties of knee tibial trays
314ABNT NBR 14907 Vers茫o Corrigida-20022002-11-30PortugueseFront underrum protective bumper for vehicles with maximum total mass over 3,5 t - Requirements and test methods
315ABNT NBR 13937 Errata 1-20022002-11-30PortugueseFio de cobre esmaltado de se莽茫o circular, 脿 base de poli茅ster modificado, recoberto com poliamidaimida - Classe t茅rmica 200掳C - Especifica莽茫o
316ABNT NBR 14906-20022002-11-30PortugueseRoad vehicle - Brake system - Cases in which type I and/or typeII (or type IIA) tests do not have to be carried out and alternative procedures for traillers brakes
317ABNT NBR 14902-20022002-10-30PortugueseTwo wheels vehicle - Motorcycles - Technical terms
318ABNT NBR 14056-20022002-10-30PortugueseHospital textile article - Cr茅pon bandage - Requirement and test methods
319ABNT NBR NM ISO 536 Errata 1-20022002-10-30PortuguesePapel e cart茫o - Determina莽茫o da gramatura
320ABNT ISO/TR 10013 Vers茫o Corrigida-20022002-10-30PortugueseGuidelines for quality management system documentation
321ABNT NBR 14320 Emenda 1-20022002-09-30PortuguesePapel, cart茫o e pasta celul贸sica - Determina莽茫o de cloretos sol煤veis em 谩gua - M茅todo para produtos de alta pureza por potenciometria
322ABNT NBR 14889 Vers茫o Corrigida-20022002-09-30PortugueseRoad vehicles - Sequence for diagnosis of diesel engine
323ABNT NBR 14899-1-20022002-09-30PortugueseGlass blocks used in civil construction Part 1: Definitions, requirements and test methods
324ABNT NBR 6025-20022002-09-30PortugueseInformation and documentation - Originais and proofs revision
325ABNT NBR 14898-20022002-09-30PortugueseEthylene-propylen rubber (EPR) insulated flexible cables for special applications in conector cords for household appliances, for rated voltages up to and including 500 V
326ABNT NBR NM IEC 60335-2-10-20022002-09-30SpanishSafety of household and similar appliances Part 2-10: particular requirements for floor treatment machines and wet scrubbing machines
327ABNT NBR 14897-20022002-09-30PortuguesePVC insulated flexible cables (cords) for special applications in conector cords for household appliances, for rated voltages up to and including 500 V
328ABNT NBR 14893-20022002-09-30PortugueseTwo wheels vehicle - Moped - Technical terms
329ABNT NBR ISO 4287-20022002-09-30PortugueseGeometrical product specification (GPS) - Surface texture: Profile method - Terms, definitions and surface texture parameters
330ABNT NBR 10530-20022002-08-30PortugueseCorrugated fibreboard - Determination of the water resistence of the glue bond by immersion
331ABNT NBR ISO 12117-20022002-08-30PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Tip-over protection structure (TOPS) for compact excavators - Laboratoy tests and perfomance requirements
332ABNT NBR ISO 12179-20022002-08-30PortugueseGeometrical product specifications (GPS) - Surface texture: Profile method - Calibration of contact (stylus) instruments
333ABNT NBR 10569 Errata 1-20022002-08-30PortugueseConex玫es de PVC r铆gido com junta el谩stica, para coletor de esgoto sanit谩rio - Tipos e dimens玫es - Padroniza莽茫o
334ABNT NBR 14883 Vers茫o Corrigida-20022002-08-30PortuguesePetroleum and petroleum products - Manual sampling
335ABNT NBR 14877-20022002-08-30PortugueseHygienic shower hand - Requirements and test methods
336ABNT NBR 14873-20022002-08-30PortugueseNonwoven products for odonto-medical-hospital use - Determination of bacterial filtration efficiency
337ABNT NBR NM ISO 535 Errata 1-20022002-08-30PortuguesePapel e cart茫o - Determina莽茫o da capacidade de absor莽茫o de 谩gua - M茅todo de Cobb
338ABNT NBR 8259-20022002-08-30PortuguesePaper and board - Determination of contraries
339ABNT NBR NM ISO 2470 Errata 1-20022002-08-30SpanishPapel, cart茫o e pastas celul贸sicas - Medida do fator de reflect芒ncia difusa no azul (alvura ISO)
340ABNT NBR 10520-20022002-08-30PortugueseInformation and documentation - Presentation of citations
341ABNT NBR ISO 11112-20022002-08-30PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Operators seat - Dimensions and requirements
342ABNT NBR NM 106 Errata 1-20022002-08-30PortuguesePapel e cart茫o - Determina莽茫o da dire莽茫o da fabrica莽茫o
343ABNT NBR NM ISO 8254-1-20022002-08-30SpanishPaper and board - Measurement of specular gloss Part 1:75 degree gloss with a converging beam, TAPPI method
344ABNT NBR NM 260-20022002-07-30SpanishHeight gauge - Constructive characteristes and metrologic requirements
345ABNT NBR NM ISO 10791-1-20022002-07-30SpanishTest code for machining centres Part 1: Geometric test for machines with horizontal spindle and with accesory heads (horizontal Z - axis)
346ABNT NBR NM 267-20022002-07-30SpanishHidraulic lifts of passengers - Safety requirements for construction and installation
347ABNT NBR 11564-20022002-07-30PortugueseDangerous goods packaging - Classes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9 - Requirements and test methods
348ABNT NBR NM 258-20022002-07-30SpanishInspection vee blocks
349ABNT NBR NM 272-20022002-07-30SpanishSafety of machinery - Guards - General requeriments for the design and constructions of fixed and movable quards
350ABNT NBR NM 257-20022002-07-30SpanishOptical parallels
351ABNT NBR ISO 8811-20022002-07-30PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Rollers and compactors - Terminilogy and commercial specifications
352ABNT NBR NM 256-20022002-07-30SpanishOptical flats
353ABNT NBR NM ISO 230-4-20022002-07-30SpanishTest code for machine tools Part 4: Circular test for numerically controlled machine tool
354ABNT NBR NM 273-20022002-07-30SpanishSafety of machinery - Interlocking device associated with guards - Principles for design and selection
355ABNT NBR NM 279-20022002-06-30SpanishInstruments of measurement - Gratuated steel rulers - Constructives characteristics and metrologic requirements
356ABNT NBR ISO 14020-20022002-06-30PortugueseEnviromental labels and declalrations - General principles
357ABNT NBR ISO 15098-3-20022002-06-30PortugueseDental tweezers Part 3; College types
358ABNT NBR NM 247-1 Vers茫o Corrigida-20022002-05-31SpanishPolyvinyl chloride insulated cables of rated voltages up tp and including 450/750 V Part 1: General requirements (IEC 60227-1, MOD)
359ABNT NBR 9879-20022002-05-30PortugueseFilm forming rust preventives - Determination of the film weight stabilization time
360ABNT NBR 14856-20022002-05-30PortugueseCut-back asphalt - Distillation test
361ABNT NBR 9878-20022002-05-30PortugueseFilm forming rust preventives - Intentional removability verification
362ABNT NBR 6921-20022002-04-30PortugueseAtmospheric corrosion - Sulphate deposition rate - Determination by lead dioxide candle
363ABNT NBR 14847-20022002-04-30PortuguesePainting inspection of metallic surfaces - Procedure
364ABNT NBR 12712 Emenda 1-20022002-04-30PortugueseProjeto de sistemas de transmiss茫o e distribui莽茫o de g谩s combust铆vel
365ABNT NBR 12712-20022002-04-03PortugueseDesign of transmission and distribuition piping systems for fuel gas - Procedure
366ABNT NBR 12071-20022002-03-30PortugueseTextile Materials - Determination of dimension of garments
367ABNT NBR ISO 8152-20022002-03-30PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Operation and maintenance - Training of mechanics
368ABNT NBR 14830-20022002-03-30PortugueseLines - Determination of the lenght for suport of sewing threads of yarn
369ABNT NBR 8005-20022002-03-30PortugueseAircraft - Lower deck container/pallet loader
370ABNT NBR 14827-20022002-03-30PortugueseInstalled anchors in concrete or in masonry elements - Tensile and shear strenghts determination
371ABNT NBR NM 247-2 Vers茫o Corrigida-20022002-03-30SpanishPolyvinyl chloride insulated cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750 V Part 2:Test Methods (IEC 60227-2, MOD)
372ABNT NBR ISO 8927-20022002-03-30PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Machine availability - Vocabulary
373ABNT NBR 14832-20022002-03-30PortuguesePortland cement and clinker - Determination of chloride by the selective ion method.
374ABNT NBR NM IEC 60983-20022002-03-30SpanishMiniature lamps
375ABNT NBR 14831-20022002-03-30PortugueseHydraulic hoses - Specifications and test procedures
376ABNT NBR NM 212 Errata 1-20022002-02-28PortugueseMedidores velocim茅tricos de 谩gua fria at茅 15 m 3 /hMeters for cold water up to 15 m 3 /h
377ABNT NBR 14804-20022002-02-28PortugueseValves for LPG 190 kg capacity containers
378ABNT NBR 5537-20022002-02-28PortugueseRoad vehicles - Brake lining - Verification of the shear strength between the metallic plate and the brake lining for disc brake pads and drum brake shoes
379ABNT NBR NM 247-3 Vers茫o Corrigida-20022002-02-28SpanishPolyvinyl chloride insulated cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750 V Part 3: Non-sheathed cables for fixed wiring
380ABNT NBR ISO 9951-20022002-02-28PortugueseMeasurement of gas flow in closed conduits - Turbine meters
381ABNT NBR 12551-20022002-02-28PortugueseSawnwood - Terminology
382ABNT NBR NM IEC 60335-2-9-20022002-02-28SpanishSafety of household and similar appliances Part 2-9: Particular requirements for toasters, grills, roasters and similar appliances
383ABNT NBR NM IEC 60335-2-23-20022002-02-28SpanishSafety of household and similar appliances Part 2-23: Particular requirements for appliances for skin or hair care
384ABNT NBR 14807-20022002-02-28PortugueseSawn timber - Dimensions
385ABNT NBR 14806-20022002-02-28PortugueseEucalyptus from planted forests - Requirements
386ABNT NBR 14805-20022002-02-28PortugueseFixed maximum level indicator for LPG containers
387ABNT NBR NM ISO 2860-20022002-02-28SpanishEarth-moving machinery - Minimum access dimensions
388ABNT NBR 14797-20022002-02-28PortugueseNonwoven - Run-off
389ABNT NBR 14796-20022002-02-28PortugueseNonwoven - Coverstock - Determination of the liquid return rewet
390ABNT NBR 14794-20022002-02-28PortugueseRoad vehicles - Brake lining - Determination oh the friction coefficient and wear for disc brake pads in a friction tester using a constant braking torque
391ABNT NBR NM IEC 60335-2-2-20022002-02-28SpanishSafety of household and similar appliances Part 2-2: Particular requirements for vacuum cleaners and water suction cleaning appliances
392ABNT NBR NM IEC 60335-2-13-20022002-02-28SpanishSafety of household and similar appliances Part 2-13: Particular requirements for deep fat fryers, frying pans and similar appliances
393ABNT NBR 8469-20022002-02-28PortugueseValves fixation threads of transportable LPG containers
394ABNT NBR ISO 6346-20022002-02-28PortugueseFreight containers - Coding, identification and marking
395ABNT NBR 14785 Errata 1-20012001-12-31PortugueseLaborat贸rio cl铆nico - Requisitos de seguran莽a
396ABNT NBR NM 274-20012001-12-30SpanishNon-sheathed single-core and sheathed multicore flexible cables insulated with heat resistant silicone of rated voltages up to and including 450/750 V
397ABNT NBR 14489 Errata 1-20012001-12-30PortugueseMotor diesel - An谩lise e determina莽茫o dos gases e do material particulado emitidos por motores do ciclo diesel - Ciclo de 13 pontos
398ABNT NBR 8813-20012001-12-30PortugueseFilm forming rust preventives - Water displacement
399ABNT NBR 5628-20012001-12-30PortugueseStructual constructions components - Determination of the fire resistance
400ABNT NBR 9077-20012001-12-30PortugueseBuildings - Emergency exits - Procedure
401ABNT NBR 5628 Emenda 1-20012001-12-30PortugueseComponentes construtivos estruturais - Determina莽茫o da resist锚ncia ao fogo
402ABNT NBR 9103-20012001-12-30PortugueseRust preventives - Test panels
403ABNT NBR 14782-20012001-12-30PortugueseTemperature indicator for resistance thermometer - Calibration by comparison using signal generator
404ABNT NBR 14783-20012001-12-30PortugueseRoad vehicles - Clutch system - Judder, chatter, shudder
405ABNT NBR 14784-20012001-12-30PortugueseManual control taps for househould gas appliances
406ABNT NBR 14785 Vers茫o Corrigida-20012001-12-30PortugueseClinical laboratory safety
407ABNT NBR 14788-20012001-12-30PortugueseBalls valves - Requirements
408ABNT NBR ISO 9247-20012001-12-30PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Electrical wires and cables - Principles of identification and marking
409ABNT NBR ISO 8813-20012001-12-30PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Lift capacity of pipelayers and wheeled tractors or loaders equipped with side boom
410ABNT NBR NM 49 Errata 1-20012001-12-30PortugueseAgregado mi煤do - Determina莽茫o de impurezas org芒nicas
411ABNT NBR 9205-20012001-12-30PortugueseHydrated lime for mortars - Determination of stability
412ABNT NBR 14756-20012001-11-30PortugueseBetuminous materials - Determination of kinematic viscosity
413ABNT NBR 14432 Emenda 1-20012001-11-30PortugueseExig锚ncias de resist锚ncia ao fogo de elementos construtivos de edifica莽玫es - Procedimento
414ABNT NBR NM 49 Vers茫o Corrigida-20012001-11-30SpanishFine aggregate - Determination of the organic impurities
415ABNT NBR 14780-20012001-11-30PortugueseRoad vehicle of maintanance - Vehicle suspension, inspection, diagnosis, repair and/or replacement
416ABNT NBR 14779-20012001-11-30PortugueseRoad vehicle of maintanance - Vehicles steering inspection, diagnosis, repair and/ou replacement
417ABNT NBR 14777-20012001-11-30PortugueseRoad vehicles - Removal and instaltion of glass
418ABNT NBR 13519-20012001-11-30PortugueseOptical fibres and cables - Painted optical fibre temperature cycling test - Method of test
419ABNT NBR 14778-20012001-11-30PortugueseRoad vehicle of maintenance - Vehicles brake system inspection, diagnsosis, repair and/or replacement
420ABNT NBR 14432-20012001-11-30PortugueseFire-resistance requirements for building construction elements - Procedure
421ABNT NBR 6211-20012001-11-30PortugueseAtmospheric corrosion - Determination of the chloride deposition rate in atmosphere by wet candle method
422ABNT NBR 13511-20012001-11-30PortugueseOptical fibres and cables - Painted optical fibre chemical attack test - Method of test
423ABNT NBR 9889-20012001-11-30PortuguesePlastic insulated, APL sheathed self-supported aerial telephone cable - Specification
424ABNT NBR 9888-20012001-11-30PortuguesePlastic insulated, filled core APL sheated telephone cable - Specification
425ABNT NBR ISO 8643-20012001-11-30PortugueseEarth-moving machinery - Hydraulic excavator and backhoe loader boom-lowering control device - Requirements and tests
426ABNT NBR 14750-20012001-10-30PortugueseRespiratory protective devices - Compressed air line apparatus incorporating a hood for use in abrasive blasting operations
427ABNT NBR 9495-20012001-10-30PortugueseRoad vehicles - Verification of hydraulic brake booster
428ABNT NBR NM ISO 12636-20012001-10-30SpanishGraphic technology - Blankets for offset printings
429ABNT NBR NM ISO 5005 Errata 1-20012001-10-30PortugueseM谩quinas rodovi谩rias -M茅todo para determinar o centro de gravidade
430ABNT NBR 14749-20012001-10-30PortugueseRespiratory protective devices - Compressed air line breathing apparatus incorporating a hood
431ABNT NBR 14734-20012001-09-30PortugueseRoad vehicles - Engine cooling system - Terminology
432ABNT NBR 5478-20012001-09-30PortugueseRoad vehicles - Smoke emitted by diesel engine - Correlations of units and limit curve
433ABNT NBR 14736-20012001-09-30PortugueseAsphaltic materials - Determination of effect of heat and air - Thin-film oven test
434ABNT NBR 5026-20012001-09-30PortugueseElectrolitic copper cathode - Requirements
435ABNT NBR 14733-20012001-09-30PortugueseCopper rod for electrical use - Requirements
436ABNT NBR 14744-20012001-09-30PortugueseSteel lighting poles
437ABNT NBR ISO 7749-1 Errata 2-20012001-09-30PortugueseEquipamentos de irriga莽茫o agr铆cola - Aspersores rotativos Parte 1: Requisitos para projetos e opera莽茫o
438ABNT NBR 11817-20012001-08-30PortugueseSterilization - Steam sterilizers - Small sterilizers - Requirements
439ABNT NBR NM ISO 3781-20012001-08-30SpanishPaper and board - Determination of tensile strength after immersion in water
440ABNT NBR NM ISO 8787-20012001-08-30SpanishPaper and board - Determination of capillary rise - Klemm method
441ABNT NBR NM ISO 2471-20012001-08-30SpanishPaper and board - Determination of opacity (paper backing) - Diffuse reflectance method
442ABNT NBR NM ISO 2470-20012001-08-30SpanishPaper, board and pulps - Measurement of diffuse blue reflectance factor (ISO brightness)
443ABNT NBR 13335-20012001-08-30PortugueseLeather - Determination of shrinkage
444ABNT NBR 14726-20012001-08-30PortuguesePolyester and cotton woven fabrics for professional clothing and uniform - Requisits and test methods
445ABNT NBR 14719-20012001-07-30PortugueseFinal disposal procedures of rigid rinsed empty pesticide Containers
446ABNT NBR NM ISO 2493-20012001-06-30SpanishPaper and board - Determination of resistance to bending
447ABNT NBR NM IEC 60811-1-3-20012001-06-30SpanishInsulating and sheating materials of eletric cables - Common test methods Part 1: General application - Section 3: Methods for determining the density - Water absorption tests - Shrinkage test
448ABNT NBR NM 106-20012001-06-30SpanishPaper and board - Determination of machine direction
449ABNT NBR NM IEC 60811-1-2-20012001-06-30SpanishInsulating and sheating materials of eletric cables - Common test methods Part 1: General application - Section 2: Thermal ageing methods
450ABNT NBR NM 255-20012001-06-30SpanishPaper and board - Determination od surface strenght - Wax method
451ABNT NBR NM IEC 60811-1-1-20012001-06-30SpanishInsulating and sheating materials of electric cables - Common test methods Part 1: General application - Section 1: Measurement of thickness and overall dimensions - tests for determining the mechanical properties
452ABNT NBR NM ISO 2144-20012001-06-30SpanishPaper, board and pulps - Determination of residue (ash) on ignition at 900掳C
453ABNT NBR NM ISO 8791-2-20012001-06-30SpanishPaper and board - Determination of roughness/smoothness (air leak methods)Part 2: Bendtsen method
454ABNT NBR NM ISO 1974-20012001-06-30SpanishPaper - Determination of tearing resistance - Elmendorf method
455ABNT NBR 14645-1 Errata 1-20012001-05-31PortugueseElabora莽茫o do "como constru铆do" (as built) para edifica莽玫es Parte 1: Levantamento planialtim茅trico e cadastral de im贸vel urbanizado com 谩rea at茅 25000 m 2 , para fins de estudos, projetos e edifica莽茫o - Procedimento
456ABNT NBR 14697-20012001-05-30PortugueseLaminated glass
457ABNT NBR 9123-20012001-05-30PortugueseTelephone wire "FDG" polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulated - Specification
458ABNT NBR 9116-20012001-05-30PortugueseOutdoor telephone wire "FE" polyvinyl chloride (PVC), poliethylene (PE) or copolymer insulated - Specification
459ABNT NBR 14698-20012001-05-30PortugueseTempered glass
460ABNT NBR NM 27-20012001-05-30SpanishAggregates - Reducing field samples to laboratory testing size
461ABNT NBR 14706-20012001-05-30PortugueseOptical cable and wire and telephone cable - Absorption coefficient of carbon black pigmented ethylene plastic film - test method
462ABNT NBR 8111-20012001-05-30PortugueseFilm forming rust preventives - Demulgability - Test method
463ABNT NBR NM 30-20012001-05-30SpanishFine aggregate - Test method for water absorption
464ABNT NBR NM 51-20012001-05-30SpanishSmall-size coarse aggregate - Test method for resistance to degradation by Los Angeles machine
465ABNT NBR 14704-20012001-05-30PortugueseTwisted pair outdoor telephone drop wire - Specification
466ABNT NBR 14701-20012001-05-30PortugueseTransport of refrigerated foodstuffs - Procedure and criterion of temperature
467ABNT NBR 14667-20012001-04-30PortugueseRefrigeration system using R134a gas - Internal umidity determination - Test method
468ABNT NBR 14666-20012001-04-30PortugueseRefrigeration system using R134a gas - Internal residue determination - Test method
469ABNT NBR 14665-20012001-04-30PortugueseRefrigeration system using R134a gas - Requirements
470ABNT NBR 5019-20012001-04-30PortugueseProducts alloy copper
471ABNT NBR 6814 Errata 1-20012001-04-30PortugueseFios e cabos el茅tricos - Ensaio de resist锚ncia el茅trica
472ABNT NBR 14677-20012001-04-30PortugueseSteel - Determination of carbide spheroidizing degree - Method of test
473ABNT NBR NM 250-20012001-04-30SpanishTires for passanger cars, station wagons and trailers - Requirements and test methods
474ABNT NBR 14676-20012001-04-30PortugueseRust preventive - Guide for technical reporting on environmental exposure test
475ABNT NBR NM 251-20012001-04-30SpanishTires for light trucks, micro-busses, trailers and trucks busses and trailers - Requirements and test methods
476ABNT NBR 8110-20012001-04-30PortugueseFilm forming rust preventives - Classification
477ABNT NBR 14675-20012001-04-30PortugueseFilm forming rust preventives - Guide for the determination of non-volatile content
478ABNT NBR 14673-20012001-04-30PortugueseTextiles materials - Determination of dermal irritability (primary and cumulative)
479ABNT NBR 14670-20012001-04-30PortugueseTemperature indicator for thermocouple - Calibration by comparison using signal generator
480ABNT NBR 14654-20012001-04-30PortugueseIrrigation and drainage - PVC pipes with solvent gluing PN 60 and PN 80
481ABNT NBR 14669-20012001-04-30PortugueseRefrigeration system using R134a gas - Miscibility determination - Test method
482ABNT NBR 14661-20012001-04-30PortuguesePulp, paper and board - Determination of total chlorine and organically bound chlorine
483ABNT NBR 14646-20012001-03-30PortugueseTechnical drawings - Geometrical tolerancing - Maximum marterial requirement, least material requirement, reciprocity
484ABNT NBR IEC 60789-20012001-03-30PortugueseCharacteristics and test conditions of radionuclide imaging devices - Anger type gamma cameras
485ABNT NBR 14645-1 Vers茫o Corrigida-20012001-03-30PortugueseAs built elaboration for buildings Part 1: Cadastral planialtimetric survey of urbanized land until 25000 m 2 area destinated to study design and building works - Procedure
486ABNT NBR 13419-20012001-03-30PortugueseRubber hose fo LPG/NG/NFG installation - Specification
487ABNT NBR 7027-20012001-03-30PortugueseRoad vehicles - Exhaust gas emmited by diesel engine - Steady sate smoke - Determination
488ABNT NBR 13037-20012001-03-30PortugueseRoad vehicles - Exhaust gas of diesel engine under free aceleration - Opacity determination
489ABNT NBR 14650-20012001-03-30PortugueseGraphic technology - Process control - Assessment of hardness of rubber-coverd rollers for graphic arts equipments and presses
490ABNT NBR 14651-20012001-03-30PortugueseLock for gates of glass - Requirements
491ABNT NBR 14656-20012001-02-28PortuguesePortland cement and raw material - Chemical analysis by X-Ray spectrometry - Method of test
492ABNT NBR ISO 2768-1-20012001-02-28PortugueseGeneral tolerances Part 1: Tolerances for linear and angular dimensions without individual tolerance indications
493ABNT NBR 6484-20012001-02-28PortugueseSoil - Standard penetration test - SPT- Soil sampling and classification - Test method
494ABNT NBR 14280-20012001-02-28PortugueseWork accidents cadastre - Procedure and classification
495ABNT NBR ISO 2768-2-20012001-02-28PortugueseGeneral tolerances Part 2: Geometrical tolerances for features without individual tolerance indications
496ABNT NBR NM ISO 8716-20012001-01-30SpanishCommercial road vehicle - Fith wheel coupling pins - Strength tests
497ABNT NBR NM ISO 7464-20012001-01-30SpanishEarth-moving machinery - Method of test for the measurement of drawbar pull
498ABNT NBR NM ISO 6484-20012001-01-30SpanishEarth-moving machinery - Elevating scrapers - Volumetric ratings
499ABNT NBR NM ISO 337-20012001-01-30SpanishRoad vehicles - 50 semi-trailer fifth wheel coupling pin - Basic and mouting/interchangeability dimensions
500ABNT NBR NM ISO 5005 Vers茫o Corrigida-20012001-01-30SpanishEarth-moving machinery - Method for locating the centre of gravity